Bank of America's sponsorship of "The Story of Us"

Posted by: Helen Walters on May 3, 2010

Who’s been watching “The Story of Us”, the documentary series recounting the history of the United States? I caught a couple of the shows and was both entertained and underwhelmed. The story of the U.S. is certainly rich in drama, intrigue, heroism and violence, and there were some interesting details I hadn’t known about. But I was also struck by the program’s breathless account of a passionate group of rebels sticking it to a large, organized, well-disciplined army girding against them. Sound familiar? As the saying goes, the victors get to write history. With everything going on in the world right now, it gave me pause to consider how the present time will be considered by future generations. I don’t think that was at all the intention of the series, mind, but definitely a thought-provoking byproduct.

Meanwhile, do check out Burt’s article in the current issue, which digs into Bank of America’s $4 million deal to run two-minute spots throughout the programs.



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