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Amazon's Prime Challenge

Posted by: Rob Hof on February 12, 2005

bezos2 (12k image)’s new shipping club, in which customers pay $79 a year for unlimited free two-day delivery and discounted next-day delivery on in-stock items, has gotten mixed reviews. Some say the Amazon Prime program is too expensive for customers—and others say it’s too expensive for Amazon. But at a Friday night meeting of Silicon Valley’s Churchill Club, CEO Jeff Bezos explained what he’s really trying to do. …

Instead of some kind of windfall, he's hoping the faster free shipping will persuade shoppers to consider buying more different kinds of products from Amazon--stuff they might have only bought in physical stores before. "If you pay $79 for a membership, then you'll say, well, if I want to buy a digital camera, maybe I'll look at Amazon," says Bezos. "It gets people to start checking across categories."

That points up one of Amazon's biggest challenges: extending its brand beyond media. In focus groups, Amazon has asked heavy book, music, and video buyers why they don't buy other things. "They say, 'You don't have an electronics store.' We tell them we've had one for five years, and they'll argue with us."

Of course, he adds, "If only people who buy a thousand things a year sign up, then we're in trouble."

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Reader Comments

Donald P TenEyck

August 25, 2006 03:40 PM

I had no idea that it would cost me 79 dollars to join the shipping club and would not have joined if I did. I don't order that much and don't care if it took longer.

I would like to cancel my membership and get a refund for that amount. The one purchase I made took longer then two day's anyway. It was not even paid for or shipped till 8 o2. I have not even receive any imformation about the club yet.

Than You
Donald TenEyck


September 26, 2006 04:20 PM

The big button on the Amazon order site that said $79 for a year gave me a really good clue that I would have to pay for Amazon Prime. Considering how much I buy there and my lack of patience for delivery, this service has worked very well for me. I also have to say that I have now started to buy things other than books and music off the website. Good idea Amazon!

Alvan Siegel

October 25, 2006 03:17 PM

I returned last night from vacation and my Amex Acct was charged $79.00 for Prime Shipping Club without my authorization

Hello Dumb People

October 25, 2006 06:48 PM

Hello dumb people who sign up not reading small print. You sign up, you pay for service. Is okay dumb dumbs. Amazon forgive you. Other online scammers who no care about you not so nice about forgiveness. They take money and run! Bye bye.


October 28, 2006 03:28 PM

I've been a long-time fan of Amazon Prime, but I've always hated that their search engine returned so many results for items that don't qualify for Prime shipping. Fortunately, Amazon Web Services lets me take the problem into my own hands, and I recently created, which allows anyone to search Amazon for Prime and SuperSaver shipping eligible items only. Now I'm a Prime subscriber for life!

Moshe Walles

November 8, 2006 12:02 PM

I had no idea that it would cost me 79 dollars to join the shipping club and would not have joined if I did. I don't order that much and don't care if it took longer.

I would like to cancel my membership and get a refund for that amount.
Moshe Walles

Bonnie Snuffer

November 9, 2006 07:22 PM

I have just received a charge on my Visa bill
for $79.00. I did not authorize this and will not
pay it. Please cancel "MY MEMBERSHIP" and I will expect confirmation from you immediately. I notice that I am not the only one that has unknowingly been charged. What a rip off. Please credit my account now. And then lose my email
Bonnie Smuffer

Rich Stoopid Person

November 13, 2006 02:16 AM

Yes, hello? BusinessWeek?

I am quite angry with you that I selected to sign up to a pay service with a big "$79!!" notice on it that I neglected to notice was for money. I can't believe you made me do this, Businessweek.

Also, because you did this to me, Businessweek, I will imperiously ask that you refund my money now. That's right, not the money I pay for a Businessweek subscription but the money that Amazon has somewhere for Amazon purposes. Fix it, Businessweek. Fix it before I strike at myself again.

I also did not intend for President Bush to ruin the war in Iraq when I voted for him again. I did not understand this vote was a vote for Bush when I voted for Bush. Fix this now too, Businessweek, for your reporting about external events is the root of all evil and is why people complain here.

Gillian Richardson

Poulose V. Nadamkuzhy

December 5, 2006 11:34 AM

Is this some kind of a joke? I woke up this morning and found out that I have just received a charge on my Visa bill for $79.00.from Amazon Prime Shipping Club. I did not authorize this and will not pay it. I did not sign up for the Amazon Primeshipping Club membership. Please cancel "MY MEMBERSHIP"(!!!) and I will expect confirmation from you immediately. Please credit my account now. And then lose my email
Poulose V Nadamkuzhy


December 5, 2006 05:27 PM

So far Amazon Prime is pretty cool. They had a free month trial of Prime, which I promptly signed up for. I ordered a lot of stuff for Christmas, (including some large heavy items) and all the shipping was free!!

David Mednick

December 8, 2006 08:47 AM

I have just received a charge on my American Express bill for $79.00. I did not authorize this and will not pay it. Please cancel "MY MEMBERSHIP" and I will expect confirmation from you immediately. I notice that I am not the only one that has unknowingly been charged. What a rip off. Please credit my account now. And then lose my email address
David Mednick


December 8, 2006 03:16 PM

I don't understand how people can complain that they have an unauthorized authorized charge for the Prime Shipping Club. Obviously they dont bother to read all the details as they go through clicking "accept" buttons. You wouldn't sign a paper contract with out reading the details, so why would you click "accept" without reading the details. It is a contract!


December 9, 2006 02:10 PM

maybe i didn't read the fine print. i place a lot of internet orders and sometimes there are so many pages to click through just to place the order. i just clicked through them. i didn't realize i was accepting membership for amazon prime. i don't recall seeing $79 in big numbers anywhere. i place about one order a year on amazon so it just isn't worth it for me. i was surprised to see the charge but i called customer service and they gave me a full refund because i didn't use any of the club benefits.

Mateo Aguirre

December 10, 2006 04:49 PM

I am very pissed off that i got charges 79$ for an item that cost 17$ I need to get a refund now and It would be nice if they could take my mermbership off of that stupid amazon prime thnga mabobber! Thank You!

Kamara forte

December 11, 2006 11:51 AM

I am utterly disgusted. I have been charged 79.00 for this prime shipping club! I did not get the memo on this one.....My item only cost 13.97 and was I'm being charged 79.00 which is an absurd fee and I have disputed this with my credit card company. I order things online all the time and have never experienced a problem like this before.

Ernest L. Sproles

December 12, 2006 05:50 PM

I Just seen a $79 charge to my account from Amazon Shipping Club and immediately thought fraud. So I contacted my bank and cancelled my debit card and told them I'm going to fill out a claim form in the morning. Now I find this website where lots of people have been cheated out of the same $79. I've ordered a few things off the internet but paid for the shipping at the time I ordered. This can't be legal.
Ernest L. Sproles

Suzanne Lempka

December 16, 2006 07:24 AM

I agree that Amazon is intentionally deceitful in tricking people into signing up for a service that very often would be of no use to them. I use Amazon for Christmas orders. That is all I ever intend to use them for. The fact that they tricked me into signing up for something I didn't want has turned me off so badly, I will never purchase anything from this disreputable company again. I don't see where their logic comes from, if I trick people out of $80, maybe they will use my company more. Well for me, it worked in reverse. Maybe I was never one of their best customers, but now I am a customer and judging from the feedback above, I am not the only customer they have lost due to this underhanded gimmick.


December 16, 2006 11:01 AM

I do NOT consider myself a DUMB online shopper and just noticed my card was charged 79.00 that I did not knowingly authorize. I am really disappointed in a great company like AMAZON pulling such a scam!!!!!!!!!


December 17, 2006 10:09 AM

I too made a purchase and was billed $79.00 through very deceptive means. Having used Amazon a lot, I never suspected they would use scam tactics to extract money. It had every appearance of a special free shipping rate to entice more purchases.
I will no longer risk buying from them, and will sell stock Monday before it tanks.

Kathy Barnosky

December 17, 2006 12:57 PM

I just received a bill for your service and I did NOT join your prime shipping Club. Please credit my account immediately.

Kathleen Barnosky

Christina Phan

December 18, 2006 01:12 AM

I have just seen a $79 charge to my account from Amazon Shipping Club which I did not authorize and will not pay for. Please cancel "MY MEMBERSHIP" and I will expect confirmation from you immediately. I will contact my bank and I'm going to fill out a claim form in the morning too. I'm surprised to see so many people have been cheated out of the same $79. How Amazon can pull this scam is beyond me.


December 18, 2006 06:03 PM

I had the same thing happen to me and I just hurried up and canceled this Prime Membership and it said it would refund my credit card of the 79 dollars.


December 19, 2006 10:55 AM

I was surprised when I saw a $79 charge to my credit card account from Amazon Prime Club which I DID NOT AUTHORIZE.
Please cancel "MY MEMBERSHIP" and refund my credit card of 79 dollars.

How can Amazon do this for your loyal customer ???

teddy p.

December 20, 2006 12:50 AM



December 22, 2006 12:28 AM

I just noticed the $79 charge on my VISA bill as well. However, it SHOULD be there. A few weeks ago there was a thing on amazon talking about a free trial of prime membership. I clicked it and started the trial, and it very clearly states that if you don't cancel the membership before the trial period is up, you will be charged for the next year. While it's easy to forget about this, or to not read through membership agreements for agreeing to them, the fact remains that Amazon is not at fault and shouldn't have to reimburse people for not seeing these things when signing up.

Edna Engel

December 25, 2006 04:05 AM

have just received a charge on my AMEX bill
for $79.00. I did not authorize this and will not
pay it. Please cancel "MY MEMBERSHIP" and I will expect confirmation from you immediately. I notice that I am not the only one that has unknowingly been charged. What a rip off. Please credit my account now. And then lose my email
Edna Engel


December 26, 2006 05:15 PM

I have just seen a $79 charge to my account from Amazon Shipping Club too which I did not authorize and will not pay for. Please cancel "MY MEMBERSHIP" and I will expect confirmation from you immediately

Siri Johnson

December 26, 2006 11:06 PM

People... please learn to read before you sign up for a free trial. Clicking randomly and not paying attention to what's on the page makes YOU solely responsible for the $79 charge. Don't blame Amazon for your negligence.

Barbara A Murray

December 27, 2006 08:55 AM

I did not order Amazon Prime Club. I looked at my bill this morning and saw the charge. Cancel immdiately and send me an e-mail showing me that it has been cancelled.

Thank you

Yvonne J. Yon

December 30, 2006 10:56 PM

I have had many a problem with I cancelled my Amazon Prime Membership in October and now in December they still managed to charge me the $79. Is there a number where I could reach customer service to get my money back?


December 31, 2006 09:17 PM

Amazon says that once you have done a month trial of prime membership, you will have time to opt out of subscription renewal. THIS IS NOT TRUE. There is no warning beforehand, no e-mail to alert you that they are going to withdraw money from your account. NO MATTER WHAT THE SMALL PRINT SAYS, THIS IS STEALING FROM CUSTOMERS!!!! Why?? because this is an ethically wrong way to do business!! If a customer is unable to cancel subscription in time e.g. after hospitalization og maybe just being on holiday and not with in arms length of a computer every day, it´s ok to take his money just because the customer is "silent".





M. Sullivan

January 2, 2007 09:41 PM

Oh boy.....Add me to the list of people who wish to disclaim any intention to belong to this "Club". What a rip-off! I order 2 or 3 times a year, and couldn't possibly benefit from the high charge of $79.00. A refund is due. It is unlikely that I will ever do business with Amazon again.


January 3, 2007 02:54 AM

Do you people not notice that almost all of the complaints here take the same exact form, in many cases using identical text or slight variations thereon? Either someone's having a laugh here at your expense, or someone's doing a bad job of trying to make Amazon look bad. (Well, maybe not doing such a bad job, considering how many of the rest of you are falling for it.) Open your eyes.

And if someone seriously can't tell the difference between this site and, to the point of demanding refunds here, do you really have a hard time believing they looked right at all the obvious indications of the cost and signed themselves up anyway?

Jacques Laporte

January 3, 2007 06:56 AM


I have just received a charge on my Amex bill for $79.00.

>Free Standard Shipping for eligible items shipped to P.O. boxes in the continental United States (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. >territories, possessions and protectorates) and APO/FPO addresses with U.S. zip codes.

Note that I do not live in the continental USA.

I did not authorize this and will not pay it. AMEX will be notified.

Please cancel my so-called membership and refund me.
I don't want to spoil my relation with Amazon, but until total refund, YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED to bill directly my credit cards.
Take notice please that I currently have no payment methods in your system.

Best regards.
Jacques Laporte.

Smart Shopper

January 3, 2007 03:58 PM

Thank you all for the good laugh. What idiot did not see the really big fine print and reminders from Amazon that this was a shipping club. Hello each and every order told you that it was Amazon Prime and when the offer expired.

Idiots! The country is full of them. And why would anyone posting on here think that Amazon is reading this blog and going to refund your money? I think Paris Hilton has more brain cells!

Alvaro Abrao

January 4, 2007 07:35 AM

AMAZON is charging me 79 $US !!!!!!!!!!
I never asked to be a member of this club !!!!!

Now, how do I get my money back ???

J. Laporte

January 5, 2007 12:38 PM

I must confess that the refund was fast (2 days).
All's well that ends well.


January 6, 2007 10:33 AM

I got hit with the $79 fee too, UNAUTHORIZED. I am steaming... I won't ever buy from Amazon again and will suggest all friends and family not purchase either.


January 9, 2007 03:03 AM

Just click on cancel and Amazon will refund your money. Jeez, and next time, read everything twice before giving out your credit card number.

maria milano

January 9, 2007 10:39 AM

I just received a bill for your service and I did NOT join your prime shipping Club. Please credit my account immediately. maria milano

yngrid guevara

January 9, 2007 10:50 AM

Is this some kind of a joke? I woke up this morning and found out that I have just received a charge on my Visa bill for $79.00.from Amazon Prime Shipping Club. I did not authorize this and will not pay it. I did not sign up for the Amazon Primeshipping Club membership. Please cancel "MY MEMBERSHIP"(!!!) and I will expect confirmation from you immediately. Please credit my account now. And then lose my email
address maria milano

kellie mason

January 12, 2007 04:08 PM

recently my twelve year old son signed up for amazon prime. how do i go about cancelling this order and getting a refund to my visa account

Adalberto Burgos

January 13, 2007 08:26 AM

I just got a bill on my visa card for $79.00 for a year subcription on Prime shipping club. I would like to discontinue this unwanted club, and I would like to know how to cancel and get my money back. Please credit my account.


