A New Era, of Phone Everywhere

Posted by: Olga Kharif on May 09, 2007

Electronics manufacturers increasingly believe that consumers want to see phone functionality in every device they touch. The latest example: DiXCOM just introduced a navigation system with a wireless calling capability built in. With this system, you can even send text messages to your buddies while, hopefully, not driving.

We are at the very beginning of a call-enabled device explosion. Experts like Will Stofega, of consultancy IDC, believe that calling capabilities could, eventually, worm their way into all sorts of gadgets, such as TV remotes, radios and even alarm clocks. That would allow consumers to make calls to customer care just as they are puzzling over using a particular device’s interface, without stirring from where they are, or searching for their cell phone. We’ll also be able to order pizza by, perhaps, simply speaking to the armrest.

Do you think that adding phone calling functionality to consumer electronics devices is a good idea? Which devices, do you think, it would work the best with?

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