Motorola Slips Further

Posted by: Olga Kharif on July 01, 2008

Today, AvianResearch released its latest monthly survey designed to gage which handsets are selling well — or not — at retail stores of AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile. And Motorola isn’t doing well.

No real surprises there, but it appears that demand for Motorola’s Razr is slipping: In June, only 6% of 100 reps surveyed said Motorola’s were the best-selling phones in their stores, down from 8% in May. That, even though many Motorola handsets are now given away for free. Nokia and Samsung, whose Instinct phone is selling like hot cakes, gained customer mindshare, according to the survey.

Yes, these survey results are non-conclusive, and based on a small sample. But they may indicate that Motorola’s market share continues to slip — despite yet another massive restructuring the company has undertaken several months ago. According to Avian, Motorola’s Razr doesn’t even make it into the list of top-10 best-selling devices in the U.S. anymore. Back in May, it was No. 8.

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