January 14, 2007 10:46 AM

I accepted the one month (or 3 months or whatever it was) free offer for prime - had no intention of paying the fee for continuing on with it - was shocked to see it on my company credit card bill - this can't be a good thing for a formerly reputable company like Amazon that I always trusted - I intend to make sure they never record my credit card numbers again - remember, if something seems too easy and convenient (like Amazon) there must be a catch.


January 15, 2007 08:55 AM

I was just charged the same $79 that everyone is complaining about here. I can't speak for all cases, but in our case we only bought a couple of things from them, so we declined the 'Free' shipping and paid shipping on our items.

Now, this mystery charge appears on our bill long after our order was placed. I called amazon and they gladly offered to refund our money, but I couldn't get an explanation from them as to why I was charged in the first place since we had obviously paid for shipping on our items.

Amazon needs to rethink what they are doing to their customer base. I'll find somewhere else to do my shopping that doesn't extort money from us without notice.


January 16, 2007 06:20 PM

Guess what everyone... I live in Saudi Arabia and like everybody here i found the big $79 in my visa bill.
Now, shipments takes about a week to reach Saudi Arabia yet Amazon claims that with their new "Prime" service they will give u your packages in 2 days..
C'mon... what a ripoff.
I refuse to bay $79 for something I didn't authorized.


January 16, 2007 10:29 PM

you have your rules , but you were not fair neither honest with your customers.
When I applied for amazon prime club, you did not give any information about any membersip of $79 annually.
I am waiting for my returned money in my master card. Thank you


January 17, 2007 09:14 PM

In order to make a purchase on Amazon, there is a process that ensures you truly want to order the item and accept the charge to your credit card.

With Amazon Prime, none of the policies are clear and they intentionally bury any notice (if there was/is any) that $79.00 will be charged if you do not affirmatively ask then NOT to charge your credit card.

If they wanted to make the policy clear, they could have.

This is intentional on Amazon's part and it is fraud.


January 18, 2007 04:00 AM

Me too!!! Just charged 79USD without my authorisation. Why does Amazon go to such lengths to squeeze money out of me? Whether I get a refund for it or not I am never using Amazon again. Buying off the Internet is all about trust. They have broken that bond.


January 18, 2007 01:45 PM

I have used since 2001, mainly for purchasing text books for college, probably about 5 times a year. In December I made my purchase the same way I always do, but this time I was charged the $79. I have read the small print in the past so I felt no need to read again, considering I checked out as I normally do. Even if it is in small print some where, they made some sort of change when placing an order and I will never use again. I promoted to any one talking about shopping online over Ebay or any similar site, but not any more. They sunk low to do this kind of thing to their customers. They are going to lose many customers over this and I will warn every one I know about this robbery.

Ana Campideli

January 21, 2007 01:25 PM

Only reading these comments I found out the reason I was charged $79 from Amazon. I have never had problems with them until now. I can't speak for all cases, but in my case I only bought one thing with "free shipping" in the whole year! All the other items I paid for shipping. If they want to charge me for that one shipping it's ok, but $79? I want my money back!


January 23, 2007 12:35 PM

It's true that if you want to do business in the modern world, you are ultimately responsible for reading the small print and need to get used to it. That being said, how "Prime" is currently presented, it can only be concluded that the intent of is to deceive people and scam them for $79.

It is never presented in the ordering process that you will be charged $79 - you need to click the more-info link and read the terms. I am the Corporate Secretary for my company, so it is my job to read small print so I caught this, but it is easy to see how most people would not be on guard for this. This tactic is an old one but previously reserved for underworld fly-by-night sorts of "businesses". You currently have NO choice but to sign up if you place your order. The burden is yours to contact a CSR to cancel.

I placed an order at TowerHobbies this week and they have a similar program but a FULL screen comes up with the prices in BIG print and you are given a CHOICE to sign up. That's how it needs to be.

Sarah van

January 28, 2007 02:27 AM

Good grief people! Are you incapable of reading? I've known that the Amazon Prime service charges $79.00 per year for quite a while. I didn't sign up for it until this week because I wasn't sure if it would actually save me money in the long run. I was never under the impression it was a "free" club because I am NOT A MORON who clicks and accepts website buttons without reading the details first.

This isn't Amazon's problem....unless you consider the fact that they apparently have some exceptionally stupid customers their fault.

Alex Martin

February 19, 2007 07:44 PM

I'm yet another victim of Amazon's PRIME STING. On Feb. 9th Amazon made a completely UNAUTHORIZED $79 charge on my Visa card. I discovered it only today when I reviewed my Visa account activity.

It's absolutely OUTRAGEOUS that Amazon should perpetuate such a SCAM. Not only am I going to try to get the charge off my account, but I wonder if Amazon's action could be considered FRAUD, with potential for substantial claims damages.

Looks to me like we may have a basis here for a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. Any attorneys out there who would like to take a crack at this case, with a LARGE CONTINGENCY in the offing?
Let's pile on Amazon. Sting 'em good and hard.

Are you listening Steve Bozos? Beans in your ears? Time for a woodshed discipline here that will take air out of your golden parachute.


March 5, 2007 10:21 AM

I was charged 79.00 without my authorization and have disputed it with my card company. I have no doubt the money will be returned to my account. I am a college professor and order many books a year. Amazon just lost my business for good.


March 9, 2007 04:12 PM

I LOVED Amazon Prime. I think I've been a member for 2, maybe 3 (?) years now.

It worked - I've bought electronics and pocket knives that I never would have considered purchasing from Amazon without it.

Ever since they've added DHL & USPS to their delivery providers, 3 of my last 4 orders have been late.

One was my husband's birthday gift... very disappointing.

With a 75% failure rate on their most recent deliveries, there's no reason to renew my Prime membership.


March 15, 2007 03:37 AM

I am a blind person and use a screen reader to navigate web pages and was absolutely clear concerning the $79 annual fee following the 30-day trial period, and I didn't have to read the small print to understand the concept. Sometimes you have to be blind in order to clearly see. The prime shipping service is worth the money in my opinion and extremely useful. Regards, Emmanuel.

Herb Ross

March 28, 2007 03:12 PM

I never intended to sign up for Prime Shipping and never completed a purchase with it. Nonetheless, it seems to be a "stealth" type of program that signs you up without any warning confirmation. It was easy enough to get out of immediately by making a request to "quit" on an address in the acknowledgement message I got. THE TRICK AMAZON HAS PLAYED ON US IS TO CANCEL THE ABILITY TO GET THE "SUPER SAVER" FREE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OVER $25 ON QUALIFYING PURCHASES. ONCE YOUR A "MEMBER", THAT OPTION DISAPPEARS. Unless it is replaced, I'll have to shop at Barnes & Nobel for my books.

Agustin Vidal Valls

March 29, 2007 04:57 PM

I have received a charge on my Amex for $79.00.

For a PRIME SHIPPING CLUB. I live in Argentina.

I have not accept this payment and will not pay it. AMEX will be notified.

Please cancel my so-called membership and refund me.
I don't want to spoil my relation with Amazon, but until total refund, YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED to bill directly my credit cards.
I have removed my Amex of amazon.

Best regards.

Agustin R. Vidal Valls

Herb Ross

March 30, 2007 02:54 PM

Although I cancelled Primeshipping immediately, while I was still in the "free Primeshipping trial period," it still blocked Super Saver Shipping on certain orders over $25. To its credit, Amazon immediately got me out of the Primeshipping trial period, too, on my request, and the Super Saver shipping option immediately reappeared on Amazon's website for me.

Super Saver is a better deal for me: only a slight shipping delay, no shipping charges on selected items, and no $79 annual fee.


April 11, 2007 11:17 AM

Is pressing "CANCEL" button going to work? I was charged on Easter Sunday, which is sooooo ANNOYING, and I haven't bought anything from Amazon since January.
Is Amazon returning your money, people? Do they refund your cards when you click "CANCEL"?
Please, let me know asap, as I'm so pissed off. I'm steaming!!!!


Yadvinder Singh Ahi

April 12, 2007 02:47 PM

I have just received a charge on my American Express bill for $79.00. I did not authorize this and will not pay it. Please cancel "MY MEMBERSHIP" and I will expect confirmation from you immediately. I notice that I am not the only one that has unknowingly been charged. What a rip off. Please credit my account now. And then lose my email address.

Edwin Vega

April 16, 2007 09:10 PM

I have just recieved a charge on a Bank of America credit card that I shredded months ago. I did not authorize it and will not pay for it. Please cancel my membership and I expect a confirmation on my e-mail inmediately. This is a rip off and takes some of my valuable time. How could I have used a card that has been shredded.


April 17, 2007 02:15 PM

First, this site cannot refund your money. You must log into your amazon account and cancel the prime service before you place an order and use the service, or speak to someone in a call center and cancel your service. 1 (866) 577 5820.

Second, the practice of using opt-in marketing with terms and charges hidden as well as they possibly can sickens me. There is nothing free about Amazon Prime. $79.00 > Free. Lying on one page, and putting a link to another page where the truth is told is still a lie. I design e-commerce sites for a living and every time a marketing person wants to put something like this on one of the websites I'm working on, I point out the negative impact that it will have on users that are not aware of it. What has happened is a corruption of what is known as opt-in or "permission marketing." Permission marketing is marketing centered around obtaining customer consent to receive information from a company. The problem is that to obtain consent, the person giving consent needs to see and comprehend fully what they are consenting to. When the details that would make that consent less likely to occur are hidden or misrepresented, this is where a problem occurs. Amazon has designed a system in such a way that you don't know that you are buying prime service unless you are very very careful and read multiple pages of material. In addition, they make every attempt to discourage you from cancelling the service and also make it as difficult as they can to cancel the service once it is used for the first time.

Third, I encourage you to remove all of your billing details from sites, like Amazon, that store you credit card information. If you remove your credit cards, they cannot sign you up automatically since you did not give them permission to save your credit card details. That would actually be fraud.

Fourth, I encourage everyone to dispute the charge on their credit card so that's charge back ratio is pushed to a percentage where their merchant account fees become higher. This is the only message that will get through to their executives that this type of marketing scheme is nefarious at best and just plain ethically wrong.


April 25, 2007 12:06 AM

I don't understand how it would be possible to withdraw $79 from my account without even asking my confirmation. I am a guest here for about 3 months and I intend to leave US soon. Do you accept overseas delivery without any payment also?
Please answer me soon and give me back the money.
That's not fair at all.


April 27, 2007 07:53 PM

They should take any mention of "Free" off their offers. Charged me a $1 originally, complained, got it back, but the $80 was a big surprise to me too, I seen no mention of it in the fine print on the offer, if so it was sneaky. In process of getting it refunded too as I found the service useless and havn't used it even once to save me any money.


May 2, 2007 09:02 AM

Wow you complainers are hopeless. There's nothing sneaky about it. Just read the damn contract... You can set the PRIME membership to stop after the trial ends and they even email you a week before so you have time to cancel. Some people say they didn't get the alert by email so just call Amazon and they'll refund you the money. Amazon is pretty good on refunds so there's no need to worry.


May 10, 2007 09:06 PM

I discovered the $79.00 Amazon charge on my account this week.

I neither knowingly nor accidently signed up for Amazom Prime. My last order with Amazon was 01/19/07.

So no 30 day free trail turning into a charge would be the case here.

This is a fraudulent charge. I called there Customer service and the rep told me that they get a large number of calls in regards to this.


May 15, 2007 06:54 PM

Wow, I've never seen one single location on the internet with so MANY STUPID ILLITERATE MORONS in one place.


May 20, 2007 12:09 AM

I, too, was charged $70 for AMZ without my authorization. Before the "wow you're an idiot; read the fine print!" people get on my case, I'd like to add that I haven't made a purchase on Amazon for over 6 months, so it's just not possible that I assented to a 3 month free trial and then didn't cancel. The charge was completely unauthorized.

Ioannis Papadakis

May 26, 2007 11:25 AM

This is very Wrong, 7years use of credit card and I haven't seen anything such this. 79$ without confirmation. I will cancel all my credit cards


May 28, 2007 11:24 AM

Wow! I'm with JDF. In fact, I didn't know there were so many "STUPID ILLITERATE MORONS" in existence - especially out there shopping on the internet with credit cards.

I am honestly so astounded at all of you and am still not sure this is not some kind of bizarre joke. I am so overwhelmed by the out pouring of stupidity that I can't even come up with any kind of coherent response that won't take hours to post.

Just please take it from me, if you're letting your 12 year old shop on your Amazon account and then being mad he shopped, mad because Amazon replaced your slow super-saver shipping with 2 day shipping, think you only were able to comprehend the fine print because you are a genius and non-geniuses should not be expected to read the fine print (I'll bet they are surprised at Target when they get to the check stand and didn't read the fine print i.e. the price tag, and don't get their purchases for free) or are mad at Amazon for your own actions and then demanding restitution from BUSINESS WEEK then YOU SHOULD NOT BE SHOPPING ON THE INTERNET!! You probably should not use credit cards and ought to consider having a responsible adult handle your money for you.
Otherwise, please send me your email address because the is this super cool bridge in Brooklyn that can get you a deal on....

I saw that Prime free shipping option for some time when placing orders and checked out the details. I got lots of emails from Amazon prodding me to join. I was always aware of the $79 an was not charged it till I authorized it. In fact, I did the free trial and during the trial found it very simple to select the "Do Not Renew" button under the "Manage your Amazon Prime membership" section of "Account Settings". I figured I may as well wait till placing another order to renew.

That all said, I LOVE AMAZON PRIME! It has been wonderful for me (and I think good for Amazon because my joy has brought them many new customers). My time is very valuable and when I need something, whether it be a new book, replacement headlights for my car, Tide laundry detergent, a vacuum or argyle socks, to just make a few mouse clicks and have it show up in 2 days is amazing and worth way more than $79 (shhh, don't tell Amazon).

CF Chen

May 29, 2007 12:03 AM

I think there is something wrong of our brain! We are all stupid?


May 29, 2007 10:28 AM



May 30, 2007 02:10 AM

For those who continue to post message of how stupid the individuals complaining must be, let me tell you I DO read the fine print. And I DID read the information about Amazon Prime and decided it would not be beneficial for me to join. Even though I opted out of their offer at the time of my purchase, my credit card was STILL charged for the membership. I would imagine there are people who do not read the asterisks and fine print, but I do. As a savvy consumer pursuing my MA, I take great offense to being called "stupid". Perhaps the ignorance lies within those who are blind to the fact that these types of scams occur regardless of the intelligence of the shopper.

