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If Not For The NFL, DirecTV Would Be In Big Trouble

Posted by: David Kiley on June 8, 2006

This is one of those blogs that is a little seat-of-the-pants. I recently moved back to Michigan to be a senior correspondent for BusinessWeek. Burt Helm is taking over as Marketing Editor, and will be contributing to this blog.

Being back in Michigan means that I needed to go from the cable TV and Net service I had in NJ to DirecTV. Why? I won’t be without my New York Giants come the Fall. And Rupert Murdoch has wisely negotiated an exclusive deal with the NFL that means that I wouldn’t be able to get the Giant games here via Comcast.

I had DirecTV two years ago when I last lived in Michigan. And I swore I’d never have it again. But here I am back.

DIRECTV has, according to its website, been rated #1 in customer satisfaction, “higher than cable or any other satellite company, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index.” I’m looking into this rating system and rating entity, because I am baffled by this given the lousey service I have had from DirecTV in two rounds of service.

For all the criticism of cable TV service, let me just say that in two years with Comcast, I didn’t have one complaint. The service was great, and I became a big fan of Comcast’s On Demand service.

When I had DirecTV two years ago, the service never worked the way it was supposed to, and the outsourced installer who put it in actually said, “I don’t have time to figure out what’s wrong…you know, I don’t work for DirecTV, I’m just an installer.”

In the month or so I have had DirecTV, I have had to call the service number about ten or so times to straighten out various problems. The installer who connected the equipment, while I was at work, ran the cable across my living room floor and suggested that I stuff it under my wall-to-wall carpet. I had a stereo tech take it out and string it over the ceiling out of sight. It took him 30 minutes. It took the installer longer than that to do it wrong. That guy, as well as a second DirecTV tech who had been to the house to fix a problem suggested the original installer had been off his head when he did the work.

Last night I asked a service guy on the 800-number, who I could hardly understand, why the TiVo service was taping all kinds of stuff I didn’t program, and he really couldn’t tell me why it was happening or how I might keep it from continuing.

I heard morning radio show host Don Imus talking about DirecTV the other day, saying he had never had a problem with it. His partner, Charles, though said he got rid of it and would never go back because of what a hassle it was. I guess Charles isn’t as big a football fan as I am.

And now I am back to my first point. Without the NFL exclusivity, no way would I ever consider the service. Comcast was cheaper, had better service and offered On Demand programming in a way that DirecTV doesn’t.

So, here is an open letter to Comcast and the other other cable operators: Can’t you band together and make the NFL an offer that bests Murdoch’s to provide NFL games to your subscribers the next time the agreement comes up for renewal? If you did that, I predict, you would see your market shares go up in every market as people realize that, with expanding service from cable operators, satellite TV should go the way of Beta.

Reader Comments

j martinez

June 11, 2006 9:24 PM

Ive had directv for 4 years now and i never have had any problems. seems like your problems lie with the installation and not the service. I installed it myself. but your a writer, im sure you woudlnt even know how to use a screwdriver


June 13, 2006 3:57 PM

hey numnutz...if i can put ikea furniture together, which i can, i can do almost anything. I can also sweat a pipe fitting, hang wallpaper, build a dining room table and hutch. Shall I go on?

DirectTV is responsible for the installation, not me.


June 17, 2006 11:28 AM

The reason it's recording stuff 'you didn't ask for' is that it's a "feature" called Tivo should be spelled out in the manual (if they provided one). For example, I notice it attempts to record 'similar' shows as the ones I explicitly mark to record; hence, when I explicitly record a show on "Parallel Universes" on Discovery, it tries to locate similar programming I may be interested in. You can see this "planned" list of upcoming recordings by going through the main menu, and deselect the ones that make no sense. I've never noticed one of my explicitly-recorded shows being preempted by one of these 'suggestions'. Cheers!

Fast Follower

July 11, 2006 1:31 PM

I too have had very few problems with DirecTV (and I've been with the service for over 10 years). I also live in Michigan and I've never considered going back to Comcast. I too am a football fan (and have the NFL Sunday Ticket as well as the NBA package), but even if I didn't have those packages, I don't think Comcast could get me to switch today. I believe DirecTV with Tivo to be the best television service available.

However, DirecTV isn't perfect. My gripes:
1) The new DVR from DirecTV is terrible (versus Tivo); 2) Where's the DVR that includes the ability to record HD programming; 3)Video-on-demand, where are you?; 3)Why can't I easily move DVR recorded programming within my home (to variours other televisions) or to mobile video devices as long as I don't redistribute or sell?

Murdoch needs to fix this stuff.


August 25, 2006 1:43 PM

I whole heartedly agree with you. Directv customer service is terrible. I would never ever have it if it wasn't for NFL Sunday Ticket. We need to start a petition for the NFL to end it's agreement with Directv following the 2010 season.


October 2, 2006 3:46 PM

If there was any way I could leave Directv and still get NFL Ticket I would do it in a minute! The service is terrible even with my being an "A-List" customer. That qualification does not get me anything when it comes to customer service except a "special" number to dial and the people on that line are just as clueless as on the regular line!

Chris Moses

October 4, 2006 1:26 PM

It isn't the service that bothers me... it is the exclusivity of Sunday Ticket, with all other Sports packages being readily available on Cable AND satellite!

The main problem is the equipment you HAVE to PURCHASE!!! Why in the world would I want to pay $500 for a DirecTV HD Tivo box, when I get the cable one for 6.95 a month? Why would I put that money out there for the technology to be obsolete in a year, and then have to repurchase it. Or I have to purchase a ridiculous extended warranty?

They say you have to rent your box, and that you OWN your DirecTV equipment, and that you always have to pay the cable company for the length of your service! But the same has to be done with satellite, but it isn't the box you rent... it is the "access card" that costs you every month! Every single one of them in your house costs around 6-7 bucks a month to remain activated!

Something needs to be addressed and it needs to be available to everyone! Come on NFL, get out of bed with this shady group!!!

Chris D

October 23, 2006 4:22 PM

I agree with petitioning the NFL to reconsider its alliance with only DirecTV. I would like to sue DirecTV and NFL under the RICO act for theft and fraud in regards to the NFL Sunday Ticket. Since they promise a service and don’t provide it (Fraud) and steal my money in the process (Theft).

C-Dub Dallas

October 29, 2006 7:37 PM

The installation process with DirecTV has been nothing short of a nightmare. I haven't EVEN gotten service yet even though I signed up close to a month agi.

The first installer was scheduled to come on Saturday 10/14 between 8-12 noon. He showed up at 4:45 p.m. and determined that he would have to get under my house. He then told me he was claustrophobic and could not complete the work, but told me if he used a tool called a "wall fish" then he could finish the install. He promised to return the next morning.

I had errands I needed to run before going out of the country the next day. Let me tell you, I was thrilled.

On Sunday 10/15, the installer again failed to show up. When I called him, he arranged to be at my house at 5:30 p.m. on Monday 10/16.I arranged to have my housesitter leave his job early to meet the installer who AGAIN failed to show up and wouldn't return any of the calls my housesitter made in an effort to get my DirecTV set up.

On Monday, 10/23, another (very nice) installer came to my house. He did all of the installation work but then discovered that I had been given the wrong type of box by DirecTV. During the original call when I signed up for Direct TV, I was never asked which type of box I needed.

I just want to watch HBO but this is turning into a never ending saga.

Steve in Oakland

November 13, 2006 12:48 AM

Seems to me that if you get an installer with a brain (rare) it should be smooth sailing. I've had the dish on my roof for a week, and it goes down daily. Now, it doesn't work at all, and it will take another week to get a tech out. Ridiculous. I went with these guys 'cause they're $25/month cheaper than Comcast. Very bad choice. We'll see if someone can install it right next weekend, or else it's welcome back cable.

Ed in NJ

December 4, 2006 5:58 PM

I have had Direct TV for over 7 years without any problems that Dircet TV or myself couldn't solve without reading the manual. I was perplexed about the Tivo recordings until I spent a little time with the manual. Problem solved.

I have it for the NFL and the other major league properties which Direct TV had well before cable did.

Direct TV is still superior to cable if you are a sports fan. Not even a comparison.


December 20, 2006 2:41 AM

Kiley shows his ignorance in not being able to manipulate the simplest tivo functions. don't throw pearls to the swine...


December 20, 2006 9:06 PM

I have had Direct TV for three weeks today. It is terrible. The picture and sound are great but the equipment is terrible. I consider the DVR software the poorest attempt at DVR software to date. I gave up Insight Communications cable for Direct TV to save some dollars and what a terrible mistake. I am currently waiting on the fourth reply from customer service about returning this equipment and cancelling my service. I will be returning to cable at first chance and gladly pay the extra $30 a month. I am going to demand a termination of the committment. We have lost more recordings in the last 3 weeks than we would normally record in 2 weeks due to system failure in the DVR box. The only sports I watch are NCAA BBall and most of that is available without DirectTV. I would feel more comfortable staying with them if the techs didn't always say the problems were due to software upgrades.


January 5, 2007 9:20 PM

I have had DIRECTV for 7 years and I will never go to a cable company because of the quality of the picture cable company's say its digital but if you put directv side by side any cable company you will see the difference even dish network. No comparisons! And if you have a problem with the installer chances are hes a subcontractor for directv they usually don't have any training under there belt. And soon directv will have the most HD channels than anyone else over 150 coming soon in 2007 possible around May 2007! If you want directv you should find the authorized dealer in your city and go from there you wont be disappointed.


January 10, 2007 7:00 PM

I have been a DirecTv customer for 3 years. I moved from being a Dish customer for the specific reason of the NFL Sunday Ticket.

