Mountain Dew: When limited edition equals 1.5 million

Posted by: Helen Walters on September 22, 2009

dew.jpgSince 2007, Pepsi brand Mountain Dew has produced Green Label Art, a series in which artists design a limited edition bottle for the drink. So far, so ho hum, right? But bear in mind that in Pepsi speak, limited edition is still a whopping 1.5 million bottles, or 250,000 of each design. That’s 0.13% of the bottles generally sold in convenience and gas stores (where these editions will be available). As Mountain Dew director Brett O’Brien told me, these bottles can’t just be rolled off the regular Mountain Dew factory lines but “require different machinery.” To me, this elevates the project from “nice” to “committed”. Pepsi doesn’t break out marketing figures for Mountain Dew, and O’Brien wouldn’t get into specifics, but he did mention this year’s addition of “Green Label Gear”, other items (snowboards, headphones) carrying the artists’ images, so it’s safe to assume they’re happy with its progress.



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