Francisco Hernández

May 31, 2007 05:18 PM

I too join this long list of people that got scammed by amazon, wouldn't it be correct to receive an email that showed the $79 charge applied to my credit card. What a disappointment to online shoppers when a company like amazon tricks you out of your money. They just lost one more customer.

Patricia Del Frari

June 1, 2007 06:11 PM

I have received a charge on my Amex for $79.00.

For a PRIME SHIPPING CLUB. I live in Argentina.

I have not accept this payment and will not pay it. AMEX will be notified.

Please cancel my so-called membership and refund me.
I don't want to spoil my relation with Amazon, but until total refund, YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED to bill directly my credit cards.

>Free Standard Shipping for eligible items shipped to P.O. boxes in the continental United States (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. >territories, possessions and protectorates) and APO/FPO addresses with U.S. zip codes.

Note that I do not live in the continental USA.

Take notice please that I currently have no payment methods in your system.

Best regards.


June 6, 2007 12:31 AM

Well, this is what I call a lot of stupids that fell in the trick of AMAZON and a lot of genius who know to read the Small prints. Well, it's curious that Amazon, the pioneer of service customer on the NET don't take a little time to warn us that this time will expire in some days.
I would call it a suspicious behavior Jeff!
Honestly I feel like if you Jeff, would have take out money of my pocket smoothly!!



June 8, 2007 03:35 PM

Prime? More like bait and switch. I have Prime service. I selected and bought 2 LCD monitors which for no apparent reason were not designated as "Prime". Why? Their customer service began with telling me it was an oversized box. I contacted the manufacturer and discovered it was shipped in a 20"x22"x7" box. Not exactly oversized. They then said it required specialty shipping. Uh, they delivered it to me via UPS ground??? Not so special afterall. They now claim it requires special handling. Good grief! What a bunch of BS. There are other 22" LCD monitors they sell which do qualify as prime. Are they less fragile?

I have been a customer since 1998. Shame on Amazon. Their customer service is sweet and professional, but BS is BS.

By the way, BS does not stand for Bait and Switch ;)

galyanee rizek

June 16, 2007 07:04 AM

What a ripoff. Amazon, I was so surprised when I saw $79 charge to my credit card account from Amazon Prime Club which I DO NOT AUTHORIZE. PLEASE CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP AND REFUND MY CREDIT CARD OF 79 DOLLARS. SHAME ON YOU.

C A Leach

June 16, 2007 06:21 PM

WEll I am another statistic of Amazon Prime Club. I have not ordered before and when I got my Bank statement I was charged 79 for a fee I did not authorize. What a rip off. BEWARE EVERYONE!!! I am requesting my money back.


Tom Shelton

June 18, 2007 05:42 PM

They tried the same thing with me.......i sent them an EXTREMELY nasty e mail and they not only cancelled but i was told i would get a refund within two to three days..........this is total BS.


June 19, 2007 02:28 AM

I was so surprised when I saw $79 charge to my credit card account from Amazon Prime Club which I DO NOT AUTHORIZE.


Shame that you are doing this kind of transactions !!!!


June 28, 2007 04:30 PM

I just noticed the charge on my card today I have not ordered anything from amazon in months I am going to contact my bank I'll post what I hear from them

Don Burger

July 4, 2007 04:10 PM

Please cancel the charge on my credit card. I do not want the "service" you supposedly provide.

Alexander Savelyev

July 5, 2007 03:14 AM

As most people above the list I'm deeply unsatisfied by the rude act of Amazon. I insist on canceling so-called membership in Amazon Prime Club which I didn't authorize and surely will not. However, money has been taken from my account - $79 - and that looks like a robbery. Please rectify the situation, otherwise I'll have to turn to court. Thanks.

Hung D. Le

July 8, 2007 07:52 PM

I did not register to PRIME SHIPPING CLUB why American express card charge me $79.00 0n 06.25.2007.
Please refund my money.
Thank you
Hung D. Le

Garfield Duncan

July 16, 2007 02:02 PM

I have been a regular shopper on Amazon for years and never noticed "PRIME SHIPPING" until about six weeks ago. A big ad came on the screen and I tried to click cancel but noticed that it congratulated me for joining "Prime Shipping" I did not read any fine print because of the way the ad was presented and made it difficult to get away from the ad. As far as I was concerned this was deceptive at best. I called once and they said that they would reverse the charge then e-mailed me telling me that I could not cancel because I used the benefit....... I called back, mad as hell and insisted to have the charges reversed.

Apparently this is service that has been in place for a while that they have decided to try to boost at customers' expence.

I know that is better than this and I expect them to ensure that this does not happen to others


July 16, 2007 02:51 PM

I too was charged $79.00 on July 6 2007, I NEVER signed up for this Prime thing. I have been trying to get these charges off my credit card for a while now and FINALLY after two weeks a rep of Amazon tells me she can't help me! What the bleedin' hell?! After losing my cool she finally says she'll "send me the info on terminating my account" but that's all she can do for me, along with sending me a refund. WHAT THE HELL is going on!

Jamie Houghton

July 17, 2007 12:07 AM

My first reaction was about how sheer persistence is what takes this idiotic humor and makes it kind of funny. I mean, who would imagine people would keep plugging away at this for a year? Wow. Add to that an inescapable and unnerving sense of "not quite everyone is in on this stupid little joke" and you've got something which gives pause. I suspect I'll be thinking about all of this long after I've left this page, whether I want to or not... :-D


July 21, 2007 01:58 PM

How dumb can some people be? Amazon is a very reputable company and you have to click thru and agree to terms before they will charge you $79. Maybe you are click happy? Maybe you are just posting negatives comments for fun? I have been a prime member for 2 years and will be renewing when my membership is up for renewal. Prime is great, I order light bulbs, food, kitchen items, tools, bedding, towels, games, toys, sports equipment, lawn & garden equipment, dvd's, books, cd's, electronics, just about everything that I would normally buy in a store, and it arrives at my doorstep in 2 days!!! What could be better? For those of you who do not read the terms & conditions shame on you. It's not even fine print! Plus, if you USE the prime shipping then you can't get a refund. If you have not USED it then they will refund your $79. So, you sign up, use the service, and now complain? What ever happened to reading agreements and taking personal responsibility?


July 23, 2007 07:36 AM

I can see from above posts that thay have been charging $ 79 without any authorization for such a long time. The same thing happened to me a few days ago. They're sheer a--holes stealing money !!! Don't be ridiculous with your reading the terms & conditions and taking personal responsibility?

hey mine

July 31, 2007 11:47 AM

you're all a bunch of idiots for not reading the fine print. MORONS...! and this is not the forum for amazon customer service... air your grievances with them, NOT businessweek!!

Claudia Montalvan

July 31, 2007 12:05 PM

I have been charge also with the $79 in my visa...i only shop twice per year in amazon, so is not a good deal for me...... i must clicked the wrong button and sign up for that unintentionally .... But calm down people! you can go, enter your account and cancel the subscription for the Prime Club explaining why are you canceling it... i did this this morning, i hope i will get my refund soon :)

Linda Keady

August 1, 2007 04:26 AM

I have just found this site. I live in Ireland and have just rcvd my Visa Bill. There is a charge of dlrs 79.00 for Amazon Prime Club. How dare anyone come to my account and take money from it when I did not sign up for this service. I have only had a couple of goods from Amazon and my choice was to pay the shipping.

This practice cannot be allowed to happen that you purchase items from a company, they retain your details on file, and then they can just come along and debit your account whenever they wish - NO WAY.

So firstly, I wish you to communicate with me in order that I can get my money back and then I wish Amazon to immediately delete my details from their data base. I await your response.
Linda. Co. Mayo, Ireland August 01.2007

Disco Science

August 16, 2007 11:06 PM

I was charged the same, and I know for a FACT I didn't sign up. Don't say anything about small print, I make fortune 500 ecommerce websites and even did some work on amazon's code at one time. THEY ARE CHARGING everyone and they will refund you if you complain, just call 1 866 557 2820, Press whatever number is for returns and refunds(i think three, but the voice will say which ot press) then press 2 for refunds, it will play a 10 minute voice message about how to get refunds from sellers etc then give you avoice menu with options to go back to the main menu. Press 4 here, and it will connect you to a live rep, if you tell them you didn't sign up, they will say they have record of you taking the 'free trial', just insist you didn't and they will give you a refund. They are told to give refunds without causing a hassle (although they will at first say you signed up for the trial). It is a scam, they are signign people up becuase they know alot of people wont know how to or wont care to go through the trouble and take the 78$ charge. Just do what I said and they will refund you within 2-3 days.


August 20, 2007 07:42 PM

I also have been charged for this service. I never signed up to be a member. I would like to get a complete refund on my credit card and the internation fee that I have been charged. How do I get a refund.


August 23, 2007 05:13 AM

Just give amazon a call. 1800-201-7575..You will be refunded the full 79$ unless you used the prime on the next order(in whichcase you receiev around 74, not bad considering you got 2 plus orders for free 2 day shipping.) In the past it was a small fine print, but amazon just revised the set up, THERE IS A "VERY LARGE 79$ TEXT".

Easiest way to cancel and refudn is click "your account"(upper right link), search for "subsciptions" and udner that "amazon prime subscirption), then cancel it there for a ful lrefund. hope this helps.

Isaac Mbeng

September 2, 2007 09:42 PM

The transaction for which the prime arrangement was cancelled so it was not proper for Amazon to proceed with the withdrawing of money from my account since I did not benefit from the stipulated purchase. Since the transaction which will have made me a member was cancelled- my membership was equally cancelled. That's it.

Guy Taylor

September 16, 2007 08:45 PM

I had no idea that I would be charged $79 and another charge of $1 for this "Prime Shipping Club". In Texas this is called Consumer Fraud or deceptive Business Practice. I hope that the Texas Attorney Generals Office, Consumer Fraud Division get wind of this. This is criminal.


September 17, 2007 02:00 AM

I got charged by the amozon "Prime shipping club" too. The Amozon keeps all credit card numbers of its customers, and charges without clearly informing customers. I believe it's not a fair and honest conduct. I can't believe Amozon needs to make money in such a dishonest way. Very disappointed.


September 17, 2007 05:27 PM

Total rip-off! I read every agreement I agree to on the internet, and I did not sign up for Amazon Prime Shipping. I called them, and they cancelled it immediately and refunded my money. I, too, expect more from Amazon and will not use them anymore!

Aby Osara

September 20, 2007 03:00 AM

I woke this morning only to find a $79 charge to my account from amazon club prime membership. At first I thought a rogue had got a hold of my credit card and was having a wonderful time shopping. I deciced to call the number on my account and to my surprise the guy who picked the phone sounded so unprofessional and wanted to me supply him with all my details. This made me scared the more and as such I demanded to speak with his manager. His manager was not even better he sounded drunk at about 3.30 am in the morning. I decided to call back later and was able to speak with a lady who explained everything to me. They have promised to refund my money back and I hope to get soon.


September 24, 2007 01:16 PM

Yeah to be fair I knew about it and payed for it along with the free trial so for $79 I got 15 months of free shipping. However, many items were excluded from this program and while I liked the program I declined to sign up again.


September 24, 2007 04:01 PM

I do remember some membership for free shipping showing up, but I did not click to sign up for it once I realized that there was a charge. Suddenly, nearly a month later a charge showed up on my credit card. You know, I always read the fine print and this truly is a scam that Amazon is pulling. I am surprised in Amazon. They will be losing a lot of long time customers and I suggest that they don't pull this kind of thing any more if they want to stay in business.

Russell Caauwe

September 25, 2007 11:35 AM

I didn't knowingly sign up for this! I have put the $79 charge in dispute with my credit card company. I would not have suspected Amazon of such deceitful practices. What a scam!

Koichi Muramoto

September 25, 2007 05:36 PM

I, too, saw a charge on my credit card for $79 dollars. I called my credit card company and immediately disputed the charge.

I then called regarding this charge and they immediately cancelled my subscription and refunded my credit card. But, the question is how they actually charged my credit card. I NEVER signed up for Amazon Prime, which they said I signed up for a free-trial 30 days prior to the charge and I NEVER received an email they said they sent to opt out of the 30 day trial!

I have an email account that I use only for online purchases and after a search of my email I did not find ONE email from Amazon Prime regarding an offer, a subscription confirmation, or a 30 day opt out email. Short of calling this credit card fraud I don't know what else to call it. I'm grateful they cancelled my subscription and refunded my credit card, but this is bull!@#t!!!

Gnilwod Evets

September 27, 2007 08:07 PM

I just checked my credit card statement and find out I had been charged $79.00 for something that I never used. I already canceled my Prime membership and if Amazon will not refund my credit card, I will make sure to never use Amazon again for anything!!

Teressa Ross

October 1, 2007 06:17 PM

I am very disappointed with Amazon. I didn't sign up for Amazon prime service. I order around 4 books or less per year and 80 bucks for shipping for this amount of book is very unrealistic to me. I would have no ways signed up for this service, small print/fine print or not. I know that I didn't authorize this service and I want a full refund. It's not right to take advantage of people and I truly am very disappointed in Amazon.


October 2, 2007 09:05 AM

I found that my account was charged $79 for Amazon Shipping...I was not aware this would occur. I utilized the free shipping on an order a month ago and I was under the impression you could select the Prime shipping later on. I would like my account credited for the charge as I was not aware this would take place


October 7, 2007 09:06 PM


I didn't know they charged $79 a year.

Nancy Lovatt

October 8, 2007 05:49 PM

I just went on line to pay my American Express Card and I was charge $79.00 for the Amazon Shipping. You can imagine my surprise, when I pay shipping up front and don't order enough to have the $79 valued. Please credit back my card.


October 12, 2007 05:48 PM

What a surprise !!!!!!!!!
I just went on line to pay my American Express Card and I was charge $79.00 for the Amazon Shipping. You can imagine my surprise, when I pay shipping up front and don't order enough to have the $79 valued. Please credit back my card, And please don´t do it again !!!!!!!!!!!!

Yang Ye

October 13, 2007 01:01 PM

I've been charged $79.00 to my visa card for Amazon shipping. So surprise!!! I just cancelled it and I want my money back ASAP!