I have been very happy with the service. That is until they decided to charge me an extra $100 so that I could be called a "Super Fan"!

That's right. For only an extra $100 on top of the $200 I was paying for the Sunday Ticket service, I got to take advantage of being able to switch between 6 NFL games on one screen! That is of course IF I had an interactive HD receiver....which I do not.

DirecTv has cornered the market for NFL fans. Great business move on their part but we all suffer because of it. No competition = crappy service and price hikes at a whim.

Robert Timsah

January 18, 2007 11:49 PM

There has to be some kind of legal case against the NFL Sunday Ticket ONLY being on Directv. First of all, the NFL is something so many people here in America watch, why should we have to purchase it through just one provider? Satellite is unreliable and would prefer a cable or even Verizon's fiber television service if they could get NFL Sunday Ticket.. The problem is Directv knows how desperate NFL lovers are, and how were stuck with them and as a result they don't give a sh about their support. I've had conversations with their support you would not believe. It almost made me cry.

Robert Bell

March 4, 2007 12:35 AM

What a nightmare. "One call and your move is complete." NOT. Transferred service took weeks. Added HDVD DVR to my service(???). I never experienced anything like this disaster. The customer service was and is horrible (hang ups, screw ups too many to discuss, zero follow ups, out-and out lies and total incompetence). HEY, I DON'T WANT "CREDITS," I WANT SERVICE.

The HDTV DVR "box" is a perfect example of bringing a new technology to market LONG before technical completion (QUALITY CONTROL, EVER HEAR OF IT?). I was an engineer back in the day and the HD DirecTV "box" is a perfect example of incompetence. Who is accountable DirecTV, WHO?

I'm sick of dealing with them. Three members of my family have pretty much the same problems as I. Zero HDTV DVR technical competence and horrifying customer service.

I do not believe any of their incessant lies and I'd be gone in a heart beat if it weren't for the NFL and ESPN Game Play packages.

BTW, the Office of the president of DirectTV is about 20 miles from my house, he will hear from me one day soon.

In closing, I had no problems with DirectTV before HDTV DVR. 6 years of good service. And now this.


March 11, 2007 7:07 PM

I subscribed to DTV Service in July of 2006. I have experienced a lot of technical issues from day 1 of my service being activated. My service have been out on all 4 receivers for approximately 2 months. When I tried to inform the dtv service representative of the problems, they told me they could give me credit for the next month. I told them no, I wanted credit for the past 2 months. I don't feel like I should be responsible for paying for services that I couldn't see. I always ask to speak to a supervisor and they extend my cut-off date for 7 days. This is not fair to me as a customer. I don't want to cancel my service, because the other companies don't have the NFL Sunday Ticket Package. Some drastic action should be taken against DTV for this.


March 19, 2007 3:02 PM

I was thinking to get Direct TV. After reading all the problems that people have with Direct TV, their equipments and installers, I decided to stay with cable.


April 15, 2007 12:20 AM

I moved to Seattle last year from Tampa, and of course had to purchase DirecTV in order to watch my Bucs last season. After several rounds with the installer screwing it up, and DirecTV's "Number 1" service (Ya, rite), I swore I would never ask them to my house again. Then, the season began, and I had no other option than to purchase it again and have the idiots install a dish in my new house. I wish Comcast would step up after the 2010 season and negotiate a contract. Hopefully with NFL Network broadcasting games on weekdays and Saturdays, it will slowly chip away at DirecTV's monopoly of all NFL games.


July 4, 2007 12:10 PM

Direct TV is the absolute worst company I've ever dealt with in terms of customer service. I'm in the military and move around a lot. The only thing I watch on TV is the evening news and the Denver Broncos. If there was any other way I could watch the Denver Broncos in the different places I have to live I'd cancel Direct TV in a second! Every place I've used Direct TV there has been a problem with billing, installation or other problems. I'm hoping that any other cable company gets NFL Ticket next time it comes up for bid. In fact, I’d happily pay more to any other provider for NFL games if I could switch from Direct TV.


July 16, 2007 6:42 PM

I love my DirecTv with Tivo. I have a box that unfortunately they don't make and more. Its a 100 hour dual tuner Directv With Tivo box by Hughes. I bought this before Tivo and DirecTv went separate ways. I would never go back to comcast. It has always had a terrible picture compared to DirecTv. I hope DirecTv never loses the exclusive contract.


August 9, 2007 2:38 PM

DirecTV has an exclusive deal with the NFL for BILLIONS of dollars. They have exclusive rights to the NFL through the 2010 series. It won't matter how many cable providers "ban together"... You won't be seeing Pay-Per-View NFL games on cable anytime soon.


August 29, 2007 10:53 AM

Directv has been a complete nightmare for me. My experiences with cable haven't been great, but nothing can touch the depth of ineptitude Directv exhibits. If cable gets the NFL, I'll be the first one to pay an early cancellation fee and switch.


September 28, 2007 1:36 AM

Direct TV or direct V as I like to call them charges 200$ for HD-DVR to lease it not own it, lease it! Then You also get stuck with their Sub-par customer service and equipment for a whopping 2 years! To protect your dish signal strength you will need to pay an extra 5.99 A MONTH! So if the dish is not getting strong signal or not getting HD channels and you don’t pay the extra $71.88 a year you still have the 2 year agreement but no service!!! So unless you pay 70$ to get them out to your house plus additional costs you get a huge bill but no TV service. Trust me it is a bum deal but they don’t tell you about the extra service costs until they run your credit and put an inquiry on you credit report. Bad customer service, no integrity, No compensation for their mistakes and the equipments interface is crap to say the least. Also dish network will lease the equipment with no upfront cost and if you talk to a retention specialist they will get an installer to fix your dish for FREE not charge to fix their screw-up. They also give a three month guarantee on the repairs. The choice is yours to make but to the people who say they are 100% satisfied try to get an HD DVR from direct V then come talk to me!!! All in all thy suck!!!!!!
2 years in hell if you get stuck with DIRECTV’s 2 year contract. My advice don’t do it! I hate DIRECTV with a passion they are a cheap company with an expensive price tag. Not to mention they have no accountability or responsibility to the people who pay them for service. once you are a customer you don’t mean crap to them they only want new customers. Because I did not want to pay them an extra 5.99 a month for them to stand behind their equipment and installation the supervisor I was ordering from had the balls to tell me I was cheap and he would pay more for shoe laces. (I guess the $1800 I pay a year was not enough to keep their service running the want more.) Over 70$ a year for shoelaces maybe he should buy boots! They are assholes once you are a customer. As a wise man once said “That’s all I have to say about that.”
To reach Heywot Bitew: Her direct phone line:310-964-6508
To reach Ellen Filipiak, Sr VP of Customer Relations: Email her at:
And you may want to send a copy of your EMails to DirecTV's investor relations. Their Email is

When we moved to Pasadena last year, I decided to sign up for DirecTV. It was a terrible decision, and I regret it all the time. DirecTV is a terrible, terrible company that provides a mediocre product, horrendous customer service and bad value. In short, DirecTV sucks. I strongly recommend that you get your television service elsewhere. Here’s why.
1) High Definition DVR. One of my primary motivations in choosing DirecTV was that I wanted to get the most out of my new 42” Sony LCD television, and DirecTV was the only service at the time that offered a high-definition DVR. What they didn’t tell me about this DVR was that it SUCKS. The menus are slow. The channel guide is so slow that it’s actually not useable – it would take at least half an hour to scroll through the guide, by which time you would need to do it all over again. Selecting a program to record in the future, once you do find it in the guide, will freeze the guide for at least 60 seconds.
2) HD Programming. I want HD programming to go with my $3,000 HD television. DirecTV does not deliver. DirecTV offers 7 HD channels (TNT, ESPN and the Deuce, Universal HD, Discovery HD, HDNet and HDNet Movies) in their HD package, for a whopping $10 per month. Together with DirecTV’s most basic lineup package, you’re paying $55 per month, and getting 7 HD channels. (If you subscribe to HBO or Showtime - for another $23/month - you also get the primary HBO/Showtime channel in HD.) By comparison, Dish offers a total of 25 high-definition channels. That’s every HD channel that DirecTV offers, plus another 18. With Dish’s basic channel lineup, all those extra HD channels still cost $5 a month less than what I pay DirecTV. Also, unlike DirecTV, Dish offers Starz in HD on top of HBO and Showtime, and you could choose any two for $3 a month less than you’d pay DirecTV.
3) Buying Equipment. You know all those cable commercials on TV that talk about “no expensive equipment to buy”? It’s a bigger advantage than I had originally thought. The dish on my roof and the aforementioned sucky DVR cost me a cool $500. I paid an additional $50 for an off-air HD antenna that gets me all the local channels in high definition (which is actually a fairly good deal). And that equipment is mine to keep. Of course, that means that this equipment is also mine to repair. Yesterday, the signal went out on my satellite. The service call will cost me $70 just for the initial diagnosis. If extensive work is needed, that will be extra. Of course, DirecTV will sell you an “equipment protection plan” for $5.99 per month. Paulie Walnuts would be proud. Hey, I’ve got an idea: how about standing behind your product, and fixing it when it breaks and I can’t watch the satellite services for which I pay for nearly $100 a month? Mother. Fuckers.
4) Sports Programming. One of the reasons I chose satellite over cable was that DirecTV told me that I could get all the out-of-region sports networks in a package for $11/month. I was very excited, as this would allow me to watch the Mets on SNY, and it would cost me just $66 for the season. What DirecTV didn’t tell me, however, was that while you could get those out-of-region sports networks in that package, in actuality all professional sports programming on those channels will be blacked out! Great! I could pay $11 a month and get to watch every Gonzaga basketball game! Woohoo! And in the end, I had to pay DirecTV another $150 for the MLB Extra Innings package, where none of the games are carried in high definition, and where half the time I get the other team’s inane announcers. Dammit, I want Keith Hernandez’ inane commentary, not friggin’ Joe Buck! Ugh. Maybe this one isn’t DirecTV’s fault, but they shouldn’t advertise their services in such a misleading manner. The regional sports package is useless without the actual sports.
5) Customer Service. When you first call DirecTV to order service, they pick up the phone right away. On the first ring. Zero time waiting on hold. But don’t ever call back, because they don’t want to talk to you. They charge you extra for making changes to your service on the phone. The hold times are interminable. It took me 45 minutes one day just to get them to not automatically renew NFL Sunday Ticket for the upcoming season at $300 (it was free last season as part of a new subscriber promotion, and you cannot cancel online – only by phone). And, I am not making this up, I spent one hour and four minutes on the phone yesterday to get them to schedule a service call so a technician can come out to fix my little problem of not getting any signal. One hour and 4 minutes. 50 minutes of which was waiting on hold for a technical support representative. And when is the service technician coming, you ask? Oh, in three days. They’re all booked for today, and tomorrow, you see. They’ll be by on Thursday, between 1 and 5. Don’t go to the bathroom, because you might miss them. I thought Time Warner Cable in NY had bad customer service, but they’re golden compared to DirecTV.
6) You Can’t Get Out. Why don’t you just cancel, you might be asking me. But DirecTV has already thought of that. You see, unbeknownst to me, I was signed up for a two-year service agreement when I initially subscribed. I don’t know what I got in return, and I don’t remember anyone actually asking me if I wanted to sign up for two years of service. I could still cancel, but I’d have to pay them a $200 cancellation fee, and I’d have to eat the cost of the equipment, which of course is mine to keep. I wonder what it might fetch on EBay.
So that’s my long complaint about DirecTV. I wish I never did business with them in the first place. If you’re considering signing up for DirecTV service, do yourself a favor and think again, because DirecTV sucks.

