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Posted by: Rob Hof on April 25, 2007

First, Google’s sites (including YouTube) pass Microsoft’s family in traffic. Then it lands the crown as world’s most powerful brand, again taking Microsoft’s place. (“Physical property is not included,” a chart in a San Francisco Chronicle story helpfully notes.) Somehow, I have to think this kind of thing actually worries the folks at Google. I mean, how much higher can Google climb? And isn’t the stumble going to be all the more painful when it inevitably comes?

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April 28, 2007 2:32 AM

I see the point you are making Rob. But one has a choice of either waiting for the big bang, or jumping on the Google band wagon. I think the way to do it is to make hay while the sun shines and at the same time, cautiously hang one foot out ready to jump. I mean do you see Microsoft stumbling (in a big way) any time soon?


April 29, 2007 10:41 AM

To me Google is just getting started. Take a look at what Google really is: The largest advertising agency in the world - bigger than all the top 100 traditional agencies combined - times 10. Advertising is far bigger than IT - and Google will control a big piece of both online and offline in ten years time. How much? No one knows - but is 10% unrealistic? Not in my eyes.

And when broadcast and IP truly merge the potential will be enormous for Google.

Further, 90% of Google new business models / products / ideas haven't even hit the market yet.

True, Google and Microsoft are competitors - but Google is two classes higher than MS. And unlike Apple 20 years ago, they know all of the tricks in Bill Gates' play book.

My prediction: Google's market cap will surpass MS's by 2010 - and be number one by 2015. Also I predict that Google's biggest competitor will be Apple by 2010 - if they haven't already merged by then.

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