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Inside "Dell Hell"

Posted by: Rob Hof on September 29, 2005

My colleague Louise Lee’s new story digging into Dell’s customer-service challenges won’t come as a surprise to the many folks who commented on a post that asked for people’s experiences with the PC giant. (Thanks!)

The story points up a lesson to PC buyers that, increasingly, you get what you pay for: Inexpensive PCs mean minimal support. But while cutting support costs is entirely understandable in this cutthroat business, I question whether this is the best place to save money. Even someone who paid $500 for a PC darn well expects the thing to work, period. And if it doesn’t, you can’t blame them for wanting good, fast fixes. Whether it’s providing adequate support or building better products that just work, technology providers need to step up to the plate. Sell stuff that people are delighted with, instead of stuff that they merely endure, and maybe they might be willing to pay a few bucks more.

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Reader Comments

Robert Fitzgerald

September 29, 2005 09:14 PM

For what it's worth here's one more Dell problem. They shipped me a Dell Inspiron 6000 which either has an intermittent hardware error, or a bad driver. I carelessly let the 21 days pass. Their support people are in mostly incompetent, when you ask for a supervisor they lie and dump you back in the phone queue. Emailing Michael Dell used to be effective, but apparently not any more.

Maybe I should recover my money by selling short on Dell stock. There are at least 8 people who have Dells because of me. There will likely be many more now who don't because I will start spreading the word.


September 30, 2005 10:07 AM

I had a similar problem with Dell's support. A mouse-problem was not resolved after a month of phone calls and speaking with as many as 7 different techs and supervisors. I just gave up and bought myself a new mouse. I’m a computer science mayor, Dell used to be my first choice for friends that were not computer savvy, with this type of tech-support, I’ll be turning my people some where else.


September 30, 2005 02:53 PM

I agree with you,,, Rob hof


September 30, 2005 10:16 PM

When my son's Dell laptop began unexpectedly "powering down", I called Dell tech support for help. I quickly realized I was speaking to Dell's infamous overseas call center in India. The rep was barely understandable, and what I could decipher from her was to do something to the laptop, then call back another day. When I called back, I could not understand that Indian rep, and with many requests to be transferred to someone I could understand, I was cut off. I decided enough was enough...I had paid for a service contract, and Dell's refusal to provide me with an understandable point-of-contact for support was, to me, tantamount to breach of contract. So I filed online complaint forms with both my state attorney general's consumer complaint division and the Texas Better Business Bureau. In a few short days, I received a call from Dell, clearly an American voice, fervently asking what Dell could do for me to get my problem fixed. It became clear to me that while Dell is corporately giving the American consumer a "take it or leave it" middle-finger, the one outcome they do not want is to have to respond to a governmental agency complaint. I think Dell is a predatory company interested only in aggrandizing Dell executives with great wealth, and they care not one wit for the country which enabled them to become wealthy.

Fred Crum

October 1, 2005 03:18 PM

My experience with Dell has been hell too. I was impressed with the fast delivery of my new least until I tried to get it to work. Three days of hell getting cut off, switching from one tech type to another, going around in circles, etc. Finally tried the supervisor request only to be told they are all on vacation, but they wouldn't help me anyhow. Customer service said it was a software problem, & I'd have to pay to get it fixed, that Dell doesn't warrant the software; if they send me a new computer with software faults,, it's my problem, not their's. I could either pay over $100 for software fix, or return it. If I returned it, I would have to pay shipping charges, restocking fee & depreciation charges. When I said ok, I'll return the damned thing & file complaints everywhere I can, he agreed to have software technician try a fix. Finally they were able to get it working, but I have zero cofidence in the fix. My advice, don't buy from Dell.


October 3, 2005 09:32 AM

I too agree with what everyone is saying....

I bought my Dell a little over a year ago. I have had to encounters with their tech support. Both were very frustrating but were resolved -- one with the help of Dell, the other without.

The first occurrence was a very short time after receiving the new system. I wanted to convert my home movies into DVDs. But the software that came preloaded had a bug. I contacted the manufacturer and they stated it was a known bug and instructed me to download a patch. However, the patch would not install because I had the OEM version of the software - I had to call Dell. But Dell had cancelled the contract with the OEM and could only give me what I already had, not the patch. After 8 hours of phone frustration I finally had a manager on the line and she was able to help (by sending me another software package).

The second encounter happened just last week. I purchased a game (an older game that by no means taxed my system). It would not play. I contacted the manufacturer. They had me update drivers. After doing that, problem did not go away. They recommended contacting Dell and troubleshoot the video card. I did -- Dell had me back out the up do date drivers to their offically supported ones (over 1 a year old). When I did, the system would not even boot. So then the support person had me update to most current. When the system booted, said "problem solved - have a good day". He didn't even realize that now I was at the point prior to even calling. I had to go thru the whole detailed explanation AGAIN. after many hours, he finally gave up and said -- reinstall. Well, I did my own research.... bought a different video card and now I am having no problems. I just lost about 3 evenings of my time attempting to have Dell assist me. There drivers were out of date, the programs they pointed me too to diagnose the problems did not work, it was a nightmare.

I am in a computer trade and have a deep knowledge of computer systems. I use to build systems rather than buying complete systems, but thought that due to kids and things (time), it would be simpler to buy rather than build --- not my experience. I told my wife -- "Next system, I will build again. That way I won't get frustrated when I have an issue and try to cash in on my investment!!!!"


October 3, 2005 11:33 AM

What a nightmare company Dell has become. On Friday 9-26-05 I place an order and open a new business account. I am approved for more than enough and placed an order for the inspiron 700m. On monday 10-3-05 I check the status and the order has been cancelled. (I got no email or call)
I spend over an hour and half 4 case numbers and 6 transfers to the "right department" trying to find out why the order was cancelled. First I am told I cancelled then I finally find out that after approving me Dell finance placed the account on hold. (without notifying me)

I have not bought from DELL in almost a year because of negative experience with a top of the line DELL and now I am convinced this company is going downhill fast.


October 5, 2005 04:00 PM

My Dell from Hell story:

Several years ago I bought a top of the line Inspiron 8000, which came (Ug!) with Windows ME. None of the documentation identified that Norton was installed by default, and not seeing an Icon when I booted, I loaded McAfee (being the responsible person that I am).

Norton + McAfee = System Black Hole

Result- I couldn't load a word file without crashing the system. Not having figured out the cause yet, I contacted Tech support, and was told on several occasions to reinstall the OS.

I eventually reinstalled the OS, but now the Modem/Nic would not work, and the video drivers shipped with the unit were the wrong ones. After further calls to tech support, they shipped me out replacement (and wrong) drivers.

After 50+ hours of calls (I have the cell phone bills to prove it) I drove to Austin (I was in San Antonio at the time) to have it checked out (after getting the address from a tech support person)- only to be told that maintenance was now performed in Saint Louis!

I shipped the unit to Saint Louis for a check up- no results. It was with the help of my local LUG (Thank's Shannon!) that I figured out that the Nic/Modem issue was that the OS (Win ME, remember?) was assinging the same interrupt to both devices AND WOULD NOT LET ME CHANGE. One install of Windows 2K later, I had the NIC working. One Download from NVidia and the screen drivers were correct.

Since that time I have experienced hardware issues, which since the warranty was expired Dell wanted $600 to diagnose (without even promising to fix it for that price). The good people at fixed my problem (the IDE controler had separated from the motherboard, due to my habit of changing out hard drives) and refurbished my unit for less than 1/3 of this. I have now almost completely removed all semblances of Windows from my system, (running either SUSE or Ubuntu, with occasional forays onto my Win2K drive for data) and am much happier for it.

Next time, I'll buy HP- at least they support Linux and offer AMD based laptops. I bought a Dell because I wanted to be able to travel to Austin for support- I'll never buy from them directly again.

ex empl

October 7, 2005 07:17 AM

I worked with the end of lease business div. & had the chance to meet some business div. sales reps later on in my ventures. I'm going to make this very clear - Every day I worked in the end of lease div. I fielded calls with upset customers whom said they did not want a lease, were unaware of a lease, thought they where paying for computer(s). I needed to tell these customers that it was too late (after 30 days). In short, no matter what the customer says (I needed to tell them the owed the lease [i.e. a $500 computer ends up costing the end user $1200] If they wanted a "buyout" I could only quote them the $1200 figure and "have a nice day"! Come to find out, I know exactly why the customers were getting stuck with an "unknown lease" , The Business div. sales reps in charge of the "paperwork" where/are filing the sale as a lease rather than a simple sale. WHY? , the big huge banners in the lobby... When the sales rep enters the sale as a lease (even though unknow to the customer) they get "airpoints" kind of like cash for expensive gifts. DO I have proof ? NOPE, IS it true ? ? Is your first name what most call you by ? YES - Most Dell employees hate their jobs, because they deal with this daily. And so much more... MOST admirable co to work for awards ? .. Only because employees keep their mouths shut, beacuse at the end of the day.. If you don't rat on Dell - THey will pay you occasional "hush money" in the form of spiffs or "airpoints" or what have you ..... THIS IS the closest you as the outside public will get to the truest description of what's going on in the inside, AND for a price , we all have more we would like to share. MY Truth is free to the pub.ic.

Chris Weiss

October 11, 2005 11:34 AM

Who else can you deal with that does a better job?

I have worked with just about every major PC vendor - Dell, HP, IBM (no more), Gateway, Toshiba, etc., in the course of my work. I have had nightmares with all of them. My only comment is that Dell is best of a bad breed. My personal machines are either hand built or Dell.

Rather than anecdotes, I think it is more useful to look at trends and statistics. Anyone have anything useful to show that Dell is bad on the whole? Based on my experience, Dell is one of the best on average.

Customer service is always a problem on PCs. This is more due to the nature of Windows than the hardware vendor. Again, I can't suggest an alternative. Linux is too hard for most end users, and Macs are in general pricier with less software. Also, most people want the same environment they have at home that they have work, making Macs and Linux less attractive.

No company is perfect. If you know of one, please let me know.


October 13, 2005 07:01 PM

You people have very little to do than to complain about a company who is, after all, the world's number 1 computer company (for a reason, might I add). Don't forget, for every problematic pc dell ships, it ships 25,000 fully functioning systems. Most (92%) of all technical issues are customer-caused.


October 16, 2005 03:46 PM

The "Airpoints" that are being referred to as "hush" money is nothing of the kind. It is simply a way to compensate an employee without having to pay them directly. These airpoints are offered on certain vendor's products that aren't selling as well as they should. Instead of getting a bonus you get a gift certificate, baby stuff, books, etc.

People who don't have the facts, obviously love to make things up, this is how rumors are started. So in order to clear a few up:

"When the sales rep enters the sale as a lease (even though unknown to the customer) they get "airpoints" kind of like cash for expensive gifts."
Not true. Unknowingly entering a sale as a lease without customer consent is unethical and does not happen anywhere in Dell. You don't get airpoints for leasing a system.

"Most Dell employees hate their jobs, because they deal with this daily."
Not true. People in our country do not like to work in general, but seriously people, if you don't like your job you would obviously quit and work somewhere else.

Dell is THE best company I have ever worked for.


October 18, 2005 09:51 AM

I spent 5 hours on a three-way phonecall yesterday with Dell Customer Care and Dell Financial. What a waste! I returned a Dell Laptop that didn't work even after the tech's came to my home to service the machine. On August 9th of this year, I spent a total of 3 hours on another three-way conversation dealing with the exchange of the laptop and crediting charges that were sent to me. The conclusion was Dell Financial would credit me half of the money of a finance charge and Dell Customer care would fill out a Policy Exemption Form and credit my account for the balance. This was a mutual agreement, documented by all three of us. Or so I thought. Dell Financial has lived up to their side of the deal, however Dell Customer Care has "lost" the form, and now they have no idea who the manager was that made this promise. Dell Financial told them who it was, but still there is nothing Dell Customer Care will do. Sound complicated, it is. The right hand does not keep up with the left hand. Additional finance charges are being put on my bill at this time. At the conclusion of the phone call Dell Customer Care representative tells me that yet another manager will call me back. She says this I might add while giggling with her co-workers. Five hours on the phone, five hours of my life wasted, five hours with no conclusion. This is what I learned, Dell Financial is a seperate entity then Dell Customer Care. That's not so bad if they would at least be on the same software so a conclusion could be met. I guess Michael Dell doesn't mind how the small consumer feels. It would benefit him greatly to train his customer service team on how not to talk down to people.

I can't believe how many people are unhappy with this company! It makes me wonder how many people are getting ripped off? How many people have an extra 5 hours in a day to try and settle Dell's in house problems. I'm seriously thinking of sending them a bill for my time. I wish you all luck and I hope we all learn a valuable lesson from this sad experience.

James McILvain

October 19, 2005 10:48 PM

I have had the most trouble getting Dell Financial to tell me up front that there are charges for Check-by-phone, they never tell you that until you have already given them the bank routing # and your account # by this time it is too late. On your next statement there is a $15.00 charge for the service.
Being very busy it is hard to remember everything all the time, so at the last minute they call, which then it is too late to send in your payment. If you send it in late there is a $25.00 late fee, even though my payment is only $58.00. There have been times I have received three calls in one day even though it had been taken care of the first call.
I have told friends and family that the pc has been great but it hasn't been worth the aggrevation, actually it is worse than that it is pure harrassment with tones of deception. They seem so nice, but they just ignore what you tell them, and only programed to get payment anyway they can.

Bill Smith

October 27, 2005 09:41 PM

I have been less than thrilled with Dell's technical support in the past year. My recommendations helped drive $5M in sales for Dell in the past ten years for my regional area clients.

But no more...besides terrible technical support issues, I see also disturbing trends in pricing. One example: Dell boosts the price for RAM upgrades for their notebook line way out of whack compared to other vendors. Big profit item no doubt.

The reason for the declining technical support is sheer numbers...the success of Dell in shipping millions of PCs has outstripped their technical support capabilities. Reminds me a lot of the success of Symantec and how their technical support is now practically non-existent.

Consider the math... (strictly Karnak guessing below, but humor me with my questimations).

Let's conservatively estimate Dell sold 100 million PCs in the past three years and 50 million are still under warranty. This figure is probably pretty close since Dell shipped 9 million units in the third quarter 2005.

If only 1 in 100 per day needs technical assistance from Dell that's 500,000 requests either by email or phone. The technical requests could be much greater than that on peak days...maybe 1 to 2 million.

So let's say Dell has 5,000 first level support technicians in the USA at decent wages and another 20,000 overseas at pretty low wages. (I could be WAY overestimating the total numbers, but humor me anyway). Throw in another 1,000 second level and supervisory technicians in the USA and maybe 2,000 overseas. we have nearly 30,000 Dell support technicians of varying skills, many relying on repair scripts, and some very good.

Now the bad news...each technician probably works an 8 to 12 hour shift (maybe 10-12 overseas). So only 9,000 are on duty at any 8 hour shift, maybe a few more in peak times.

500,000 requests on an average day means each technician handles 16 cases a day or about 2 an hour. On heavy days that number rises to 4, 6, or 8 an hour. At the higher volume it's an impossible task as any technician can attest (I am an A+ trainer myself). Since many calls may be not resolved they continue over days and add to the workload.

Enter the big push to free online user support Forums by all the big vendors. Volunteers who own that product (or maybe just good Samaritans) spend their free time helping people who are unable to get warranty help from the vendor. It's a big help, but not enough for the big boys like Dell, Microsoft, Symantec, and all the other first line companies.

At the present time I consider first line companies are unable to provide proper support for my clients (14,000 PCs). Because Microsoft has a monopoly on Windows we have no choice but to continue buying their products. But for PCs there are other choices besides the first line companies with better technical support.

So my clients have dumped Norton AV in favor of a smaller vendor, and are considering other options besides Dell.

I think Dell has tunnel vision for global expansion (China, India, etc..) in their long range game plan and it doesn't include spending money to maintain the user base in America at an acceptable support level. I used to give Dell an A+ for support, but now I give it a failing grade. YMMV

marshall mclane

October 29, 2005 06:26 PM

20 hours on the phone with dell. so i gave them as much crap back as they gave me. i just could not take it after a while(this 20 hours was over the course of 4 days) spoke to everyone but the frigging sacred cow !!! tech support sen't me to to "customer care", should be called no care back to tech and so on... when i finally asked for a supervisor, i was told they would call back at 8 pm, it was now 6:30. i made them stay on the phone with me until their supervisor came on. i thought if they can do this all night so can i. i'll admit right now, not my finest moments. but when i asked the tech "how about i fly to india right now and "ring your frigging neck" i was told in a very calm voice, that would not be necessary sir,i was speakind to to manilla. if you can believe it and you probably can , things got worse from here. i have replaced 2 hard drives (inspirion 600) key pad, display, keypad, ac cord all this with a warranty ,i was asked to replace myself. when i asked if i could have the number or email of Tom Calpo who signs himself cheif of cosumer affairs USA i was told there was no way to reach him. the phone numbers next to the texas address is the same old out of country tech numbers. boggles my mind how people can do bussiness like this. tech support even admited they were being recorded and had to make "dell and the customer" happy. i was also told if the computer wen't back to the "depot" wherever that is 3 times or more you would be issued a system exchange. mine wen't 3 times but tech said it only wen't back 2 times, the the third time it must have rode around in the delivery truck for a week and then just come back to me without goig to the "Depot". what shipping company will take any package without a valid shipping sticker, unbelievable. anyway i could go on and on but my bloodpressure is going throught the roof. they stink on ice !!!


November 11, 2005 02:21 PM

My wife and I decided to get a new computer. I've owned a Dell for the past 6 years and have been very pleased with it's performance. On September 25, 2005, I went to Dell's website, found a desktop, made minor upgrades and with a total cost of $970.03 placed the order. After the order was placed, Dell then advised me that e-mails would be sent describing the status of my order. My wife and I decided to call Dell and cancel the order. When we called and canceled, it was less than 24 hours of the order being placed and that's when my Dell experience began.

The last e-mail I received from Dell on Monday, September 26, 2005 at 10:05 PM, the same day we canceled the order, described my order status as "Your order is being processed and will go into production once we authorize your method of payment". The representative I spoke with told me that I would receive a refund for the computer minus the shipping charge. I indicated to the representative that the computer had not been built or shipped according to Dell's last e-mail stating "Your order is being processed and will go into production once we authorize your method of payment". Reluctantly, the representative agreed with me and went ahead and made the arrangements to get a full refund of $970.03. and of course would take 5 to 10 business days. On September 27, 2005 our credit card was charged $970.03 by Dell.