Christina Says:
October 3, 2006 at 7:08 am
i am so happy this sight exists, I am so fed up with directv. Lets see, it first began when we were suppose to get it installed on 9/21/06 between 1-5, so I took a half day of work off. Well I get home to see that they called about 11:50 to cancel the appointment because they didn’t have the equipment. I was furious with them and all they could do is say they were sorry. Anyhow, we rescheduled to 9/23/06 between 1-5, well what do you know, they called again, but this time they called at 9:30 to tell me the same sorry excuse that they didn’t have the equipment. I was on the phone for over 2 hours complaining to whoever would listen. Next up, is today 10/3/06 my dad is over my house between 8-12 waiting for them, when yet again i get a call, that the technician is 3 hours away from my house and can’t make it and has to push the time back, but I have no one there to wait for the stupid guy. He called me twice telling me this and i haven’t heard from him since. I swear I am just going to cancel. This is just too much aggrevation to deal with. I will keep you informed. I will however, do everything in my power to make sure no one gets directv.

Northbound Says:
July 27, 2006 at 8:45 am
I did SO not want to hear this. When we move, I want DirecTV very badly for one reason and one reason alone - NFL Sunday Ticket. I want to watch the Cowboys. I need to watch the Cowboys. But I live in Jersey, and we have cable, so… I suffer. Endlessly.
Now I’m all bummed.
YDS Says:
July 27, 2006 at 10:03 am
NFLST is the only reason to get DirecTV, but of course only as long as DirecTV has exclusivity on that deal. I think their contract runs through 2011, unfortunately. You’ve got to weigh the costs against the benefits. Do you need the Cowboys on your TV so much that you’re willing to pay more money for crappier service? If so, then DirecTV is your service provider.
That would make a great slogan for their marketing department. “Do you love out-of-town football? Are you willing to pay more money for crappy service? Call DirecTV, we’ll hook you up.”
Kip McEwan Says:
July 30, 2006 at 9:30 am
***but remember you cant get games in HD unless you pay that extra $99 for the so-called “superfan”!! By the way, HD games came with the NFLST 2 yrs ago. DTV’s excuse? “We have to charge for the superfan b/c it’s so expensive to carry the feed” yadda yadda same ole DTV crap. Oh yeah and dont forget “our ppv schedule is also reduced so we can give you those great games…” Yeah? try telling my wife that (who hates football)
YDS Says:
July 31, 2006 at 6:20 pm
Good point, Kip. DirecTV is full of that kinda of crap. For instance, they won’t give me the Tivo software upgrade that’s been out for over a year because of “system stability issues”. Sure.
I just don’t think that anyone is going to see good service or good value in cable or satellite until Congress/the FCC finally forces providers to offer a la carte pricing. Given that I only watch 3 cable channels that I don’t separately pay for already (those being HBO and the HD pack), I can see why the “service” providers are resisting this so much - can’t really go about charging $45 a month for ESPN and Comedy Central without the 200 other channels that go with it.
Thanks for reading and commenting!
Steve Says:
August 3, 2006 at 12:31 pm
All I can say is if anyone is thinking about DirecTV, don’t do it!! I won’t list all the issues I’ve had and am still having, but I am actually considering paying the $200 or $300 to cancel and going back to cable. Besides the normal drawbacks of satellite due to weather etc, DTV does everything they possibly can to make you regret the day you ordered it. I wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy.

Jimbolaya Says:
October 11, 2006 at 8:30 pm
Well that explains a lot. Not everyone who works for DirecTV is as illiterate as the last guy, but they may be as stupid as he appears to be, or perhaps they simply have no professional pride to remain at such a crappy company.
I think I have you all beat. Since last January I have been through 6 (count ‘em, 6) HD DVRs. The first 5 were the notoriously unreliable HR 10-250. The first one (brand new) lasted 6 mos. before the hard drive went. Of course, all this magnificent company would do is send me another “refubished” piece of crap. Let me tell you about these “refurbished” beauties. Two of them were bad out of the box (1 bad modem, 1 bad hard drive). The other two had hard drives that went out in 3-4 weeks. (I have a sneaking suspicion blogger # 30 works in quality control for the refurbishing unit — but I digress). Of course, each time one of the units went out i was on the phone for an hour or more, holding for tier 1 technical support, and then again while they transferred me to advanced technical support. And then, of course, there is the 20 minutes to set up the new unit and another 30 min. on hold to get it activated.
Anyway, they finally agreed to send me the “new and improved” HR 20-700. It lasted all of 3 weeks. However, its demise struck me as poetic justice. You see, the geniuses in the billing department never seemed to be able to get it together to credit my account for the defective units I returned. I called three separate times and, after waiting an eternity for them to look up each Fed Ex shipping number (hang on to those receipts, kids), they told me they would “escalate” it to the billing resolution department. Of course they never did. They finally credited my account for one of the returns, but kept showing me with a balance due of over $1000 for the other units. So today the aholes cut my service off, even though I’ve never had as much as a late payment in the 5 years I’ve been their customer. Well, after spending 3 hours on the phone with them tonight, when they reactivated my service, it turned out that when they shut it off they some how blew out my 3 week old HR 20-700!! So now they have to replace it, which serves them right for being such incompetent boobs.
Anyway, like most of you (the two DTV shills excepted) the only reason I have remained their customer all these years is to see the Bears games on NFL Sunday Ticket (How ’bout them Bears?). And truth be told, I never had any problems until I “upgraded” to the HD DVR. The standard resolution boxes I had were ttrouble-free. But once you’ve seen a football qame on the big screen in HD …..well, you know.
But I think the right response is to write to the new NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodall. That’s what I am going to do. Because we shouldn’t have to wait until 2010 to get what we are paying for. I’m sure the NFL’s contract with DTV contains a standard performance clause, which requires DTV to meet certain minimum standards of reliability. And I am equally sure that, based on what I have read here, DTV isn’t meeting those standards and is therefore in breach of that contract, which means the NFL should be able to walk from it. But Goodall needs to hear from people like us to know he has both the need and the right to find a more reliable distribution channel.