Brenda A. Pizzagoni

October 16, 2007 11:40 AM

I am furious. . . I was in Switzerland when I was told that my Capital One credit card was not valid. I called Capital One (which cost me $52 euros); and because I had alerted them that I would be out of the country, they stopped payment on this fraudulent charge. I had no idea what the $79 charge could be, so I had to cancel my card, thinking that someone had gotten my card number. I would never have authorized a $79 charge since I do not make purchases that would be worthwhile for me to enroll in such a plan. Evidently, there are others who were dooped! How can this happen -- I thought Amazon was a reputable organization.


October 22, 2007 02:37 AM

The same thing just happened to me and I didn't know what the hell was going on. I have thought that someone had gotten my credit card number and was about to call my bank, but then I searched online to see what is it AMZ Prime and ran into this website and found out I'm not the only one. Please cancel this ASAP and refund my $$$. You overdrafted my account and I've been charged for overdraft by my bank. You people are unbelievable! I'm going to cancel my account with AMAZON forerver!!!

Trang Nguyen

A Disgusted Customer

October 22, 2007 08:19 PM

I noticed that some of the comments on this page are from amazon themselves trying to minimalize these experiences as if they asked for it.

Belive it or not amazon, although I am sure you are counting on those few of us who can let $79 dollars slide unoticed out of their account, the rest of us you just appease by refunding our money.

What a bunch of garbage. There was no Big Button that I saw that said $79 on it. It was a sneaky and underhanded way to get it and will not be dismissed. Now I have to go deposit some money in my account to cover those funds until you refund my money!!!!!!!!

Anthony Vang

October 23, 2007 02:45 AM

I actually enjoy this alot, I live in california and well there is tax and I buy stuff from videogames to electronic equipment(cameras, recorders, dvd players, etc) and anything that can be gifts(shoes, watches, etc), I buy a lot of stuff online, but anyway California has taxes and well if I buy on amazon, I don't have to pay for taxes and also they are most of the time 2 to 4 dollars cheaper than what I see at wal-mart or target or any other store like that. free 2 day shipping is nice and when im in a rush for buying a gift for a nephews birthday that I forgot about, the next day shipping comes in handy verymuch since the stuff they like arent sold in stores and if they are they always run out fast, like cheap but durable waterproof Boss speakers.

even though most will say, thats just a few dollars of savings and the $79 bucks is way more, well I shop a lot online, so it does rackup quite a bit, $22 dollars for some marine speakers on amazon as apposed to $29.95 dollars for the same speakers at Circuit City plus tax(adds up when you need 8 of them) and much harder to return too if your dissatisfied. I also save gas which isnt cheap at all even though its from costco, its still not very cheap. I've signed up near the end of January of 2007 and have spent over $2000 dollars on there so far(mainly because of early christmas shopping)but the free 2-day and cheap next day shipping saved me a lot also saved stress and gas because Fry's electronics is 45 miles away and thats about my whole gas tank(90 miles back and fourth), also I have no car, just a motorcycle so it does come in handy too. Believe me, if you enjoy buying people gifts but are too nervous about figuring out where to buy the stuff or ask a store associate where is what at or do they carry it, this is just right for you., I've saved tons of money since regular 2 day is like 12 bucks and next day can sometimes get to $30 bucks. its just like wholesale warehouse stores such as Costco or Sam's Club, its not for everyone.

-Anthony V

A disgusted customer

October 23, 2007 09:47 AM

Perhaps there is benefit to some customers on a service like this, however, if Amazon believes so strongly that this program will be of benefit to others, they should promote all of its benefits clearly and openly to their customers and give them a choice.

I used Amazon to buy my daughter's school books and we are on a limited budget. If Amazon really cares about it's customers, they will make sure that it is clear what charges are being made to their cuctomers accounts.

I also do not appreciate being lied to by their customer service representative ( Yes my name is spelled with an "I" like in India)
about how there was a button that said $79 dollars on it that I must have accidentally pressed. If I see a button that says $79 dollars I read clearly what it is about before pressing it.

In the past, I have encouraged my mother and grandmother that it is o.k. to purchase online through reputable companies like I thought Amazon to be but I myself am seriously rethinking whether or not I want my credit card on a server of even the companies that I thought to be Trustworthy....Like Amazon.

David Holley

October 27, 2007 09:34 AM

I didn't authorize this nor ask for it. Please remove me from this club immediately. I don't even use amazing frequently enough to what this.

jorge gutierrez pedreros

October 31, 2007 02:17 AM

in my visa of bbva bank of chile you has charged 79 dollars , i did not register to PRIME SHIPPING CLUB AMZ*Prime Club 866-557-2820 . please correct this delictive action.

visa banco bbva sucursal la florida santiago chile

juan pablo

October 31, 2007 12:30 PM

i just bought something from and my visa was charged $79 for amazon prime. how can they do this? i did not register or authorize for the prime shipping club. this is fraud amazon. please refund my money today.

Yin Lam Ho

November 1, 2007 01:45 PM

I was charged $79 of the Amazon Prime Club. Just like the others said, I had no idea it would charge me $79 for the membership. They should refund the money to us. I only bought one book from Amazon, and that order are qualifed for Free Super Shipping already, I did not need the fast shipping of Amazon Prime Club. Amazon should have some business ethics. Please delete my club membership and refund my money back. I am not going to buy anything from Amazon again. This is a terrible online shopping experience.


November 5, 2007 08:13 PM

Why are idiots posting on the BUSINESSWEEK article and not complaining to AMAZON?


November 6, 2007 06:53 PM

Precisely what I was just laughing myself silly about. Some of these gene pool wonders think that this is customer service.

Breeding new humans should be earned, not a right. People frighten me.

hayri odabas

November 13, 2007 07:59 AM

I was charged $79 of the Amazon Prime Club. Just like the others said, I had no idea it would charge me $79 for the membership. They should refund the money to us. I only bought one book from Amazon, and that order are qualifed for Free Super Shipping already, I did not need the fast shipping of Amazon Prime Club. Amazon should have some business ethics. Please delete my club membership and refund my money back. I am not going to buy anything from Amazon again. This is a terrible online shopping experience.


November 15, 2007 07:34 PM



NOV. 15/ 2007

Stephen Oh

November 16, 2007 12:27 AM

This is very devious advertising on's part. I ordered a book for free two-day delivery assuming that it was part of the 'book sale' (i already paid $150 for the book itself). I had no idea that this "free shipping" entailed being charged $79 (without my permission or knowledge) for unknowingly signing up for the Amazon Prime Club. should be ashamed of themselves. I'm no longer buying from anymore (Period).

Carol Townsend

November 16, 2007 09:31 AM

I have had the same issue - being charged $79 by AMAZON without authorising this charge. I use the internet for a lot of my shopping needs and have also never had this experience. The sad thing for Amazon is that they will now lose a lot of loyal customers. I, for one, will never shop on their site again.

silviya andreeva

November 20, 2007 11:29 AM

I haven't authorized a payment of $79 on my debit card.You don't have the right to do this.I can see clearly I am not the only person who has this problem.I expect to give me back my money,because I am out of the country and I guarantee I can't order anything else from amazon for a long time,but I need to pay some bills with this money in my card.


November 20, 2007 04:22 PM

The same thing happened to me. Yesterday, to my amazement, i found 79$ unauthorized charge to my account.

But being a long time loyal amazon customer, I am doubting if actually amazon had initiated that charge.

I ordered a book recently from an used book seller in amazon. The seller contacted me this weekend saying, he might have sent the book to wrong address and would send it again. I am wondering if that seller had initiated that transaction.

Manuel F. Lara

November 28, 2007 07:48 AM

As hundred of custumers before, you have charded my debit card. I had no idea I had requested the membership to this club, which I do not need at all. As most people above the list I'm deeply unsatisfied by the rude act of Amazon. I insist on canceling so-called membership in Amazon Prime Club which I didn't authorize and surely will not. However, money has been taken from my account - € 55.95 on -26-09-07 and that looks like a robbery. Please rectify the situation, otherwise all custumers in my same situation will join and appeal to court.
I would like to cancel my membership and get a refund for that amount.
Manuel F. Lara

szymon barabasz

November 28, 2007 12:29 PM

Please cancel "MY MEMBERSHIP" and I will expect confirmation from you immediately. I notice that I am not the only one that has unknowingly been charged. What a rip off. Please credit my account now. And then lose my email address!!!

Catalin Catoiu

December 3, 2007 07:09 AM

I have the same problem!!!I have just received a charge on my VISA card for $79.00. I did not authorize this and will not pay it. Please cancel "MY MEMBERSHIP" and send confirmation immediately. I notice that I am not the only one that has unknowingly been charged. I hope this is a MISTAKE and not a SCAM. Please credit my account now. And never send me Emails!!!!


December 5, 2007 12:04 PM

I just had the same problem! I never heard of this club and was on with Amazon in the phillipines..SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!


December 9, 2007 12:24 PM

How do I cancel the 79.00 withdraw?!


December 9, 2007 09:17 PM

They charged me $79 for this club without giving me any notice of the transaction. I called them and got a refund over the phone. No harm done. However, they should remind their customers of the clubs they are in without such "surprises".


December 14, 2007 09:20 AM

I got caught by the Amazon Prime charge also. (No. I am not a dumb person. I just though Amazon was one of those rare companies that could be trusted - a bit.) They even had the nerve to go to a second charge card when my "preferred" one had an expiration date. I told them to remove me from their records and refund my money. We'll see what happens.

Mr Obvious

December 15, 2007 07:04 PM

My god this page is full of retards! This is a blog post- if you want a refund goto

"im not dumb" so when you got free shipping for your order for signing up for the 'trial' you thought the trial would last forever?? Nothings free. You recived free shipping in exchange for the trial. you did it. amazon did not put a gun to your head.

Here is the link to the prime FAQ (that is if your "not too dumb" to know how to copy/paste.


December 19, 2007 11:39 PM

Do the words "FREE TRIAL" mean ANYTHING to you folks? To me, they indicate that, at some point, the "FREE TRIAL" will end and the company will charge me, if I don't cancel BEFORE the "FREE TRIAL" ends.

I am as guilty as the next person of not reading everything I click through, but that's still not the merchant's fault. THAT'S WHY THERE'S A CHECK-BOX NEXT TO "ACCEPT TERMS & CONDITIONS"

Buyer beware: FOOLISHNESS AND LACK OF ATTENTION TO DETAIL WILL COST YOU. Stop blaming the merchant because you were in a hurry for instant gratification.


December 21, 2007 10:41 PM

I didn't go to Amazon. I went to a site for Borders gift cards. I was not given any opt in or opt out anything. I received no notice either when purchasing the card or in an email or mail that I was registered (unknowingly) to this AMZ Prime Club. I'm not going to accept blame for deceptive merchant practices. I opt out of newsletters, emails, everything. So long Borders. So long Amazon. And DUH! I know this is not the Amazon or Borders site. This is a site where others can come read up on the shameful practices of these two companies.

Dexter Forster

December 22, 2007 05:23 AM

I find it hilarious that many people think that this is an customer service center, instead of a BusinessWeek forum.

Guess what? You obviously are careless and don't know how to read! If you're posting on here asking for a refund, then I'm really not surprised that you DIDN'T READ THE OBVIOUS EXPLANATION on the website.

I'm looking at the site now. The $79 charge is as obvious there as it is obvious that this is a BusinessWeek forum. If you can't figure this forum out, then it makes sense that you were too careless or lazy to figure out the Amazon site.


December 26, 2007 03:06 AM

The same thing happened to me. Yesterday, to my amazement, i found 79$ unauthorized charge to my account.

I Fail to understand how can amazon do it without our authorization.

Ladies n Gentel man how can we make them pay our money back


December 26, 2007 08:59 PM

please refund my money back.I have no notice in advance. I do never shop Amazon


December 29, 2007 02:35 PM

I had a similar experience to those who unwittingly signed up for the service. In my case, an immediate effort to cancel the order for other reasons was frustrated by the Amazon Web site. And I was then charged for using the service and initially told I'd be refunded only a pro rated amount even though the 30-day free trial period was not yet up. It does make me uncomfortable about Amazon...

andrea zevlag

December 30, 2007 02:50 PM

he hecho recientemente una única compra a los estados unidos a través de paypal y a los pocos días , además de aparecer en mi cuenta el cobro correcto de la compra , también apareció un cargo por parte de amz primeshipping por 55 euros , más menos $ 79 dolares sin yo entender el porquÉ ? nunca acepté nada , ni siquiera recibí ninguna propuesta ni publicidad ni nada por parte de amazon , sólo el famoso cargo.
Puede amazon explicarmelo ? y devolverme mi dinero por favor? , al menos yo pregunto. A.Z España


December 31, 2007 11:44 AM

I never signed up for this membership. I want you to give me my money back as soon as possible.
Please take my email off the list.
When I am Refunded please send me conformation.
This is not right at all you did not have authorization to do this.

George Paul

January 2, 2008 05:10 PM

January 2, 2008 5:05PM
$79 unauthorized charged to my account. I donot understand how amazon can do this without authorization. Remove my name from any list you may have. No more orders from this person.

Dan O

January 3, 2008 04:12 PM

I was charged $79. I called "Jeff" and was promised a refund. It never happened. I called and spoke with Jason, same thing, this time I received an email from Mohammad Hussain telling me my request was denied because I used the account which I did not. Jason even checked, and verified that I did not use it. You did see the name...Hussain? Anyway, now I called and spoke with Vikas who told me I have never used the account and he will now issue a refund. That's where I'm at. Now I will re-tell this story to AMEX and they will issue credit to me and debit Amazon. Oh yeah, I ordered something from Amazon and never received it also.


January 3, 2008 10:19 PM

I signed up for the "free" trial, shame on me, as I did not see the fine print. Who would pay $79 for free two day shipping when you can get free shipping in 3-5 days anyway! Now they charged me $79, on a week I have only $102 in my account, so I will surely run out of funds. This will make me leave Amazon permanently and shop directly with the merchants. Bad move, Amazon, bad move...


January 15, 2008 06:12 PM

I found the latest charge this January 2008. Found a related thread on Techdirt and called Amazon. I discovered they did the same charge to me exactly 1 year ago, and I had missed it on my statement.

Clearly there is confusion here with this so called 'service'. It looks more like a cash cow for Amazon and a bad business practice overall. If you are going to re-bill my card for some service I've never used, maybe an email should go out before doing that Amazon! Or would that cut into your profits from this scam? Shame on Amazon.