On October 17, 2005 a credit of $702.19 was received by Dell. I called Dell to ask why wasn't a $970.03 credit given. I was told by Dell that the $702.19 was for the CPU and the monitor was separate. The Representative then told me the credit amount for the monitor was unknown because of the taxes still to be added. On October 23, 2005 a credit for $241.76 was received by Dell, this being the credit for the monitor. As of October 23, 2005 the total credit back to me is $943.95, still being $26.08 short of the $970.03 total purchase price.

I had to call Dell once again. Through this whole process I made sure to get reference numbers and case numbers for each phone call and conversation. I gave the representative my last case number and the representative proceed to tell me that I already received full credit . The outstanding balance of $26.08 was for shipping. I then went back to the e-mails sent by Dell, one of which was my "Order Confirmation". This e-mail gave me a break down of the costs associated with this purchase. The line for shipping costs read $24.00. I asked why I was being charged more for shipping. I was then put on hold and unknowingly transferred to a different department. This representative actually agreed with me an put in a "request" for the $26.08 credit and now had to wait 2 to 3 business days for this credit.

As of Wednesday, November 9, 2005, I still have not received the $26.08 credit. You guessed it, I call Dell. Give the representative the case number. The representative told me that the "request" was denied by Dell for the $26.08 credit because it was a shipping charge. I was put on hold and when representative came back she told me that the $26.08 was now being "requested for non-delivery of the computer" and I would now 100% receive this credit. I was now happy and getting my full amount of $970.03 back.

On Thursday November 10, 2005, an e-mail from Dell stating, Dell has processed my credit for the amount of, are you ready for this, $26.07. That's right 1 cent less. I'm furious and immediately call Dell. Once again gave the representative the case number, briefly explained and was put on hold. The representative was in total agreement and apologized. He then told me Dell can not credit 1 cent and would have to credit me $1.00. I said fine and felt confident this will now be a closed issue.

Today, November 11, 2005, at 8:51 Am Est time, I receive a call from Dell to confirm my credit of $26.07 for the shipping charge. The representative explained to me I would see this credit in about 5 business days. He then asked if I was satisfied the way Dell has handle this matter. I replied no. He asked why? I told him the shipping credit was for the amount of $26.08 and not $26.07. Before I could explain that I've already contacted Dell about this 1 cent discrepancy his response was "You really want 1 cent back". Are you kidding me! I then told this gentleman that I've been dealing with this since September and want every single cent back. Out of disgust, he said fine Dell will credit you 1 cent back, hope you have a nice day, thank you for choosing Dell and hung up.

I'm sorry, but why would I not get back my 1 cent. If I simply accepted that the $26.08 as a non refundable shipping charge, when the computer was never built or shipped and you take that amount, multiply it by, say 100,000 people that's over 2 million dollars. If I would have let Dell keep 1 cent it too will add up to huge amounts of money.

This has been an experience I will never forget and will pass along to many others. A friend of ours ended up building my wife and I a computer. We simple went on-line, order all the parts with the help of our friend and built a computer that is beyond what we needed and cost a little over $1000.00.

I recommend this for anyone who wants a new computer and overall you will never have to deal with Dell Computers. Dell tried its hardest to get me to go away and I didn't. I kept all my paper work and would love to learn of other people's problems and maybe pass this experience along to a higher authority. Something has to be illegal with this process and taking advantage of people by putting them in this unforgiving situation until they simple accept defeat and go away.

Thank You,



November 15, 2005 09:16 AM

Dell Hell is the right name for this forum. The motherboard on my still-under-warranty Inspiron failed. Dell wouldn't allow me to mail the computer to them for repair saying that they had to have DHL deliver an empty box to me. I tried to explain to them that they consider the US Virgin islands (where I live) to be International and won't ship here. Two weeks later I still hadn't received the empty box. During various calls I offered/pleaded/begged to be allowed to send the laptop in myself, paying the Express Mail postage myself. They refused. At one point the rep said I should just got get the box at the DHL office. I contacted DHL and found that the box had been shipped to Austin Texas awaiting my pickup. (I actually made the call to DHL while on hold at Dell) When the Dell rep got back on the line I told her that Dell had sent the box to Austin not to St. Croix. She asked if I could pickup the box myself..... HUH? I should fly from the Virgin Islands to Austin Texas to pickup an empty box in which to ship my computer TO Austin? They absolutely refuse to let me ship it myself. I was a fan of Dell up till now but I wouldn't by another laptop from them if it was only $100.

Kathy Archibald

November 17, 2005 10:03 PM

I feel like I have gone through all the stages of grief with Dell: beginning with DENIAL -
I have always used Dell products, always thought their service was great, really no problems...until I entered "Dell Hell", my next step -
ANGER- how can a company keep my $480 AND the Axim PDA I returned to them for credit, following all their rules, within their 21 days, insured, and UPS can even tell me that 'Ines'@ Dell in LaVerne TN signed for it on 9/22/05...but they can't figure out how to issue a credit, they say 'your credit needs to be reinstated, Mrs. A., I will take care of that right now', but of course, we are in Dell Hell, so that doesn't happen, instead I pass into my next stage of grieving, to...
BARGAINING - ok, I will contact their Customer Service following all their rules - check my credit status online - no problem, they will email me within 24 hours - doesn't come - I email them - no response - I use their 'chat' -
always connected promptly - my hopes are up - always get commitments they don't honor....I am hitting the ativan pretty hard right now as I enter into the next to last stage of grief.....
DEPRESSION - I know I shouldn't take this as a personal afront but I do - I always stood up for them for pete's sake! Its been two months, they still have my $480, they have the AXIM PDA, I have empty promises, no one in customer service who ever keeps their promises. Have you checked out their corporate ethics page - it almost makes you weep it is so I finally pass into the final stage of grief....
ACCEPTANCE - my husband is telling me I am getting fairly psychotic on the subject, so I am trying to detach myself, since I am so OUT OF CONTROL OF THE SITUATION. I am currently on the look-out for a Dell Hell Support Group..anyone??


November 22, 2005 01:30 PM

DELL's Strategic and Spiritual Mistake!

In regard to Dell Financing, look what has happened to Sears, GM and Ford when they turned to financing as a way of increasing company revenues. These companies now realize more revenues via financing and are all suffering declining revenues of the sale of their core retail products. Complaints about shoddy workmanship with some Dell products seem to indicate a similar turning away from the core business(ask any MBA and they'll tell you that professors pounded into their heads, "Stick to your core business if you want to keep succeeding."). Dell seems more focused on soft upsells (warranties versus better screens and better processors)than selling a superior system at a good price. Dell has made a strategic error (not to mention a spiritual one, if you're a Bible believer, because The Bible states the common sense idea that debt is something all people should stay away. Alan Greenspan has told consumers the same thing as well).

With regard to the creation of a new "division" to sell the XPS systems, I predict that the current leadership at Dell is preparing the company for the chopping block -- selling or spinning off the XPS division as well as the entry-level computer division.

It's very sad to see an American company go this route.

One more note. For 4th quarter, Dell has cattle calls for hourly employees to take inbound calls and sell systems. These folks are hired by temp firms like Spherion and then have the golden carrot of "You'll be Dell-Badged" if you meet your sales goals over the next few months. What they don't tell you (lie by omission) is that you have about a 2 -4% chance of making it. Management is part of this lie.

Dell, get real again. Michael, it's time to get back on-board and toss out those money-changers.

Nashville, TN


November 25, 2005 11:21 PM

I purchased my first defective Dell computer in November 2004. It continued to crash until I could no longer bring it back up in May 2005. Calling Dell to receive service was a nightmare. So I decided to go onto my old computer to see if they would assist via the Internet. Well, that was a disaster too. Finally, out of frustration, I sent back the PC directly to Dell and ordered a replacement. The new PC also continued to crash until I finally was able to drive the drive into two parts which seem to have minimized the crashes. This is after using Dell technical services, both hardware and software. Neither understood the problem and tried to say it was the other. Naturally, I paid an additional $300 in order to try and obtain additional software assistance. (God forbid Dell should back there products sufficiently to halt from the fleecing of it's customers.) With no help from Dell, I was finally able to divide the hard drive into two, and place differing Microsoft products on each part of the drive which appears to have minimized the crashes from daily to around twice a month. Now, of course, Dell is telling me I am responsible for the financial difference between the PC I returned and the one I know one (depreciation as they like to call they're shoddy products). I am, of course, refusing to pay for the "depreciation" ... and when I called to inquire about the old PC, guess what ... I was told it had been "refurbished and resold!!!" No doubt, to some poor person who is trying to get it to work.

I think it's time we start flooding Dell, Consumer Report Sites, and other websites/report sites, with out complaints. Dell sales are dropping and it's our duty to warn other people about the poor quality of their products and services. I'll be glad to be part of anything that helps to drive their sales lower.


December 1, 2005 04:00 AM

I bought upgraded service for an expensive notebook, and I still cannot get service. I am in day 10 of my "next-day on-site" service. I did see a tech on day 2, but the part from India didn't solve the problem. When the tech called for more parts, Dell India hung up on him. No one's come back, although I have a long blog of contacts .


December 3, 2005 02:58 AM

The thing is, customer service isn't always provided by Indians alone. As a student, it is very important for me to have resources all the time. I've had frustrations with DELL as well but it went away when i got to a tech from the Philippines...

Customer's like us buy products and services that we think are custom-made for us. DELL continues to make computers of different models with optional specifications to match a customer's needs, and budget.

...and before you start to go down thorugh this post thinking that i am a no DELL HELL person, i hope you can open your mind.

...anyway, how do i get to know this? one indian tech (though very hard to understand, is technical yet polite enough to answer all my questions about my computer problems, by the way, i had a software problem). told me that the service contract that my parents paid for is dedicated only for hardware

...of course, it's very disappointing on our part to find out that if the problem is software, we will be transferred to the Helpdesk thing wherein we get to pay.! yes, pay. trough proper explanations on the service contract (they don't call it warranty) and initiative reading of the service contract (which will be helpful!), DELL laid all its cards the first time.

...of course, i most likely won't buy another DELL computer (but i wont throw away my 5150, but i learned one important thing. READ to LEARN. it's very easy especially for people who can afford to buy another computer to do so, but it'll be better to be cautious before jumping inside a pit.


December 3, 2005 12:17 PM

I have been in Dell Hell since Nov. 16th when a 1700 dollar system I ordered didn't arrive. Only the monitor arrived. Somehow the tower and all its parts were lost by ups. I started the nightmare of calling uncustomer service to see what they were going to do about it the evening of the 16th. On the afternoon of the 18th UPS had told me the tower was lost and to get Dell to start tracing it (in the contract ups has with Dell, Dell has to put a tracer on the packages and get a new machine going out to you or a refund).

I asked uncustomer service to send me a new computer asap because I needed it for my work and my old one had died and now I was computerless. They said they couldnt' do that until the missing one was located or that UPS paid them for it. WHAAAAAA My contract was with Dell, not UPS. After this unspecified wait time looking for the missing one, I was then to order a new one and wait another 10 days for it to arrive (I am not a rich person and can't be charging all sorts of computers on credit cards). I told Dell to use the 1700 already in their possession to get me out a new machine asap. No dice. I then told them to refund me asap.

Do you know that not one of those Indians ever sent UPS to pick up the monitor. Not one of them ever set up the tracer with UPS. Not one of them did anything. I was sent round and round and round the telephone lines. I even called back sales and asked the guy if he wanted to make a saled and told him the long story. He ordered a new system and gave me a big discount. But the nightmare doesn't end there. He goes and tries to charge this new order to the credit card that already has 1700 on it and I told him it isn't going to fit that he is going to have to credit me for the machine that never arrived first or use that credit for his new machine. He says, ok, I am sending you to the finance dept. They will take care of everything. Don't worry. Well then transfer went into Dell hell oblivion. You know that circle of press 1 for sales, press 2 for tech support yada yada. I kept calling back sales and get getting into the same loop after telling my story to not less than 10 of these guys in 30 minutes. Never got the new computer ordered either. I can go on and on with these service reps that never call back, that transfer you to non existent numbers, that get a dumber than rocks supervisor on the phone, and on and on. The nightmare went on and on for days until the 22nd when I got a long distance number into Texas from one of those stupid service reps. I asked an operator for the ceo office. no dice. I said I want to make a big complaint. Got transferred and left the complaint. Was told I got to the top of the company. This was on the 22nd of Nov. Today is the 4th of Dec. Every day since the 22nd of Nov. this manager has told me she is going to credit my card back. Every day I call her and it hasn't been done. Every day there is a new problem. We must follow the process yada yada. I am still waiting for my refund. I can't get out of this Dell Twilight Zone nightmare. It is never ending. But on Dec. 22nd my credit card company will credit me back and I will be thru with Dell whether their process has ended or not. And I went out yesterday and was able to get credit at a local big electronics company and bought a beautiful HP with a much bigger system and a printer for 1050 bucks. A big savings and a better machine and it is working beautifully. Forget Dell. never again. And thats my story.


December 9, 2005 07:38 PM

My wife purchased a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop as a Christmas present. She gave me the phone and made it clear I wanted to play games on it too. No problem. I went from $599 to $1100 in a licity split with the two year warranty and the three years of McAfee coverage.

When I got the computer I loved the look of it (It was loaded down with all kinds of stuff I would never use; AOL/ NetZero / etc and of course thier games meant for children.) I took an old game and tried to load it but it would not take. The computer sent me to all kinds of sites to download Active X and Direct X and microsoft to update my drivers. Zowie, I'm off. I get half way through the game (Area 51 which says it is XP compatible) and the game freezes. Now it won't load at all. One by one my system starts to crash; one day my sound is gone, the next my Wi-fi capabillity disappears ( it worked when I first got the machine.

I called support using my cell phone. Wow, what a runaround I got and no resolution. From customer service to tech, customer service to tech. Instead of holding until I am connected they put me in a que. I have to give them all the same information all over again. I finally get someone who can help. They say my drivers are gone and they put me on hold. Guess what? I get cut off. My cell phone is gonna be big. I may have to pay for the repairs my self since I did not purchase a warranty for the software. What a bunch of crap! I am pissed and I am telling all my friends, "do not buy a product from Dell". My next purchase will be a Tosidba or an HP. I have been to Dell Hell and the fact that there is a one says something. The owner of Dell made his billions, so if his company tanks tommorrow, so what. Now, I wouldn't even buy a pizza from him, if he bought a company.

Now. I have a Dell 4550 with 2.4 Gh. Its a good machine and has given me a few problems but at least it came with back up disk. The laptop did not come with a one.


December 11, 2005 04:01 PM

We have been trying to deal with Dell since September 2005. We bought a Dell Dimension 5100 with addons on September 12, 2005. The Dell reference # is 575252459 and paid $1,292.59 for the entire package by credit card. We paid it in full. We also purchased an extended warranty service that we now realize is just useless because we never achieve any results when we call for customer support. We have literally spoken with various customer service agents from the Sales Department, Hardware Warranty Division, Customer Care. We've tried all methods: emails, chat, phone. From day one the product was problematic. It would not turn on. We called tech support to get it to turn on because there was no manual in the delivery to guide us/help us troubleshoot. There is an electronic manual but we could not even turn on the computer so that was useless. We spent 12 hours on the phone with tech support but they couldn't figure out how to get the computer turned on. Eventually, we gave up and just had to do it ourselves by taking it apart. Once it was on, we realized other parts were not working. The sound card was not the one we ordered for. Then we realized it was defective. The dvd writer would not work either. We searched for a guidebook to troubleshoot and realized there wasn't any for those parts either. Again, we tried calling customer service. No one could give an answer/solution. No one could also send us guidebooks. They have not only been not helpful, they also give you false information (like giving you invalid coupon codes, giving you the run-around by telling you to call another number because your problem is not within the scope of their job, refusing to pass you on to a manager, refusing to give their rep ID#s, arguing with you, hanging up on you and worst of all having to spend hours upon hours with them with without getting any help). Yesterday, since the sound card we got from them was defective we just wanted to replace it at our own expense. We decided we would get a sound card with midi but couldn't find one on the Dell website so we tried to ask them for a part number that would be compatible with the PC we got from them. None of them knew about the part number and they didn't even know what a midi was. Finally, we got to talk to a manager whose name is "Rikki" phone number 1800-624-9896 extesion 5880033. This is after 3 months of having purchased the computer. He promised us 100-coupon and gave us this coupon code hn9k?mmtz8x1m7. He opened a case number for us 119127105. We tried the coupon online to make the purchase on the Dell website. It was an invalid code. A code we had already used in the past. We were tricked and lied to. Now we're trying to get a hold of someone who can help us but none of them have helped us. They just pass us around. Some of the people we have talked to are: Erika (extension 7284520); Adam (extension 7240099); Amit of Dell Chat (Amit_0125865); (id# 103067). Records will show they just pass us around without giving us any way to resolve this. On top of that, most of them are rude -- they just hang up on you or won't give you their rep ID#, won't let you talk to their manager, or just disconnect you when you're chatting with them. When that happens you have to call back or log back in and start from scratch because they don't even record your complaints. At this point, we just want to return everything we've purchased from Dell but they have a 21-day limit for returns. That is a ridiculous time limit given that you literally have to spend hundreds of hours just to get a single piece of information from Dell. Even then the information you eventually end up with is unhelpful. For the past 3 months, we have been trying to salvage this computer. It has taken so much time away from my family already. And my husband, to whom the computer has been purchased for has become more sick because of the aggravation Dell has caused us (he was already sick before but now he's sunk deeper into depression). We also want to get a refund for the extended warranty since we've now realized that it is useless -- there is no tech support.


December 11, 2005 09:01 PM

I just hope my sparkling new 9300 is the lucky one to last me through my MBA! ;-(

Ross Davidson

December 22, 2005 03:16 PM

Dell appears to have adopted a business practice of shipping defective computers with defective software arrangments, and expecting the customers to repair them. I recently paid over $6,000.00 for a Dell XPS 600 and am still trying to get it to work. Tech support is useless, they are not trained in the basics, if reading off a script doesn't solve the problem, they don't want to know. I am on the second unit and still trying to get it to work properly.

Dell customer services lies repeatedly, their strategy appears to be to get the customer to simply give up. It is normal practice to be on the phone for over 30 minutes and be bounced around from rep to rep, each claiming it is someone else's responsibility.

The highlight was when a tech person thought the XPS 600 was a laptop.


January 6, 2006 12:40 PM

I don't know what any of you are talking about.

I've gotton great service and great products from Dell for years now.

Go Figure?


January 12, 2006 09:02 PM

My experience with Dell has been very good.

My husband and I bought a 4-month-old Dimension 4600 from a pawn shop (yes, a pawn shop)! They had just put it out for sale that day, and it was obvious they didn't know what they had. We paid $459.00! It came with 2 (yep, T-W-O) Pentium 4 processors, a DVD-R drive, CD-R Drive, 512 MB RAM, Windows XP, Norton Anti-virus, Subwoofer & speakers and some cool programs.