Richard Says:
October 19, 2006 at 11:36 am
Wow, I guess that I am not alone in this Direct TV nightmare. After reading all of your stories I feel a little better that I am not singled out with my experiences, of course all except HappyJoy, with a name like that he probably likes being kicked. If he doesn’t work for Direst TV they should hire him ASAP because he is the only satisfied Directv customer that I have met.
I could beat all of your stories but I’m sure like myself most of you can’t spend the time that it would take to tell it all. I have been through so much that it would take me al day typing to explain my nightmare in full.
I have had Directv for a total of 5 years now, I’m not a sucker for punishment. The first 4 years were pretty much trouble free, then I moved and the shit literally hit the fan. Thier attitude is as most large corporations; that a few of us that are having troubles don’t reaaly matter if we cancel it is no great loss to Ditrectv, we are just a grain of sand on the beach. Their will be plenty of other suckers waiting in line for their punishment. I have had the year from hell at this new location. I have spent, including hold time about 10 hours on the phone line over the year now. I am ready to sue them for raising my blood pressure as I have started to record all of the phone calls for the last several months now. I think that logging my time per hour that they owe me money at this time. I have had technicians out at least 5 times now and as you well know you have to give up four hours of your day each time as they will not narrow the time down any better. That’s a total of 20 hours right there. I’m now up to 30 hours plus the time that I have spent trouble shooting before each customer service call. i am an Electrical Engineer, so they cannot pull the wool over my eyes like they try with most poor suckers. Then I have to talk to these idiots on the other side of which i know way more of what I am talking about then they do. I have never delt with anything more frustating then this situation. I have managed to get through to about 2 supervisors that had their shit together, but I had to demend to be transfered to uper level service. Some of the people that I have conversed with were as dumb as a rock and mabe that is giving them too much credit.
I am on my 4th HD HR10-250 receiver now, what a pile of crap!
Some of the techs that have been here probably told me more then what they are suppose to although I had to beat it out of them. I have been told by at two techs that this model receiver has built in problems. The last receiver that they sent me was just thown in a plain cardboard box with one small piece of bubble wrap on one side allowing the recever to bang araound in the box. That sais alot for the yellow “exreamly fragile Handle with care” sticker on the top of the DVR unit. UPS did a great job of beating it up. When I hooked it up it made hard drive noises, I wonder why, it also will not decode Dolby ever though i have the settings correctly checked in the set up, and I am using the optical cable for audio. Of course they didn’t think that I knew what I was doing so they made me wait for 4 more hours for a tech to come out, he was here for 10 minutes and of course verified my problem. Then i had to call and talk to another idiot which made me go back through and check for correct settings again. I wish that i could reach through the phone and stangle someone about that time.
I live near a line of sight micrwave transmitting field up on the mountain top. I get intermitent video lockups which have no periodic repeat pattern. I beleive that the microwave link is the culprit but they don’t hav anyone with enough knowledge to talk with me on my level of experience. Their solution is a new receiver, how stupid do you have to be to think that after 5 recivers and two new LNB’s and a new large oval dish that the problem is still the receiver. It is obviously the receiver design and or a comination of interference. My signal strenghts al all above average in strenght even during the lockups.
I just installed PC interface to my 52 inch DLP set, it is fantastic!
I am trying to get awy from all this crap, cable, sat, antennas and whatever. Steaming video on demand is the future of TV so stand by the day is coming where you can dump all these idiots.
I am now downloading movies on demand for only 9.95 mo. It beats the hell out of these hurendous prices for Directv or cable. I hope a EMP pulse takes out all the Directv sats at one time….it would serve them right.

Ken Kaniff Says:
October 27, 2006 at 5:55 pm
Aperantly Northbound doesn’t care if his TV goes out or just doesn’t watch Tv alot but for people that like to come home after a hard days work and turn on the TV and there is that checing for Sat signal STAY AWAY FROM DIRECTV and pay a little bit more for cable its a much more reliable service Also I worked for Dish Network same shit differant company
Jon Anderson Says:
November 20, 2006 at 9:48 pm
Yep, they suck. I am having the same problems with the same receiver. Their stock did pretty well after the last earnings announcement. What funny is that part of their succes is customer retention. Well that will not happen again. I am cancelling and going to cable. If you do have problems, call to cancel and someone in customer retention might take care of your problem. If you want a trouble free hd-dvr I think you might be out of luck. It’s funny, the technician that came out to look at my box told me had been seeing issues with the receiver frequently. He told me not to believe Direse TV about the new generation boxes being on back order. He said they had stock in their warehouses, but they were not being released due to the same issues. The issue I think is that the off air antenae causes interference with the HD signal. The only way to get the local channels in HD is with an off air antenna. I called DTV, they said no one could get a new box, not even their customers? Her words. She corrected her self and said that what she meant was not even DTV employees. That is wrong in so many ways I need not comment. I told her what the technician had told me. She looked at my account and told me that the technician did mot even enter the house. SHE LIED, out and out LIED. I thought whatever, lets get it fixed. I was then told my only recourse was to wipe the hard drive and start over. I was going to do that until I got a bill charging me for the service call that did not happen. That was it, I exploded, went to cancel, cust retention tried to save it by telling me they would bring out the new generation box. Of course I did no believe them and asked when it would happen. I was put on hold, and then discontected. I called back and cancelled. DO NO BUY DIRECT TV. Short their stock or buy puts for the next earnings release. That will be my revenge.
Brian S. Says:
November 21, 2006 at 9:54 am
I was a loyal DirecTV customer for over 5 years. I just moved to cable for one reason…DirecTV High-Def DVR service sucks. Well, the cost sucks. They no longer sell equipment, they only lease it. They want $299 for the privilege to lease the box. I have to commit to 2 years of service and if I cancel, that $300 disappears into DirecTV coffers and I am left with nothing.
I now have a Cox cable HD DVR in my living room and guess how much upfront money I had to put up to get the box…NADA!
Screw DirecTV!

Dave Says:
December 16, 2006 at 10:19 pm
I also have the same problem “choose a tuner”.
If you remove both local programming filters it will work but you will loose the ability to see your local channels.
D* is sending the installers back next week.
Maybe after the OTA upgrade it will work
Good Luck.
John Smith Says:
December 19, 2006 at 7:20 am
DirecTV sucks. I was a fool for not checking this site first. I bought Directv, installers could not get their remote to work my 4 year old Samsung TV, DVR would not work, repeated service calls over three weeks without the TV working because DVR was bad, so I cancelled. There own contract states that they will make their remote work with my TV, and that they will properly install the equipment, they did neither over a three week period. They sent me a cancellation bill for almost 300 bones, I called and thought this was cleared up but when I sent a letter 38 days after the first bill to me they had already forwarded bill to a collection agency. So much for 60 day right to dispute. I guess I’ll see them in court. FDCPA, is all I have to say.
Sean Switzer Says:
December 27, 2006 at 1:53 pm
I have yet another familiar story for this site. I have been a DirectTV customer since August and cannot stand them. I went with DTV simply for the NFL package but have decided it is not worth it. I have spent the last 6 weeks trying to get their technician to come out and setup an HD DVR and new dish for the HD. They have rescheduled and not shown up 4 times in the 6 weeks. Now I have tried to reschedule to late Jan. as I was going to be out of town and they cannot even do that as they say their computer system won’t schedule more than 2 weeks in advance. This scheduling nightmare is in addition to the conventional DVR box of theirs that stopped working after 2 months and caused me to lose all of my saved programming. I have had it with DirectTV. I called Dish network and they will be out in 24 hours to setup my new service. DirectTV will most certainly lose a huge amount of money/subscribers if they ever lose NFL Sunday Ticket. In my case even with Sunday ticket they cannot keep my subscription as their customer service is the worst I have ever seen. It even surpasses my experiences with Charter cable which were certainly poor. Anyone considering DirectTV, STAY AWAY!. Go to your local sports bar to watch football and save yourself grief.
dave smith Says:
December 29, 2006 at 1:03 pm
for one. if u get a hd or dvr recvr, a 2yr contract is required. as far as the hd chanels that dish offers tht directv doesnt, its channels nobody watches anyway, within 1 and a half years, all the channels will be in hd with no adtl chrg. as far as the long hold times, dont cll at peak hours, ie… five oclock pm after u get off work. the nfl sunday ticket is the best thing going on for any cable provider and only direct offers it. as far as technicle problms, i use to have cable and it went down too. anybody who has cable and says it dsnt go dwn is a liar. its destroying comcast, cox or any of the cable comanys.