Lewis Yeager

January 16, 2008 03:48 PM

Like others who have posted comments about Amazon Prime I too was hit below the belt with an unauthorized "opt-out" charge of $79 for this overpriced undependable scam from a company for whom I had gained great respect for it fast/well-priced/find-almost-anything/free shipping products. Jeff "Bozo" must have gotten snookered by that third-party company in Nevada promising high-margin returns for every customer it scammed into failing to opt out of the offer. Sad....very sad.

Darren Schneider

January 21, 2008 09:15 AM

Same as the rest of the the other suckers that woke up to find a bill of $79.00, you have really made a fool of yourself Amazon as well as trying to make a fool out of us!! Cancel my membership and refund my money ASAP !!!!

Ginger Rowe

January 21, 2008 08:31 PM

I just found the charge on my visa bill and called Amazon to cancel it. He said I'd been using the service since November (2 months ago). I bet there was a "one-month for free" thing, and I didn't make a note to myself to cancel the service before any charge kicked in. Just a guess. Anyhow, they are crediting me the $79, minus shipping charges for two orders since November. Jerks.


January 23, 2008 09:41 AM

1) Add up how much you shopped with Amazon in the past year- how much did you pay in shipping charges? If it approaches $80, then Prime is a good deal. Then, price being comparable on other items, I purchase through Amazon and incur no additional shipping charges.
2) Note that other members of ones household may be invited to be included under your Prime membership. My kids at college are under my Prime membership and utilize it for their purchases. They don't have easy access to get to stores. Music, textbooks (when the college bookstore is out of stock), tea, etc.
As with anything, research to see if you will get your moneys worth./ me


January 24, 2008 05:52 PM

Read before you click people. You have the ability to type, so I'm assuming you have the ability to read. Why can't you take the time to read? Why are you in such a hurry.

Is this for real?!?!?

February 6, 2008 04:45 AM

The same idiot posting under different names saying he/she was charged $79 by Amazon without authorization. Just so you know: everybody reading your posts think you are STUPID.

Cecilia Wallace

February 12, 2008 04:47 PM

I found the $79.00 charge this morning on my BOA account and I never even bought anything lately via Amazon!! This charge on my account has driven up my interest rate to an astronomical amount because I opted out of this account to keep my interest on my balance low. I reported this to BOA as a dispute and I WILL NEVER AGAIN USE AMAZON.COM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chad Burgess

February 13, 2008 04:07 PM

I was charged $79 from some membership that i had not requested to be on and would like to have that money back.

Charlene Vetere

February 16, 2008 06:48 PM

I didn't sign up for anything. I simply ordered a book and that was that. I was charged $79 without my notice. I expect a refund of this money. Contact me as soon as possible

Gill Profit

February 19, 2008 07:45 AM

I did not sign up for anything. I want a refund on my creditcard and am very angry. I run a tight budget and this has caused me some distress


February 20, 2008 11:29 AM

What I never signed up for this...I am over drawn because of this stupid thing and if I was supposed to receive two day shipping i haven’t. Therefore I will no longer be using because this whole thing seems like a huge scam to me... SO please give me my money back

Robert J. Dalen

February 21, 2008 07:29 PM

Thanks for taking $79.00 out of my account without notifying me first! Now I am overdrawn and it is going to cost me $33.0 in overdraft fees. I am so glad that you took it upon yourself to include me in this ridicules shipping program, but I think I will rely on my own judgment as to who and when I want to have something shipped in the mail. I had better see my money back in my account in 2 to three days with the added $33.00 service charge that you cost me because of your arrogance. I really liked using AZ too. So sad, I hope who ever came up with this stupid program is out looking for a job because of this blunder.
I am unemployed, and looking for work, and do not have that kind of money that I can just let $79.00 + $33.00 go unnoticed by some scam artist that works for a big company. I had better see my money back in my account soon!


February 25, 2008 03:16 PM

I am surprised at how many people accept the terms of service without reading the contract. Slow down and read people, stop clicking on all the bright buttons.. And STOP PUNCHING THAT MONKEY! You get what you deserve.


February 26, 2008 09:52 PM

How do I join this club? It sounds great.

Barbara Christensen

February 27, 2008 12:56 PM

I have also received a debit on my Credit card for $79.00 which I believe I was signed up for in error. Some of the things to click are not explained fully. I would like to cancel this immediately.


February 27, 2008 07:16 PM

what a bunch of fools.. you blame amazon for your mistake. no wonder the us is going to hell in a hand basket.. the average person is stupid.


March 1, 2008 12:01 PM

I have just written an email of complaint to Amazon. Not only did I not authorise payment for AMZ Prime Club but being a UK resident I am illegible. I hope that now I will promptly receive a refund.
I see that others have been charged without authorisation. Has Amazon reponded to these incidents?


March 2, 2008 09:51 PM

I signed up for the Amazon Prime free trial membership when it first was launched, about a year ago I think. I think it was a 30 day trial or something like that.

IT WAS GREAT! I pre-ordered the last Harry Potter book and took advantage of the 2-day shipping. Over that month I took advantage of a bunch of little different things. A new MP3 player, a couple of books, etc. I loved the fact that I'm not paying any shipping or sales tax (don't tell my governor!).

I browsed through most of these comments here and am awestruck that people are complaining about unauthorized charges. I specifically remember Amazon clearly showing the benefits AND the costs of the membership after the 30-day trial period. I also remember is clearly stating that it will continue unless I cancel on my own.

Now I did cancel the membership at the end of the trial period. I was never charged anything. I also still received Harry Potter with free 2-day shipping MONTHS after canceling my membership. Now that's awesome!

I am not the type to reply or leave comments on sites, but this pretty much fumed me reading all these negative comments when either the readers have it out for Amazon in the first place or they just don't own up to their own actions. It couldn't have been clearer of the ToS of the membership when I signed up.

The only other possibility that I can think of for all these "unauthorized charges" is that the Tooth Fairy must have snuck on everyones laptops when they were asleep.


March 5, 2008 12:33 AM


All of these people posting "CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP NOW!". Do they really think that they just had to google Amazon Prime, pick the first link that came up, and then reply to it and that was all that it took?

OK, I am one of the idiots that got duped into the prime account deal. Yes, I feel stupid. But really I did not expect a scam charge from One of the reasons that I use (despite the fact that they have been instrumental in helping some of my favorite small local book stores go out of business) is because it's quick and easy. Well oops! I didn't read the fine print because I was at work while buying my sister a birthday gift and hit yes whatever, ship it to me, free, great whatever. and I was done.

Then I get a $79 charge I didn't know that I authorized on my checking account and have to try to live on $10 for 3 days. Looks like top ramen for me until payday. I quickly called the telephone number on my bank account and they said that they would reverse the charge. No big deal.

Sure, that was nice of them to just reverse it like that when it was my own stupid fault for not reading the fine print. But still I feel like a schmuck and I also won't get that money back for a few days and I am a broke student. Also it annoys me that now I have to go around reading all of the fine print on

Anyway, I think it's a hoot that all of these people are posting here instead of calling Rock on with your bad selves!

Mohammad Hussain

March 5, 2008 10:45 AM

Dear Dan,

You sound like a racist. And a stupid one at that.

Mohammad Hussain

Jackie Balsigner

March 11, 2008 03:06 PM

I want to be reinbused ASAP for this $79.00 charge, otherwise I will sue. I didn't athorize this and will not buy anything else on Amazon because of this.

Luis Villarreal

March 14, 2008 12:52 PM

I did not authorize this charge, if I had know i would have to pay $79.00. I would never sign on for that agreement and even dough my order came late more than 8 days. i think by puting this on the fine print you are triying to cheat customers and keep a lot of money of the people that just didn't notice or call for reinbursment.
I whant to be reinbursed ASAP.

Luis Villarreal

Herman Herrera

March 14, 2008 09:16 PM

I didn't sign up for anything. I simply ordered a play station game and that was that. I was charged $79 without my notice. I expect a refund of this money. Contact me as soon as possible

same deal

March 24, 2008 03:46 PM

I bought something two months ago and this $79.00 charge showed up today in my account. The person on the other end at "AMZ prime" promised to reverse the charges- in three days. When I asked for the telephone number of the billing department- I was told that they did not have that number. Something needs to be done about this company! How can customer service not have any connection to the billing department- or even a number to refer customers to?This is bad business and reeks of scam


March 25, 2008 07:30 PM

This has been an enlightening comment thread. First, kudos to BusinessWeek for keeping it open ... after all, the original story was written in 2005!

Second, I have been an AmazonPrime member since the service launched. I order a *lot* of books (and a few other things) from Amazon. The Prime membership has more than paid for itself -- especially when I need something overnight.

Third, it is a bit shocking to see people write comments here that suggest they think they are talking to Amazon. It undermines their case.

Finally, it would be useful, I think, for BusinessWeek to update the story ... I'd like to know what the "Free Trial" promo looks like, etc.

Oh. And I own AMZ stock.


March 25, 2008 07:49 PM

i really trusted this website for being fair enough but to my dismay today i noticed they have charged me with 79 $ as prime membership for which i never applied so now i say they are big cheats .


March 26, 2008 11:19 AM

Wow, you guys are stupid. Amazon doesn't scam anyone out of $79. You sign up for a free trial, you have to cancel it before it charges you. Where have you been living? In a cave? Pay attention to what you agree to, and you wouldn't be getting charged $79.


March 27, 2008 10:16 PM

I met the same issue-being charged $79 but don't understand why! I even called my bank to argue that my account information was stolen!!! Because on my account statement, it doesn't show Amazon prime-shipping fare clearly!I can't link the fare to the prime shipping of Amazon right away!
I have to say it's really a bad thing to know about Amazon~I would like to pay when I am fully aware!But Now I start feeling upset about Amazon~


March 31, 2008 09:49 AM

Sell your Amazon Stock!

I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and am contacting their executive team.

I have been charged without my knowledge like the rest of you. I spend thousands with this company.

One of their Indian CSR's replied to me and said he would refund the amount that I did not use. He said he would do nothing more.

I told him if he didn't refund the other half I would do no more business with Amazon.

They have refused. This company is willing to sacrifice thousands over $40. All you have to do is read the posts here and see that there is no clarity to the program.

1. CSR in India is making the final call on a big customer who is pissed off.

2. As damage control they post messages on the board to make smart people portrayed as idiots.

3. They are willing to sacrifice thousands of dollars of future business over a $40 mistake that they have made.

I own a Marketing Services consulting company and have run Marketing for $400 million+ organizations.

This is a major gap in Customer Service Quality Control. I can confidently say that they don't know what they are doing.


April 23, 2008 11:38 PM

i was surprised to see my credit card was charged $79 for something called "prime club". i had no idea what it was, and now that i know, i can honestly say there is no way i would have ever signed up for it because i don't care how long it takes to receive my order. i always take the least expensive route when it comes to delivery. please refund my $79 immediately. i have contacted my credit card company and disputed the charge.


April 25, 2008 10:17 AM

This morning I noted a $79 charge on my bank statement for something called AZShippingClub - I had no idea what this was so I called the referenced phone number and was surprised that the phone was answered by Amazon Customer Service. A man named Nick informed me that if I could not provide him with an account number there was nothing he could do. I explained (over and over) that I do not HAVE an account number because I did not open any account! Apparently I now have to have my bank file a "dispute claim" and haggle with Amazon over the refund of my $79.

Jennifer Lopez

April 25, 2008 01:00 PM

I was surprised to see my credit card charges $79 for this shipping club that I do not recall ever signing up for. I demand you, Businessweek, prove that I knew what I was doing. Please reimburse my credit card the full $79.00, I don't care how you and split the refund. Also, I was attacked by a giant annaconda while in the Amazon and I feel you should have warned me and my film crew. I would like to be reimbursed for my trip.


April 25, 2008 02:53 PM

Are you being serious? You want Amazon to refund even the portion you have used?

I have Prime and when I signed up it was clearly stated what I would be paying and what the benefits were. Why should you get something for nothing? I applaud Amazon for even compensating you that much! I think once you accept the TOS and especially after you actually utilize the service you should receive NOTHING! What is the name of your company so that I may avoid it at all costs?


April 25, 2008 05:21 PM

I barely recall clicking on the "free trial". I do remember seeing the email and thinking "what did I do?" -I bought lots of items and thought "cool, has 2-day shipping for free". Then the $79.00 charge I couldn't figure out. I called Customer Service -they were fantastic. They were nice, they were clear, they gently reminded me about that email -and when I told them I'd like to opt out -they refunded the entire amount since I hadn't use the service after being charged. No hassles! Customer Service is the best!


April 25, 2008 06:07 PM

haha, what a bunch of morons and losers.

AS Dangwal

May 1, 2008 01:48 AM

I was shocked to know that Ihave been charged$79 for shipping club membership
which I never intended for .The $79 have been charged arbitraroly.Kindly get the entry revert or else I will consider that your site is a cheat.Pl inform me on my mail for rewversal of entry


May 1, 2008 03:52 AM

I am a little confused here -- no actually I am A LOT CONFUSED. This is the Business Week article, yet there are skillions of people wanting the Amazon Prime cancelled and they are writing to Amazon the Business Week site to have AMAZON Prime cancelled. Duhh? WHY???

Since when did Business Week become AMAZON'S secretary?? (They aren't)

If we have any questions as to how poor the US Education System has become, just look at this page -- several people wrote several comments just changing the name. There are spelling mistakes and e-mails which prove the poor reading skills of the shoppers of today. People assuming that Business Week will credit them money, I THINK NOT!!!

If you have a problem with Amazon, take it to Amazon. Leave Business Week out of it.

One of the tenets of business (for those who don't know what tenets mean look it up in a DICTIONARY) is that BEFORE SIGNING ANYTHING READ THE SMALL PRINT AND DO NOT LEAVE ANY PAGE UNREAD. A tenet of the legal system is “Ignorance of the law is no excuse” by signing your name; you have signed a legally binding contract. Playing stupid is just that stupid.

My compliments to Amazon for their courtesy in refunding the money of those who don't know how to read, or are too lazy to read. I don't think I would have been as generous.

Before anyone suggests where my loyalties lie, I DO NOT WORK FOR AMAZON OR BUSINESS WEEK. YES, I DID TRY AMAZON PRIME I READ THE SMALL PRINT AND CANCELLED BEFORE THE BILLING DATE. Unfortunately, I don't purchase enough to use Amazon Prime. I am an Internet Shopper who learned as a child HOW TO READ THE SMALL PRINT BEFORE SIGNING. I suggest each and every one of you do the same thing. Just in case someone didn't understand plain English, let me put this into CHAT Format: RTFM, which stands for "Read the F**king manual"!!! in this case "Read the F**king small print!!"