That was 10 months ago, and we haven't had any problems yet.

Viva la Dell! :-)


January 16, 2006 08:01 AM

I am in Australia and made the terrible decision to recommend a Dell system to a relative. They received a faulty notebook (bad display) which was replaced with another faulty display. Then the motherboard was replaced and everything seemed to be OK.
That was until I visited and had a look at the notebook to discover that the motherboard had been replaced with a motherboard from a cheaper, nastier model. As this was out of the warranty period when I discovered this chicanery Dell want nothing to do with it and consistently ignored our emails and calls until we just gave up in disgust.
If anyone from dell is reading this you will NEVER be recommended to anyone I know and if I see or hear of anyone considering buying a Dell I will make sure they know what ripoff artists you are.


February 1, 2006 06:01 PM

DFS is my problem. I like the machines (so far) and my servers have worked almost flawlessly, and when requested repairs happen quickly. But I may never buy from Dell again because of Dell Financial Services.


February 20, 2006 04:00 PM

OMG folks, the free tech support at any company you can name is bad. No company should treat their customers badly and these are some awful stories.

Just ante up for at least Dell's Gold level of tech support and you'll find it to be worth it. Similarly, ante up for Symantec's tech support and you'll find that to be worth it too.

Rob Hof started this off by saying that if Dell sold stuff that people liked instead of merely having to endure, then maybe people would pay more for it. Well, they do sell more reliable stuff, but just as you say you'll have to pay more for it. So, try it the other way around. Pay more for it and you'll get it, because it's already being offered.

It's absolutely the case that you get what you pay for, but don't just load up a Dimension and expect it to perform like even a stripped down Precision.

Dell is completely up front that they sell varying levels of PC's based on stability & reliability that you can expect. They're so up front about it that it's the defining basis for the way they split up their sales tiers. For desktops it's 3 lines (Dimension, Optiplex and Precision). What more do you want? If you buy a Dimension-anything you're not choosing stability & reliability. That starts at Optiplex and they say so. If you go for the Precision then you get a beautiful-to-service case with coded diagnostic lights outside that'll tell YOU the user what is the status of your hardware if anything does go wrong. YOU can clearly see if it's the power supply, motherboard, processor, video card, whatever, and it's a higher level of reliability to start with. But you've got to PAY for that extra stuff.

Fer cryin' out loud it's right there on their "Tell me more" pages.


March 1, 2006 01:19 PM

Today I found out something incredible. I am a small business owner and decided to lease a computer from dell. The original cost to purchase the computer is $3700. I have used it for over a year with one problem that was resolved. I have been thinking about computer change and decided to check out what it would take to terminate the lease. I have already made $1600 in payments over the last year. If I send the computer back I will be required to pay $4100 to terminate the lease. If I buy out and keep the computer I will be required to pay over $5000. I am amazed that this could be true. How could I be required to pay $5700 for a computer that I have used a year and not even be able to keep. They have me locked in! This is my first experience with a lease and it is turning out to be a bad one! They would rather keep me locked and lose my business then to help me resolve this issue. The fine print is killing me!!!!


March 13, 2006 11:19 AM


Kathy Pugh

March 13, 2006 08:49 PM

I bought a Dell Inspiron 1100 and have had it only long enough to have it paid off. I have been lucky that I have not had much go wrong with my computer but the few things that I have had go wrong I have had to go through DELL HELL to get them fixed and I bought the 4 year warranty! I was told by the salesman that if anything went wrong with the laptop that I could send it in and they would fix it under the warranty. That is the only reason I bought the 4 year warranty. The CD-ROM went out and I finally got through to a rep after a week and I had to replace the part myself. Yes, replacing the part was not hard to do, but for the money I have paid for the 4 year warranty I feel like DELL should have done it...and the saleman said they would. I have had other minor problems and have paid to take the laptop to another company in my home town. I would rather do that instead of have to deal with DELL's customer service. As one other person posted, no company is perfect but if their customer service dept. is crappy they will keep losing customers

Sara s

March 15, 2006 01:13 PM

Dell from Hell
I agree. Have had nothing but trouble from tech support India. They dont know english nor how to fix a problem. Been on the phone 1 1/2 weeks at least 6-12 hours in one day arguing with tech
I have had several VERY BAD encounters with them
I say dont buy a dell unless you want true hell.
I was a very good customer but now forget it.
I had purchased notebooks which were also a nightmare from hell. every day trouble with these notebooks and received new ones after months of yelling and complaining and trouble. Well 4 months later they say one still needs returning
they were returned both already, I had the tracking numbers but recently put them in garbage as its been many months that have passed now they say they havent received it. Well I have had it cant take anymore!!!!! I am stressed out to the limit Dell doesnt care about customers. I will be telling everyone I know DONT BUY A DELL.
Tech support stinks, and if you return a product they say you didnt. My advice keep all your tracking numbers for years. I wish I did now

Jeff Burton

March 19, 2006 12:53 AM

DELL support is questionable on all levels. I give you now my Dell, hell, nightmare:
Please forgive for any grammatical or typo errors, I am very upset upon writing this as to how such a large successful company cannot have a clue. I guess it goes for so many companies nowadays; as long as they get your money everything else is forgotten. How sad for all of us paying customers.

I purchased last year an Inspiron 9200 for a price tag of around $3000. I called right before the warranty was out. First, my keyboard "f" key always repeated, and my mouse never worked properly in addition to the paint and plastic on the mouse warring out making it difficult to drag, all this in less than one year. It was determined that the computer was overheating and the cooling fan had to be replaced. Dell technical support told me that this fan and heat problem can cause many other related problems such as with the mouse, programs, etc. I also started to have display problems which one of the dell techs made me go into my registry, guiding me to somehow erase the system 32 config files which rendered all solutions I could find on line through Microsoft useless. I want to add here and now that I had anti-spyware and anti-virus programs running and installed. After this disaster, I decided to call Microsoft because I was scared to deal with Dell any longer. In addition, Dell technical support most of the time doesn’t even wait on line for you to do something, and they will tell you that they will call you back however, they never do. A week or more has gone by before I eventually have called them back. Basically they just forget about you hoping that you will forget about them too.

Microsoft helped me do a parallel installation of Windows XP pro so that I may get some important files out. However after doing this and replacing the operating system, it turned out that upon having to reload my drivers, I discovered that Dell originally sent me the wrong system file disks which had the drivers on it. When I brought this up to technical support at Dell, they told me in so many words “too bad” you have to call sales and pay for one to be sent. They inferred that it was my fault for not checking when I first got the computer. I was livid; I had to download all drivers using a dial up modem which took HOURS and HOURS. Microsoft gave me wonderful support I can say this in all honesty. They give you a case number and follow it through. They call back when they say and keep tabs on the case until the issue is solved. They are willing to stay on the phone, in my case with all the registry problems thanks to Dell, Microsoft stayed with me at times for a couple of hours trying fiendishly to solve my problem. They really didn’t have to do this. However I am grateful for all their efforts.

The system was sent to Dells repair depot where the fan problem was NOT fixed, Dell claimed that instead it was just a dust problem blocking a vent, yet when I ran the diagnostics the fan had no speed rating (rpm), it simply read 0. Also, my system still didn't work properly and it still got very hot. The same level of heat I noticed previously that which almost burnt my lap because it was getting so hot. Upon its return they only replaced the keyboard (not the mouse etc) which I argued should of also been replaced they told me normal wear and tear i.e. repeating "f" and mouse problems are never covered, but however, they went against their own word and replaced the keyboard anyway leaving the rest. Go figure? No fan replaced, no mouse, but replaced keyboard for repeating f key thus repairing only part of which they said wasn’t covered anyway; and they didn’t even fix a major fan problem. Yes. Go figure? Does this make sense? In addition, upon receiving the computer back from the repair depot, which is probably UPS or some other shipping company which from learning on a news report are now training employees to fix computers. When you think your sending your computer or electronic device back to the company, according to this report think again. Anyway, among the previously mentioned problems, I was also surprised to see that my notebook was returned with the top cover around the keyboard and power button and mouse pad not completely flush so that in order to turn the system on or off, I must snap the cover so that it is flush, to access the power button and some of the keys properly. Through all of this and arguing my point to Dell, being placed on hold, and going back and fourth to customer care and then tech support with being transferred to wrong departments in between like “desktop support” I don’t even own a desktop. All of this ignorance and continual waste of my time for hours getting nowhere; going around in circles, being told one thing and then another with so many different people; nobody knowing what the other said, or if they do check, what was said is different from my account of reality; their notes appearing to be always in their favor to make them look good but being different from what you described or was told. For many of such Dell employees, one has to wonder since you are talking to India most if not all the time for technical support or even customer service, do such employees accurately account for and take proper notes in English? When ordering a new system, however, you don’t reach India and you don’t even have to wait on the phone. Why is that? Again to reiterate, weeks and days of horror with Dell customer service and tech support GETTING NOWHERE and talking to people all over the world, mainly India, with no continuity of service nor respect for the customer.

If all I said isn’t enough, I paid full price for this troubled Inspiron 9200 system even after last year winning on the "elf" game $250 or $300 I can’t remember specifically, but I did save the email. This amount was to be taken off ANY notebook over an amount I certainly met; which they promised to apply to my dell account after purchase BUT NEVER DID. I never made an issue of it because I already new it would be a pain in the neck with a company such as this. Now this 9200 system sits useless under my bed and as I turn it on I only get a wall paper with no icons. Programs must be entered through task manager. I can't even give the system to my aunt or anyone else who can use it.

AFTER ALL THIS I was actually stupid enough to be talked into buying another notebook the e1705 duel core system because of an argument over using a coupon I received in the mail for “valued customers of Dell” for $300 off Inspiron systems over a certain amount which I would of met, yet of course the coupon was not specific and Dell tried to argue that this didn’t include the e1705 system, again, the coupon did not state that. Here we go again, another source of unfair arguments which raised my blood pressure to an extreme again. When I went to put the coupon code in, it gave me an error message, stating that I had to call Dell sales, when I did they told me “oh we made a mistake with those particular coupons” sorry. I thought to myself, how can a company such as this get away with this. Here it is I am upset around the holidays which should be so joyful etc. I am sure Michael Dell is on his yacht or sailboat, or in his mansion, or on some wonderful family trip abroad, not having a clue as to what us poor customers have gone through or are going through; the very customers who put his company where it is today by purchasing Dell products.
I originally wanted the XPS170 system with all top components because as a medical student, I do some graphic works in medicine. However, I was talked into the e1705 by the Dell salesman who claimed that the 1705 system was faster and better on all levels. I am beginning to think different. I also had the coupon and after arguing the point for a couple hours and phone calls, eventually I did get the discount and got the e1705 system with all top components. I had the system for less then one month, but yet over the 21 day return policy. After arguing back and forth for hours (by the way I got the extended 2 year warranty with accidental damage), and diagnosing with tech support, it was determined that I should get a total NEW system exchange, only after trying to convince me to replace my memory and MOTHERBOARD and some other components first. Of course, this was logical to them before they had to spend any money in replacing a whole system. Why would anybody accept replacing a mother board on a system that is less than one month old? Even Microsoft told me that is a crazy thing to insist upon. My system was getting hot right where the graphic card was, the fan was running full blast when I wasn’t even doing anything demanding; the display was freezing and then zooming to display multiple desktops; in all doing weird stuff. This system had the new NVIDIA 7800 go chip, however, not the GTX 7800 chip which to my understanding is more stable. After looking on the NVIDIA web site and other sites, unless I was misunderstanding, I noticed possible issues with NVIDIA 7800 and dual core systems but not the GTX chips which Dell puts in the XPS models. I informed Dell tech support of this at the onset of my problems among my many other issues with my new system. It was understood by me after arguing against the motherboard and other replacement issues, and me pressing the fact that I had 2 years accidental damage and extended onsite weekend 24/7 support, they decided to a new system replacement. They said the new system would be delivered within 7 days then, and now its been 2 weeks or more. I called customer care again and they assured me that it was going to production. “GOING TO production, I told them that I was supposed to receive it by now. I asked other questions as to returns etc.. I was told that with the system exchange, I may return it within 21 days to get a full refund if I was not satisfied. A few days later I called again because alarmingly I noticed that Dell yanked the NIVIDIA Getforce go 7800 chips and is now putting ATI radeon mobility chips. I could only wonder why they would stop putting in the NVIDIA chips after only 2 or less months of producing the e1705; rather curious don’t you think? When discussing the issue with tech support, they were not even aware as to what graphics chip they are putting in the new e1705 systems. I had to read it to them from their web site. They kept telling me that they were putting the chips in that were compatible with the Inspiron 9300 systems. What does that have to do with the computer at hand being the e1705 a better version of the inspiron 9400 not even the 9300? They also informed me that as to my new system replacement that I would only receive an exact configuration replacement, meaning that I would probably get the NVIDIA chip AGAIN, or a LESSER chip such as ATI X300 or Intel integrated chip, both appearing to me and on the ATI website, lower than premium chips; however I would not be getting the ATI X1400 256 mobility chip which they are currently installing as an option unless I paid extra on my credit card, which of course they would be willing to take payment for right away if I wanted. They wanted more money from me after all my troubles. I was also informed that purchasing the accidental damage, and extra warranties. If Dell decides to replace the system, in most cases they will give you a REFURBISHED system, NOT a NEW one as in my case. Be careful! In my case, I got a new one, because they couldn’t figure out the problem, and because it was so new to begin with. At the end of this phone call upon asking about returns again, I was also told a different story then what I was told before. Now they told me that I could not return the new replacement system within 21 day. After arguing, they told me that I would need to be connected to the order modification department which claimed that they could not help me and they would have to connect me back to customer care. Upon reaching customer care and going through the whole ordeal again, they told me that they could not help me because I had to be connected to "post sales" customer care. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? I then hung up and called back customer care again. I spoke to a very nice person who put me on hold gave me the number 18006958133 and then connected me to employee purchase and business account customer care...HOW did I suddenly become a business or employee? She saw my account and information in front of her and yet connected me to the wrong department again, even giving me the wrong phone number. Of course, I found out about this again only after repeating the whole story AGAIN. I was then put on hold for customer care which after 35 minutes I hung up and called again of course not the number previously mentioned. I got a very nice lady on the phone who listened to my problem and who repeated the information I was told that I MAY RETURN THE SYSTEM EXCHANGE FOR A COMPLETE REFUND WITHIN 21 DAYS IF I AM NOT SATISFIED. This time I taped the conversation repeatedly asking making sure and asking for the employee badge number. There is no way Dell can escape out of this one. This company has a lot of nerve and in my opinion is extremely terrible to customers in every way possible. I was a good customer bought many systems this being my fourth or fifth, even being talked into another EXPENSIVE system after having so much trouble before. FOOL I am. I have only really touched the tip of the iceberg with all that I have been through with Dell. My blood pressure runs sky high every time I think of dealing with them. I am sure however, this is what they want to do to customers is make it difficult for them so that they will give up, or not spend the energy, talking to India one day and who knows where the next with no continuity of customer care or support care in between. A NIGHTMARE is an understatement. Something should definitely be done about all of this. After searching the web and blog spots, I can see that I am not the only one going through such a continual ordeal. I am so sick of hearing at every level of support the same memorized sentences from clone Dell employees versed to the point they are like robots: “we are sorry for all your problems, I understand your frustration, and am sorry you had to go through what you went through, but I am here to help..etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. In the end I am sorry I can’t do this or that giving a customer a sense that in reality nobody at this company can do a damn thing. It seems that every employee you talk to at Dell has their hands tied and will do anything to pawn you off to another department, yet the other department will send you back to the original department you spoke too or somewhere else creating a viscous circle and getting nowhere, spending endless hours of your time, telling you one thing doing another. I have had episodes where I will repeat something and the Dell employee will repeat the same thing like reading from a script, not even touching upon what I was talking about originally.

Finally most recently, I called sales to speak to my sales agent who told me to call him if I ever had problems. Of course I could get hold of him, so I talked to another who told me with all my problems, I needed to speak to a secret department, the customer escalations cue, for severe customer problems, or disgruntled customers. This cue, they informed me is hardly used, only in extreme situations. We will see the ongoing saga.

I can’t understand why a class action law suit hasn’t been brought against such a company as of yet. I am sure it is just a matter of time.

evaline scott

March 19, 2006 09:15 PM

i am, aclient of dell. misfortune that deletes our time is,what we have in common.everything was a fight as dell sold me my system with pc-cillin and macafee. not sure it will ever be right.


April 2, 2006 02:42 PM

Dell is truly Hell. Well the way the tech supports treat their customers is terrible!!! My computer has trouble after trouble and you have to explain to India which are very hard to understand and cant resolve your problem, then they tell you take your computer apart. Yes right, I always thought if you did that your warranty was void. Well not at dell, they expect you to do the work, so I say fine then I should get paid not tech support. A new computer with so many problems fought to get replacement so they finally did after almost 1 year and tons of trouble, Mailed back old desktop kept box thank god and now they dont have it. UPS delivered it but dell returns cant find it. Someone isn't doing their job right and the customer gets the crap!!!! What is this company coming to???? I will not refer them to anyone nor will I ever purchased anyting ever again from dell from hell!!!!!!!!!! Still waiting to hear if they found it, they probably wont admit it. Be careful people if you return something to them make darn sure call them all the time and get it in writing that they received it!!! The new desktop is no better, it gives me trouble every other week. I am presently looking into another desktop from another company and will try to sell this garbage if I can.
really disappointed with dell!!


April 12, 2006 11:27 PM

Who is their right mind ever buys a Dell for the service? Come on fellow youve been around the Block?

In fact the Service for all of them is awful! I would not mind paying and extra $10 bucks an hour just to be able to talk to A Mom's apple pie English speaking American. But alas we will all be speaking Spanish soon anyway, so what's the point?

Rome fell from within and SO WILL WE!!!

Either fix it youself, resell it on Ebay or Complain to the company but Sniveling on line about the company aint gona fix squat?

With that I am outa here,



April 18, 2006 04:05 AM

I work for a company that has spent over $30,000 on dell products. the support is the same. horrible.

Kevin Reetz, MCP

April 19, 2006 03:44 PM

Wow! I have a Dell Optiplex GX280, that all of the sudden, the CD ROM quit working. I used their chat service, and within minutes, my CD ROM was working. I really do love my Dell, and so far (and I mean so far) I have had no problems with any Dell that the county has ordered (I work for county gov't). I don't see what the problem is. Used to have so many problems with Gateway (much like all of your complaints) that we switched to Dell. I guess being a PC technician, who knows how to fix PC problems, I haven't had any problems working on the Dells that we have purchased.


