Can organizing software transform a slob?

Posted by: Stephen Baker on January 11, 2005

Who needs organizing software? I suspect that the people who buy it and put it to good use are already organized. They don’t need it. Elizabeth Lane Lawley posts a list of new tools she’s acquired this week. They range from the Omni Outliner 3 to DevonThink and VooDooPad. But while equipping herself with all of this organizing software, she’s also stocking up in the analog world, with a Moleskine notebook and a Fisher Bullet space pen. Does anyone doubt that this woman would be supremely organized even with a Smith Corona typewriter and dog-earred Rolodex?

For all of us slobs, technology has a simpler answer. Search. Forget organizing. Good search can dig through the mess. I’m using Blinx for desktop search. It’s easy to download, very quick. Sure, it promises more than it can deliver. It hasn’t yet found one thing for me on the Web and slipped it into a Smart Folder. But for now, straightening up the desktop is all I could hope for.

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