Viral Videos This Political Season Getting Better All The Time

Posted by: David Kiley on February 15, 2008

With all the millions, and soon to be hundreds of millions, to be spent on political advertising the rest of this year, what is emerging is a trend that sharper and sharper viral videos are having an effect.

By now, most who are interested have seen the “Yes We can Video” for Barack Obama created by Black Eyes Peas’ Will-I-Am and Jesse Dylan. But there are more and more turning up.

Take this video, created by Deutsch/LA creative chief Eric Hirshberg. Hirshberg, a very talented ad creative, who produced it on his own, uploaded it, and is watching it take off on Youtube. The Obama campaign then adopted it to its website.

It is inevitable that parodies of viral videos will crop up. The better the video, the more apt it is to be parodied. Take this delicious send-up of the Obama “Yes We Can” video. It’s called “No We Can’t,” and is an anti-McCain ad.



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