Chrysler Has Some Fun With Former Ad Chief Roehm

Posted by: David Kiley on October 23, 2006


Chrysler officials are smirking and denying, of course. But a bobble-head doll the automaker is selling—a character from its bobble-head Jeep Compass TV and Net ad campaign—looks amazingly like former Chrysler ad honcho Julie Roehm. Judge for yourself.

Roehm, who drew more than a few angry side-long glances at Chrysler for never seeing a reporter she didn’t want to chat up, left the company earlier this year to take a marketing post at Walmart.

A Chrysler official said the doll, one of four, was designed after Roehm had departed. With hip-hugging jeans and a skimpy top showing off a bare midriff, the Roehmenator is meant to represent a typical urban iPod wearing platform-sandal wearing female Compass buyer.

Even with the sexy bare midriff, the Roehm look-alike is not the most popular doll. That distinction goes to the bobble-head Beagle. Arf!




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