If at First You Don't Succeed, Buy.com Again

Posted by: Rob Hof on November 18, 2005

After failing to keep up with the likes of Amazon.com the first time around, following an IPO just before the Nasdaq bubble burst in early 2000, Buy.com looks like it’s soon going public again. Today, it set the terms for the IPO that it had filed for back in January. Given that it continues to lose money—a little less than a year ago, but still—I guess it can use the $50 million. My colleague Justin Hibbard bet earlier this year that the IPO wouldn’t happen. I just wonder what kind of investors have such a short memory.

All together now, let’s sing along: Tiny bubbles … make me feel happy, make me feel fine…

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November 20, 2005 6:00 AM

I wonder what they plan to do with $50 million? Create an ebay type extension of buy? That would help probably. Set up an Ad campaign... That would help.. Is there anything in their statement about what they plan to do? I also wonder if they hope to court someone like microsoft with this, combine buy.com with the xbox 360 online buying? There are many things that could done to help buy.com, but with this fast-to-adapt internet age, those things that are done can be copied and rehashed by the other big players like amazon in no time.

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