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Goodbye, Bud.Tv, and Good Riddance

Posted by: Burth Helm on February 19

Bud.TV, Anheuser-Busch's ambitious but deeply flawed video website, is officially closed. Personally, I hope A-B closed the site down not because the bleak economy and some cruel InBev overlord...

Walmart's Bad Week

Posted by: David Kiley on April 01

Just when Walmart thinks its on a roll, bad headlines about its behavior toward employees or small towns faded to the background, it gets pulled back in like Al Pacino...

Experian wastes money so you don't have to?

Posted by: Burth Helm on September 13

I found this bewildering: So taking that slogan to heart, Experian decides to buy an ad on a phone booth on 6th avenue in midtown Manhattan? You have to be...

Online Sellers Test Customer Patience and Satisfaction With Short Supply of Hot Gifts

Posted by: David Kiley on December 06

From Guest Blogger Diane Brady: One-day sales are a time-tested marketing ploy in the retail world. Slash the price of a popular item and the people will come. But...

Kramer's Tirade, Part II

Posted by: Burth Helm on November 28

When we last reported on this, AOL had replaced the pre-roll ad that ran ahead of a very profane, racially charged video with one for a Hershey's candy bar. The...

Racist Tirade, brought to you by "Flushed Away"

Posted by: Burth Helm on November 21

Ahem, adjacency problem? Like everyone else I clicked in to watch Seinfeld’s Michael Richards rant on Anybody else raise an eyebrow when you clicked to watch the video, and...

Decision: A spiffy phone, or my soul (for two years)?

Posted by: Burth Helm on September 01

So last weekend I lost my cell phone. This is not the first time: Earlier this year I accidentally destroyed a different phone, spurring me to do a series of...


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