And It Keeps Getting Worse......

Posted by: Stephen Wildstrom on February 21, 2008

In additions to the problems with Windows Home Server backup, Microsoft now says a different problem with file corruption is much worse than originally reported.

Microsoft today reissued a technical bulletin that warned of data corruption, adding a number of suspect programs to an already long list. The new issues, which Microsoft says it has notyet been able to reproduce, include iTunes, Windows Media Player, Excel, Quicken, and Adobe Photoshop Elements. Furtheermore, while the original warning covered only files that were edited after saving them on the Home Server, the expanded bulletin cautions that merely using any of these programs to save a file to the server can cause trouble.

Bottom line: Until these programs are fixed, the windows Home Server is pretty much useless. Fortunately, not too many have been sold yet. But this mess is a huge embarrassment for Microsoft.

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