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Archives: July 2005

Sorry, Yahoo, I Give Up...

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 30, Categories: Web 2.0, Yahoo, blogs

I wish I could stick with my trusty MyYahoo to look at all the RSS feeds I want to see, but it's not to be. I've bumped up against the...

The Black Hats must be gloating

Posted by: Steve Hamm on July 29, Categories: security

What a miserable week for software security! First, on Wednesday, a smartass researcher outed a problem in Cisco router software at the Black Hat security confab in Las Vegas--potentially exposing...

Surely You're Joking, Mr. Ballmer?

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 28, Categories: Microsoft, Power of Us, Web 2.0, mash-ups, open source

At an analyst conference today, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made a choice comment. "We have won on the desktop," he said according to this account at CNET "Now...

More Mash-ups with Google Maps

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 27, Categories: Google, Power of Us, Social Media, Web 2.0, mapping, mash-ups

The mash-ups keep on comin', and Google Maps is leading the way. O'Reilly Radar has a roundup, including one tracks the space shuttle. just let me know that...

The Amazon Guessing Game

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 27, Categories:

Credit with finally reversing a bunch of disappointing earnings reports with a strong second quarter. It looks like free shipping and the new Amazon Prime program, which offers free...

Pod Slurping To Threaten Security

Posted by: Olga Kharif on July 26, Categories: security

iPod slurping could soon become a major security threat for companies. Equipped with a special program, an iPod digital music player can download more than 20,000 files an hour from any computer it's connected to. Thus, there's a potential for an intruder or a company insider to steal vital information.

AMD Ascendant

Posted by: Cliff Edwards on July 25, Categories: Chips

Looks like Advanced Micro Devices isn't just putting a hurt on rival Intel on the legal front. Research firm Mercury Research says AMD's x86 server chip market share jumped to...

From Longhorn to Vista

Posted by: Cliff Edwards on July 25, Categories: Microsoft

I suppose it's fortunate that Microsoft moved away from Longhorn for its next-gen operating system. After all, associating their product with bull might invite some unhappy characterizations. Then again, no...

Threats to Innovation Are Everywhere

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 24, Categories: Innovation

A panel titled "Is Technology Making Us Safer?" at the AlwaysOn Innovation Summit last week was thought-provoking enough that, well, I had to think about it awhile. Moderated by Paul...

Location, Location, Location

Posted by: Steve Hamm on July 22, Categories:

There's plenty of cool stuff to do with GPS, but this may be one of the coolest things, at least if you like to spend your weekends with your butt...

Changing the Copyright Debate

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 21, Categories: Digital Music, Grokster, copyright, digital media, tech jobs

In the wake of the Supreme Court's Grokster decision, a lot of tech folks in Silicon Valley are licking their wounds over the apparent rebuff to their ability to release...

Is the Tech IPO Dead or Alive?

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 20, Categories: Entrepreneurship, IPOs, Innovation

That was the title of a panel this morning at the AlwaysOn Innovation Summit at Stanford, and the answers didn't sound so great. It's not just the financial-disclosure act Sarbanes-Oxley,...

Skype's Ambitions

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 20, Categories: Power of Us, VOIP, Web 2.0

The Internet phone software phenom Skype revealed today that it has much bigger ambitions than helping people make calls for free. At AlwaysOn's Innovation Summit at Stanford University today, founder...

Good News For Local Wireless Data Services

Posted by: Heather Green on July 20, Categories: wireless

Survey finds U.S. consumers more interested in local weather and traffic alerts via text messaging than groovy next gen wireless TV services.

Investors, Look at IT, Not Just Balance Sheets

Posted by: Olga Kharif on July 19, Categories: Tech Spending

A new study, at which I got an excusive sneak peak, shows that a company's attitude toward IT is directly tied to revenue growth. I wonder if, perhaps, that means that investors should look at various companies' IT initiatives more closely.

Computer Science: The Movie?

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 18, Categories: computer science, tech jobs

Apparently, all the tech industry needs to attract more people to become computer scientists is a good movie. Princeton University engineering school dean Maria Klawe also said at Microsoft's...

TiVo Adds Ads

Posted by: Cliff Edwards on July 18, Categories: Gadgets

It looks like TiVo is finally making it official. The folks who made it oh so easy to zip through ads now want their 3 million or so customers to...

Citizen Journalism, or "Ghoulish Voyeurism"?

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 17, Categories: Social Media, Web 2.0

From Smart Mobs, a link to a provocative view by the Guardian's John Naughton on citizen journalism. Technology, he writes, offered "those enthusiastic cameraphone ghouls" a "way of not attending...

SCO smoking gun

Posted by: Steve Hamm on July 15, Categories: open source software

I have been skeptical of SCO Group's claims versus Linux and IBM from the start. In fact, I think I invented the now often-repeated observation, "SCO isn't a company; it's...

Remix Your Web with Mash-ups

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 14, Categories: Social Media, Web 2.0, mash-ups

I had a lot of fun with my story on Web mash-ups, which runs in new issue of BusinessWeek. Mash-ups, named after hip-hop mixes of two or more songs, combine...

Apple's Shining, Counterintuitive Example

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 14, Categories: Apple Computer, Innovation

Nick Carr has an interesting take on what Apple's blowout earnings yesterday mean. As he pointed out years ago, the common wisdom was that Apple couldn't possibly match the research...

eBay Haiku

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 14, Categories: eBay

Meant to mention this eBay Haiku Competition that the blog rummaging recently ran. The entries had to be part of a bona fide eBay listing (or feedback comment, apparently). The...

