Texting Surpasses Calling Among Cell Phone Subscribers

Posted by: David Kiley on September 24, 2008

Nielsen just released data showing that U.S. wireless subscribers now send and receive more text messages than mobile phone calls.

As of Q2 2008, the typical subscriber sent or received 357 text messages, compared to 204 phone calls. While the average number of calls has remained relatively stable, the average number of text messages sent or received has increased 450% since Q1 2006.

U.S. teens (ages 13 to 17) had the highest levels of text messaging in Q2 2008, sending and receiving an average of 1,742 text messages per month.

For more detail on this analysis, check out Nielsen’s blog:

Reader Comments

michael smith

September 24, 2008 7:00 PM

so you think this is news, like its just happening now..... txts have outnumbered phone calls since 2001. Where have you people been, are they polling farmers who got their first cell phone in 2005 and just figured out what lol, ttyl, bbl, brb, etc all mean...wtf talk about way behind the power curve...way to be business week...oh yeah whats next suggesting a phone designed more for txt msgs...um try 4 years ago with the sidekick I,II,III etc...come on people.

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