Flock About to Takes Wing

Posted by: Rob Hof on October 20, 2005

So says their pal Mike Arrington at TechCrunch. Flock is the new “social browser” that has been the buzz of bloggers and others for weeks. Now, we get to see if the Flock folks are that good, or that crazy, or both….

I’ve tried it a bit and find it somewhat faster than Firefox, which is always nice. I couldn’t get it to work with our Movable Type blog, which could easily be my problem with determining settings, though that in itself is clearly an obstacle for the masses. (What’s a “blog I.D.”?? Sorry, I’m no blog software whiz, but I think I got everything else right. How about a clue to what format this I.D. should take?) Om Malik has a roundup of reviews, which are mixed.

I’m not yet sure if Flock will become my main browser—clearly, its creators have more in mind beyond what appear to be nice tools for blogging, such as a very easy way to add Flickr photos. But frankly, I don’t necessarily need a single browser to be perfect, because I always have at least two browsers open anyway. Adding another is no big deal. Flock has something I’ll give a try for at least awhile.

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