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January 13, 2005

How Deals Get Done

Justin Hibbard

People often ask us: Hey, Deal Flow, how do deals really get done in Silicon Valley? Is it brilliant technology that persuades a VC to fund a business plan? Is it miraculous growth that convinces an investment bank to take a startup public? Well, all of that helps. But sometimes it comes down to which private school your kids attend.

If you think we're kidding, check out the board composition at Menlo School, a private academy (grades 6-12) in Atherton, Calif. Among the 2003-2004 trustees were Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Sequoia Capital VC Douglas Leone, Goldman Sachs tech banker emeritus Eff Martin, Tibco Software CEO Vivek Ranadive, and Seagramís heir Samuel Bronfman II. We bet there are some interesting chats during the breaks at board of trustees meetings.

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