News Flash! Yahoo!'s Newest Acquisition! ;-)

Posted by: Rob Hof on January 11, 2006

Greg Yardley has the scoop on Yahoo!’s latest acquisition. From the lede:

Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq:YAHOO), a leading global Internet company, today announced the acquisition of an unnamed Web 2.0 company three days before it was to be founded. “Yahoo! is committed to generating mass quantities of free public relations by acquiring more pre-revenue, pre-business plan companies than any other global Internet company,” said Chris P. Bacon, Director of Hype Production.

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January 12, 2006 10:08 PM

If this post is any indication of the quality of content for, I feel really sad that BusinessWeek recently decided to drop regional editions (US, Europe, Asia) for a more expensive Global Edition and to place a focus on its Web site.

This kind of tongue-in-cheek content can be interesting for some people. It might have its place on a personal Blog somewhere else. But does it match what readers expect of a respectable publication?

Doesn't work for me anyway.

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