April 26, 2006 04:44 PM

I purchased my first computer system from Dell about 6 years ago. It was a piece of junk but Dell agreed to replace it under the then standard 3 year warranty (which also came with life time technical support). They sent out a refirbed unit that was far more superior than the junk they sent out then. The replacement computer has been fantastic and I have not had to call their company again. When I dealt with customer service they bent over backwards to make me a "Happy Dell Customer".

Around Xmas time I decided to buy a laptop. I had saw an ad on yahoo for an Inspiron 6000 for $599 with a pent. processor. I clicked, upgraded some featuers and walked away with the computer for $629 with shipping and tax. The laptop came quickly and so far so good. I did NOT have to deal with their customer service or tech support at this time. So little did I know...

That things had gotten so bad. I recently placed an order during their 10 Days of Deals. I had wanted a digital camera since getting my notebook. They had them on sale and I had a coupon code that would get me a really nice camera for a great deal. So I placed the order with an agent on the phone.

They screwed up the order. Then they tell me the camera is backordered but it will for sure ship out. 17 days later I go on their phone system to see about the order and find its been canceled. No notice sent, nothing.

Called and spoke with CS and what a joke. Typical Dell Hell treatment. Transfers left and right, non-english speaking people, promises to do this and that, and now I sit with no camera and several missed opportunities to buy from another vendor at a low price.

The thing that REALLY peeves me is that every time I call they will be happy to replace the same order at a higher price. So apparently they have the camera at regular price but not at their sale price. Bait and SWITCH!!!!!!!!!!


May 12, 2006 11:02 AM

I work for the "Main" Dealership of a total of 3. I was asked to purchase a laptop for the company. I knew Dell had good products, so I recommended a Dell. This could have led to the purchase of over 500 or more computers in the future...for Dell. The laptop was ordered over the phone, and we were given a total cash price. We made out a company check and mailed it to Dell Financial. Then the trouble started...They said that we didnt pay the total balance, we were $10.00 short, even though we paid EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAID WAS DUE. Then when we called to complain, they said they would zero the balance off from their books on thier end, we had to do nothing. Well, the very next month, we received a statement from DELL stating that we still owed a balance, and now we are being charged 150.00 interest monthly!!
This made my general manager crazy. Being that we are a large Truck Dealership and deal with finance company daily, he call Dell Finance and told them that they must be crazy to charge 150.00 interest on a $10.00 balance monthly. They were real "nasty" on the phone with him, as I listened by speaker phone to their conversation. They said they can legally charge any interest amount they wanted. So my boss replied with, well try to go ahead, because we will see you in court before we pay that fee. And he hung up. We received legal threats from Dell, and In the end, my boss paid that bogus interest charge JUST TO STOP DEALING WITH DELL FINANCIAL FOREVER. That was two years ago, and since then, we have NEVER again purchased any Dells' and now we buy IBM's for all 3 if our companys. I have never been so ashamed of recommending a company before, and I learned a valuable lesson... EVEN THOUGH YOUR PRODUCT IS GREAT, IF THE REST OF YOUR BUSINESS ISNT, YOU WILL FAIL TO MEET THE EXPECTATIONS OF YOUR CUSTOMERS AND SOONER OR LATER, YOUR COMPANY WILL NOTICE IT WHEN YOUR BUSINESS STARTS FAILING..

John c Field

May 23, 2006 05:35 AM

Well in the past I bought a Dell Dimension-600r
P-3-600MHZ for about-hmmmm-1400-came with
19-inch trinitron monitor-great monitor"Sony
one under Dell name-But I learned to biuld
PC's and found out my Dell Dim was already
absoulete-I gutted it put in Asus-mobo-P-3
1st-1.2GHZ then a P-3-1.4....then P-4-3.2GHZ...

Now I got a AMD-64-4400......

My friend needed to reformatt his HD-had a Dell
Dim-4400-needed Mobo drivers-only-so I called
waited an hr got somebody from Phililpines-stated
I needed this disk but told me he had to pay
over $300.00 for the Hole Software Package/OS/
ETC-I told them in a PC way eat!@#$%^& so I
did some ebay search-chu/ching-4-bucks for this
loley disk-snatch that up....

Bottom line don't buy from Dell...Biuld your
own....Takes about 2-3 hrs and get quality
stuff for allot less-I've biuld 3....

Well Dell snagged Alienware PC=(-Doohhhh!!!!
Well all 3 of my PC's run great-"knock on wood".

R. Bauhs

May 24, 2006 12:22 PM

We went through a nighmare with Dell Financial Services. We finally documented our case with the Texas Attorney General's office of consumer affairs. Their web site is at:

The web site provides good guidance on how to use their services and document your case. The Attorney General's office will compell Dell to refute the charges and that is very effective.

Go for it.


June 2, 2006 05:13 AM

Hi, Jonn you are not right!


June 15, 2006 02:36 PM

The reason you have to send it with DHL is because the computer doesn't actually go to Dell to be repaired...DHL does the repair for them. It's calle d DHL Logistics. There's more info here:


June 16, 2006 03:32 PM

I just bought a Dell Inspiron 1705. It was delivered in record time and it looked great. As soon as I set up the computer, I noticed that the screen resolution was not working and then I started getting an error message that the computer had found PCI Hardware but could not install it. I called the world-famous tech support people and began my passport around the world. I went from the Philippines to India and back again. No one could resolve the problems. Since I just purchased it, I decided the next day to simply return the computer. Dell put me through to their sales dept rather than returns. Once again, I found myself dealing with someone from India. They asked weird questions like, "are you on a landline? Can I call you on your cell phone?" I repeated at least ten times that I simply wanted to return a bad computer. The Dell techy then asked, "would you be purchasing another computer?" I said I wanted to return the bad one and exchange for a new one. She then processed me for a completely new purchase and as she was getting off the phone, I asked her about the return. She asked, "Oh, you want to return your old computer? I will connect you." After ten minutes, I finally got through to possibly the only American working for Dell. She told me that Dell would not pay for the return because I just purchased rather than exchanged a computer! I went ballistic. Finally, she sent me to another return specialist and I was able to complete (hopefully) the return and cancellation of any computer from Dell. As a final insult, I somehow ended up back with the original Dell support staffer from India. I will never buy from Dell now.


June 22, 2006 09:51 AM

This is the same for all support vendors. Reading this is like rading an HP support GRIPE forum or an IBM support forum. Amaericans are greedy, glutunous, and arrogant people. The pressure for cheap products at reduced cost with high salaries have begun the push of manaufacturing and jobs over seas. American are becoming victims of their own design. I rememeber back in the day do not buy unless you have the money tday is borrow and spend since monthly payments are cheap. This won't last long and as far as all the griping here welcome to the new support for computer technology. I ahve worked for all the major computer vendors and you are preaching to the choir it IS the same for any vendor welcome to it and get used to it. Look at sail boats they are made in China and south america because EPA and government have banded use of certain chemicals needed for their production so where do the jobs and inductry go? DUH to countries that want growth and properity. Unions drive wages to where profits shrink what to the suto makers do? Duh shift production to Canada and Mexico we are competing on a global scale now thanks to the technology everyone is complaining over support that is recieved or not recieved as the case maybe.


July 16, 2006 03:30 AM

Hmmm, so much rant. While I myself find a slightly longer wait on dell phone line, their products (knock on wood) seem fine to me.

Once my DVD Reader drive went bad. The tech support was from India. They asked me to dismantle the cabinet etc. At one point I said I am not able to do this, and he politely said that's ok. Then they ordered for an at-home service agent. I called on Sunday evening. By tuesday the tech service agent came and repaired my desktop at my home.

There were two confirmation calls by the Dell India representatives to know if my issue has been fulfilled. I confirmed with a yes.

I think you just need to be a bit polite with the CSR (and be clear -- don't confuse them). Oh well, or may be I am a bit lucky.

Yeah I needed one more service on my Dell XPS laptop. They shipped it without a Roxio DVD software CD. I first called them but their support was closed (no idea why).

Then I sent an email saying it's urgent that I get the CD. I got four CDs (out of which none was right :D) by overnight delivery. I again complained, and by next day i got the right CD in my mailbox. Fair enough, no?


July 27, 2006 11:46 AM

Let me tell you a few things I know about Dell. If you're buying Dimension notebooks and Inspiron notebooks, you're buying the lowest level of systems they have. Even the XPS is no match for a good OptiPlex or Precision desktop. Latitude notebooks make Inspirons look like stylish paper weights. You get what you pay for unfortunately. It's not fair, but it is what it is.

As far as knocking the service reps. Try putting yourself in their shoes. As a former "rep" I can tell you that after you've been through the grinder, you begin to lose most of the compassion and sincerity you started off with. The employees are as much a victim as the customer. Most of the people you talk to are contractors just trying to make the "cut". No one is promised a permenant job, and you're informed up front that only the best of the incoming 200 new contractors will become Dell employees. From day one you are put in competition with everyone around you. It jades you after a while trust me.

Having given Dell a bit of a pass above, I should tell you that their phone system is of the Devil's making. A lot of the phone shuffling is due to the difficulty of navigating the evil and incomprehensible maze that is the automated system.

Let me give you a few good pointers to follow. Buy Gold Tech support if you'd like to talk to a state side rep. You'll get better service all around by going that route. Not only are you not going over seas, but your talking to actual computer techs. The other advice I give is to think about how and where you've purchased your system. If you've purchased online and need to make a change or cancel, don't call customer service, call e-sales. They have the tools to take care of that on the spot. Don't buy a computer over the phone and go to e-sales or customer service to cancel or modify the order. Only your sales rep can handle that for you. I can't vouch for the over seas reps, but stateside reps are asked to check their voicemail daily. That being said, some orders are built and shipped on the SAME DAY. Don't think on it or give it a day, because that will most likely be too late. Be certain of what you're buying before you buy it. The sales reps know product lines, but most of them have little to no technical knowledge. Know now that Dell Financing is the same as applying and receiving a Foley's card. Last but not least try to be nice. Understand that the sales rep you're calling out of desperation because your three hour tech support call to Manilla dropped, isn't responsible for your grief. He/she are not equipped to handle your problem. They have no magic phone number to provide or a buddy in tech support they can patch you to. Supervisor's are around, but usually in meetings or training a new group of reps. Remember this and your Dell experience may not be perfect, but it won't be Hell either. Good luck!


July 29, 2006 03:05 AM

Dell and Dell Financial Services are by far the worst companies to deal with. You first need to get some who speaks english on the phone, after a long wait. I was laid off for a few months and was already signed up on the Credit Protection plan, called Dell and they wouldn't approve. I had 1 payment that was less than 30 days late, they called my phone every 1/2 from 8 am to 10 PM for 3 weeks straight. I have been harassed like this. I am calling the attorney general's office!


August 15, 2006 01:19 PM

Dell laptop inspiron 5100 causing a problem when I switched on the computer it immediately or after one second switch off by itself. Please solve this problem


August 15, 2006 10:15 PM

I have had nothing but fantastic results in Optiplex I bought from Dell! Best buy on the market and you dont deal with a middle man. It has just proven to be a great machine and a great value.

roseanne brown

August 19, 2006 05:46 PM

I own 2 dell dimensions. I got a dimension 500 and it had 3 yr warrenty. It went bad & 5 months of crap and no fix in sight. I ordered a dimension 2400 and it came in broke. Could not get parts as on back order
after 10 days i told them i would cancel 2400 and was really mad. They tied both pcs together at my request. I was given a new 2350 for the old 500. And then they replaced the new 2400. Then it was rebate time. what a nightmare. it took going to a friend and having him cash the checks. ok you would expect it was over...ha! I paid it off in $200 amonth payments. Payoff was $8 overpayment. sent$165 M.O. they said i sent $15. It took 8 months to settle it.then they tried to charge me late fees. I learned to do my repairs and trouble shoot on the forums. i bypass all that fake support. I just did power supply in 2350 and got a compatible and saved money. My next pc will NOT be dell from hell


August 28, 2006 11:14 AM

Thank you for using the Better Business Bureau's Online Complaint System.
Your complaint has been assigned case # 94083103.
A confirmation will be emailed to :
Please print a copy of this for your records.

Filed on : August 28 2006

Filed by :
Cintia Samuelson
1175 Golden Cane Dr
Weston FL 33327

Filed against :
Dell Computer Financing
Po Box 5292
Carol StreamStream IL 60197

Complaint Description:
I bought a coputer inspiron 8600 in 2004, dell offered at the time a line of credit. I apply for it and dell gave me a line of credit in the amount of $2700; the cost of the computer including taxes is $1575.04; I had 60 days to pay it before interest. I had cancer (4 surgeries in 3 yeas); so when I got my health back, I send in the payment about 30 days late. I knew I was a month late so I send an amount of $1600.00 to cover for the interest of the 30 days and to pay off the balance f $1575.00 which they received and processed on may 5 2004. As of 2 days ago (two years later) I received a call from dell saying that I own them over a $1000.00, because the fact I did not pay within the 30 days they are charging me for the full amount of the line of credit (that I did not use all the line of credit. They told me that they apply the $1600 into many payments in the time of 2 years to mke the monthly payments of the entire ccredit line. They never paid the interest and plied the remaining towards the principal at time that they recieved it. They , at their own discretion, applied the paymento over a time period of 2 years, they never told me that they were holding my money in a escroww account and applying it monthly. I was under the impression that I fullfill my obligations when I send the money for the total amount of the product pllus interest for the 30 days that i was late. Isn't illegal for them to charge me for a line of credit that I did not use? and 2 yeasr later Dell comes to tell me that i own money? I never got their payments not bills. By law if they cash my payement of $1600.00 they had to use it right the way, by applying the interest for the 30 day that I was late and the remaining towards the principal. They cash the money, and did not use it right the way, Dell unlawfull, decided to apply the full $1600 into monthly payements for a peiod of two years towards the total line of credit, not just towards what I used of this line of credit. I have an invoice shwing that I purchase the computer on january 21, and they send me all the credit/loan terms on the 22 (which I never signed for). TAKE NOTE THAT ALSO ACCORDING TO THE FEDERAL TRADE COMISSION UNDER "TILA ACT" EVERY LOAN/CREDIT TERMS HAVE TO BE DISCLOSURE BEFORE THE LOAN IS GIVING; in my case they clearly violate the TILA law. I did send in the payment in the amount od $1600.00 more then the $1575.04(price of computer) to cover the interest for the 30 days that I was late. Dell is accting unlawufull and deceiving practices by cash the money and not applyed it right the way according to the law. it was paid and now Dell harass me every day. I already put a complaint and got a case number from dell, but they do not call me to discuss their mistake, nor remove me from their harrassing call list. Also dell refuses to send me the statements that show that I owned them a $58.00 bill payment a month that did add up to the total that they are charging me ($1000); because according to them they said it is about several month payements of $58 that I own them. Please help stop dell from doing it to more people. there is many complaints like mine on the consumer affairs.

Your Desired Resolution:
that they stop the harrassing phone calls, and retify their mistake, and clean my credit, and remove that fraudulent bill. And that they clear the mess, and be held liable for violating the TILA law.


August 29, 2006 05:10 PM

You know what. I have had a Dell Dimesion 8250 desktop for 4 years and nothing has gone wrong with it at all. I think that you people don't take care of your computers so you should stop talking like it's Dell's fault. We got our Dell through shipping, set it up in 5 minutes and worked and still works 4 years and running. It's not Dell's fault you ... download viruses half an hour after you get your PC.

linda hord

August 31, 2006 01:24 PM

I can see some people are obviously in denial about Dell. I did not buy a cheap compter, I bought a 3500.00 Inspiron in 2001. Within a year or so I had 2 burned out mother boards and screens. The second burn out with over 18 months left on my next day in home service contract nobody showed, my calls weren't documented and after many many calls I had an appointment where no tech showed.
but we are treated like we don't matter.

now years later I speck to a Jerry Strothers at Dell computers and am so upset!
it doesn't atter if the dell reps are indian, american, or what have you. Their job is to take your money, dump your calls, and let dell finaincial ruin your credit!
my story is here


Abhinav Kumar

September 19, 2006 05:00 PM

I am sure that is a very good brand in computer hardware and perpherals. The simple fact is we Americans and NRI's never knew how to use a computer . We purchase a Dell unit and think that we have purchased Dell along with the employees for Dell which is very bad . We should first try to understand the computer and also login or call Dell Technical support for a simple issue like the system if working slow.


September 28, 2006 04:41 PM

As any one who has read the post above can see Dell does not care about customer experience. As a Dell Europe employee I see this everyday and am on the receiving end of it. There are two types of Customers in Dell. Corporate/Business and Home. Corporate customers are the lifeblood of Dell and make up the majority of Dell's business. Incredible as this may seem Dell sell more computers, servers, storage systems and network equipment, printers etc to corporate customers than they do to anyone else. This is the number one fact as to why Dell are not interested in the customer experience despite the retoric that they spout. Dell treat Corporate customer like Gods and the rest may go to (dell)hell. Recently I attempted to help a friend purchase a laptop thougth our website. The order was through a business account and was fully approved. After 8 weeks the laptop had failed to appear and no trace of the order could be found. In my attempts to trace the order internally I found to my horror that the order was never on the system and our waiting had been in vain. This is the last time that I will recommend Dell.

This is type of service is also evident between Dell departments. Internal orders are often wrong or incomplete. The people who have posted their comments on this thread are all correct and not alone, staff are sometimes/often on the receiving end of this customer experience themselves.
Dell due to it's size and wealth have are a law onto themselves and people need to make it clear that this type of business thinking will not be tolerated. The only way to make Dell sit up and listen is to lower their bottom line.


October 1, 2006 02:08 PM

First of all you get what you pay for. If you buy a "bargain" system for Dell or any other company it's not going to be much more than an expensive paperwieght. Second of all any tech support you talk to now days is out of the country. Dell crushes the computer market so of course they will get the most complaints. I work for Dell and own Dell computers. They are the best computer I have owned and Dell is the greatest company to work for!!!!!


October 20, 2006 11:25 AM

Kristen, regardless of whether a consumer buys a "bargain" product or a top of the line product, they all have the same warranty and entitlement to receive competent and efficient technical support. And it's great how a Dell employee is calling her own company's products expensive paperweights. Way to spread the positive PR!

Jay Cunnick

November 3, 2006 10:12 AM

From what I have read it looks like these are really isolated cases of bad Customer Service experience. With My company we use dell's and we've had no major problems outside of the occasional hardware replacement or dead harddrive.

Most of the problems I've seen with Dell's usualy are caused from the users. They don't remember to upgrade their computers(personal and work, if they are allowed) when updates are released and so we do a monthly update check outside of norton AV which we do daily now. Virus are our largest problem. My only major complaint with Dell is the cost of upgrading RAM but other than that, we've had a very positive experience with Dell.


