Telescopic Lens.... For A Phone

Posted by: Olga Kharif on January 17, 2008

Cell phone photography may be about to be raised to a whole different level. Everyone who’s ever taken a picture with a mobile phone knows: Picture quality is good, but not great, even if you have a fairly high-end phone with a bit of zoom. That’s why photographers still use regular photocameras with those bulky lenses.

Well, now you can purchase bulky lenses for your camera phones, too. Specifically, you can buy telescopic lenses.

Sure, these lenses are pretty basic. But ever since camera phones have come out several years ago, they’ve been eating into stand-alone photocamera sales. Until now, though, they’ve been mostly nipping at the low-end of that market; those who’ve wanted to take really great pictures have stuck with their specialized camera equipment. If cheap add-ons like these lenses become more widely available, I think that may change.

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