May 2, 2008 02:23 PM

Is all the shouting and swearing really necessary?
I was also charged the $79 without realising it. I am based in the UK so obviously our education system also needs some help.
I have never ordered from Amazon before but normally when you order something with your credit card on the internet the charges are shown clearly and often you are asked to confirm and re-confirm the charges and details.
I am not asking you or this website to refund me but I don't see how Amazon would decide that hidden charges would encourage my loyalty as a new customer.
There are plenty of people who are still too scared to buy anything off the internet because they don't trust it. I understand their point now.


May 6, 2008 01:35 PM

I'm fairly internet savvy and was also scammed into the Amazon prime. link to call and cancel.

Ron Merriman

May 10, 2008 02:34 AM


I received my Amex card activity on the 10May,2008, only to find that I had been charged US $79.00 for membership of AMZ Prime Club, when I hadn't even registered. I am not very happy about this as I am only a Pensioner and I do not often order anything from Amazon. How do I go about cancelling this and getting my $79.00 back?


May 12, 2008 06:53 PM

I would like to cancel my membership and get a refund for that amount. The one purchase I made took longer then two day's anyway. It was not even paid for or shipped till 8 o2. I have not even receive any imformation about the club yet.

Than You


May 19, 2008 03:43 PM

I contacted Amazon right away after I noticed the Amazon Prime Membership fee on my account and they prompted took it off. I explained that it was an oversight on my part, however I greatly appreciated the refund. I agree that it is a little shady that they don't make a point to inform the customer of such a large fee (compared to my shopping cart of $20), that they wait 30 days to impose it on the credit card ON FILE, and that it sets itself to auto-renew every year; BUT it is the customer's responsibility to watch our accounts and it looks like we've all gotten a handle on that sooo... shame on Amazon for not being so clear, but shame on us for not reading the fine print word for word.

don jimmy

May 23, 2008 06:51 PM

amazon prime is a pain in my ass. but it is worth every penny spent on the service.


June 10, 2008 11:16 PM

Whether a subscriber is dumb or not Amazon has clearly engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct by charging people who do not opt out of a FREE trial. Once thye use the word free, it doesn't matter what's in the fine print of a contract you cannot enforce a contract that demands a specific opt out element. Consent cannot be implied by a persons inaction.


June 11, 2008 07:50 PM

I signed up for the free one month trial of amazon prime about two months ago when I made my first(and probably last now) purchase from

I was suprised to find AMZ*Prime Club $79(charged on june 6) on my bank statement today.

Since when did free = $79 without my consent, or even an email. That's more then I spent on my one purchase from them.


June 16, 2008 07:25 PM

I found a charge on my Master card bill for AMZ* Prime Club for $79. On top of that it showed up a month I hadn't bought anything. This not a good way to keep customers coming back and I am expecting a rebate. I will not pay this and there a great chance that I will not use this site to purchase anything again.

jose arteaga

June 19, 2008 11:03 AM

April 16, 2007 09:10 PM
I have just recieved a charge on a Bank of America credit card bill for AMZ Prime Club for $79. I did not authorize it and will not pay for it. Please, cancel my membership and I expect a confirmation on my e-mail inmediately.

jose arteaga

June 19, 2008 11:05 AM

I have just recieved a charge on a Bank of America credit card bill for AMZ Prime Club for $79. I did not authorize it and will not pay for it. Please cancel my membership and I expect a confirmation on my e-mail inmediately.


June 19, 2008 10:09 PM

Amazon is a total scam...look at all these people they are charging without telling them about the service. The CSR rep took the charge right off tonight because they are aware that it is a scam and they cannot get away with this. I havent used Amazon in 1 yr, and then all of a sudden a $79...Ridiculous


June 26, 2008 06:39 AM

Give me back my refund!

Joyce Sem

June 27, 2008 02:06 PM

I just received a $79 charge on my visa card that I did not authorized and will not pay it.I want it refunded off my visa card now.Please cancel my membership and refund me imediately.

Nitin Dua

July 7, 2008 02:25 AM

I was surprised to find AMZ*Prime Club $79(charged on July 2) on my bank statement today.
I did not authorize it and will not pay for it. Please, cancel my membership and
I expect a full refund back and confirmation e-mail immediately.

Palle Hansen, Denmark

July 8, 2008 09:31 AM

Just arrived from holiday I received a 79 dollar charge from my bank, Visa card.I want my money back and please
cancel my membership. I expect a confirmation on my e-mail.

Easy E

July 8, 2008 02:35 PM

If you morons would bother to . . . READ. . . you would had seen the $79 on the screen. Additionaly, if you uhh.... oh that's right, morons... would bother to read, you would had seen that you could had selected an option to not auto-renew. It was right there on the signup page that, like a MORON, you probably fast-clicked through without reading. Do us all a favor, and go swallow some Drain-O!

Take Initiative

July 10, 2008 02:11 PM

Just go to, log into your account and cancel the subscription. If you haven't bought anything since the charge was posted, you will get your money back. At least thats what I read from the fine print...

Jose L Cruz

July 11, 2008 10:17 PM

I have just recieved a charge on my check card bill for AMZ Prime Club for $79. I did not authorize it and will not pay for it. Please cancel my membership and I expect a confirmation on my e-mail inmediately.


July 12, 2008 06:45 AM

I also never asked for membership in Amazon Prime. I simply checked my bank account and found the money had automatically been taken out. Does Amazon not realize that this is STEALING pure and simple?!

I went to the website and cancelled my Amazon Prime account. They reimbursed my money. I will NEVER order anything from them again and advise everyone I know to do likewise.

It's my opinion that what they did is criminal and is nothing less than a scam or outright theft. Whoever thought of this little doozie of an idea should be terminated!

Shakil M S

July 16, 2008 07:35 AM

I do not ever remember Joining any Prime Club from Amazon and I got charged for $79. I visited US for a month during which I bought few items. During that I guess deceptively Amazon made me prime club member.
To Amazon, Stop deceving ppl and pay back all their money (mine too...)


July 19, 2008 09:54 PM

Hi, I´m from Brazil and had the same problem that all those guys: this US$ 79 tax unauthorized in my credit card. Did you get back your money? What did you do for this? Could somebody help me? Thanks


July 22, 2008 06:24 PM

I was ripped off for 79$ too.I should imagine the only people who believe that it is ok for a supposedly reputable company to use the word "free" in this way are employed by Amazon for damage limitation. And to be honest they must be using all the particularly immature 18 year old student workers to post the messages ie all this "hey you're all so dumb" type stuff.

Tungyuang Liou

July 25, 2008 01:27 AM

I did not authorize Amazon to book the fee because the fast delivery is not necessary for me. I want to cancel the service and I did not order the service. What Amazon did is not right.


July 29, 2008 09:49 AM

That Amazon took $79.00 from my account and I want my money back. They didn't state they were going to charge freakin $79.00. They are a rip off and I would not advise ANYONE to order ANYTHING from them.

Dennis Yu

August 1, 2008 10:46 PM

I see a lot of unhappy folks here on this thread. Well, I've had Amazon Prime for 2 years now and am quite happy. I buy a few hundred items per year-- books, electronics, food, whatever. They MUST be losing money when I order a 24 pack of soft drinks and have it shipped next day for only a $3.99 delivery charge.

I must be the customer Bezos is trying to avoid.



August 2, 2008 12:39 PM

I was surprised by the charge, but my husband easily remembers signing up the the service and using it. We didn't want to keep the service and found it VERY EASY to cancel and get a refund online. Go into your account and you'll see a link to manage your Amazon Prime membership. Simply click to cancel.

steve davis

August 7, 2008 02:04 PM

this plain & simple sux. ive done business w/ amazon for 2 years and will do no more. this is bad for all retailers on the internet. hope someone sues his ass off. i caught mine & stopped payment on the charge. Sorry for all who have to call india to try & get your money refunded. NO MORE AMAZON!!!!!

kris rose

August 7, 2008 02:04 PM

It is insulting that would place misspelled and ignorant comments on here as if they were written by real people, just to make it look like everyone who was charged was an idiot and deserved what they got. Lots of people who never signed up for anything or even bought anything recently are being charged including myself. I pay all my shipping and called the number to get a refund, which i received in one day only because i asked the rep to put a special note on my account. I also find it funny that every "person" defending has a long list of items that they bought using the prime service which the article clearly states is the reason they started the service in the first place. As if i would read the comment and suddenly say to myself, "Gee, i didn't realize i could use the service for 24 packs of soda! well just leave my account charged and charge me again next year too! by God, what a good deal. The fact that i have been called and idiot and a moron really makes me reconsider the fact that i never signed up for this service. I probably did sign up for the free trial and deserve the name calling and insults that i am getting on top of a good ass-raping of my bank account!" Wow, ever heard of insult on top of injury? If this is their idea of damage control then they are a sadly mistaken. I am not amazed at the fact that some people misspell words or misdirect comments meant for Amazon. I am amazed that a large and formerly profitable company such as Amazon hired such stupid people to come up with this scam and then to allow employees to post on here disguised as irate customers as a means of discrediting all of us who have been taken advantage of with their scandalous methods. I was even happily selling things on Amazon until this incident. Now I don't want to do any transactions with Amazon period. It is a shame too, because before this i believed Amazon was a great way to buy and sell media materials and other goods. I would hesitate to sell to anyone through any company that uses such devious means to get even more money than they already take from us sellers. the cut they receive is quite substantial. How can i tell customers to trust me when i can't even trust the company i am selling from? I also asked for a number to complain to someone who is actually from and not sitting in a building in India. They said there was no number they could give me. If someone could find a number we could all call, it would be a lot more helpful than continuing to be insulted by Amazon's staff on here. For all of you "people" posting how we all signed up for a free trial and we are a bunch of "loser morons", i dare you to post your e-mail addresses and phone numbers on here to prove you are truly convinced consumers who love Amazon and the prime time plan, and NOT just Amazon decoys meant to make us look like illiterate fools who failed to read the fine print. Then will I believe that there are really people out there who like having their money stolen from them without consent. I hope the $8 an hour they pay you is worth all the trouble you are helping to cause for people. Just remember that rich executives are just using you too. If we let Amazon get away with this, pretty soon others will try it as well. You may even find yourself a victim someday and then you might not find it so profitable.


August 9, 2008 03:11 AM

Thanks Emily!!! You lighten the problem)


August 10, 2008 10:31 AM

I just got off the phone with Amazon about the mysterious $79 charge on my Visa....The man on the phone gave me an instant refund that will show up on Tuesday of this week....If you have the same charge call 866-577-2820.....

I am Dumb

August 14, 2008 05:01 PM

Yeah, I am. should I call from the other side of world? next time I buy somewhere I don't have to read small prints. never from AMZon.


August 15, 2008 03:31 PM

I also have been charged $79.00. I call and the gentleman that assisted me was very nice. I was not as nice. However, he stated that my money should be back in my account by tomorrow. I will let you know what happens.


August 18, 2008 09:57 PM

please, cancel my bill until Augst 20 because i don't will pay this service that don't see clearly that i was accepting.


August 20, 2008 01:40 AM

Fraudulency!!!!!!!!very unfair, dishonest and stupid behavior in e-business. Money withdraw directly from my bank account without any notice and permission. They didn't send me a email to comfirm my status ( so I assumed I wasn't in prime club)and they didn't tell me about " 1 free month trial and $79 annual fee"......When I know what happen is going, $79 already rook out by them. they were trying to hide everything and don't let you know, finially charge you $79 annual fee with surprise

I used to shopping in eBay, anyway, this is my 1st time shopping in amazon, Iam 100% sure I won't order from amazon anymore, very upset

PS: Be Alert


August 23, 2008 02:51 PM

I'm considering not using Amazon because they now are getting to be a pack of wolves. They now charge $80 a year for the same service they used to offer FOR FREE. Which means they absolutely COULD give you the same speed service without the extra cost, but they just figured out how to rape the average consumer for more money ... and people let them get away with it. I used to love Amazon for their expediency. Things used to arrive in 3 days without fail - at no extra cost. Now they they want $79 a year (or $159 every two years, or $283 every three years folks, think about it that way...) do simply perform the job they're supposed to be doing- getting stuff into the mail. If more people (like me) bitched about poor service instead of letting themself get railroaded by corporations, then the customer would get the kind of service they deserve and companies would be forced to try harder to keep them. That's one reason why I am an Apple computer customer.When I have trouble with my Macs, I write one letter to Apple customer service and BOOM "bring it in, we'll take care of it for free." I write amazon and get a canned response from Bombay telling me to pay for 2-shipping - after waiting five days for them to ship. Fat chance. Steve Jobs knows when to take a loss to save a customer. That's why the little company that could it now make the GIANT quiver in its boots. Sure, Amazon can write: "If you choose free shipping, we're going to **** around with your packages for a week before we decide to ship it. You better pay us $80 a year, so we'll give you decent service." That's what they're saying, paraphrased. And people go for it. Jesus. Have you notice how the fledgling merchants/sellers working THROUGH AMAZON get most of their praise? "Fast shipping!" "Wow, got it in three days!" "Great seller" Maybe Amazon better start reading those comments again. Next time, I'm buying from an independent.


September 16, 2008 02:24 PM

Looks like this scam has been going on for 2 years by the dates of this blog. Amazon charged my bank account $79 they say I "approved" by checking a box on an order. I was told 2 mo. ago a refund would be issued. So far no refund and only a run around from Amazon. Looks like a possible class action. Wake up Amazon. You build a great company but to treat your customers who have supported you all these years in this manner may be your demise.


September 23, 2008 05:27 AM

I must admit, this charge was easy to cancel, but i didn't even realise it would automatically charge me. I can imagine how many customers have not bothered to cancel the charge, who Amazon are happily ripping off. The CEO's explaination of the charge is insane though. He basically admits to using this to twist people's arms into buying other products. I don't buy anything from Amazon anymore. They have gone downhill.