November 4, 2006 05:00 PM

I will agree that Dell customer service can be a very lengthy and sometimes unhelpful process. But i had a monitor go on the blink and I called Dell. Yes it took a while to get some help, but the guy tried to help me. Nothing came of the issue, and he informed me my warranty was up and apologized. I went about my business and the same Dell rep called me back to inform me that he had just discovered that the monitor I had came with a three year warranty and they shipped me a new one in a few days! I think Dell does the best they can do with the volume of customers they have to deal with. Most customers dont know anything about computers anyways. My system is two years old and has worked beautifully. No company is perfect!


November 9, 2006 03:13 AM

I Have to Strongly disagree with the above opinion that *dell computers are a great* My Story started 9 months ago, I on the references of family with Older Dells shelled out $1,500 for a XPS 5150 thinking I was going to be getting a Quality Product...Was I EVER Mislead!!!

What happened Next was a case of Deplorable Customer Service and Deplorable Technical Service!!

They used tactics of Stalling, Lying and Ignorance to new levels of Unprofessionalism for Any High Profile Company I am truly astonished! These people did not keep tracking case numbers for each call instead they would hang up! They Used tactics of it was the Consumers Fault Not the DEFECTIVE Product! Never Once was it Considered! But months and months and HOURS and Hours on the phone Demanding to speak to Somebody in Corporate was beyond a challenge to any reasonable person.

So after 9 months You Think they resolve the issue correctly by sending another computer to replace a Defective one Yes? HaHA

You Guessed it the Second was even worse it sounded as if it would Blow up grinding metal noises and all! So Weeks and Hours of endurance trying to get them to answer my calls! Nope They would NOT return my calls. Not Until I Filed and Offical Complaint with the BBB to get rid of the Defective Computer!

It truly is Beyond me with the Aggressive Advertising that Dell does that they Can NOT treat their clients better. They are losing Repeat Business and Word of Mouth!

I am on my way of looking for a Quality Computer Product now I Won't Recomend Dell twice bitten, thrice shy! Not I!


November 9, 2006 09:38 AM

I wonder how many people could have fixed their own damn problem without contacting dell but too lazy to hunt for the fix themeselves when its as easy as using the Search box..cause we all know aren't the first person with whatever problem you have...granted some issues truly need to be addressed by dell but come on...9 out of 10 people...are just lazy and expect technology to work without having to learn a damn thing and then want to blame everyone else but their own ignorance...friggen amazes me..


December 6, 2006 06:05 PM

I also had problems with dell,but not the computer itself,just customer service.I couldn't understand a word they said and I asked to speak with someone whom actually spoke good english and the guy just changed his voice,like I was a fool.I did the the problem resolved but I do not care to call them with any questions I have.It is ridiculous that they have these call centers in every corner of the world,for god's sake at least get someone who speaks english!!!


December 18, 2006 09:15 AM

I paid over $1800 for my new Dell laptop which wont power on. I called for service morning of 12/11/2006. Dell said they cant fix it until after Christmas. Go figure. Its on a lease, someone please email me on how to get out of this lease! AHHHHH!


January 1, 2007 09:14 AM

friends ,

im andy walters (its my on call name ) i m working with Dell from last 2 yrs and i have observed that most of the issue that customer face are due to their own mistakes they dont know what the use of the computer . its always said that half knowledge is always dangerous so if u dont know about it dont use it and dont keep on blaming the company for the issue u r facing .
and about the tech that u get on calls specially Indians u say that u cant understand us but let me tell u frankly we may not be so fluent in english we may not be having accent tht u can understand but ATLEAST WE KNOW HOW TO USE THE COMPUTER and we dont need anyone to explain where is Start button and where is All Programs after using the computer for a year Atleast we know what we have to do and what not . so before Blaming Company and the Technician ASK URSELF FIRST THAT HOW MUCH U ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ISSUE U R FACING AND U WILL GET THE ANSWER
and one thing most imp that we have that in us that ie Patience it needs a lot of patience to exlain to the customer who is using the system for more that a year that where is Atart Button and where is All Programs what is Right Click and What is a computer tower and what is monitor
So we know that we are trying Our best to make ur system up and Running but can u assure us that u r not going to mess up it again ?????


January 5, 2007 11:58 PM

Uggh. I bought a Dell laptop (a latitude, so not a super-cheap one) 6 months ago. Today either my LCD or graphics card decided to crap out, so something that's clearly not my fault. My screen is a mess of blue and black lines and it's unreadable.

I moved out of the country about 4 months ago, but when I bought the computer I made sure that I got the warranty that would cover me overseas. I tried web-based tech support from a different computer and after they said they would send an LCD, my internet died and I couldn't log back in to the chat room to try again.

I called tech support in my country but was told that I had to have gold-level tech support to even talk to someone on the weekends. I wasn't expecting to see a service tech until Monday, but I wanted to get the request in so it would be fixed then. And the gold-level technician that I finally bullied into listening to me was definitely not a native English speaker, so gold support does not guarantee someone stateside. She said the technician would call me Monday. I'll believe it when I hear it, though.

I went and looked at my support and it is supposed to be 24/7 phone support so what gives?


January 6, 2007 12:47 AM

Andy Walters, you are an idiot. Dell does not have Award Winning Customer Service.

GoTo HellDell

January 24, 2007 07:09 PM

Got a gripe about Dell? Vent about it at


January 30, 2007 09:04 AM

I worked for dell for about a year and a half. During my experiences working for them i found that most of the customers that call in are complete retards. BTW i do live stateside, in the call center that i worked the employees there where mostly native born. . I think this does go both ways though. Dell products just like any other computer products will at one point fail. What ever one on this forum is failing to see is all the happy and satisfied customers. All you are looking at is all the "bad apples". I bet that HP, Intel, and even the dreaded Apple computers all have failing computers out there. It is extremely uneducated to presume that just because you bought ONE computer that has had problems Dell as a whole sells faulty products. The office that i work has ONLY dell computers. Every now and then yes, one will fail. But guess what? I get to call in and go through the process just like any other Joe blow. The only difference is that i try to find out what the problem is and do troubleshooting before i call in. That way i don't get run around. I think that every one who has a poor experience with Dell should go work for them for a month or so. I would pretty much guarantee you that your opinion would change.



February 1, 2007 07:04 PM

I used to work for Dell EPP in 2003-2004. EPP is a division that allows workers who use Dell at work to get a discount on their home computer. You get a 5% discount by buying a 1-2 year warranty, and a 10% discount for getting a 3-4 year warranty. The kicker is because Dell EPP has a viable presence in all 50 states, you pay sales tax no matter what. Dell Home Sales has a presence in about 10 states, and therefore the majority of regular old Dell customers do not pay tax. Some discount.

Dell keeps metrix on everything its sales reps do. If I went to the bathroom, a manager could tell exactly when I logged off my phone to go. They keep track of number of sales, margin, call volume, everything. I called the Operations Desk Big Brother.

Many successful reps in this division lied to customers point blank. Managers encouraged reps to "bundle" options, and many customers had no idea they were paying for something like LearnDell (which probably has a new name now), which most people would not use but sure has 97% margin.

That was the nastiest sales floor I have ever seen, and I've worked at car dealerships. Dell breaks down people into sales metrix, and it drives many good people to do bad things. Anybody with half a conscience ended up cleaning up the dirty work from the idiots purely focused on their numbers. It totally sucked.

Hopefully Dell will shake things up enough to realize that customers actually matter, but it will take a long time and a lot of layoffs before that will happen.


February 3, 2007 03:29 PM

NEVER BUY A DELL COMPUTER - In 2003 I purchased a laptop from dell for approximately $5,000. After the first few months I started having problems. First they were little things like the on off switch not working. An easy fix when you purchased on site repair, but later larger ones to the point of the replacement of four mother board, two monitors and at least one DVD drive. At this point dell decided to replace my system which sounded nice but they sent me a system which did not match my old system. When I asked to have a system like the one I had they refused. Considering the fact the replacements are refurbished machines I don't get it.


February 15, 2007 06:30 PM

hi people.i fixed pc(pc engineer and home entertainment) and i have to say the new dell p4 esp the home users are not as good as the old dell p2 pcs or business pc.the most problem you have on the new dell after one year,fan failure, heat sink compound start drying up and power supply failure.its cheap to buy a power supply £6 plus £5 postage on ebay than dealing with dell support.put some fresh compound and if the cpu fan is running ignore the message fan faillure.all dell user remember to creat a recovery cd incase you need to change yourhardisk.i agree also some faults are created by customers.the dell bios is so simple and its look like a pc 1980.regarding technical support in india,its hard to diagnose the problems and always remember it does not matter who you are,you have good and bad engineer everywhere.i used to work for sony and trust me you will be suprised how bad sony is.they had capacitor leakage in their camcorder,faulty T.V tube after a year and sony had to replaced them for free.electronics has gone down since japan start to produce chips or components in country like taiwan,malaysia work out cheaper for them.Always remember if sony is having propblem like playstation 3 well you got the answer,so stop putting the blame on dell or on indian people,because you should learn how to use a computer but i also understand you start to take a degree in fixing pc,but get some course on basic how to use a pc.if you need help email on and i will try my best to help you and it will be a free service.


February 17, 2007 04:38 PM

Sorry people, I mean, you don't need to take a degree to fix a PC.

Kiosk Manager

February 21, 2007 02:27 AM

DELL is by far the worst company to work for. I was one of the many who unexpectedly was laid off yesterday. As a spherion employee for over 6 months I for the last 3 months have heard nothing but "your doing so well, and your dell badge is right around the corner" As a retail manager I happened to be an over achiever making the company much much more than was required by me on a monthly basis. Many times working 60+ hours a week because DELL was supposedly on a "hiring freeze". As I began to get irritated and sick of being used for my good work ethic, I began to think of quitting. However the DELL people above me said all the right things to convince me that "Things will get better". I never have felt so stupid in all my life. Yesterday I entered into work when I recieved a phone call from my spherion rep saying that my kiosk was one of 37 selected to be closed. In total shock I asked when and why(knowing me and my staff had done all DELL had asked of us and much much more. My store consistantly hit over and above our revenue goals, and margin goals). She informed me that they would be closing my store that very night, but that she had been directed by DELL to not notify myself or any of my reps until after store hours. Well needless to say I chose not to allow my friends and employees to be used for one more day by DELL. So I myself told my employees that were currently working and asked spherion to please inform the rest of the sales team. She agreed that it was only fair to let everyone know. But how shady of DELL to do this to people who bust their butts on a daily basis to do any and everything asked of them. I FOR ONE WILL NOT PURCHASE A DELL OR EVEN WORK FOR DELL EVER AGAIN. Michael Dell should have more respect for those of us putting money in his deep pockets.


February 21, 2007 02:50 PM

I demonstrate and boot liveCDrom in Best Buy, CompUSA and Costco stores, at Computer shows, etc. I influence at least 250 computer users each week to get and run a GNU/Linux system.

Since 1997, I guess I have influenced over 2500 individuals, and I have personally switched about 100 businesses and schools to GNU/Linux.

The really great part is that I use 'curbside' and 'dumpster' donation computers for Router/Firewalls, and often, as file servers!

The Dell Dimension 4100 (933Mhz, 512 Mb RAM) that I use now, is a dumpster donation! Bad winmodem, and NIC,that I pulled and tossed out. Then it booted! Added some drives, dual layer DVD. It is only one of 92 freebies here that now run!

Everyone who wants a FAST system can run Linux!
Maybe Dell will get a clue, "Serve the customer, and you will become rich and famous"!


February 21, 2007 02:57 PM

Addendum to all my Dumpster and Curbside 'donations' that really are upto 50X faster, run great in is that they cost 'someone' money, but, 'someone' gave up on them!

Most failed due to high voltage spikes into the NIC or WinModem, or lost Winstupiddevice drivers!

I yank them, put in a good NIC and run them as servers! Or, firewall routers, like

Enjoy the recycling, Linux is GREEN!


February 28, 2007 11:32 AM

I don't consider the Latitude I bought 4 years ago or the Inspiron 600m that I bought 20 months ago to be bargains. The Inspiron was $1500. I bought it after the Latitude died after 20 monthw. Stupid. I am so stupid. Now after 20 months (less the approximately 10 weeks that I've been out of the country during that time, and the computer was at home, resting), this one is doing black screen shutdowns several times a day. This followed replacement of the motherboard, which they had to do because I'd tripped over the power cord and apparently ruined the power port, which is part of the motherboard. So the new motherboard goes in, and we start this periodic shut-down nonsense. They send someone else to replace the motherboard again (and again, no diagnostics). Now we get blue screen of death. Won't reboot. Get a guy at the India call center who actually knows what he's talking about. He has us remove the memory cards - not sure why this matters, but what the heck - and then put them back in. The machine reboots but it won't recognize any USB devices (yes, we checked the device manager and uninstalled and reinstalled and rebooted...). So now they want to replace it with a refurbished...I said yes, but only because I need to be able to use USB devices - especially my external back-up - and it will buy me some time while I do the research to figure out what to get next. Probably Mac Book Pro. I'm hearing bad reports on the reliability of pretty much all PCs.
We were thinking we could then use the refurbished Dell as a burglar decoy (leave it in plain sight and let them steal it instead of hunting for the computer) but apparently, even burglars don't want Dells anymore.


April 2, 2007 06:42 PM

I just barely escaped falling into the first level of DellHell. I thought I'd get myself a laptop and decided on the Inspiron 1505. I configured it online, but had some questions, so I called the sales department and spoke with someone who answered my questions. I wanted to do the 90 days same as cash financing and I gave the rep my info to get approved. I have excellent credit and fully expected to get the promotional financing rate. Apparently, I did not. (NOBODY qualifies; it's a scam, I later found out.) I asked the rep why I didn't qualify and he said he'd talk to someone to see if he could give me the rate. He came back to the phone and told me I got it. I read the order for the laptop to him again and he confirmed all the components. "Great!" I thought. "I'm going to get myself something really cool."

That night, I checked online to make sure the order was put through. It had been put through, but with the wrong video card. After talking to India, then El Salvador, they said they'd fix the error. Then I noticed two more errors--the monitor and the RAM. After talking with Nancy, Robert's (Robert is the original rep who took the order) supervisor, it looked like things were going to get settled. I decided to check the payment stuff online. Apparently, they had preauthorized my new Dell account for two laptops and I didn't really have the promotional rate after all. Robert had lied to me. Nancy had stopped returning my calls and a call to Dell Financial Services in Bangalore revealed that sales reps really don't have the authority to modify financing rates.

At that point, I was furious, but luckily nothing had shipped yet. I was able to close the Dell account and make sure that everything was cancelled. I bought the system based on the strength of Dell's reputation, or rather what it used to be. I should have checked it out before placing the order. The financing bait-and-switch thing is common with Dell. In fact, there was a class action suit over it. Customer service is spotty at best and dishonest at worst (with incompetent falling somewhere in the middle). I was lied to and that was enough for me to cancel the order. Julia (in India) practically begged me not to cancel. I asked her if she would do business with a company that lied to her and tried to defraud her. No response to that question, just apologies.

Though I have screenshots showing that I cancelled the orders and that nothing shipped, I still can’t help thinking that they’re going to try to hose me anyway. I’m glad I escaped, but feel bad for those whose credit has been ruined, have had their PCs end up in LimboLand and had to spend countless hours on the phone to resolve issues with Dell. I’m on an 8-year-old HP desktop right now. HP is looking good again. I know people have had some problems with them, but from what I’ve read, Dell takes the cake.


April 5, 2007 08:01 PM

I purchased a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop computer from Dell on February 20th 2007. Since I received the computer I had nothing but problems with it. I called customer service on March 31, 2007, April 1st and April 2nd, April 3rd and April 5th to get some assistance with this product. I was met with hostility, unprofessionalism, rudeness and “third world” tactics, unbecoming of a corporation on the scale of Dell. Needless to say, my problem was not resolved after hours of practically have to beg to have my money returned and take back their product.
The complexity of the problems were overwhelming thus my only recourse was to ask for a refund. Since I have paid for a new computer I expected a new, functioning computer and not one with several defects. Some of the defects are: the wireless card does not work, I cannot connect to the internet, there are lines across the screen which indicate that there is something wrong with the resolution, and when the laptop isn’t plugged in to an electrical outlet the computer doesn’t work.
When I explained my problem at first to technical support I was taken on a wild goose chase. Nothing they suggested worked although I had tried several things to fix it before, including going on to Dell’s website and trying their recommendations. I noticed on several forums that several other people were having the same problem with the wireless card and they had experienced long waits on the phone with tech support and customer service resulting in frustration and no solution. After reading all the complaints I still could not believe that such a large company such as Dell wouldn’t address my problem and help me to resolve it amicably so I spoke with a couple of people at customer service.
Their response was, “We might be able to fix your computer by calling customer support”. The issues I have with the pc are not software issues I told them, but rather hardware issues. They told me that they might be able to replace the hardware with new OR refurbished hardware. I said that I paid for a new computer and not a refurbished or repaired computer. If I wanted a used computer I would have bought a second hand one!
Since we are working people who have full time jobs we don’t expect to have to spend endless hours on the telephone for a new product that we have just purchased, I didn’t call Dell “within their 30 day policy”. After the 30 days I’m told, “That’s it, regardless of the condition of the computer they would not refund my money.
My pleas fell on deaf ears. I was insulted, intimidated and degraded by those who I spoke to in customer service. They wouldn’t give me a manager to speak to nor anyone in authority. It is a tight knit group of hostile individuals who are not there to assist a customer but rather frustrate and blame the customer. I was told that I should have called before the 30 days. However, two of the three problems occurred within two days after the thirty days!

I was told over and over again,( like I was speaking to a recording on a machine rather than a real human being)that I was over the 30 days and according to their policy I could not return this computer for a refund. The issue is that they failed to meet their part of the agreement by selling me a defective computer. I held up my part of the agreement by paying well in advance the full price for a new and working computer. I want a full refund. I found their customer service appalling and very disappointing.


April 10, 2007 03:28 PM

I think it is very clear that there are many disappointed consumers that have had very bad experiences with Dell Corporation!

There has to be a resolution to resolving these matters and I think a good place to start would be giving the consumers good information on who to contact to take appropriate measures, I personally believe we have the ability to overcome and rectify the wrongdoing that we have been served, in today's society the Internet is a powerful tool, I intend on using it to my advantage the state of Georgia purchases an enormous amount of computers for the Department of Education as well as the department of rehabilitation services not to mention other state funded programs whether it's a nonprofit organizations or private grant money available to individuals seeking funding to purchase computers through Dell, I will do everything in my power to make sure the state of Georgia has a voice as well as my counter partners throughout the United States.