mike Says:
January 8, 2007 at 2:24 am
Unfortunately i am too finally coming to the conclusion that my love affair with directv is over…. 4 years ago i went from cable to direct, and must have told half the town about how great it was, i know that i got them 3 customers in my family alone, and 2 on my block, and thats only the ones i know about. it all went down hill when i spent 4,000 for a hd tv, first i take partial blame for trying to be an early adopter of this sort of new tech. but needless to say, direct did say they could provide hd service with hd equip. the installers came to install a 5 lnb dish, and not one of them knew how to align it, directv literally sent technicians nearly on a daily basis for 3 week to try to set it up, some days they would show… other days they didnt and of course i lost a few vacation days because of this plus i nearly did 33% of the install myself… climbing the roof to help one installer who really tried his best to get a signal from all the sats. im not one for heights but i was desperate to make this work… after all up to that point i loved directv, so in my mind once we cleared this hurdle i was golden. well after freezing my but off on the roof with the tech, and now holding a flashlight because its pitch black and the battery of his signal tester dies, i climb down defeated. few days later same tech comes and finally gets signals. woo hooo. now the bad news comes, the dvr i ordered wont work with the 5 lnb, only the 3 lnb… well why didnt somebody say something? didnt you see the work order? so no hd dvr…. ok ill take a hd receiver just to have something for the $4000 tv and ill keep my standard dvr for my $800 sdtv. now i sit im my recliner all ready to enjoy hd on a big screen, boy the picture is beautiful but wait… whats this, the announcers mouth is moving but the sound is delayed a few milliseconds, are my eyes playing tricks on me? honey!!! come here and tell me if this looks right to you, by the time my wife got to the tv room it was now atleast 1 second behind and clearly not right, so i reset the receiver and its apparently doing the same thing, call directv and they say well all the signal strength is good so you must have clouds blocking the signal… ok ill take their word for it, but man i never had this problem before. i live in new jersey and rarely had my sat signal go out, but now this delay? next day watching tv, all is ok, wife comes in and tells me that in the morning kids were watching tv and it was acting up.. meanwhile it was a bright sunny day no clouds in the sky. so i call again, tech comes out and says all is ok…, next bill i see $70 service charge, of course i fight this and they remove it. meanwhile i am now completely disgusted with the whole thing and watching a movie where you see someone crash a car and hear the noise of the crash later was enough to just go watch the other tv. a few days later i try again, as i am really impressed with the picture of my hdtv, and realize their is really not much hd content here for $10.00 a month, a few months later i cancel hd channel subscription, after numerous calls to drectv on quality issues they were going to give me $20 discount monthly for 6 months and that was fine, but it really took the wind out of my sails on this whole hd experience, now nearly 10 months after my initial install date, the hd receiver crapped out after approx. 100 hours of total viewing… shopping for new hd receiver or new hd dvr i see the new dvr that i was promised i would be called on when it came out, and that i would be upgraded at a discount, so i call direct and they tell me the current offer is $299 for current customers. but they could send me out a replacement hd receiver for $25. i just got the receiver and after opening the box i just said to myself i spent so much money and got so little out of this from directv im not even going to bother hooking it up. tomorrow is my install date for dishnet, i doubt i will be impressed with anything but directv just really let me down on this.
Adam Says:
January 9, 2007 at 5:45 pm
5 years with DTV and when I bought a new DVR receiver(which is the worst receiver ever), I decided it was time to cancel and go with a better HD option. I was never told about any contract for adding the receiver and now they are charging me $200. Then when I asked the customer service person about the charge, they hung up on me. Also, those receivers are not subsidized by anyone, they are contracted with Hughes networks to put their name on the box.
January 10, 2007 at 12:02 am
First of all, the reason that we chose DIRECTV over cable was that we were told that all we would need to do to get HD added to our service was to call up and order it. When we bought a new TV and called to add the service we were told that we had to order a whole new receiver. We were unhappy at that time because we felt we had been tricked, but we decided to trust that it was just a mistake. So we ordered the HD receiver. Then we had 2 boxes, but we were only using one.
A few months later we found out a couple of other things we were “misinformed” about. One was that we were told that there were going to be several more HD channels coming out, which didn’t seem to be happening. People we knew with cable had several more channels. The other misinformation was that we could call up and order a single channel for any length of time. When we tried doing that we were told we would have to pay for a bundle of channels and that it would cost $40 for one day. We inquired about canceling at this time, but we did not because of the fee for breaking the contract.
Soon after, we bought a small TV for our kitchen and decided to have the 1st receiver hooked up to it. Of course the appointment was a couple of weeks out. When the day came they called and canceled because someone was sick. The next appointment was a while after that and we waited between 1pm and 5pm. At 5pm and they called and said by 6pm and then called at 6pm to say by 7pm. Finally it was hooked up, but then a couple of days later it went out.
During the same time that our kitchen TV wasn’t working, we had company over to watch a football game on our other TV and the receiver went off and restarted 20 times. We saw maybe 5 minutes of the first half and then all of our guests went to watch the game elsewhere. When we called customer service we were told that the receiver we had was “semi-recalled”. Meaning they are only replaced when there’s problems. A few days went by (while we had no TV to watch), and then we got the new receiver only to find that the HD channel’s audio was messed up and those channels were very quiet.
When the technician from Ironworks (representing DIRECTV) came out to fix the kitchen TV he just cut off the ends of the existing cable, screwed new ends on and charged us $75. Then he left without making sure that it worked or leaving a receipt. And guess what? It still didn’t work! When we called customer service we were told that we would have to wait another two weeks before someone could come out and find out what was wrong. Additionally, when we talked to the costumer service they told us that Ironworks shouldn’t charged us anything, but at the same time DIRECTV couldn’t help us with getting our money back. We were told that we would have to go through Ironworks for a refund and Ironworks referred us to DIRECTV. We were being given the run-around and it was very frustrating. Then the technician told us that we paid for “cosmetics” and it didn’t matter whether it worked or not. That’s ludicrous! Why would anyone pay to have a cable that doesn’t work? In addition, we left several messages for the owner of Ironworks, but no one ever returned our calls.
By this time we had had enough. When we called to cancel the customer service representative credited us $75 to cover the money we paid to Ironworks and offered us a $100 credit to give one last chance to DIRECTV. She said she would call us first thing in the morning and help to resolve everything. She never called us, so we canceled our service. We did not have a choice but to cancel. What sense does it make to continue to pay for a service, month after month, that you are not receiving and that is nothing but a headache? A credit to our account doesn’t make up for not having the service. All we wanted was to have TV to watch!
On top of all of this, we have had several more problems since canceling. First of all, they took back the $175 credit. We can understand the $100 taken away since that was given to stay with your company, but the $75 credit was owed to us as a refund. To get that back it took several more calls. The next problem that we had was that we were charged for not returning one of the receivers even though it was returned. There was another phone call. This time the customer service representative told us that she had taken care of everything, even the cancellation fee and that we wouldn’t have to deal with DIRECTV anymore. A few days later we were charged! How can this be? How can representatives of DirecTV LIE to its customers and get away with it?
We have spent so many hours on the phone and waiting for repair people to show up it is ridiculous. DirecTV should accept responsibility for this and excuse the termination fee, but they are refusing to even consider it. I was told by on CSR that they NEVER waive the fee (even if reasons are valid). Therefore, they get customers STUCK and provide terrible equipment and service. I am interested in information regarding legal action against this company!
Rob B. - So what have we all learned here? ANY ONE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT "HOLD STATUS"? Says:
January 11, 2007 at 1:30 pm
1. While there are a couple of rare instances of good service and technical quality, DirecTV sucks when you include the HD option.
2. DirecTV HD technical engineers do not know their heads from their asses. This is our foregone conclusion given the fact they sell an HD DVR (mine is the HR20-700) that is supposed to work fine (ie recording HD channels at the time it says it is supposed to) without even giving it a test run. ALSO, THEY DIDN’T EVEN TRY TO INCORPORATE TIVO STYLE SOFTWARE EASE OF USE ABILITY.
3. DirecTV management has decided not to put any value in the customer service aspect of their business, a cornerstone of their business that has probably made them what they are today.
4. The only thing keeping DirecTV afloat is the exclusive rights to NFL games and the ever-waining customer loyalty they used to develop. My loyalty is gone… the only thing keeping me in is my 2 yr contract…. and maybe I WILL JUST PAY THE $200 CANCELLATION FEE AND GET OUT!
January 12, 2007 at 4:58 pm
k8nmodha Says:
January 14, 2007 at 10:13 am
you can suspend your account during the offseason. i used to have it suspended from February to august.

