12 Angry Men

Posted by: Tom Keene on June 22, 2011

Score it 155 - 143, as Greece and Europe survive another day. I would love to know the backstory on how three votes here, and say, seven votes there were nudged either way. Our economics is always political and the economics of Team Athens reflects upon the politics of Dublin, Lisbon and Spain (out 4 bps. as I write). What is one to do? (Read Carlo Cottarelli).

Try back to basics with this tour de force by Paul Krugman. An early leader for speech of the year, it is a careful and respectful attempt to reassert Depression Keynes and 1940s Samuelson. Its strength, whatever your politics, is its simplicity. Critics will argue that’s the point. It is too simple. Read this, twice.

I travel to Boston this weekend. I am blown away by how packed the planes, trains and hotels are. What lethargy? Here is some train reading pre-Henry Fonda. Discuss.

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