Rocketboom: What a Mess

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 06, 2006

My colleague Heather Green has the story behind the breakup of the video blog Rocketboom’s Amanda Congdon and Andrew Baron, though Congdon herself has posted her own take.

Yeesh, too bad it had to come to this ugly pass. For better or worse, I think Congdon’s presence (and I don’t mean just her looks) accounted for a lot of the appeal of the show. So if Rocketboom is to remain popular, it will have to do some fancy footwork. It’s early enough, but if lack of money was the issue it appeared to be, I wonder if Rocketboom can afford to build things back up from this debacle.

Either way, I think Rocketboom showed the possibilities of video blogs, and whether or not it survives, that will be its enduring value.

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Ken Leebow

July 12, 2006 05:15 PM

Yahoo's 9 -- could be a nice replacement. However, Yahoo's new site is not as creative. Too bad.

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