January 17, 2007 at 5:08 pm
crazy diamond Says:
January 27, 2007 at 4:06 pm
Well thanks to all of you, as well as the NUMEROUS other sites with similar horror stories, i may have averted a disaster.
it all started when I decided to buy a plasma HDTV last weekend….i have been tossing around the idea of satellite now for 6 months, and when best buy was offering another $150 off of my plasma with directv signup i figured i’d take the full plunge. (luckily they were similarly offering $100 off if you upgraded your current cable to HD which i have since done).
Long and short–my horror story is not quite as bad as some of yours (as well as others I have read) — but i’m POSITIVE it would have been had I let it continue. Appointment was scheduled right from best buy for Tuesday 1/23/07 between 8-12. Ok…half day off work for HDTV should be worth it. Tuesday came, and of course with my previous experience with other type of companies and installs, i thought to myself “ten bucks this dipshit shows up at 11:30am in the 8-12 window)…being ever prepared, i called into work to reschedule a 1pm meeting just in case — thinking to myself “hdtv is worth it”. Sure enough — 11:00 comes with a call “i’m runing a bit late but will be there”…cool…so he showed up about 11:30 or so…seemed like a pretty decent guy….does a decent survey of my house…we agreed on a location for the dish which I was happy with (back of house on roof)….he didnt have a 40 ft ladder and there was a BIT of snow on the ground so he told me he couldnt do it today. i told him I took a half day off work for this…sorry, they dont let us do installs in this weather…i said “this weather is going to be like this for 3 months?”….so i cut my losses, he calls his “dispatch” (dick-smatch) and hands me the phone to reschedule….
HE and I and the DISPATCHER all agree on Friday 1/26/07 between 1 and 5. another day off work.
well i must say–in the mean time—i did ALOT of research on the net on DirecTV as well as the notorious Ironwood Communications who does the installs in this area…and I have to admit (selfishly) that I was already resigned to the fact that they wouldnt show on Friday, not install, and had already decided that I was not going to get directv and just upgrade my comcast cable.
Well sure enough–yesterday—i wait from 1 to about 3:30….for the hell of it, i look “my account” on the DirectTV web site and notice that the appointment date NOW says 1/29/07 (Monday)…It used to say Friday….a tactic I read that Ironwood/DirecTV will use–change the date and then tell the customer they must be nuts cause its the later date.
So i basically called and read Ironwood the riot act (once again, expecting this, so it was more of a show for my own entertainment)…girl calls the local office and they both agree “they have no proof of that date its Monday”…i tell her “i do…whats your fax number, i’ll fax you the order that your tech filled out on Tuesday”…no thats not necessary she says, and a supervisors will call me… (never happened although it didnt matter)…i called DTV and cancelled the whole clusterF*** (exactaly how I explained it with the CSR) and that I would never get into a 2 year contract with a company with such horror stories on the net and one that blows two of my days off work because of the incompetence of their low bidder installer subcontractor. I also told her that if Ironwood was the dipshits that would be servicing my equipment that was even MORE reason not to sign with directv.
so I took the box back to best buy (who I must agree with an above post was GREAT to deal with) and changed my package to the one with Comcast…they’re coming out Wed in the EVENING.
So thank you all for helping me avert 2 years of misery with DTV…its a shame because i was really looking forward to what they PROMISE their service is like.
Jon Says:
January 28, 2007 at 7:06 pm
What a disaster DTV is… I’ve been a customer for four years - every time I call in to them - and believe me - it has been often - they tell me I’m an “A List” customer. I’d hate to be a “B List” customer!
So - my first issue - and it has occurred every winter since December 2002 - I live in North Georgia - we don’t get many days below freezing. However, any time it freezes - one or more of my TVs will lose their signal. Since I figure DTV has customers in locations like - say - Minnesota - I figure that the service has to work in below freezing temperatures. Whenever I call - they ask me to go through the same basic routine - reset the receiver - try a system test - blah blah blah. They never access a database or anything that might suggest that maybe there is a problem with something in the dish freezing up.
Second issue relates to trying to get high definition. I spent 2 hours on the phone with them in December explaining that I want HD on my TV with a Hughes TiVo unit on it. After much discussion about my various options - he tries to schedule me for December 22. However, just at the moment that he is going to give me my confirmation - my cell phone dies (because of the 2-hour conversation). I call back 10 minutes later from a landline and spend another hour on the phone - now the earliest date to have them come out is January 3 - and one of the reasons I wanted HD was to watch a football game on Jan. 1.
However, they tell me to call the local office - that they may be able to come out earlier. When I called them - I was disconnected 2-3 times. I finally got them and they said that DTV had told them not to install anything until after the new year.
I got back on the phone with DTV and somehow a new date has opened up for December 26. I wait for the guy to show up. When he does - he tells me he can’t go on the roof (even though I have two dishes up there). He tells me he’ll check with his supervisor who will call me back. It never happens. When I try to call the supervisor - I’m told that he is out - but he will call back. Several times - I would just be hung up on by the local office. One time I asked for the CSR’s name - she hung up. Another time I asked for her supervisor - she says she doesn’t have one. That’s odd - a company with people answering the phone who have no managers!
So I was eventually rescheduled through DTV and told the local office would call me to confirm the appointment. Two weeks later I get a phone call (while I’m on the road in Ohio) from a technician saying he is at my house - and no one is there. DUH! We were never notified.
So tonight I call 2-3 times - get bounced around - various systems are down - I get put on hold. I finally called the customer retention office as suggested by someone above - the guy tells me that I’ve been overcharged by $10/month for 6-7 months. He also diagnoses over the phone that I have an “LNB” problem where they don’t like cold weather (evidently the people who deal with DTV in Minnesota don’t share these things). And now he’s back to selling me the HD stuff that I never got - and last but not least - he says that the local office will call me to come visit. In the meantime - he was about to schedule a service call and - BAM - he gets disconnected from me.
If and when the local office ever calls - it is likely that I will have called my local cable provider to end this nightmare of satellite TV.
Spiros Says:
January 29, 2007 at 8:57 am
I was a customer of DISH NETWORK for 3 years and I NEVER had any problems with the service or the programming. Me and my wife we came from Greece and we love a Greek channel called MEGA. As of DEC 1st Dish Network stopped carrying that channel and Direct TV is the New Provider. So far everything is ok. I called Direct TV, I ordered a package, got an appointment and here I am having Direct TV. Before Christmas I decided to get the HD package since they have the local HD channels here in CT. I called and they send me an HD receiver. The only problem is that the receiver doesn’t accept high channel numbers so I couldn’t see the Greek channel on #2162. I called the tech support and they couldn’t help so they told me “I am sorry you can return the receiver”
Direct TV send me a package and the receiver went back. Here is the catch. They charged me $119.80 for the installation. YES The Installation for the receiver that didn’t work and went back. Countless times on the phone with the customer service and the result remains the same. They DON’T refund the $119.80 for the installation. So here is the scoop. You receive something that DOESN’T work, you send it back BUT YOU ARE STILL charged. STAY AWAY
crazy diamon Says:
January 29, 2007 at 10:55 am
This is damn near criminal the way that their evil network treats their customers! Let a long how they treat POTENTIAL customers! I am amazed at HOW COPIOUS the amount of horror stories are about this outfit. Here’s an update from what I sent to DTV today:
Due to your subcontractor (Ironwood Communications) and their inability to show up for two install dates and lying to me, I will not be activating your service. The receiver was returned to best buy and I have chosen to go with a more reliable option–Cable.
I really was looking forward to your service. However, after reading similar horror stories as well as having one of my own, I will not sign a contract with a company for 2 years that does not have reliable service providers and installers.
Please reference my account and address the following two issues:
(1) You owe me $21.15 charged to my discover card for the install that never occurred. Please see that my Discover account is credited. If not, I am positive that Discover will reverse the charges as I paid for a service that I did not receive.
(2) Please remove any references of my credit card from your account information (once the Discover Card is credited). I have already spoken to my credit card company and we will both treat any charges to that account as an act of Fraud and pursue acccordingly.
Since the subcontractor (Ironwood) does not work for you directly (although I question Directv’s willingness to be in bed with such an unreliable and evil company), I will not attempt to pursue the near $350 in lost wages for the two days I spent like a flood victim waiting for your installers to show up and install the system. The second day I didnt even get the courtesy of a call back.
Rock Says:
January 31, 2007 at 3:46 am
Do not buy Directv! I signed up for Tivo, they dropped it and their dvr is a joke. Been a customer for 5 years. When my Tivo started shooting sparks out the back. They replaced with their own. When they replaced it, I began a 2 year commitment that I had no clue about. So, if they replace your receiver, dvr for any reason, you are stuck in another 2 year contract. I think this is entrapment. Either you have to suffer with something that doesn’t work or you have to pay out your rear to end your contract. Good Luck!

Insatller/Customer Says:
February 2, 2007 at 9:34 pm
I love DTV, I have been a customer for 12 years, btw DTV is the oldest and most experienced satellite broadcasting company in existance.
Cable HD only gives you 480 resultion in HD, I guess if you got your tv at target or kmart, maybe walmart then you deserve cable.
I like my 1080, and my satellite.
What comes around goes around, treat you installer good, pay you installer for custom work, and have unlimited years of happiness. Be a cheap and petty, bitching person and the installer will flip you off, or cause damages on purpose just to piss you off.
aj Says:
February 8, 2007 at 2:48 pm
the installer will flip you off, or cause damages on purpose just to piss you off.
AND MORE ABUSE & HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM DIRECTV!!!!!!!!!! to add the the already humungous list of DIRECTV BLUNDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Q RN Says:
February 27, 2007 at 11:24 am
I had a near miss with DTV. I had signed up for service with a planned install for Feb 13th 1-5pm. The installer called and requested a reschedule due to the bad weather. Ok, I have no problem with that, as a Critical Care RN the last thing I want to do is patch up someone because they got blown off my roof. I called DTV and rescheduled for Feb 15th with an install window of 1-5pm.
At 4pm on Thursday I called to confirm that the install was still scheduled since I hadnt heard anything from the installer or DTV. They confirmed the install. 5pm came and went…6pm…no call, no installer. I called DTV back to see what was wrong. They contacted thier subcontracter/install company and said that someone would call me back within 20 min. 2 hours later with still no contact from DTV, I called them yet again. They gave me the telephone number of their install company and suggested that I call them directly. You have got to be kidding me!?!?!?! Well I did call them, but the number they gave me an out of service number; imagine my surpise. NOT!!!
Normally I am a very level headed person and it takes a lot to get me fired up. Hey, I deal with people crashing and burning at my workplace. It really takes really rotten customer service to get me worked up. After yet another phone call to DTV with 15 minutes of “I’m Sorry Sir!!!” I got fed up and hung up.
Three days later I did receive a phone call from DTV requesting a time for my install. I told the person on the other end that I was very grateful that they DID NOT work in my line of business ( Critical Care) or they would be ass deep in dead people and neck deep in lawsuits. The rather brusk DTV person once again said, ” I’m sorry.” and wanted to know when would be a good time to reschedule my install. When I told him that I was not willing to waste yet another day waiting around for someone that may or maynot show up and that the only way I would even remotely consider going with DTV is if the gave me some form of credit. I think a free month of service would be more than reasonable for them screwing up, but the response I got from the DTV customer rep made me want to explode. I was told that since there was communication between me and DTV on the day of my planned install they could not credit me with a no call/no show free service!!!! Now the fact that I was the one that called, not them, several times trying find out what the hell was going on was lost on them. The only way I could get a credit was if they did not show and I did not call them.
I told them what they could do with with their dish and that it would take a colonoscopy to find it.
Long story short: AVOID Direct TV. I can only imagine the shitty customer service I would have gotten had I allowed them to go forward with the install.
kt Says:
February 28, 2007 at 12:35 pm
I’ve had DirecTV since 2000. Yes, since 2000 and I used to love it. I got a 56″ HD TV recently, so of course I wanted HDDVR. I have no electronic experience and I’m technology challenged. I had the same units for several years with no problems. Then I moved. First a rental for a year, but friends moved the dish and all in 2001. Everything was fine. Then I bought another house, and Directv had started their “movers connection” for free! Yeah, right. They sent a guy on a Sat. He spent 5 or 6 hours there while we were moving. We looked up and he left without a word. I really think he ran away! Nothing was working and we were moved. Mon. I’m back on the phone with DTV. They sent another tech who hooked it up, and found the other guy’s screw driver with his name on it propping up the dish. Still the connectivity sucked, more technicians came. Finally about 3 months after the move things were working, but one box sometimes would stop working and start again. No phone call, I couldn’t bare to deal with them again. I read my bills. I read my contracts. Lots of you probably don’t. Big mistake on your part. Sept 2003, I saw my bill stated that paying my bill constituted a contract between DTV and me for one year. I sent in my payment, but in Jan. 04 they were going to raise my rate. Back on the phone, “no way” I said “I entered into a bilateral contract with you and you can not violate that by federal law.” (I’ve been in federal contracting for 27 years.) I got the attention of 2 supervisors! I threatened to canvass DTV subscribers for a class action law suit. Suddenly I was getting my way with a discounted price for “preferred customers” for the rest on my contract year. June 2006, I had to have that HDDVR. I called asking “Whats the deal with new customers getting all these services and breaks? What are you going to do for me?” I wanted HDDVR , thank goodness the man who answered the phone warned me about the issues with HDDVR and suggested one or the other. I took HD. Dissappointed in so few channels, more money and crappy HD reception. That’s not the worst though. It’s the programming changes they are making, and a price increase since June 06. This time I had to agree to the unilateral contract (no other type exists now.)They took away the FOX Family Channel F’d up my billing and said I had to pay it even though the amount I was paying was my agreed upon payment. $10 more a month for 4 months.
I called with the usual 1 hr wait for a person who has a clue, and they couldn’t asnwer my question.
This was in the early afternoon, waited until I got someone who could actually do something and they agreed to reduce my $10 extra a month to $5 extra. They suggested if I wanted the FCM (258) I should subscribe to their family package. Pay more to get what I had before. I am going to call the better business bureau and maybe send something to the FCC. I’ve seen DISH on several people’s sets and their reception leaves a lot to be desired. For now I’m stuck in the DTV black hole of satellite space. I got my new bill for Feb and read it. Did you? New subscribers will recieve no HD package deals of any kind, and our programming packages are going up not less than $3 per month. But, if we already have our sucky HD package we can keep it. I FEEL YOUR PAIN!
Chochi Says:
March 18, 2007 at 12:47 pm
We made a choice to change over to Directv per a conversation we had with them over the phone. Which at that point seemed like a great idea as we would be saving money.
1. To begin, we were told that we can have a friend refer us and we would both receive a $50 rebate as a result. The Installer who was called us for scheduling, advised us that we need to call Directv direct in order to receive this rebate. Upon calling on the day of installation, we were told this is no longer possible as the service had already been activated an hour earlier. After 3 hours, and 7 associates, I was able to receive a $50 credit for myself due to this error.
2. One week later, we have received our bill in the mail, and it is again, NOT the programming price that we had agreed on. They are charging us $69.99 for programming when the agreed upon service was $44.99, due to a special they had running in the month of February 2007. After spending several hours talking to Directv directly over the phone once more, they are not prepared to honor the agreed upon programming charge, and we are being told we can not cancel the subscription without a $300 cancellation fee, again, just one week after being installed and being advised that we can cancel within 30 days.
We feel VERY VERY upset about the way this has been handled by Directv, as we have been lied to over and over by their associates. We continue to battle this over the phone with them.
Please someone contact me regarding this issue if you have any advice.
I would like to refuse payment, but that only hurts me in the long run.
kt Says:
March 22, 2007 at 2:07 pm
I’d say you have tough luck with your situation. I went through the same type of offer with them last summer, and they did not honor it. Then I called them and they took some money off, but then later they charged me the extra money that they did take off. I called them and they agreed to take $5.00 off each monthly bill for three months after that. They count on the fact that we don’t have time to call, and sit for an hour screwing around with their people. Their people are scattered all over the country, so when you call, you don’t even get the same call center twice. I am locked in this contract for another 14 or 15 months. If things don’t improve and they raise my rate one more time I will not renew my contract. That is the only solution I know of. Like I wrote before, I’ve been in contracting for the Feds for 27 years, and I’ve seen a lot of bad actors come and go. DTV will either improve, or we the poeple will not do business with them. I wonder if they ever read this site? Anyway a bad performer won’t last if the people don’t keep them in business.


