Fabio Is Super Bowl King?

Posted by: David Kiley on February 14, 2006


Could I have been wrong? Moi? The night of the Super Bowl I judged the Ameriquest ads and the Hummer ad to be the best of a weak bunch. But if post-game downloads are any indication of which ads are best, then Fabio’s Nationwide Insurance ad gets the nod. Says iFilm.com, the most downloaded video—of any kind—in the last seven days is the Fabio ad with almost 614,000 views. The number-two download was Missy Elliott’s video for “Lose Control”, which has just under 500,000 views. Bud Light’s “Secret Fridge” ad had about 153,000 views.

I’m puzzled. Who the heck are all these people downloading the Fabio ad? Did Nationwide incent a half-million job-starved students to download the ads to run up the score? Nah. It just goes to show you that one man’s opinion is just that.

It’s a humbling experience. And it reminds me to never get so arrogant that I should think I can shoot a friend of mine on a hunting trip and expect to get away with the “It’s None of Your Business” defense.

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D. Harry

February 15, 2006 10:09 AM

My comment doesn't speak directly to your blog entry, but I like to ask this question, anyway: Just what type of people get off with the "'It's None of Your Business' defense."

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