April 19, 2007 09:38 AM

I think Dell is one of the best computer companys i have ever had to deal with. I called due to my Inspiron intermittently shutting down and they couldnt do enough. As it was intermittent, it had to be tested thoroughly before deciding on parts which needing replacing, but i recieved several callbacks, all on time, and the ownership of my issue was fantastic.
I have lots of friends who have a dell system, and i would happily recommend them to others. I think that people expect too much from them. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for....the warranty on these systems clearly illustrate that you must troubleshoot a system with a tech agent before parts are replaced so why do people expect otherwise? Do you not read the warranty?
The systems are built so that parts can be removed as easy as lego, so all these people who do not have 'computing degrees' need not moan.
I think its shocking that you who have had a bad experience with one agent or one system tar the whole company with the same brush!
My friend works for them and i have never heard of a company who treats its employees better and spends so much money on constant training for its techs.
Your never going to find a perfect company, and you'll always recieve a less than satisfactory service at one point in your life, but remember people arent robots...they arent all the same with the same expertise or personalities. Do you not think that the techs want to help solve your problem, considering it is their job and more than likely that computers are their passion? But its a wee bit hard for them when a customer wont cooperate and doesnt know the level of their warranty.
Open your eyes people, Dell arent a bad company at all, you all just want something to moan about


April 27, 2007 05:38 PM

Snowbirds, Beware of buying a Dell computer and printer outaide of the country. I bought a laptop and computer while wintering in Arizona in Dec. 2006. Do you know that I cannot order ink cartidges for my Dell printer in Canada unless I have a US address which I don't. So I am unable to use my printer anymore. Spoke to three levels at Dell while trying to resolve this issue. Their most profound suggestion: Buy a new printer from Dell. I also am HIGHLY dissatified with having to order print cartrdges on line when I could easily buy one locally...but uh, uh, Dell will not allow this. I live in a small rural area and would have to wait a minimum of one and one half weeks for the cartridges to arrive. That a deal! All this for the pleasure of dealing with a non efficient supposedly top notch computer company. Good-bye Dell. Guess what I will be saying to others about Dell. I am also frustated with having to deal with tech support personnel in India whose accented English I have difficulty understanding. I realize that this is no fault of these people who are hired by Dell and is in no way a put down of them. But Dell, get with the program. For a company who is supposed to promote technological communications your tech support effort is an oxymoron.


May 8, 2007 12:02 PM

Sorry, guys but you get what you pay for. If you want premium support, then unfortunately you have to PAY for it. You want all the bells and whistles but don't want to pay for it, hmmmmm


May 13, 2007 03:55 PM

I agree with U Anon


May 16, 2007 03:28 PM

Holy Cow! I just saw on FOX NEWS that NY is suing DELL, and their report was titled ' Dell Hell '. I went through all of these horrible experiences with DELL about 3 years ago, and it was an unbeilevable nightmare. Thousands of phone calls, me 'taking apart' my computer in my lap while on the phone with horrible Tech Support (and I had the Best ' Service Plan ' they had ), letters, more phone calls- IT WAS A NIGHTMARE!!! I HOPE THEY GET SUED bigtime, as they are screwing a lot of customers and they really jacked me around, too! I told EVERYONE about my experience with DELL, and showed my letter to all of my frieds, who could NOT BELIEVE my experience with DELL. I swore to NEVER buy DELL every again!- And I won't!

Mike Papuga

May 23, 2007 10:35 PM

Am I the only one who has had amazing success stories with dell? Replaced/upgraded my laptop to the top of the line model *twice* when it has broken down. AND whenever i have had problems such as the dvd drive, battery, charger and other things that have burned out over the years, they have sent me the part the next day delivery.

That full coverage package they have is a must for any buyer.

Roger Schoen

June 7, 2007 06:30 PM

The following is the compliate I filed with the Attorney General of the State of California on June 1 2007.

Purchased computer in October 2005 from Dell, with extended service warranty for next business day in home service till October 2009. Having trouble with computer for a couple weeks.Called Dell service on May 2, 2007.

Spent over 6 hours on the phone, nothing accomplished, just a run around.
they sent me a e-mail that evening saying that they assigned a case # & a "team" number.

Next day I called Dell service again and spent hours being tranfered from person to person, just more run around. I received another e-mail from Dell, stating that they have assigned another new case number & team number, nothing accomplished. Later in the day, I called Dell service again and told them that I was not a happy camper.

Received another e-mail from Dell with another case number & team number, asking me to reply to there e-mail with my phone number and best time of day to call. Nobody ever called.

On May 4, 2007 called Dell again, they told me that Dell was going to ship me a " USED replacement computer in 10 to 15 days.

I told them that was not " next business day service" that I paid for. Computer is shipped May 14, 2007, Fed Ex delivery May 19 2007.

What they shipped is a completely different model with a different operation system Windows Vista
which is not compatible with any of my present software programs. Also computer doesn't have same disc drives as my machine had, printer is not compatible with Windows Vista,and there is no terminal to hook up a printer on the tower.

Called Dell on May 20, 2007 and told them the problems are with what they shipped, no answers just more run around, they told me they would get back to me in a " few days".

Today is June 1, 2007, and i haven't heard a word from them. Now I know why people on the internet call Dell -- DELL HELL.

I'm 70 year old and tried everything to get Dell to fix my computer. there hopeless.

Most of the service techs speak very poor english and are very hard to understand.

Since I filed the above complicate with the State of California, I have spent over 25 hours on the phone with there service techs and problem service team, customer adocates, executive service team,all to no avail.

Today June 7, 2007 sent e-mail to Michael DEll & company CEO, NO ANSWERS


If you have a problem with DELL, Please file a complicate with your states Attorney General, maybe we can put some HEAT on a good company that has gone very BAD.

Francisco Sevcik

June 7, 2007 09:36 PM

Dell is a Hell!!!! I don´t know what they get the pieces for those computers and what they really offer for a warranty support!!! When you have a machine (I bought an Inspiron 6400 dual core), you expect it to work fine, not the engage in a nightmare of reinstalations and continual freezing an blue screens forever!!!! And what you got when you ask for a refund or a replacement of the whole machine (they are who have to engage in this f***ing process, not the client!!), that you have to restart all the unsuccessful process of testing and parts replacement that have already passed. There is no logic about this, and now I am learning they use refurbished parts for replacement, I can understand why problems are never solved..... they are just playing with customers.....

I paid for extended warranty plan because I thought that will protect me for a failure abroad when traveling for work and Dell offered a global service, but now I know that was just a marketing trick I got in.

Daisy Salter

June 20, 2007 09:23 AM

Dell's DFS completely blew a recent payment I made and canceled my new computer order; no one would help me after three days on the phone and email with them. Additionally, their $9.95 charge for TODAY payment on line
is a lie. I have canceled my account and subscriptions with them and will never buy another Dell product. It's not the merchandise; it's the deplorable "customer support"--the
worst in the industry. Dell lost a long-time customer and thousands of dollars. Now I'm crusading against them after being one of their most loyal customers.

D. Gonzalez

August 6, 2007 03:24 PM

I do aim to go to the CA Attorney General with the Dell Hell I have endured all summer, from mid-June, 2007 to the present, August 2007. I ordered a touch-panel monitor and new computer for my 87-year old, disabled veteran dad; there he is in NM, on a farm, waiting still for what Dell now says is a delivery date (for the tower) of August 13th. They, Dell's devils, cancelled my order twice and it took over 15 hours of my time to determine why (I wanted Windows XP and a machine that they say they no longer make; they kept sending me to the credit department and no one could explain why they cancelled my order). Now, my poor dad sits with a wireless keyboard and mouse, a Dell printer/copier/fax, the broadband router I purchased separately, and no computer tower or monitor. The best part is the disgraceful way they insist on saying "I do apologize..." I have screamed, coerced, pleaded, cried, yelled, hit the desk, etc. to get them to stop with that fake politeness. I want action. I am a 5-time Dell purchaser, but if the company does not fix this fiasco, I not only will never purchase another, I will also ask and inquire about a class-action lawsuit and a legislative investigation. They outsource customer relations to places that have utterly no power to do anything. My university has a contract with Dell as well and I will ask for the Trustees to end that. Basta! P.S. I am also convinced that after one spends all that time on the phone with them, the customer relations people place things on the record to create a situation of havoc for one; if that alone is investigated by a state or federal panel and causes a customer duress, then they can be fined for even larger sums. This has been a summer of pure Dell Hell.

Michael kelly

August 29, 2007 03:27 PM

Dells are decent computers as hardware goes but all the crap they send with there comps is useally what goes wrong with them i`ll pull up taskmanager and there`ll be 30 processes running and computer only need 13 to run i reconmend buying a new windows home, pro, or vista whatever, format your hard drives get rid of anything that says dell on it keep ur dell cds for your video, sound, and usb ports, everything else thier "software" toss it in the garbage and you`ll notice your computer will act completely different i did the same to my compaq it`s no longer a compaq now it`s a custom home desktop and runs accordingly as it`s specs says it can and compaq is just as bad as dell is on the software

david rowe

September 7, 2007 10:35 PM

Asoon as i turn on my Dell windows XP computer my screen gets smaller. about an inch on one side and half inch on the rest of the sides. how can i fix this??

Munish Aggarwal

September 12, 2007 08:02 AM

I too am facing issues with Dell, India. They have messed up with the delivery and even the sales guys kept giving wrong & conflicting information even after that. To add to it, the shipped boxes were short of connected leads to connect the DVD writers to systems. Can you guys help me in escalating this matter to DELL Asia Pacific chiefs as well as mr Michael Dell.

I am sure at least by letting our fellow people know about the Dell India's working style, we can save few other customers from getting harassed. God Bless Dell!!!


September 16, 2007 04:18 PM

Hahaha..I love these stories..and what is even funnier is these same idiots think the problem will be solved by purchasing another brand of Windows PC...guess what..they are all the same!

Want to solve the problem? Buy an Apple computer..great product and great service! I hope you guys don't though because I love these stories!


October 9, 2007 08:09 PM

Apple sucks. You can't run Windows programs. I own a Dell, never had a problem. DELL RULES, THE OTHERS DROOL... Call customer
support in the daytime.


October 10, 2007 01:12 AM

I ordered a Dell laptop in July 2007. Had not received it by the beginning of September so I went to buy one in town. In the mean time I was receiving messages on my phone from Dell saying that they could Probably ship the computer around the 5th but If I did not call them back that due to the FTC (federal trade commision) laws they could not send it. I did not respond since I did not need it at that poing. Guess what...they sent it anyways...took 1,700. from my account and here it is the 10th of October and I still do no have my money. The incompetence that has take place goes from the first call, telling me they would contact DHL to have the system returned to them and that the credit would be in my account by the 21st of Sept., Again today is the 10th of October. I had to call DHL and actually tell them I would pay for the return before someone from DHL called DELL to ask for a return number. They received that laptop in their office, per their customer service dept on the 5th of October. I called when I tracked it through DHL that it was returned and asked when my credit would be received and guess what....its going to be another 31 days. SO....before you think of buying DELL...think 3 or 4 times on it and then DON\'T!

Damage Resulting
Lets see consequences, hours of my time on the phone completely furious, at being stole from, NSF fees in my checking account due to the fact that I had already bought another system, a frustration that they had no problem taking the money out but now it seems to be a problem putting it back in. How do you describe FURY at being stolen from and it seems they can do it legally.


October 11, 2007 11:16 PM

I read the post titled Dell Hell, and I feel like I am walking hand in hand with that customer... I cannot believe so many people are facing the same insanity with unresponsive customer service representatives and COUNTLESS hours logged on the telephone, to only be told REPEATEDLY that there is nothing Dell can do to fix the mess that THEY have created.

I ordered a computer (our sixth Dell) via telephone on August 18, 2007. I subsequently learned (on August 20) that the "BlueRay" disc drive was no longer a desirable option, as Paramount Studios was discontinuing relations with Sony. I called Dell Canada on the morning of August 20, 2007 and informed them I wished to cancel the order. I was given a cancellation number by Dell. Within the hour, I received a phone call from the salesperson whom I had placed the order with (which initially took over an hour as his command of the english language was poor at best). He was very upset and rude, wanting to know why I had cancelled the order. He did not know anything about Paramount Studios or even who they were, as he was calling me from India. I assured him at that point that we were merely waiting for the "dust to settle" and we would likely place another order within a few months. On August 31, a courier showed up at my door with a laptop. I checked the internet, and my credit card had been charged on August 28. I called Dell, and requested a refund. They informed me that they would issue a credit as soon as they had the computer back in their possession, and they would send a courier to collect the computer on September 7. They treated me as though this situation was somehow my fault. The courier arrived with labels that had the wrong description printed on them; I reluctantly agreed to send the computer back regardless of what was printed on the label. I tracked the order through UPS, and as soon as it was received by Dell, I contacted them in regards to my refund/credit. I was informed at that point that the credit would be placed on my MasterCard immediately, and I should have the money back within 3 - 5 days, 10 days at the absolute maximum. Finally on September 17, they said they PROCESSED the credit that day, (or so their system says, I have NO proof) and it could be up to 10 business days from THEN before it would show on my credit card. I have called Dell almost daily from Sept 24 on, informing them that I have not yet received a refund. On October 2 a customer service representative told me he would file a "missing credit report", and that I would MOST CERTAINLY have my credit within 3 - 5 business days, October 10 at the latest. It is now October 11, and I still have not received a credit on my credit card. Dell refuses to rectify this situation; I have repeatedly requested to speak to a manager, to no avail. Customers are not allowed to speak to anyone in management! I was finally put through to a supervisor today after threatening to go to the BBB and my lawyer. I was treated very poorly by this supervisor, and informed that this was NOT Dell's problem, and there is nothing more they can do. This call centre supervisor also informed me that the information I was given on October 2 regarding a missing credit report was incorrect, and the representative I spoke to that day did not know what he was talking about, and never should have told me what he did. As far as Dell is concerned, this is not an issue that they are even willing to follow up on, as their records indicate a credit was issued. This treatment from Dell is absolutely unacceptable. I requested hard copies from Dell of the credit receipt and they refuse to produce them. Twice I was given a phone number to call that was incorrect; it was merely another call centre. I requested a phone number for the administration/accounting department at their head office and have yet to speak to anyone who can give me that information. I have now contacted my credit card co., and they are sending out paperwork (via snailmail) for me to fill out and mail back, to file a dispute over the charge. MasterCard informed me that Dell should have sent me a credit note/invoice long ago with the appropriate information on it. I am tired of fighting to get money back that was NEVER supposed to be charged to my credit card to start with! AND... to top it all off, there is interest accumulating on this balance now, as I am way beyond my grace period, I requested compensation from Dell in regards to all of this trouble and the interest expense, and they informed me that they are not willing to offer any compensation whatsoever, as far as they are concerned the issue is closed.
If this company values a six time customer, then maybe they would like to offer an apology as well as some compensation for the countless hours this has stolen from my job and my family. My husband had his credit card refused in Lima, Peru when he was traveling on business, because I was unaware this $6000.00 charge was on our account. That is embarrassing to say the least.

I have promoted Dell computers to friends and family members for over six years. I have been directly responsible for ordering six computers, as well as helping three family members order computers from Dell. I am genuinely sad that I have been forced to break off relations with this company.


October 12, 2007 10:47 AM

I am shocked to hear that you are waiting on a credit also, Dell has $6000.00 of my money and will not do anything to rectify this situation. I am so glad to hear I am not alone in this mess. 56 days and counting since they stole my money.... no apology, no remorse, nothing...

Adil Faisal

November 26, 2007 02:37 AM

I bought an inspiron 6000 with $2300. since july 2007 it's been out of commission. Dells support has since made me change (a) the memory, (b) the hard disk. Worst: They made me ship it and randomly just changed the battery and didn't even test whether it fixed the problem or not (it did not). And now, after almost six months of going back and forth, they are replacing it with a $600 laptop.


December 17, 2007 09:50 AM

Screwed - I just bought an Inspiron desktop - the sound card doesn't work and the wireless card they installed "is not compatitble with the hard drive", as stated by the customer service rep. I spent over 3 hours on line with support - no resolutions - they suck - DELL HELL LIVES - "Won't Get Fooled Again"

Ed Peszat

January 3, 2008 10:33 AM

I am a resident of Canada, I purchased a DELL Inspiron 1720 fully loaded to replace my desktop, it has a high resolution screen. When it arrived on Sept 27, 2007, I did not get opportunity to use it, trying to get used to Vista Prem., the computer kept on shutting itself down, this occurred numerous times, also high glare back from screen, like looking through a pane of one way glass at your work your doing. Phoned tech support,they tried to fix it, no luck, after it was sent to Flextronics for repair and retuned, Flextronics, DELL's repair depot in Canada, they said it was "loose memory", powered up the computer and it started all over, shutting itself down agian, same as before. Contacted DELL, after some discussion, DELL advised that they would replace it with a new one. Got the new one, high glare back on screen still exists, try working on a computer when you seen yourself and everything behind and doing you work in the background, you get one headache. I offered DELL the option that they could credit my account and I would order a different platform, eg the Inspiron 1400 or 1500 platform, and would configure the new computer similiar to the 1720, they reply was NO, you are over your 30 day return by 3 days. If one takes the time lost due to reboots packing the return and waiting for new one, I wonder. Contacted dell on 18 DEC 2007, they said they would get back to me in 48 hr., after no call back, I sent an e-mail on 31 DEC, to which they replied on 01 JAN 08, advising me they would not accept the return, and as usual they ask "How are we doing so far?" and can we send you a survey form to complete. They are more concerned how their employees are doing, than the customer, they person who puts out the money. My daughters, who attend university and one who is medic, were concidering buying a DELL, are now considering buying an Apple, I was the big push in them buying from DELL, now I'm not so sure. After this latest run in with DELL they and their friends as well as my associates what to know what the end result will be, as they are awaiting DELLs final reply. As it stands now, I have a $2300.00 notebook sitting beside my desk collecting dust. Worst investment I've made. To those that are thinking of buying a high resolution screen glossy, DON'T. you will get one big headache when you work at it.

josh the girl

January 5, 2008 01:01 PM

yeah, i bought a $2200 laptop on a scholarship--that could have been used on student loans, but i needed the laptop too. so, i upgraded everything. i had it for 2 months before it started slowing & rebooting. then i tried to update windows media player and microsoft said my software was valid, but i still couldn't operate player 11 on my computer. then microsoft office crashed, so i used the install cds to reinstall. it said i had to verify it, but only let me into safe mode. took 10 months before finally i got someone to send me a new hard drive. i installed it and the same problems were back PLUS MORE. this one was totally blank. i couldn't even get microsoft office or my dvd player--anything video card related to work. wtf. so i called 3 times again. finally they said my motherboard needed replaced, sent out a tech to give me a new battery and memory. still same problems. everything has failed, so two more convos and i got a system exchange. hopefully this works, but i definitely should have listened to my friends when they said don't buy a dell... no matter how much i hate apples (school only had two companies i could buy from). i've had my computer since i started college in aug 06. it's worked at all for 6 months of the 16 I've had it. not having a properly working computer has cost me grades and scholarship money along with transfer admission for a school next semester. what a waste of life. for something society relies on for everything, computer world sure sucks.