October 1, 2007 10:17 AM

I feel like I found a support group for DirecTV haters. Hi, my name is Fred and I hate DirecTV. I'm a new customer and I regret not reading this post. When I called to sign up for their service, their customer service was excellent!! She was sweet, funny, promised me the world, but all along, she was planning to screw me over. I'm convinced that this is policy of the company.

When I signed up, I was told that there will be no additional charges other than the monthly billing fee for my programming and that HD access, DVR access and equipment fees were all included. A week after that, they charge me an extra $200 for equipment that I didn't sign up for. When I called to complain, I was stuck on the phone for 1.5 hours... no joke. I went through 3 levels of customer service (a complete oxymoron in their case) and I finally got this guy to see my point and give me a credit for it. He said it should show up on my account in a couple of days.

A month goes by and I was being charged again for my monthly bills; the credit wasn't applied yet. So I called yesterday and lo and behold, 1.5 hours later, I'm talking to this 3rd level supervisor, Debbie. Now, I've seen and met my share of bitches in the world, but this one is the worst bitch of them all. DirecTV's attitude on existing customers aren't important starts with her. She was outright nasty to me, saying that I shouldn't expect any credit for things like this and that she was going to reverse the credit note from the last time I had called. I said "you can't do that... the last guy agreed to the credit" and she goes "yes I can... I'm going to make sure you don't get any credit". So I asked to cancel my service since it's within a month, and she threatens to add a $600 cancellation fee and report me to the credit beureau!!

Once you've given them your credit card info, you've become their slave. They can add any charge they want and you can't fight it. When I told her that this will tarnish DirecTV's customer service reputation, she laughed and said "do what you want, I don't care!!". That pretty much summarizes DirecTV's attitude towards existing customers.

Word of caution: DON'T EVER SIGN UP WITH DirecTV!!!

John Wade

October 6, 2007 6:03 PM

Directv is a rip off. Plain and simple. They offer nothing. My system was installed wrong and I had to agree with them to fix it and then they wanted to charge my CC and then put back on my account. Basically PREPAY 250.00 on my account.

THey are idiots, their installers have NO clue and Directv and their service is the most horrible. I've reported them to the BBB I want out of a contract I didn't know I was in to begin with! NO ONE told me I signed up for two years. That is deceptive and entrappment. I called DishNetwork and they said I did NOT have to sign a commitment to them.

Strange enough I agree with the author's original statement. If it wasn't for NFL sunday ticket Directv wouldn't exist!


October 17, 2007 1:08 AM

DirecTV is notorious for its deceptive billing practices and poor customer service. If you encounter serious, reocurring problems you should file a complaint with your state's Attorney General's Office. If enough complaints are received they will eventually take action as NY and about 20 other states recently did.

There is no question that without the NFL Sunday Ticket this unethical company would shrink to a spec if not close down altogether. If cable could offer the NFL Sunday ticket I would leave DirecTV in a heart beat even if it cost me $50 a month more. I am absolutely disgusted by the blatant dishonesty in DirecTV's billing practice, poor quality of equipment and laughable customer service. It just does not get any worse.

george Salmons

October 24, 2007 1:47 PM

I had dish network before,was wrong in changing to direct tv. my contract is to aug 2008. is there anyway I can get out of it? They charge me 498 for second set,which they never hooked up right. I have to turn it on by hand and the same with the volume,the instaler was in such a hurry,never checked the remote,which does not work at all. I have called and they do not care. never had that problem with dish net work.

Chad Murphy

December 14, 2007 11:58 AM

I was a customer for over 6 years, until I moved. I tried to get Direct TV to install a HD dish at my new location, (I live in a Condo complex, and 2 people in my same building have the service as well as 4 others in the small complex) but the Direct TV installers came up with one excuse after an other to not install the dish. I called Direct TV to complain, but they said that they could do nothing about this issue other than agree with the installers. I then advised Direct TV that I would like to cancel my service, and they did not seen to care at all about losing a customer. (I understand that, I am only one customer.) I was advised at that time that, even though I THOUGHT that I bought a HR20 DVR box for $300, that it was actually a leased Item, and I was required to return the box or be forced to pay an additional $450 for the purchase of the equipment. DO EVERYONE A FAVOR AND DO'NT GIVE THEM ANY MORE OF YOUR MONEY! This is the only way to force Direct TV to live up to there imaginary "Great Customer Service".

Kevin Ruddy

December 17, 2007 3:38 PM

I have just cancelled my Directv subscription and they told me I still owe for 22 months and will have to pay this early termination fee, I never agreed to 2 years of service! they assume that when you want to upgrade to DVR you have a new contract! And they will not let you speak to someone in charge, they just keep passing you around an office for 1 hour. Anyway I will be contacting the MN State Attorney General and filing a complaint. They are the worst customer service company in HISTORY!

Lee Keedick

January 13, 2008 12:16 PM

I've had DirecTV since March 1995 and have had no problems with it, other than several receivers have conked out over the years. I did my own installation of the hardware, maybe that's the secret.

Bryan Wokich

January 28, 2008 8:23 PM

So I spoke with DirecTV on the phone yesterday. I tried to get the terms of the deal to the best of my ability. At the end I thought we had a good arrangement and gave a credit card number. AFTER I gave them the number I was informed me of other terms, to which I did not agree and told them I do not want the service.

Today, I get a phone call (automated) asking me what time the installer should come. I called and told them that I did not order their service because I did not agree to the terms. The man on the other end of the phone said he'd take care of it, no problem. I got put on hold, he came back and said he'd canceled "it". He was not clear whether he canceled the non-existent order, or canceled the non-existent service. I began to ask, but was dismissed.

I may become a customer at some point in the future if that's the end of it. I'm worried they're going to attempt to hold me to an agreement that I do not agree to and was not informed about.

This begs the question, "At what point has the customer accepted the terms and conditions?" Personally, I said "No" when informed of them, which should be pretty clear.

Mike McLeod

February 13, 2008 3:09 PM

DirecTV is without question the worst, I mean absolutely the WORST, sorry pitiful pathetic excuse for a service provider I have ever encountered.

If not for the NFL Package, they'd already be long ago out of business. And they -should- be out of business. They so richly deserve it.

