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Google and DoubleClick

April 17, 2007 07:43 PM

I believe this is a bad investment motivated by the competition between Google and Microsoft. I hope what happened to Excite search engine (a one time $40 billion corporation) will not happen to Google. It seems human beings just don't learn from past errors.

Carter Powers

April 30, 2007 02:06 PM blog has an interesting post that visually maps Google's common relationships with DoubleClick. Here is the excerpt:

Google's acquisition of DoubleClick may have been the culmination of multiple 'behind-the-scenes' relationships between the two companies. Common relationships between Google and DoubleClick that IntellectSpace’s Knowledge Map discovered are:

-Eric Schmidt's (Google's CEO and former Chairman) is on the Board of Siebel, and likely crossed paths with Peter Prainik, who was a senior VP at Seibel before assuming the post of Chief Marketing Officer at DoubleClick.

-Ann Mather spent over 10 years at Disney before becoming a Director of Google, and Thomas S Murphy was the long-time Chairman of Disney prior to becoming a Director of DoubleClick.

-Patrick J Healy, Mark E Nunnelly, and David N Strohm, who are all board members of DoubleClick, attended Harvard Business School with John Doerr, who sits on Google's board of directors.

-Kavitark Ram Shriram sits on the Board of Google and is an alumni of Michigan University with Kevin J O’Connor – DoubleClick’s founder and former Chairman and CEO.

To view an interactive Knowledge Map of Google's and DoubleClick's relationships, paste the following URL in an Internet Explorer:

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