January 8, 2008 07:33 PM

I have personally worked on over a million dollars of dell products within the last 5 years and I have worked with dell people on site and on telephone. I never had a problem with billing, warranty issues, or the various issues mentioned above this post. Also, every time I had an item purchased or purchased an item myself the price was below competition and usually came with free shipping also. As a computer consultant I see the majority of horror stories about computer hardware and software problems are from angry people who do not understand what is happening and look to just push the problem off their desk and play the blame game. If that is not the case then 99% of the time the reason is they want something for free, or want the system to change for them. Also, I do not work for Dell and I also use various vendors all the time.

lloyd chin

January 18, 2008 08:35 AM

Dell Sucks!!!
Ordered Dell Inspiron 1520 notebook computer December 10, 2007 for Dec 24,delevery, Today is January 18, 2008 and I still don't have my computer, all I get is delay notices over and over again. I think I will cancle the order and go to HP.
Customer Service was very rude when I try to find out what was causing the delays.

Lyana S.

January 29, 2008 10:56 AM

My story is a little different.

I've never been a customer of Dell, BUT I am a writer for a business magazine and for one of our issues, I was supposed to do a feature on laptops. I chose, among other brands, a particular Dell laptop, so OK fine. The thing is, we need to get information from the company if we want to review them - at the very least, prices and images of a high enough resolution.

Guess what? Everyday, I went the long, LONG way of calling through their one pathetic toll-free line, waiting for a human being to pick up the phone, asking for someone in sales and always getting the response 'We will get someone to call you back'. Repeatedly.

And they never did. I wasted a lot of time on them, and let me tell you that even the slowest of the other three brands didn't give me half the heartache that Dell did. It makes me hate to ever feature them again, because they so do not deserve the free advertising.

Judith R

February 22, 2008 08:01 PM

I'm still in the middle of Dell Hell week. I have had a Dell laptop for several years and have had to replace the adapter cord 3 times, the motherboard once--and it is flickering again--so I decided to get a new laptop. Don't ask me why, but I decided to try another Dell. The laptop arrived and all seemed ok until I tried to connect to the internet. Well--though my old laptop, and my old desktop can both connect through my DELL router, my brand new 3000.00 DELL cannot! I have spent more than 20 hours over the last few days speaking with one incompetent "tech" after another who have been unable to resolve my issue. Two have hung up on me, one told me I needed to go out and buy an ethernet cable so I could hook my laptop directly to my router and that after I did that I should call him back. I bought the cable and spent the next two days leaving messages at the extention he gave me with never a return call.

Next I tried Dell online chat. After repeated assurances that she could fix my problem if I followed her instructions, "Andrea" logged out of our chat session half way through and left me with open configuration files not knowing where to go next.

Now, Dell touts "Dell On Call"--tech support that will come to your home. I called again and demanded that they send someone to my home. Oh no, Dell On Call is only if you "have a broken part that has to be replaced." WHAT!!!! This was a major selling point by the person who took my order by phone. As he said, "you never have to spend time on the phone with support, they will come to you." Fancy that! If only. Lied to again by Dell.

The FIFTH support person (all in India of course and no one speaking clear English) told me that we would have to reinstall Windows on my computer to make my internet connection work and that I better back up all my stuff. I told him that would take a while. He said he would wait an hour and then call back. That was 6 hours ago---what are the chances?????

So hher I sit with a brand new computer with all the bells and whistles--EXCEPT AN INTERNET CONNECTION. I'm about ready to lose my mind and cannot bear the thought of getting back on the phone tomorrow to work my way through another 2 hours of being on hold, being transferred, being on hold, getting another incompetent person.........

Not too happy

March 9, 2008 03:36 AM

Well, I've written the Better Business Bureau AND my States Attorneys General
STILL no resolve.

NOW I see the order I canceled MONTHS AGO
is still on my credit report.
I'm hiring a lawyer. Its will cost DELL for my HELL.



March 12, 2008 11:35 PM

Here is my version of Dell Hell.

I bought Dell's complete care warranty service when I bought my laptop. I bought the complete care service for my laptop because I was under the impression that it covered laptop batteries. Recently when I called in I was told that complete care does not cover the battery when my battery started losing charge. I was confused because in the Dell's website complete care is stated as, "Complete Care coverage only covers internal hardware components and does not cover peripheral devices, damage or loss caused by fire, theft, intentional acts, or by normal wear if the normal wear does not affect performance." It then points be back to for further information. Scroll down to read: (

It is extremely vague in what Dell considers as a peripheral device. In my opinion and many of my friends which I have asked about this situation they feel that a battery is NOT a peripheral device and in fact an integral part of the internal hardware of a laptop computer. Also since the normal wear of a battery does affect the performance of the laptop I feel that I should be covered.

I tried to call and e-mail various people but my e-mails went nowhere and my calls were of no help. The reps continued to state that batteries are a peripheral. They also will not escalate my calls since they don't escalate.

Just a lost of words. All Dell needed to do is is at the bottom of the website state, click here for all the legal jargon of what complete care is. Poof problem solved.

Instead of this bait and switch tatic.


April 1, 2008 01:15 PM

Help I'm in Dell Hell!!
I to have fallen victim to the Dell Story.
I have a new laptop which I have had in my possesion for less than 30 days.

Like so Many others I have spent countless hours on the phone with all sorts of Dell Technicians to no avail.

I have sent the Computer into the repair center in Texas only to have it come back worse off then when I sent it in.

They have promised to call me back to no avail.

If anyone can give me advice as to how I might get somewhere with Dell.

Pleas feel free to contact me

Very Unsatisfied DELL Customer!!

Qazar al'hammad

April 16, 2008 05:48 AM

Ahh the late night entertainment of reading stories of "hell, and dell."
Of what I can see, many of the folks who also posted here, have some humourous things in their stories. But a hell, I will explain my dell hell then point out some common errors folks like us make.

Well I have an old dell xps from 1999 never had anything go wrong till about last month. a sector of my HDD went bad, (its expected that hardware will fail sooner or later) but unfortunately, that sector contained essential windows registry files. I knew I would need my OS cd, and called Dell, they told me, "Dell doesn't have any win92se disks anymore." and further they clarified that microsoft doesn't have any either, the tech said that there are ways to get the missing file and restore it but dell doesn't support it. (understandable) and he recommended if I wanted to I could do a google search for downloading the win98 .iso. that is my only near hell experience.

Now to point out the main place folks go wrong, 'we expect everything' as an example I will use Andrew, he expected that complete care covered the battery. I dont think he read the warranty information or the terms of the Complete care contract, because I know I have its a long document, and it specifically says batteries are not covered. and we read how he was pissed because Dell didn't give him something he isn't entitled to. and by the way it did have the link, that loads the document, and the first part defines it as, "1). Notebooks. Only the central processing unit, internal keyboard, internal hard drives, and the
computer’s built-in LCD are covered." that is accessed by the link terms of sale, then as you read through it yah click service contracts, and then the contract you bought, and bam. there yah have it. I think this is rather long enough, you will see my point if yah are open to it, if not yah can hate Dell, if yah like after all I think Dell, and HP sell over a million computers a year, and theres only a small sliver that are bad, most of the time its is software issue from something we as the user have done. thanks for your time... and no I dont work in India for Dell.


April 17, 2008 03:40 PM

Hi people.

Woooooooooooooooooow. Really nice stories about Dell and "HELL". People believe me, I am a technician who has worked for HP and Sony. Now, I am doing freelance. (Researching on each and every PC maker before going back to any company for an interview.)Let me tell you something that i have found abot Dell from some close resources. Systems that are sold from any manufacturer's unit are tested under "ideal" conditions and shipped. The only problem is we look at a one person level rather than an enterprise level. 99% of Dell systems shipped (HOME


April 17, 2008 05:30 PM

I dont understand what are these ppl screaming at ppl who are trying to help us are more educated than what we are thats y they are there. yes the language barrier exists but u just have to be a bit more patient than many of u r. the dell tech support in india is better than wat it is in US atleast they help even a person whose computer is out of warrenty..
I LOVE DELLL ............................

Pat Lane

April 27, 2008 09:20 PM

I wish I had seen this site a couple of months ago.

I ordered a Dell desktop for my sister in the Washington DC area. I live in rural Victoria (Australia). My experince with Dell Australia has always been excellent. Unfortunately, you can't buy a Dell in OZ and have it delivered to the US.

I ordered the thing on March 23 2008. Since then the order's been cancelled twice; emailing is a waste of time since it's all automated responses. My person favourite is "Thank you for your response. Please accept our sincere apology for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused. We, Dell's Delayed Order Notification Team, are solely responsible for informing our customer(s) about potential delays to the shipment of their order(s). If you would like more specific order information you may contact one of our customer care representatives at (800) 456-3355. Thank you,Dell Inc. Notification Team"

You can't actually ring a US 1800 number from utside of the US.

A nice person from Dell's Australian offices has offered to help. I whish her luck.

If it wasn't so sad it would be funny.


dell nashville

June 7, 2008 03:01 AM

As a former Dell employee (laid off just before Christmas) I can tell you that Dell has absolutely no regard for the customers....we were trained to UPSELL the customers....and that's it.


June 17, 2008 06:20 PM

I worked at Dell twice. Once in hardwared and once in sales. Both times I got a bad rub due to personell management.
From the support side, I can tell you that not once were we told not to help a customer who was entitled to it. The warranty on these machines are cheaper then average because they have the owner do the physical labor while the technician walks them through it. The problem is, most people do not want to spend the time, they just want someone to magically fix their machine.
As for Complete Care, it is actually accidental damage. You accidentally dropped it, it accidentally fell in the pool, you accidentally spilt coffee on it. Damage by theft is covered, if you get the laptop back. If you did not, then chances are you didnt get the Lojack service.
Think about it like this, you buy a car, you pay for warranties in case something goes wrong. You drive it off the lot, the next day it gets stolen. Lets see you go to the Dealership with a police report and ask for another car for free. They are going to tell you to talk to your insurance company.
As far as being pushed into buying a computer you didnt want, thats your fault as well as the sales rep, not Dell. Yes, sales reps at dell have a quota to make, but so does that car salesman, the cell phone guy, and even your cable company are going to try to upsale you, its called sales. Know what you want and do the research before you buy. It always bugged me when a person would call in, have 40 thousand questions about a system they wanted to buy, and I was always honest, and they would say, well, i am buying in 6 months. Computers are outdate the minute they roll of the line practically.
I must have sold hundreds of computers. I had 2 cancel their orders, and 1 return it (the return was becuase their daughter didnt like the color.)
I am not saying Dell is perfect, but know the limits of your warranty before crying about not getting what you are entitled to, and dont buy if its not what you want.


July 8, 2008 12:11 PM

I completely agree with Rob. Most of the times customer call dell support saying there battery for laptop has died (after using it for 2.5+ years) Customer was covered underwarranty for 4 years and expected Dell to replace the battery. Leave alone thinking logically . (battery for a laptop or a flash light is a consumable item and will dies down gradually) Understanding this seems to be rocket science. and when attempted you get blown off by those customers . They don't even bother checking out such information on the comoany website which clearly mentions Battry comes with 1 year default warranty.


July 9, 2008 06:30 PM

I have been a loyal customer for years (purchased 6 Dell systems over the last decade), but after a recent fiasco with your outsourced support team, I doubt that I will ever again buy a system from Dell.

My ordeal began on May 12. My XP computer, which is still under a two-year, in-house warranty, crashed on Sunday (5/11), but I did not call tech support until the following day. At that time, a tech had me do several things, and after roughly 60 minutes of trial and error, he said that my system would need to be restored to Day 1 (factory settings).

Not wanting to lose my personal files, I attempted to see if I could solve the problem myself. This entailed me trying to install the latest Windows updates, the latest McAfee updates, and restoring my computer to a recent restore point. All these efforts ended with the operating system halting and giving me an 0x0000007E error (the same error that I had been getting all along).

At this point, I re-tried tech support. A tech named Jai worked with me for several days. He had me run hardware and system tests -- all of which passed. After the tests, Jai said that a system restore to Day 1 was the only solution. I relented (didn't want to lose my personal data) and restored the system. I did this on 5/18. Soon after Jai hung up the phone, the system crashed again (7E error, again). I tried to call back, but eventually gave up after being put on hold for at least 30 minutes.

I called back the following day. I was disconnected three times and put on hold for countless minutes before I reached tech support. At that point, I advised a tech (not Jai) of the situation, and he then told me that the next step was to remove the video card. I refused to touch the hardware, fearing that I would cause more problems and feeling that I should not be asked to do such a thing on computer that was still under warranty. A heated debate with the tech support manager ensued and culminated with the manager hanging up on me.

Later that same day, I reported the problem to customer support, after waiting on hold for nearly 30 minutes. The customer service rep seemed very disinterested and didn't give me any indication that my problem would be resolved.

On May 20, I called sales and spoke to Kristy Redwine. She referred me to the Sales Resolution Team, who, in turn, referred me back to tech support. A new tech worked with me for several hours. He had me wipe the entire system and install XP from scratch. We got to the point of installing drivers, several of which installed successfully. Then, when attempting to install the Linksys network adapter, the system failed (7E error, again). At that point, this particular tech said that he would call me back in 45 minutes, but he never did, leaving me with an inoperable system, minus my personal files.

Via email, I then contacted Kristy, who had promised to help me resolve this problem, but I never heard from her.

I then tried the Dell message boards, and someone suggested that I contact Dell’s Unresolved Issues. I did that and was told that someone would get back to me in 24 hours, which was more than 24 DAYS AGO!

Eventually, I found a solution to the problem on my own. That’s right, I had to figure it out myself, even though the computer was still under a Dell in-house warranty. However, I did learn a valuable lesson: DO NOT COUNT on help from Dell and their outsourced friends in India if something goes wrong with your machine.

And one more thing, my first Apple system arrived today.

John Dot Exe

August 31, 2008 12:19 PM

I've always been a Gateway person, but last year I've bought my first Dell, because it was cheap. Works pretty good, but just recently the mouse just started disfunctioning. I didn't bother contacting Dell, as in bad support, so I checked up on forums and NO ONE knows how to fix it. I kinda wish they would use better parts, when building their machines.

September 4, 2008 03:13 PM

I ordered a Dell Inspiron 1521 on 8/5, and the delivery date was 8/20. Since then, my order has been delayed 4 times. I have called customer service each time. Answers vary from, "we don't know anything you don't know" to "it's still in production" to "you should understand that a company like ours has no control over when an product gets made." I was refused "escalation" to a supervisor 3x, with excuses like "he/she is not here" or I was simply hung up on. When I finally got through to 1 manager, he also told me he didn't know when production would be completed and without listening to me further, hung up as well.

See my blog for all the details:


November 7, 2008 11:36 AM

Against recommendations from several friends, I purchased a Dell 42" Plasma (4201C) two years ago. The television cost $3000 which I felt was a steal at the time. Six months later, I discover that the side inputs do not work. After several phone calls and instant message sessions with their so-called technical support, I was able to convince them to send me a new replacement versus a refurbished one. A year and a half later, the replace television stopped working. I get a black screen with random colored pixels. It worked perfectly fine up til then. I contacted their customer service department today (NOV 7, 2008) and the representative assured me that they would help me out with the issue. She even pin-pointed the issue to be directly related to a "video chip" on the board. She gave me a phone number to call (Decision One) and the representative their informed me that the repair of the televsion would cost $261.85 + Shipping + Parts. This is highway robbery since a new television now costs $700. Putting that aside, I can understand if I happened to be the unlucky owner of two defective televisions, but there are hundreds of people complaining of the same problem. Of course, since Dell only warrants the television for 1 year, they can wash their hands of the problem. The only way I can describe this is "highway robbery". Selling a $3000 product that is only good for little over a year is criminal!


December 10, 2008 06:22 PM

hmmmm. this is all very helpful.

i was given a dell dimension 4550 years back and used dells customer service with great success in resolving many issues with getting this system going for call centre work from home customer support overseas was actually far better amd more knowledgeable than stateside arrrogant support. i was impressed as they helped me with issues that they didn't have to (software etc) not to mention the warranty had expired months back!

so now, i'm needing an updated system and felt good about going to dell from prior experience. so i called last week and immediately noticed a difference.

i tried to apply for a lease online.. 3 times with no response. i then called and complained ..and wanted a live agent to do the lease application credit check.

finally they gave me a line of 3500.00 yet something didn't feel right to me. we started building a system for around 3000.00 .. i kept stalling to purchase (just a feeling i got) ... he called back..(i stalled again) .. i told him i needed more time to think about it. ..and to call me back tomorrow ..which he did (i didn't answer) .. i do remember him saying that the application was only good for 48hrs.. i felt pressured and offish about the whole experience.. (from what i could make out) ..i could only understand half of what he was was an overseas csr.

anyway.. i'm looking for a better experience instincts are usually right.. and this forum helped me steer clear of the new dell hell situation. i'm sure of that..


December 17, 2008 10:51 PM

Stay away from Dell Leasing. I am a small business and leased 3 laptop computers. As owner of a small business and multitasking was sure that I had leased for 24 months when I did not get notified from Dell that the lease was up had asked one of the other persons who had one of the other computers about the time of the lease. He stated were notified it must have been 36 months. I had looked on the bill to see if it stated anywhre what the length of the lease was. No infomation. All other items that I have lease they let you know what number of the lease you are paying on the statement. With Dell this is done deliberately so you do not realized that your lease is up. Tried to contact Dell several times but the wait was so long. Now again approaching the 36 months I finally get an agent in India and was told that the lease was up 10 months agao and that I had to let them know if I would continue leasing or return the laptops.
If I want to keep the computer I would have to pay over $500. to keep a computer that is not worth $5.00 after almost 3 years of use. I have paid $600 more than the agreed amount of the lease and now want additional monies to keep this obsolete machine. I feel this is a scam that is why they do not notify customers at the end of the lease or at the least show what number of lease paymnet you are making. (12 of 24 payments) to get them to continue to pay unknowingly for an obsoete machine. I feel a class action lawsuite should be filed. They hope small business owner who are working longs hours trying to run businesses and do not have the time or man powere to keep up on things like end of lease procedures.


January 12, 2009 03:08 PM

Well heres my problem with dell: i bought a dell mini for my wife for xmas in sept as a surprise, well come xmas when she opened it, noticed the plus was not a us plug, then noticed that the language was not in english. well i called dell and since the 21 day period has expired, they told me that there was nothing they can do, they will not even exchange it. i asked to speak to a manager, and they just tell that the manager is busy. they hung up on me twice and kept me on hold for hours. i am stuck with a laptop from spain!!


