Glimmer Not Cloud

Posted by: Tom Keene on February 1, 2012

Just when there’s the Glimmer of Margin Stabilization, there’s the Cloud of Revenue Deceleration…

—Mark Mahaney, Citigroup, 01/31, 4:55 pm, first look at revenues (or lack there of).

Mr. Pearlman, out at StockTwits, nails it. Low margin businesses leave zero margin of error.

Mr. Mahaney massages the press release to find, compare & contrast distinctions.

Distinct this. is in “investment mode.” The “media” will provide surface analysis. The sell-side (Team Mahaney) will analyze up down and sideways.

Consider the semi-log chart of AMZN. Consider the persistency of amazonian double-digit returns.

Bet against Mr. Bezos at your peril.

Me? I bet Glimmer not Cloud. Discuss.

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