September 28, 2008 01:27 PM

I have been billed $79 for the last 3 years and didn't realize it until I looked at my acct today. I NEVER order anything online, but I guess I tried this Free trial period and didn't cancel it. The thing is...I didn't even get a warning email or reminder! I understand this is a good program for someone who orders a lot, but I never ordered from them again because my order took waaaaay longer than they said it would. I will NEVER use Amazon for ANYTHING!!!!!! The customer service guy pretty much made me feel like an idiot (even though I already did) and was like thats too bad, we already made money on you and there's nothing else we can do. He did refund me this years charge since I noticed it on my acct. I can only imagine the amount of customers they are losing from this program. I'm happy a BIG HUGE company like Amazon is able to make money on hardworking middle class families without them knowing it!!! It's disgusting.


October 8, 2008 08:20 PM

I believe Amazon Prime is a Great Deal.. here's why

we buy alot of electronics where the typical weight is 15-30 Lbs we have already saved over $300 in shipping by signing up with prime.

of course the trick here is to encourage us to buy from -vs- a compeditior because shipping costs is basically free (or $4 for overnight) the only only major issue is that we live in WA State so we have to add an additional 7% sales tax to any order

I agree we wont be renewing amazon prime once the year is over simply because we will have completed all our main purchases for the next several years..

to all the people complaining, the terms are CLEARLY spelled out when you click to use a free trail of prime.


October 12, 2008 12:34 PM

Upon making an order on, I was prompted to either continue with my order by selecting Amazon Prime, or say 'No Thanks' to the offer and continue. The problem? The 'No Thanks' button was not hyperlinked. I couldn't even place my order. I'm stuck in a never-ending loop. The most unfortunate thing is that I have a gift certificate for Amazon that I now cannot use.


October 14, 2008 06:50 AM

I don't know why my visa card was billed $79.00 for primeshipping as I still do not know what it was I was buying and there is no phone number to try to find out what it was I am geting the bill for.

Westley Dansie

October 14, 2008 04:48 PM

I noticed my visa card was billed79.00 without my authorization. We havent ordered anything from Amazon. com in a long time. wondering why we got billed for 79.00. Please put it back.

Eric Bootz

October 19, 2008 01:32 PM

What is going on here. I woke up this morning and found out that I have just received a charge on my Visa bill for $79.00.from Amazon Prime Shipping Club. I did not authorize this and will not pay it. I did not sign up for the Amazon Primeshipping Club membership. Please cancel "MY MEMBERSHIP"(!!!) and I will expect confirmation from you immediately. Please credit my account now.

nataraj guntuka

October 19, 2008 07:34 PM

I had no idea that it would cost me $79.00 to join the shipping club and would not have joined if I did.

I have canceled my membership and please give me a full refund for that amount. The one purchase I made during the trial period took longer then two days anyway.

Than You
nataraj guntuka

Manoj MN

October 22, 2008 07:40 AM

I used Amazon Prime Free Trial for speedy shipment, however, I could not get the benefit of Amazon Prime, becuase by the time I canged the shipping option, the ordered items were on shipment, hence they apologise and told that they cant change it.

Now it seems they are deducting USD. 79 from my credit card for Amazon Prime member ship.

first of all, it was a Free Trial I tried to use.
secondly, I've been received they apology email, stating that I cannot use it since items was already in shipping process.
third, I'm not a frequent buyer from Amazon, so I dont want to renew membership anymore.

Therefore, I want to inform them to debit USD. 79.00 that they have deducted from my credit card.

Manoj. MN


November 11, 2008 08:19 PM

Call 1866-557-2820 and get the refund


November 11, 2008 09:38 PM

This appears to be a case of very bad business practices on the part of Amazon. A once highly respected company now seems to have sold out to making easy money from, trusting and unsuspecting consumers like me.
Part of me would like to think that their management is unaware of what is going on, but after reading the many blogs all across the internet, I am convinced they have chosen to take the low road for the big buck.
I may take the dumb-a_s award here, but if I can prevent anyone else from being ripped off, then I will gladly suffer the ridicule that seems to follow the stories here (although the names of the character assassins are highly suspect).
After finding a $79 charge on my Am Exp card this month, which stood out only because I paid off my card last month,
I contacted Amazon to ask about, you guessed it, a $79 charge. 'Sean', the rep, explained that, back in Aug. 2006, I purchased one paperback book from Amazon and also signed up for their shipping club. However, there are no records of an email, or other info on my Amazon account regarding such a membership or charge.
This was a big red light for me, no records? Isn’t this a contract? I certainly had nothing in my records. No confirmation, nothing. Sean did mention that their email may have been routed to my junk mail folder (wow, was this their out?).
Since I never ordered anything since, wouldn’t the $79 charge seem odd each year? Don’t they check their club member's purchases to see if they are making money on us? Of course they do. They were making $79 a year in shipping from someone who hasn’t ordered anything in over two years from them!
Perhaps this means that we can no longer trust online businesses to do the right thing. If there is ever a class action suit, please include me. I would sure like a chance to recoup the last two years of membership charges he refused to refund or credit.

Andrii Bukvych

November 25, 2008 07:55 AM

I would never expect such fraud scheme from Amazon. I would from online scammers but from Amazon? Shame, shame,shame on you. Besies I request a refund for a service (cancelled membership) I returned to you Amazon. Or it will be the last time I deal with you. And I think its a right tme for Class Action Lawsuit on Prime Mbership Fraud by Amazon.

George Hubbard

November 25, 2008 09:16 AM

I never signed up for this "shipping club" and I would like MY money back fast. This is a SCAM. I should get MY money back with the same kind of interest that you are making on the millions you have SCAMED.


November 26, 2008 12:53 PM

Amazon Prime is incredible. I happily pay for a Costco Membership and certainly have no problem paying for a Amazon Prime membership. The convenience of purchasing items at a great price with 2 day shipping included for only $79 dollars a year is a GREAT GREAT VALUE! ! ! ! Especially when shopping for gifts and groceries etc.
I love it.


December 13, 2008 12:54 PM

I just found out that I was charged with $79 for Amazon Prime membership end of this November. Even worse, when I called the customer service, they told me this is an automatic renew of the membership I subscribed last year, which I did not rember I ever did! They have been charging me secretely for a year! Total scam!

They obviously designed the website purposely to trick people for the subscription.


December 26, 2008 12:45 PM

I called Amazon and they were very nice about refunding the charge. I didn't realize that I had signed up either!

PS: Please refrain from those "brave" anonymous insults.


December 30, 2008 05:36 PM

I can't believe how many retards are here complaining about the $79 charge that they supposedly didn't agree to. Yeah, right, give me a break. Amazon makes the charge very clear and only the dumbest of the dumb could fail to notice it. You are all liars and you know it.

I also find it hilarious that people post messages here telling Amazon to cancel their memberships. The stupidity on the web is unbearable sometimes. You should all be banned from the internet.

And for the record, I have an Amazon Prime membership and I love it. It is easily worth $79 and I will renew it for as long as it is offered.

Sue Rin

December 31, 2008 02:07 AM

Hello, I just called up Amazon and they were very good about refunding my money.

You guys really need to start taking more responsibility for your actions. You don't get things for free.

I think it was very appropriate, if they had refused to give me refund.

I knew that if i didn't cancel my membership, there would be strings attached! But it slipped my mind. Thank God Amazon was professional enough to give me wriggle room.

Thank you Amazon!

Joanne Davis

January 11, 2009 01:48 PM

I called and had this cancelled from my account. I am very disappointed that you couldn't have asked me about this first instead of just taking it out of my account. Good thing I checked my account and found the mistake. This is the first time I have ordered on line and because of this it may be my last. Please take me off your list. Shame on you Amazon.

Joanne Davis

January 12, 2009 10:43 AM

I checked my visa and this charge is still on my account please remove it. Thank you.


February 1, 2009 06:59 PM

I agree with all the complaints on this page. Just another Internet scam. Sure, it's a good service for people who get the full value, but Amazon buries the facts about it in order to deceive people into authorizing a payment that they have no idea they're authorizing. For those who call us "stupid" because we didn't read some fine print, I pity your lack of ethics. Corporate greed buried in fine print should be illegal, and people who defend it are probably profiting from that kind of garbage. I'm boycotting Amazon for going the route of a typical Porn site.


February 16, 2009 09:54 AM

Amazon frequently offers a free trial of Amazon Prime. You can cancel after one month and not be charged. They clearly disclose the terms if you bother to read them. I was originally planning on canceling, but I ended up keeping the Prime membership. It is worth it for me. I am disappointed that Amazon stopped honoring its 30-day price guarantee. I now shop less at Amazon than before and I may not renew the Prime this year.


February 22, 2009 10:29 PM

I have been an Amazon Prime member since it was launched. Unfortunately now they are limiting numbers of items that can be bought, therefore completely defeating the need for "unlimited free shipping". This was the first year I did not sign up and I am pretty disappointed they decided to do this. I was buying some braun CCR3 clean and renew refills for my shaving system about every week. I have major skin allergies and ordered them more so than most would need.


February 25, 2009 11:34 AM

I was charged $25 shipping on an item that was not listed as Prime but said that it would be shipped "standard shipping" for free to Prime. Details at

Chris K

March 10, 2009 11:58 AM

Everyone here is so stupid.
For those who signed up for amazon prime free trial, it charges your account for 79 dollars. If you kick "DONT RENEW MY MEMBERSHIP WHEN FREE TRIAL IS OVER" You will be creditted 79 dollars.

But its a good idea, free shipping 2 day. But really it's a bad service, for almost all the items I buy, they arent "eligable" for free 2 day shipping. Apparantly they weigh too much (i buy speakers which weigh about 12lbs).
So if you buy smaller things its worth it, but i dont think they acknowledge 2day shipping for electronics or bigger items.

Nick Weishampel

March 13, 2009 05:16 PM

What is stupid is multiple people asking for a refund for Amazon Prime in the comments section of a Business Week article.


March 17, 2009 05:43 PM

It isn't a scam. I'm not some apologist, but everyone jumped on the free 30 day trial during the holidays. That trial CLEARLY stated you had to cancel before the end of the 30 days or you'd get charged. I put it on my electronic calendar, and when the reminder popped up, decided to CONTINUE it. It's a great deal if you order more than a handful of items every year. I use for almost all of my holiday shopping and saved at LEAST $79 during the free trial and will probably save at least that again for the rest of the year. It's a great deal.

BUT, COME ON COMPLAINERS: You signed up for it, agreed to the terms, and Amazon did exactly what they said they were going to do. If you aren't able to read the fine print, don't sign up for free trials.


March 26, 2009 04:57 PM

I was to dinged with the $79 charge! Listen, if my account was going to be charged, then they should have made it plainly obvious. There are literally thousands of complaints out there about this practice. So its not that people are stupid and can't read, its that Amazon PURPOSELY put it where a majority of people wouldn't notice!! This is a deceptive, shady, business practice and should be stopped. Amazon is loosing a lot of customers doing this. If i wanted a Prime Membership, i would sign up for it on my own. I don't need to be duped into something. So for all of you GENUISES out there who noticed the $79 charge, hooray for you, give yourself a pat on the back and SHUT UP!!!!

Imad Aoun

April 1, 2009 08:10 AM

I have just received a charge on my Visa bill
for $79.00. I did not authorize this and will not
pay it. Please cancel "MY MEMBERSHIP" and I will expect confirmation from you immediately. I notice that I am not the only one that has unknowingly been charged. What a rip off. Please credit my account now. And then lose my email


April 13, 2009 05:11 PM

I think Misty said it best on 3/26/09. I say Hooray for Misty! I guess Amazon believes in making money the old fashioned way, by stealing it! And Karen (03/17/2009), explain how so many people (over 28,000 this year alone) could have been so stupid and not seen all the clues. I agree with Misty, just shut up and go away.

Jon Bobson

April 14, 2009 07:51 PM

Geez. I didn't realize there were so many stupid people in the world. Why is everybody demanding BUSINESS WEEK to refund money that they paid to AMAZON? Geez! And demanding answers, even!

These people are probably trying to pay the phone company for their power bill, too!


April 15, 2009 12:40 AM

i have just received a charge on my cc for $79.00 without my authorize, i would like amazon to credit my money back to my account ASAP and please cancel my membership.

Ivelisse De La Rosa

April 22, 2009 12:26 PM


nedra miller

April 22, 2009 10:06 PM

I,also, wish to cancel my membership in Prime News and receive a refund if you have already charged my account.

A Nuffer

April 24, 2009 04:23 PM

I did not authorize $79 to taken from my bank account! I called your customer service line and demanded this money be put back into my account! I saw no evidence in your promotion that I would be charged $79. I have ordered from you often but will now go elsewhere, this was a deceptive tactic and I will hound you until the money goes back into my account. Of course it takes 3 business days, and today is Friday! My,my my!!! What a total ripoff!

Terrance Brown

April 27, 2009 09:27 AM

I recently applied for a free trial of Prime shipping. Unfortunately I can not afford to purchase this service. I canceled this service today. Will I be charged 79.00? If so, I'd like to rectify this payment.

KevBob In Texas

May 8, 2009 12:01 PM

I just noticed this $79 on my debit card bill. Turns out it was charged against a card number I haven't used in over a year and an Amazon account I forgot about since I don't buy from Amazon any longer. If that's not unauthorized charging, not sure what would classify.

Amazon has refunded it, although they claim I must have authorized the debit.


May 19, 2009 12:05 PM

cancel thad clud 79.00


May 27, 2009 03:36 PM

I did not authorize $79 taken from my WAMU account. I please would like to have my money back in my WAMU card. I feel totally disapointed from AMAZON.


June 6, 2009 11:36 AM

Are you people stupid enough to think that this site is or something? This is Businessweek.


June 7, 2009 03:07 PM

Rent DUH! but this article is pertaining to amazon.comprime who has ripped off many including myself. i read the fine print, i made a transaction with 2 years ago and opted out of the service. i do not subscribe to extras and very rarely purchase online. they wrongly charged my account. i will tell everyone along the way in appropriate forums, blogs, etc. about what they have done. this is an appropriate place, esp if you google prime are you smart enough to see the connection here the article is about amazon.comprime, they ripped me off, so i am warning everyone else about it. don't shop amazon period because they will sign you up for it even if you opt out like me.

Christine McGee

June 15, 2009 02:47 PM

I canceled my Amazon Chase credit card when Chase wanted to raise the percentage on existing balances. This is the card that I used when I joined the club. I forgot that I joined and the next year I was billed for the club. Unfortunately I did not cancel thinking I would make an effort to use the club in the coming 12 months. I was shocked when I saw that i was billed again this year. The charge was on my debit bank card. When I called to complain that I was billed the customer service rep credited me and canceled my membership. I asked why my debit card which sucked cash out of my bank account was charged.The answer was that this was the card associated with my Amazon account. Of course they couldn't bill the closed Chase account and they dared not bill mu Amex. Amazon needs to send an email reminder to people who have the account when the membership is due. Of course if they did this many would choose not to renew because like me it is not cost effective. To be able to decide to use another card and charge the card amounts to thievery. It's a bad club and a scam.