January 12, 2009 10:29 PM

I am posting because I am miffed at Dell..I jsut recently found out that my 128 meg card was sharing memory with my PC on all OS's from xp to linux aswell as Windows 7 . Dell missrepresented the product to Aarons sales in lease here in Longview so, I find no fault with Aaorns on this part.

HOW EVER I do fault Dell for Missleading the peoples for telling them that they have an ATI x300 capable of 128 mb of ram..Whn it realy is not as Hyper technology is something totally different, When asked what would you like done, I said I want waht I paid for a card that has 128 megs of ram on it.

They said your system is out of warrenty and there is nothing we can do for you..

I replied ok Ill take it to the media, and an attourney. and hung up.

No one did any one ever tell me waht hyper threading was untill I was beta testing Windows 7 and asked why, was my Ram being used by my pc.

If you have a dell Dimension 5150 and an ati x300 and your system is under warrenty, Tell dell you want waht you pad for..Not a BAIT AND SWITCH!


January 23, 2009 08:50 AM

Dell precision M6400

After replacing the screen two times (transport damage and dead pixel) and the graphics card once the machine is still useless for working with photography. The colors are horribly oversaturated and no fiddling with settings anywhere give an acceptable result.

My Dell hell starts with Dell 'support'. After sending a report about the problem, including photos comparing M6400 with another machine, they promise to investigate the problem and fix it. When calling 10 days after they said they would get back to me, I learn that noone knows about my report and noone has a clue about that case at all. So I had to start the whole process a new. Still havent heard anything.

There are many more details I could tell you about this crappy case but I wount bore you with it - if you have been in contact with Dell 'support' you know what I'm talking about.

There will never be any more business between Dell and myself, ever...


January 29, 2009 03:43 AM

Hey Lee, you can't blame dell about the ati x300 hyperthreading card. this is already an old issue with the card. you just by the way got what you paid for. I guess you know how to use GOOGLE. hyper memory means that it enables a reduction in the amount of on-board memory on a graphics card without compromising its overall performance and as well share system memory. ATI calls it hyper threading while NVIDIA calls it turbocache memory. these type of cards are not exclusive for dell systems. so they can come on any computers regardless of brand, you can also get that type of card if you build your own computers. it's by the way your ignorance that plunge you into blaming the computer manufacturer. do some more researching before your blab out 'coz it sickens me to hear this old crap which doesn't give you any right to blame someone. you just simply got what you paid for.


February 16, 2009 04:04 AM

A bonus for employees is one of the first things to go during a recession. Some people really do count on their bonus, and the only option left for them may be a payday loan. However, if you can hang tight, bonuses likely resume once the economy rebounds. Besides, think of it this way: Not giving you that bonus may be what saved them from not being able to make payroll, and laying people off. A payday loan instead of a bonus sounds better than unemployment, doesn't it?


February 19, 2009 05:46 AM

I am a dell tech support. Well, i can say,, Dell's policy is great. the only problem is that their queing is painfully awful!! u transfer the customer on the right choice, u track it down moments after.. boom!! customer was misroute.. i pity them especially if the person/customer i spoke with is so kind,, i really love to help but there are policies need to follow or else a respective sanction will come on way!! w/ regards to escalation to manager, i regret to inform u as much as we wanted to escalate it (especially if u dont know what to say next,exhausted off all the policy,given explanations) our MANAGERS.. doesnt want to get the call. their been agents/tech support too.. and once they go that level, they dont want to go back accepting calls. thats the culture their.. so us front liner tech/rep suffer the bad mouths of customer..there's so much to say.. but Dell itself is good working company.. but not the supervisor/manager around.. they seem to just lazy doing around.. smoking, drinking.. ifesting ac rooms!!

Jerry says: XP (Dell) Sucks!!

March 11, 2009 02:48 PM

If you are thinking about buying an XP wait!!! I recently purchased an XP1530 laptop w/ all of the bells and weasels 256 video card, extended warranty, and all of that because I was going to use it for designing. Well, after using this laptop for a day, it crashed. They replace it with a new one (which it was nice) since this laptop had a 30 day exchange "warranty". It happened another 3 times and each time the send me a "new" laptop. However, they did warn me that after a month Dell could not replace the laptop anymore. And, if it crashed again I would have to go thru their Tech support, which it is very ironic. The techs could not figure it out how to fix the laptop in the first place that is why they had to send me a new one. It's been almost two months since I purchased this laptop and I haven't use it for what I purchase it for--to design. I paid a lot of money for this, supposedly, superb laptop and so far I have only use it to go online to check my e-mail and to type letters. I am afraid that it is going to crash again and Dell will just do what they always do-- NOTHING. So, if you are still going to purchase an XP1530 (or an XP1330) just be warned that you are going to end up with a very expensive paper-weight. I will never-ever purchase another PC or laptop from Dell. I am a Computer Engineer and many of my colleagues and friends have purchase a Dell laptop or PC because I recommended to them. But, just like those people have purchased from Dell because I recommended Dell to them, I will do everything I can to NOT ever recommend Dell. Back in the old days (before 2004) Dell had a great customer service. Now, Dell seams to be only concern about making a quick buck. Every time I call Dell for something, it takes forever to get to the right person and they are always trying to push me to buy something. Their sales practices are worst than a low-life car salesman. What happen to "customer support"? It sounds more like "wallet support" or "sucker support". I just feel bad for the Dell tech support people (not the fat managers) that have to work for a company like this.


March 14, 2009 02:53 AM

I can't believe that there are so many unsatisfied Dell customers. If only I searched the internet for Dell Hell before I (tried) to buy one! I am very dissatisfied with their customer service. My experience is at Why doesn't Dell do anything about things like this!


March 25, 2009 02:39 PM

My new Dell computer, still in warranty, was unstable running on Microsoft Vista 64 bits. On 03 March 2009 I called Dell to ask for a change to Vista 32 bits. They told me that I will be charged for the new CD, I agreed, the confirmation number of our transaction is 656125816. A week after I received 2 CD-s with Microsoft Vista 32 bits, and I realized that Dell charged me two times. I called Dell on 25 March 2009 asking for a refund, and telling them that I will send the extra CD, unaltered, unopened, back to them. One representative and his manager told me that they cannot reimburse me because 21 days have passed after the transaction day, and that Dell's policy is that if the customer is not satisfied with the product he/she can return and be reimbursed only within 21 days. I told Dell's representatives that in this case 1) it is about Dell's mistake and 2) there is no question of satisfaction, I received the same CD twice.

Patrick Parero

June 27, 2009 08:54 PM

I'm sorry for the stupid charge Tibi, but honestly there are a lot of people working id dell's tech support and care theam that doesn't know what to say or what to do, sometimes they don't even understand what's happening, Honestly I worked with dell before for customer care, after a year, i finally resigned becuase it's not healthy anymore. They are employing people who can speak english, but cannot understand the words..

And now because of working with Dell, I purchased an inspiron and TADA! the same shit, I even gave the customer care my previous ID, and told them i was just out of Dell for a couple of weeks and you're telling that you cannot do it! the nerve!

Dell is really Hell!

July 6, 2009 06:08 PM

Dell is obviously Hell in every country, I tought it was just Sweden. We are going through the same here but have managed to get a manager involved who just doesn´t give a damn and has repeatedly insulted us and seems to be fine with losing us as customers. Nice job Dell! No wonder your boat is sinking.

Donna Nolf

July 30, 2009 02:38 PM

I have lived in Dell Hell for months. I just tried to email the news station to see if there is some way to get through to the real Dell. I think people all have to contact news people in hope that Michael Dell will hear us since he doesn't listen anywhere else!


August 10, 2009 10:15 AM

I am in Dell Hell.

Ordered an extremely high-tech PC a while back. Dell has now twice extended my delivery date. They have reserved the money in my bank account and I still have no PC. They refuse to cancel my order. I can apparently return it within 7 days of receiving it. I wonder when that will be? I will return the order as I am sick of this company. Wonder how many issues I will encounter then?

Shivanand Sharma

September 1, 2009 02:44 PM

I only believe in their Precision series of computers which are actually workstations. Rest are just crap churned out between the margin pressure business.

I used to be in the tech support in India taking calls from the US. Sadly, we were instructed not to pass calls to supervisors unless the customer was freaking out. If someone couldn't understand us we had to handle the situation and be as clear as possible - not something everyone can try or fake. The CSRs have a way around with the words and all through my experience I only handled one smart customer who was very very frustated, had already exchanged systems many times. He spoke to me for more than one hour and convinced me, then spoke to my supervisor and finally got a system replacement after several months of purchased authorised under "customer satisfaction". But all this was in 2003-2004.

Last month I called Dell 5-6 times and no one could finalize my quotation. They never called back and I always was transferred around into the wrong queues. On a purchase of $4197 (a precision T5500) I received a discount of $833. But guess what, the sales agent know nothing about the graphics or memory or anything inside the box. I had to do the research and reached the final quote after 8-9 intermediate quotes. The discount possibly came by not shipping the system by air but by surface. It's over 20 days and there's no clue about the shipment. The tracking website isn't updated beyond manufacturing/build complete and calls end up into the wrong queues. They don't even have an alternate customer care number.

Next time I'll build my own. It doesn't take weeks to ship. There are no idiots or the phones. It's cheaper and more stable than a Dell. What else does one want?

Clinton Bacon

September 3, 2009 03:53 AM

Clinton Bacon
Vodacom Contract
SIM Card number: 0749483864
Laptop: E6400
Service Tag: F22QB4J

Complain about Dell Laptops D620, D630, E6400 32bit

I have read plenty complaint letters posted all over the Internet, some have complained about days & months, even the number of times they have called Dell’s Customer Care to help resolve an issue. In my case I am going to complain about years of Calls, Replacements, Downloading, waiting, being Patient, etc.

It all started 3 years ago, I was very indecisive about getting myself a Laptop. In comparison with the Desktop I have, I was worried about the Processing Power, Hard Disk Drive space, Monitor size, RAM, upgradability and so on. Then Vodacom came out with a brilliant Dell Product that they were advertising on contract. I looked at every aspect and assessed everything I knew possible, like the Operating System and the fact that it was an OEM disc and not just a restore disc, it had the RAM capability and the upgradability, and it had the Processing Power and Upgradability.

I would say about 8 to 10 months, maybe a year, into the 36 month contract period I started experiencing severe technical issues with the D620 I purchased; I had on and off connection issues (...the D620 has built-in 3G) with the 3G connectivity. The Laptop would overheat, hang, reboot, etc. Thinking or putting it down to location, bay-stations being busy, hot summer days, overloading CPU Processes and so on, I persevered. Finally it just got too much. Dell’s reporting software will have all the relevant “Logged Calls”; and since many times I noticed the same Reference gets used for quite a while before the call is logged off. I too have a comprehensive list of reference numbers, dates, times and persons I have spoken to over the years.

Let me give you the whole picture of what has transpired over the 36 months, I will have to go scratch for the paper work so I will recollect from memory. I am sure Dell has it all on computer any way, well that is if their computers work!!!
First D620: They had replaced the Motherboard 3 times, one of the 1GB DIMM’s twice, the built-in 3G device 4 times, the keyboard (‘cause the technician broke a key that did not want to clip back into place), the Hard Disk Drive about 3 times if my memory serves me right it was 3 times. In all there were about 9 technical calls, if I understood correctly Dell look at replacing the Device after 5 Technical calls??? The straw was when they actually wanted to try replacing the Screen to see if it would resolve the problems. Of course I stood against that and noted my discontent with the whole situation!!!

Finally the Dell Technician put forward that they replace the Laptop, I had since found out that Dell accept this sort of replacement specifically from the Technical teams (...since I do not work for Dell, that was my understanding from a Sales Manager at Dell I spoke to over the telephone) since once there is a Technical swap out it is then handed over to a Dell Sales Representative. Who tries to match the product as closely as possible to the original purchase (which makes logical sense)? Since Dell had discontinued the D620 series there was talk to replace it with a higher grade Laptop. When Dell however phoned to confirm my availability and whereabouts for the delivery, I was told they found/got hold of the same type D620 for the replacement. I was just glad/grateful that finally something was going to happen and my problems would finally be over.
First Replacement D620: After a month the new D620 also started with connectivity problems again; immediately I reported that I am sitting with the “Friday” machine. I happen to found out that there was some sort of Design fault or problem with the Dell D620’s (...again from a reliable source within Dell), but none the less the 3G Card was changed. Very much to my discontent there were still countless issues which started “popping up” much like the First D620. Hence I opted for the next model in the range, which was the D630.

Second Replacement D630:Literally a couple of weeks or a month later the Laptop started playing up with similar problems again as well, and this time severe over heating to top it all. And once again the “Replacing” of components was going to start all over again; motherboards, memory, Hard Disk Drives, etc. (similar to the whole story above all over). My frustration and patience was going to be tested once again.

Third Replacement E6400: The Dell Support Technician suggested the Latitude E6400 as a replacement, since the D630’s were discontinued and the E series was next in the Range. I am sure one would understand that I was very happy; the replacement would be Latitude E6400; a higher processor (i.e. 64bit), more RAM, Windows Vista Business, etc. Also since my job as a Microsoft Certified Trainer doing Systems training on Windows Server 2008, Exchange Server 2007 had also changed with industry trends and Microsoft which meant this would help in that department as well (...running Microsoft Labs and so forth). Now I know what you are thinking, how would this man ever complain ever again? I even asked the Technical support technician what it would cost me extra to upgrade to the RAM from 2GB to 4GB, and a dedicated 256MB onboard video card, and that I was willing to pay for Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit as well. His reply was that since the contract essentially is between Dell and Vodacom that they he would not able to charge extra and thus it would not possible; but he would help try resolving the problem by adding the Video card at no extra cost and ensure that a 2GB SODIMM was installed and not the normal 2x 1GB SODIMM’s. So when I did get round to adding extra RAM it would only require 1x 2GB SODIMM and save cost to myself. Obviously I was happy since I would receive a better Processor (E6400 which to me meant 64bit) and a dedicated video card. WOW this Laptop was going to “Fly”!!!

Much to my dismay, on receiving the new Laptop I found that it had Windows XP SP3 loaded onto it (...for some reason Dell has the Windows XP SP3 down grade option on my contract). This meant that I had to Re-Install Vista Business 32bit; WHAT???? 32bit
Surely it was a 64bit Laptop, I mean E6400??? I soon found out why the Performa Invoice did not say “...with Windows Vista TM Business 64bit”!!! And only read, “Windows Vista TM Business”.

Ok then after speaking with the Sales Manager it was made clear that no matter what I thought was on the Performa Invoice, they had to match my Laptop spec-for-spec with the original Laptop. Fine that also makes sense, “but point that out to the client, knowing well that I was expecting the E6400 to be a 64bit machine.”
Needless to say, I have settled down with my new Latitude E6400 with 2GB RAM, 160GB Hard Disk Drive (...ok which was also upgraded from the 60GB originally bought. But is it my fault that Technology and Industry improved since that original purchase???), Windows Vista Business 32bit...

On the first day I received the E6400 an error code occurred.

Code: M1004 was reported upon start-up.
A code: 0147 (spindle) [retry]
All lights flashed on top of the keyboard, i.e. 9, A, ↓

The Hard Disk Drive was replaced on the second day along with the Palm Rest. The Technician and I sat for about 30/40min working out how to open up and replace the Palm Rest, since the Technician had not had an opportunity to open/work on an E6400. I have give/taken my Laptop into Dell and let them Re-Install the OS and the Drivers 2 or 3 times already.
I myself have Re-Installed Windows Vista TM Business 32bit with Service Pack 1, Windows Service Pack 2, Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise with both of its Service Packs and Laptop drivers 7 times already. I have also to date uninstalled and re-installed the 3G Driver Software and the DCP Application Software ±30 times. The Hard Disk Drive was replaced a third time in the Latitude E6400, last time Dell had the Laptop to Re-Install it the 2nd or 3rd time from their side. The initial problem of the Software and the 3G device just disconnecting still remains. The 3G connection continually disconnects while browsing, and the only way to restore the connection again is to “Shutdown” the Laptop and start all over again. It has happened for the “umpteenth” time again, the card asks to be “Activated”. This means I will have to uninstall the 3G Drive and Dell Control Point Driver and re-install them... ...again and again!!!

By now I am thinking that 4 Laptops and countless installations and Gigabytes of my own downloading time and cap; well the problem must be with myself or my students where I very often use the 3G connection. The clients I train range from the CEO of Sodexo, SAPS procurement, The Organization for Human Rights, The Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Italiesure, AIG Insurance (...whom I would like to add have similar issues all the time too), etc. And most of them are totally disgusted how Dell has handled and still handling these problems of mine.

Maybe I should try some of the “Stunts” that people on some of the Websites are doing
Maybe I should have some stickers made saying, “Dell, the Device from Hell!!!” and ride around with them on my car for everyone to see or able be able to sell them to put on their cars.

A quick update on the E6400 I have.
Yesterday, 01 September 2009, a New Motherboard along with a New 3G HSUPA Card and Antenna was booked out to be replaced in my E6400. The technician arrived on time with all the relevant parts for replacement. After the parts had been installed, he put the Laptop back together (...I felt violated the way these E series Laptops have to be ripped apart to install or change something). He inserted the New 64K SIM Card I recently purchased from Vodacom. Since they do not see the need the replace a R63.00 SIM Card after Dell saw fit to replace any of the other Laptops I have spoken about earlier; which I would like to add must have cost “some 1000’s of Rands” I would think...!!!
Needless to say the technician replaced the New Motherboard with the Old one again and asked me to monitor the “performance” of my Laptop to see if there has been any improvement. As yet I have not received any phone calls from Dell’s Technical Department. I also find that the Laptop is operating in a “staggering” sort of way, as though the Laptop freezes then works then freezes... working with mouse is just one big nightmare...
I advised my mother not to get the New Dell Studio 1555 that Vodacom now offer, but she still went ahead and purchased the Laptop from Vodacom on her contract. I have tested and used the Laptop quite extensively; expecting to sit with the same issues I have been astonished to find that not such error with the HSUPA Card (exactly the same Card I have in my E6400), but how ever Her Laptop keeps on having Windows Explorer, Network and Sharing Center issues!!! Thus I ask myself,
“...does Dell Software actually work with Microsoft Operating Systems and Microsoft Office Applications???”

I look forward to your enthusiastic and prompt response. Since I have been carrying on about these problems for the past 3 years and continuous explanations, I am also sending this letter to a few other people just to see if they might care more. I’ve got nothing to lose and nothing better to do, since I am continuously struggling to make my Laptop work. Who knows, maybe or hopefully for Dell’s sake I struggle so much that I eventually give up and do not even get to send it to those few other people after all.

Painful regards,

Clinton Bacon
South Africa

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