Wikipedia's Word on Folksonomy

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 14, Categories: Social Media, Web 2.0, Wikipedia, digital media, tags

Steve Rubel notes that there's a debate at the online encyclopedia Wikipedia about a new listing for the word folksonomy, which it defines as "a neologism for a practice...

So Much for That iPod Slowdown

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 13, Categories: Apple Computer, iPod

Apparently, people still can't get enough of Apple's music players, judging from today's earnings report. The company shipped a million more iPods than skeptical analysts expected. Maybe they should put...

Hacking Firefox

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 13, Categories: Firefox, Web 2.0

I was about to write an item about how all the enthusiasm about Firefox seemed a bit much, given some annoying issues I've had with the upstart Web browser. For...

Note to Wireless Carriers: Free the Music

Posted by: Heather Green on July 13, Categories: Digital Music

Daniel Schulman, the head of Virgin Mobile USA, warned wireless carriers with aspirations of offering music services that they had better allow people to move those songs around freely--or risk...

I Feel the Need for Speed

Posted by: Cliff Edwards on July 12, Categories: Internet

Looks like the cable and DSL boys just can't place nice. Comcast just announced it has begun automatically upgrading its broadband speeds to 6 megabytes per second downstream and 384...

Treo 650 Problems?

Posted by: Cliff Edwards on July 12, Categories: Treo 650

So I'm an unabashed Treo lover. I love the great screen. I love that I can get a number of my business and personal e-mail accounts on it. I love...

Summmertime Fun

Posted by: Heather Green on July 12, Categories:

Wicked mindbender game.

Apple Wireless? Could Be Fun

Posted by: Olga Kharif on July 12, Categories: Apple Computer

What if Apple launched its own wireless service? I think this could be fun. In my crystal ball, I see.... A Shuffle phone. It picks phone numbers at random and dials them.

Microsoft vs Apple Redux?

Posted by: Cliff Edwards on July 11, Categories: Apple Computer

The rumor mill is hot right now that Cingular, Motorola and Apple are soon to announce the long-awaited iTunes phone. The big question isn't whether the much-delayed phone will come....

Productive Friction at eBay

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 10, Categories: Innovation, Power of Us, eBay

Ever since I read John Hagel's and John Seely Brown's writings about "productive friction," I've been intrigued by the idea but couldn't quite understand how it worked in the real...

In Store for Wireless Customers: Apple-like Stores

Posted by: Olga Kharif on July 10, Categories: wireless

Some pretty important people -- Mort Rosenthal, the founder of Corporate Software, at one point the world's largest PC software distributor, and Staples founder Tom Stemberg -- are plotting a new kind of a wireless venture. A wireless reseller that would revolutionize the wireless industry, to be exact.

Does the US need another anti-virus company?

Posted by: Steve Hamm on July 08, Categories: security

Between them, Symantec, McAfee, and Trend Micro just about have the US market for anti-virus software sewed up. But here comes Russia's Kaspersky Lab trying to gain a foothold. The...

Spag: It's Here

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 07, Categories: Social Media, tags

A few months ago, we heard predictions that spammers would hit tags, the keywords that people are appending to links, photos, songs, and other stuff on the Web. In fact,...

Legislative Changes to Grokster Ruling? Not a Chance

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 07, Categories: Grokster, file-sharing

Stanford law professor Larry Lessig told BusinessWeek last week that he thought Congress would have been a better body than the U.S. Supreme Court to decide the issues in the...

London Bombings: Bloggers Keep the News Coming

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 07, Categories: Social Media, Web 2.0, blogs

Check out the unbelievably swift response from bloggers and others to the tragic bombings this morning in London. First there's the interesting and useful map from London blogger Kosso of...

Opera browser to bundle Bit Torrent

Posted by: Stephen Baker on July 07, Categories: Internet

Opera software adds Bit Torrent to its browser

Euro software patent law crushed

Posted by: Steve Hamm on July 06, Categories: software

Well, they're back to Square One with European software patents. The European Parliament on July 6 voted 648 to 32 against a bill that would have unified European practices and...

An Explosion in New Web Sites

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 05, Categories: Internet, Web 2.0, blogs

The O'Reilly Radar blog reports on a Netcraft survey that indicates accelerating growth of new Web sites. The reasons given are both promising and potentially problematic. Netcraft says blogs and...

DT to sell T-Mobile? Come again?

Posted by: Olga Kharif on July 05, Categories: wireless

The idea that Deutsche Telekom would want to get rid of T-Mobile USA is ridiculous. It just doesn't make any financial sense.

A Coming Dark Age for Innovation?

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 04, Categories: Innovation

This will come as news to anyone whose VCR is still blinking 12:00--oh wait, who has a VCR anymore? A provocative view from Jonathan Huebner, a physicist at the Pentagon's...

Gizmo Takes On Skype

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 02, Categories: Innovation, Social Software, VOIP, Web 2.0

Michael Robertson seems to enjoy trying to shake up the powers that be, as he did in music with and in computer software with Lindows (now Linspire). Now, he...

Sun Taps into the Power of Us

Posted by: Rob Hof on July 01, Categories: Power of Us, Social Software, Web 2.0

Sun Microsystems is moving fast into what it calls the Participation Age, or at least talking about it a lot, Howard Rheingold notes in his Smart Mobs blog. "Sharing is...

More about software patents

Posted by: Steve Hamm on July 01, Categories: software

I sure got knocked around by TechBeat readers for my pro-patent posting last week. Thirty people say I'm an idiot. The folks at Red Hat, the leading distributor of Linux...


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