I look forward to 2010, when their antitrust monopoly expires. At which point, I will never have to deal with their sorry asses again. Thank god.


February 15, 2008 9:59 AM

DirectTV customer service has become the worst in the industry after their introduction of their own DVR/HD boxes, which are absolute crap. In addition to the usual temporary loss of signal due to mildly bad weather, there are several times during the year when the signal is lost completely and you have to schedule a service call. After telling you you are a preferred customer, they then proceed to schedule a service call for SIX (6) days LATER. I am not exagerrating, SIX DAYS WITHOUT SERVICE - this has been the case every time, which has been 7 times since Dec. 06' when I had their new HD boxes and dish put in. In 20 years of owning cable from 1980-2000, I never had to go without it for more than an hour.

H. Wilkerson

February 25, 2008 3:29 PM

Directtv is precisely what is wrong
in this country...greed. They sent
a kid to check out my problem. He
went into my attic, ruined my furnace,
left the attic door open...did no good.
When I called, I was told that a tech-
nician would be out. Half a dozen
lies later, no technician. To top
it off, I was sent a $79.00 service
charge! I finally ended my misery last
week. No more DIRECTTV. The NFL can
keep its affiliation with them if they
wish. I can buy a season ticket for the
price I've paid for DIRECTV screw-ups.


April 27, 2008 5:28 PM

I have been a premium customer of DirecTV for over 4 years. In that time, I have never been late on a bill. Last October I began using their HD equipment. Immediately I started having reception problems that prevented me from watching most programs; problems such as loss of sound, frozen pictures, broken-up pictures, lines across the screen, etc. Their local maintenance team, Aerosat, came to my house on several occasions, which cost me a lot of time, money and aggravation. Most of the time they were either late or did not show up at all. Their crews were rude and inexperienced. Some of the guys had only been on the job a few weeks and had no prior experience at all. Needless to say, they were not able to resolve my issues. I ended up being given some credits to my account by a couple of customer service representatives at DirecTV who felt sorry for me that I was having so many ongoing problems. Then, out of the blue, about a month ago, I received an unsigned letter with no name or phone number on it from P.O. Box 6550, Greenwood Village, Colorado, 80155, demanding that I provide a written explanation for the credits that were given by their people. I was stunned but did as they asked and sent them a letter explaining the situation. I have a copy of that letter. Then, last week, I received via FedEx an unsigned letter with no name, phone number or account number listed on it, stating that due to my failure to respond to their last letter, my service is being terminated. If someone tries to leave DirecTV they are usually hit with huge penalties which get turned over to collection agencies, even though no one ever signs a contract or sees a contract. Yet they are able to terminate a longtime customer like me at will with no penalty? First year contracts law explains how lopsided and unfair that behavior is. I have done nothing wrong at all and have spent several thousand dollars over the years with them, and now they are cutting me off so they don't have to give me my credit or provide me with any more service calls. They are also telling me that I won't get any of my credit back; that it's not mine to keep. This is an outrage in every sense of the word. I tried many times to reach someone in charge at DirecTV to no avail. Not one executive or their immediate staff will take a call from a customer. All calls get routed to a customer service office in another state where no one is ready, willing or able to assist. I even sent a certified letter to them. Somebody needs to hold their feet to the fire. Problem is, that our business friendly Congress took away federal oversight of cable companies so they operate with impunity. In 2008 America no company should be allowed to walk all over customers like this. I know from reading hundreds of similar complaints on the web that I am not alone in my plight. There is also a secondary issue; and that is, that many customers who signed up for HD equipment and were forced to verbally agree to a 2 year contract were told that there would be over 100 HD channels on DirecTV by the end of 2007. All of DirecTV's national advertising promised over 100 HD channels by 2008. As of April 26, 2008 there are only 85 HD channels available; yet all the tens of thousands of customers who signed up last year are still bound to this one-sided, unwritten 2 year contract. Many people who have tried to leave DirecTV have been hit with huge penalties, which are immediately sent to collection agencies if they are disputed. They are putting out cheap, inferior quality HD receivers made in China and Mexico, which they make everyone pay $10 a month to lease, knowing that if the customer tries to leave they will be penalized.


May 18, 2008 3:43 PM

I am trying to find people who would be interested in joining a class action law suit against DirecTV.. So, if you have been wronged and became a victim to their bait & switch or false advertising tactics, please e-mail me. Thanks.


June 4, 2008 6:56 PM

Same case a everyone else, the only difference being one of their supervisors - Carol, offered to refund 120$, instead of the whole amount. I refused and asked her to escalate the matter to the "account management" for the second time. But nothing got resolved.

Just called them the third time today, I think it is really stupid that Directv does not address line of sight problems; for it is their inability to provide the service and we are made to pay for it. Even more stupid is the fact that Directv spends more money in the form of salaries of Customer Reps trying to talk customers into giving up the claims than to just pay the customers and keep them happy. Now they have to pay atleast 200-300USD to a CR for addressing this problem per customer, if the customer talks to Directv for 3-4 hrs in total, on different occassions. I also got them to reactivate my account so that the cancellation fee can be credited back by asking them to set up a new installation. This should cost them something more, for the technician like the 2 others before would report a line of sight problem. This would make Directv pay more .

There is no thing wrong with the Directv customer service, it is just their policy to levy an early cancellation fee in cases where they cannot provide service. That is what I am pissed off and intend to make Directv pay for that.

Please join me in calling their Customer service more often especially in the after hours so that they burn more money in trying to talk us out rather than just pay it and be wiser moneywise. :(

James Lucas

June 8, 2008 2:37 PM

I have been a Direct TV customer for the past eight years and I have to tell you the service I have received has been nothing short of outstanding. I am a surprised to read the horror stories on this site. Maybe it a regional thing, but her in NC at least I have had no problems. My complaints with cable are actually very similar to the one I am reading on this site about Direct TV. With the quality of service I am getting since leaving cable, there is no way I would consider going back to cable. .. well let me correct that, If the got the exclusive rights to the NFL package, I probably would at least get the bare minimum cable connection to make sure I had all the football, but I would keep my Direct TV as a primary.

Elise B.

September 18, 2008 10:38 AM

The worst cutomer service out there and that is saying A LOT...I signed up for the $29.99 12 month offer and have never been billed that amount yet...have to call every month to straighten it out...this month they are telling me that I never signed up for that you think that is dishonest, incompetent and threaded with greed...hoping we will just give up and pay?

The cust service reps are either not authorized to help adjust the bill or outright say I am being unreasonable...did they learn their tactics from the Republicans???????????????

That is all too often how service providers run their businesses and it is not ok with me...I don't need TV that badly...I can go to the local Bar to watch what's on if I need to.

Thanks for listening...


September 23, 2008 6:19 PM




November 22, 2008 10:41 PM

I've been with DirecTV for over 10 years. I have 5 HD DVR's in my house. I spend over $250 per month, or over $3k per year with DirecTV.

And I hate them. With a passion.

By far and away, their customer service is horrible. Horrendous.

Tonight I was informed by a supervisor that I've been flagged as a "problem account" and the reason I continued to receive such poor service is because of the "alerts" that have been checked on my profile.

If it were not for the NFL ticket, it would be gone. In a heartbeat.

Why? Nothing to do with the deliverable of the service itself, it's all to do with the customer service and the lack of qualified reps they have. It's almost embarrassing when talking with them, as they are so ill-prepared to be dealing with customers.

Jennifer M

January 12, 2009 2:40 PM

If you get DirecTV I would suggest that you go through a small local dealer who does his own installs. Otherwise you may have a bad installation experience. We are unhappy with our experience with the installers, who were with Ironwood Communications. We got assigned to Ironwood instead of a local outfit because we called the 800 number to sign up. Ironwood covers a huge area with subcontractors and the company doesn't care about the customer.

Also the person who got us set up, a DirecTV rep, never told us that we had to send in a rebate to get the promotion price. The installer didn't tell us either. So our bill went up and it was too late to get the rebate. When my husband called about this we were given a mere $5 off of our bill, each month for 12 months.

Too much hassle and too expensive. And if you are not happy and want to cancel, you will have to pay the $400 early termination fee if you got the DVR unit. It's less if you get the basic unit.


February 2, 2009 4:18 PM

Direct TV has been horrible for me also. I left them because I hated the service but decided for some reason to go back. I think the comcast box they give us out here in castaic is crap! in the channel list you press down 4 times or so then get to ad then have to press down again to go to the next station. Why are there ads on a paid service like this I dont know. They didnt want to fix so i left.
Now with signing up for Direct TV I remember exactly why i left in the first place. It started with my installer that would be there "between 12-3" I hate how they do this timeframe stuff and not tell you when they will be there exactly but thats not too big of a deal... the problem I had was the guy showed up at 4:00 and did not leave my house until 9:00!!! He was stomping around when my kids were sleeping!. Instead of having my cable come in the corner of my celing he made it come right out the middle. Looked horrible. I had to go up into the attic and fix it myself. The installer told me there was a beam in the way thats why he put it in the middle of my ceiling... there was no beam. What there was though was muddy footprints from his feat.... red stain all over my carpet from the red crap the guys pants from when he was on my roof.
Call and complain to direct TV they dont do anything. They said they would have someone call me back in a week. It never happened. I called them and complained. They had told me in the system that Satisfied customer was checked..... I dont think so.
Also dont believe the service charge amount that they will tell you.

John Gray

October 16, 2009 9:31 PM

Mr. bell emailme at I would like to find out where the Presdient lives??

Two differant times at the request of Direct Tv to upgrade my four receivers they brought on Hd out the first time and the next day two and then the tech told me to call whom ever the hell I want to??

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