P&G Goes Viral With Tampax Videos

Posted by: David Kiley on June 16, 2009

Call me old fashioned but I think some products should just be advertised pretty much for their features and attributes. I really don’t think an agency should get overly zen or slick with toilet paper, cotton balls, and oh yeah….tampons.

But show me a client with a product or brand that is a borderline commodity, and I’ll show you an agency that is out to cure it of its commodity status.

Which brings me to the curious case of Zack Johnson, the fictional character created by Leo Burnett Chicago on behalf of Procter & Gamble’s Tampax feminine hygiene brand. The campaign is anchored by a blog featuring videos at Zack16.com. Zack, if you can believe this, has his male parts replaced by female parts, and has his first menstrual period during French class. He skulks into the girl’s restroom to use a Tampax machine.

I’m not sure if this will sell more Tampax. But it’s interesting

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Denise Lee Yohn

June 18, 2009 7:54 PM

i, too, question why p&g would take this approach. apparently a company spokesperson says the company was "just playing around with some different ideas" -- that sure sounds responsible...

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