Peggy Bemenderfer

June 25, 2009 08:01 PM

Trust me I sure did not know that I would be charged $79 for HA HA free shipping. I do not order that many books through you and I will not order another thing from you. You have just lost a good customer and a constant reader. Shame on you that you did such a sneaky thing to your customers. No I will not pay this amount and I want you to close my account. Its is a scam that is for sure.

Maria Miranda

June 27, 2009 08:33 PM

I too was charged $79.00...I have ordered from Amazon twice in these past 3years that I've been a member..CANCEL MY ACCOUNT AND GIVE ME MY REFUND!


July 2, 2009 06:39 PM

I too was charged $79.00...I have not ordered from Amazon Prime shippng club and not a member


July 5, 2009 11:49 PM

Wow, there are some stupid people out there. This is not Amazon! No one is going to cancel your subscription because you posted here! After you cancel your prime account, call your ISP and cancel your internet as well; you don't know how to use it.


July 6, 2009 11:20 PM

i was looking at my bank statement online and saw amazon had took out 79.00 out of my account without my permission. I haven't shopped on amazing for months and never signed up for there prime shipping. I Called and talked to someone at amazon and they credited my account back for taking it out. I was surprised they even took my money without my permission as i said i haven't shopped on there web page for months and do not shop that often online.


July 17, 2009 06:43 PM

This is a complete absurd and abuse. I live in Brazil and receive an SMS in my mobile, informing a debt of USD 79,00 on my credit card, on a shop called AMZ*PRIMESHIPPING, as I didn't recognize it I contacted the bank and they guide me to cancel the credit card , as it could be some fraud. After cancel my card, I try to find something on the web about this shop, and surprised I found that was AMAZON !!! How could a company proceed an unauthorized operation without the agreement of the owner of the credit card ??? I don't know in US, but even here in Brazil this is totally ilegal, and if something like this happens here, everybody will bring AMAZON to the court ! This is the most stupid marketing campaign that I ever saw and what I can call "HOW TO KILL A COMPANY IMAGE IN ONE LESSON". I don't think that is necessary I say that I will take Amazon from my list of shopping website,and worst, I will tell all my friends that had purchased something at AMAZON or intend to buy, about this situation. Besides all this confusion, now I will have to wait 4 or 5 days, to Mastercard send me a new credit as the actual one was cancelled. This is how Amazon PrimeShipping Program "helped" me...

Rusty B.

July 25, 2009 08:43 PM

I get the joke people. "Cancel my membership to Amazon prime". If you guys are NOT kidding, you're all too stupid to be on the internet.

Robert AZ. Rush, DC

July 29, 2009 06:27 AM

I did NOT sign up for Amazon Prime (nor did my banker, who brought it to my attention after I bounced a check.) Evidently, Amazon sent (yet another) email saying I am signed up free and it will automatically renew. I did not see it. I, as are many, am inundated with emails and I delete (or block) what I don't have an interest in. Who knew? IMHO This is fraud on a grand scale (Bernie Madoff, move over for Jeff Bezo). I have been charged on THREE cards monthly for two years! I demanded a refund. I was told they'd "have to deduct in 'all' the shipping charges. My pleasure, as, even though I have been using Amazon forever, there is still (Barnes & Noble). I am appalled that I trusted this company and that, IMO, they betrayed me. I will let the bank's Visa Fraud unit deal with this once I get my refundS.
- Dr. Rush

PS: I deleted all cards from Amazon - even though the out-sourced lady on the phone said "we don't have access to your cards," we will know they do, other wise I wouldn't be getting these charges. I am furious, disappointed and sad. My neighbor is in Federal Prison for a much lesser fraudulent act (seems "clean" but, man, it's not!) Amzon has betrayed trust, as far as I am concerned. For a company who communicates VERY well, this was done quite subtly, IMO.
Dr. Rush


August 15, 2009 01:43 PM

i signed up to prime for a "free trail" for a few days to get gta4 quicker I had no idea that they would charge me £48 and it said i could get my money back if i hadn't made a purchase when i wsa in prime so what the fuc**** point of getting prime for a few days if your not going to use it then get charged £48 then get it back!

At least i turned auto renewal off!


August 16, 2009 12:43 PM

This morning I found the $79 charge listed as "pending" on my online bank statement. I called Amazon and spoke with a "Stephen Z", who said that on July 14 I had signed up for a "free trial" of Amazon Prime Shipping. I had NOT. I always order enough for free shipping. He then said that after the 30-day free trial, the $79 annual fee is charged. He did, however, courteously agree to replace the $79 in my account and immediately sent us a confirmation letter.


August 23, 2009 10:59 PM

thats absurd. when i signed up i knew exactly what i was getting in to because amazon made it very clear that at the end of the month i would be charged unless i opted out. honestly thats the reason i agreed and signed up for prime because i knew i could take advantage of the benefits and not renew which i am currently doing. when you go online crying about getting ripped off by amazon you've only proven that you're an idiot. READ!

Waylon Muller

August 27, 2009 10:54 PM

I just found out my master card was bill for $79.00 US dollar without me knowing why? I demand refund..


Sandra Paden

September 1, 2009 05:33 PM

The scam goes on!! I was charged $79 on my Visa debit card yesterday for Amazon Prime Shipping Club. I did not authorize this and will not pay it. I did not sign up for the Amazon Prime shipping - in fact, I've been very careful NOT to. I will fill out a fraudulent charge form at my bank today to get the charge removed, and will also notify all my friends and family of this scam. Amazon, shame on you!

Trung Nguyen

September 25, 2009 01:27 AM

I am very very angry about this, the scam still goes on. i will never buy anything from amazon. before i think in ebay there are a lot of scam, sell fake stuff. and i prefer amazon. but for now i will never buy anything from there. i will make a website, blog and tell to all of my friend my friend about this.


September 30, 2009 07:10 PM

I liked amazon prime so much that I bought 2.

Ed Stone

September 30, 2009 07:16 PM

I've done business with Amazon for years and regularly purchase from them. I have never had a problem. Literally dozens of transactions a year and not one problem. My son did a trial of Prime, and canceled within the trial period, and no charges were added for the program. I don't know what people are doing to have these unexpected charges, but those of you who say you complained to Amazon customer service seemed to have gotten refunds. There is no scam, the terms are clearly explained.


September 30, 2009 09:57 PM

I cannot believe how IGNORANT some people are about Amazon Prime! It is NOT a scam. You have to sign up to get it so all of those screaming they didn't sign up for it WAKE UP! You signed up for it somewhere along the way and are just too dumb to admit it. If you forgot to cancel it before they started charging you have no one to blame but yourself for being too damned lazy or stupid to read the requirements. Stop crying because you idiots made the mistake of signing up for it. Amazon does NOT sign people up for it. Only you can sign up for it so stop bitching. Read what you sign up for next time. That's what NORMAL people with basic intelligence do. You thought you could get off with cheap shipping but now you don't want to pay the piper for the privilege. You should have never signed up in the first place. People who are bitching now should not be allowed on the web at all! You are simply showing your ignorance.

R Rivers

October 1, 2009 03:06 PM

Hey, just try to get out of it. I have emailed, tried to click on link.. An it will auto charge in 30 days. My order was not shipped 2 days as promised. I want out!


October 1, 2009 05:46 PM

I am with you NotADummy, people are just so ignorant on what they sign up. They did try the service, otherwise, amazon wouldnt charge the card. Many people wanted take advantage and thinking they can dispute the charge later, that's why business is closing down and moving offshore. I have amazon prime for almost one year and will continue using it. If you are one time shopper, dont get the trial, just pay for the shipping, you will be better off. If you do most of the shopping online then prime will be better off. You will get it in 2 days. To me. I dont have patience. every time I order, i expect to arrive in 2 days which they did ALL the time. 2 Days, its a very expensive service. Yes I agree with Jeff, I go to amazon first to see if they have an item I want, if they do, and it's cheaper, i will get it. There is one thing I got it through amazon which most of people will get it at local hardware store. It's a garage open, think of the cost shipping that 2nd day, it's ridiculous but with amazon prime, it's free. Amazon prime is only for people who shop online very often, if you decide to just buy 1 or 2 or 3 item a year through amazon, just pay for the shipping, dont get the 2nd day trail and try to get away with the trial, pretending you never sign up.


October 1, 2009 07:05 PM

Wow. You people are complete fools. Do you not read something before you sign up for it?

George P

October 2, 2009 08:34 AM

That so many people are demanding refunds here is proof that they do not bother reading Web pages they visit.

How do they expect us to believe they read everything they agreed to on the site when they haven't read enough of THIS page to realize this is a magazine site, not


October 5, 2009 12:13 AM

I am really confused as to why people are leaving comments here demanding their money back. THIS IS NOT AN AMAZON PAGE.

First of all, the Prime trial gives you an option to NOT auto-renew when the free trial is up, and therefore you don't get charged. If you READ IT.

2nd of all, as many have said, you are responsible for signing up. I've never signed up "by accident." You'd have to be pretty dim to do so. But if you're complaining HERE about Amazon stealing your money, you're obviously pretty dim.

I love Prime. You can share it in a household, so my fiance and I both use it, which makes it VERY worth the $79. I don't have time to go shopping in stores often, so I buy pretty much everything online, and most of that on Amazon. Prime is perfect for us and we love it.


October 9, 2009 01:57 PM

As a matter of fact, I DO read web pages I visit and I am not "dumb". Amazon Prime shipping is a service I would never sign up for, because it is not worth my while. I also do not go in for 'free' trials because I know that there is a catch to everything and that eventually I'm going to have to start paying. Despite that, I found a charge for $79 on my credit card. It came completely out of the blue. I emailed Amazon who "looked into the matter" and asked for my
"understanding" for what they called "a technical glitch". In other words - it was their mistake. I was told I will recieve a full refund. So, while some people may have signed up without reading the fine print, other people, like myself, were victims of a "technical glitch".


October 15, 2009 10:07 AM

I have to say, it's really funny to see all these people expecting a random web site to fix their problem. "The internet charged me $79! Therefore I will ask the Internet for a refund! All internet sites are owned by amazon right?" Stupid, untrained, uninformed people.

Rocket Scientist

October 17, 2009 08:28 PM



November 8, 2009 04:55 PM

There are some prime examples here of stupidity. To the folks complaining to Business Week, they have nothing to do with charging your cards and demanding a refund here from Amazon, or worse demanding that Business Week refund a charge that Amazon made just goes to prove that some people shouldn't be allowed breed. They could have kept their mouths shut and left folks guessing, but instead opened them and confirmed a low IQ.


November 9, 2009 09:54 AM

First thing I did this morning was go online to check my bank account. There is a $79 charge pending from AMZ*PRIMESHIPP. I have not ordered anything online in the past couple of months or even visited the Amazon website. I immediately called my husband and he said the same thing. I don't know how Amazon got hold of our bank account information, but this is clearly in my case something fraudulent. If I find out this is Amazon's fault I will never be doing business with them again.

Peter Bradstock

November 16, 2009 05:32 PM

Hopefully everyone realizes that a troll has been posting the same exact complaint over and over for a year, because apparently they have nothing better to do. Amazon Prime is only screwing over one entity - Amazon themselves. I buy at least 30 items per year from amazon, lots of bulky stuff getting overnighted, there's no way even with the juiciest possible contract from UPS that they are making a dime directly off of the $79 fee. They may be profiting some from the additional business I give them, but overnight shipping is expensive for big items and I get a lot of that sort of thing.

$79? All you peasants need to suck it up, you'll gladly spend $79 to add an extra set of cupholders to your minivan or another couple pounds of TV dinners at Walmart, but you act like this is the end of the world. If you ask Amazon they will refund your money after the charge, while they laugh at you.


November 18, 2009 03:29 PM

Last month I put a CD in my shopping cart but never followed through with the purchase. This month a $79 fee shows up on my credit card statement. This happened even though I didn't go through the usual tendering and confirmation steps. They plucked the money out of one of my accounts on record. I called and Amazon reversed the charge, but the damage is done. When companies have to resort to sneaky practices and dirty dealings, I end my patronage. Bye bye Amazon. Good luck with the practices you're putting in place.


November 18, 2009 07:23 PM

Here’s how to cancel it.
1. Log in
2. Click “Your Account” link on top right besides the Help link
3. You should see 5 subcategories: Orders, Payment, Settings, Digital Content, and Personalization. Look at Settings, and under Account Settings, click on “Manage Prime Membership”
4. Click “Cancel” and confirm it
5. You’re done


November 21, 2009 12:07 PM

Amazon also has a nasty renewal clause in their contract that allows them to automatically renew you membership every year without your authorization, and since there isn't any kind of contact information on the site it can be really difficult to get your money back. I was able to get the number from my bank and they canceled my membership and refunded my money immediately. Here's the number if anyone needs it.
866 557 2820

Phuong Nguyen

November 27, 2009 12:29 AM

I also have no idea that what is Amazon Prime Membership is. I just usually buy text books on the website. However, one night i checked my bank account and saw $79 taken away from my account. Seriously, i even don't know what happen. I am feeling that Amazon is cheating me, so bye bye Amazon.


November 29, 2009 12:58 PM

You cannot protect idiots from themselves. If you click "try now" and then don't read the fine print, you have no one to blame but yourself. Amazon is very clear that it is a free trial period, and that the service costs $79 per year for each year thereafter, and that it automatically renews. And obviously, most of you who are complaining and whining about 'taking' money from you don't read - if you did you'd realize that you are posting to a site hosted by Businessweek. Ok, Einsteins - how is BUSINESSWEEK going to refund money for

I wish I were a realtor - I'd be marketing cheap oceanfront property in Kansas to all of you - within a week I'd have enough money to retire to Belize and take all of your money with me.

READ, people - read EVERYTHING before you sign it or click on a button. If you choose not to, then you deserve what you get.

The Amazon Prime service does exactly what it says - if you live in a reasonable service area, your products arrive in two business days. packs shipments 7 days a week, 24 hours a day - if you order it on Saturday or Sunday, it should be there by Tuesday night, unless you live in some remote outpost where UPS has a problem delivering daily.

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