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Ebay is a brand in trouble

Posted by: David Kiley on May 10, 2005

Never mind ebay’s business model or stock price. This is a company whose brand is in trouble.

Just a year or so ago, people I know who buy and sell on ebay would talk about the ebay “community” and the fact that it’s “the only place to be,” for online selling. Since the company raised its prices to sellers earlier this year, though, there are defections to and even, and others. This is anecdotal, but out of ten of the people I know who regularly sell on e-bay, four say they have gone elsewhere and two say they are cutting back on using ebay.

I spoke with one former ebay executive last week—a pretty high-up guy when he was there who still has friends at the company. He says his friends say it’s like working for Sears. Yikes. It seems to me that part of what drove ebay’s success was not only the business model, but the culture that emanated through the site and services from enthusiastic employees who were on to the fact that they were doing something far smarter than Sears or even amazon.

Ebay’s stock is trading at almost half its 52-week high despite continuing to make money. One wonders if ebay has simply become as complacent as General Motors became in the 1980s, figuring that Toyota and Honda would never amount to much, and that people would prefer a used Buick to a new Hyundai. Ebay is still a market share leader by a big margin. But investors and Wall Street tend to value a stock based on what they think future performance will be. Looks pretty bleak.

Ebay is one of those brands that doesn’t really need to advertise very much. But it would be a good idea, for example, for CEO Meg Whitman to stand in front of the camera, admit that price hikes were out of line, roll them back and thank the people who make ebay tick. But that’s just one free idea to Ms. Whitman.

Reader Comments

W. Logan

May 10, 2005 7:17 PM

Good for you! It's about time someone spoke openly about this. Ebay has gotten greedy. If Whitman has done the best she can then have her bail and go to Disney. Otherwise, let her get witih the program, forget about all that money she made, and get back to business.

Jim Townsend

May 10, 2005 10:20 PM

"Ebay's stock is trading at almost half its 52-week high despite continuing to make money."


EBay’s board of directors approved a two-for-one split of all outstanding shares of the company’s common stock, payable to stockholders on Feb. 16.


May 12, 2005 7:18 PM

when ebay lowers it's fees, I might go back - I made powerseller my first month of selling children's clothing but when the fees jumped, I jumped ship and so did a large number of the members of th children's clothes "community" we talk on one of ebay's boards and we all call ebay feebay now - I feel worst for store owners and people for whom ebay is a livlihood - kudos for saying something!


May 15, 2005 7:55 PM

Craigslist is the new eBay.


May 16, 2005 9:35 AM

One of the problems with Ebay is that do not police deadbeat bidders or bidders that continue to abuse the feedback feature. I know of individuals that continue to not pay for items and Ebay does nothing! Individuals that use multiple names to sell of bid on items.

Ebay has lost alot of its cache' that it had years ago. Customer service is non-existant. The only thing that Ebay cares about the the payment of your invoice.


May 19, 2005 12:12 PM

"I spoke with one former ebay executive last week--a pretty high-up guy when he was there who still has friends at the company." 

Really, Who and why didn't you say who it is or at least explain why you couldn't say who it is?

I only ask because I often see claims like this on many online chat boards and without a name it is only hearsay and can't be taken as truth.

I am no longer a big fan of ebay myself.

I have never sold anything on ebay (a buyer only) but ebay's constantly goofing around with the site, like some juvenile tweaking their computer system only results in having to relearn how to use the site and or the features again, too often, making it very inconvenient and sometimes a bit frustrating to shop that way.

Their over the top fee hikes have driven off many of my favorite sellers and those remaining are using the Gallery photo feature less and less, because of the last fee hikes for this feature, when it was promised that the Gallery pictures would be made larger (to the size they were originally, before ebay tampered with that feature), but that never happened. I refuse to waste my time clicking on every link just to see if the auction title matches the item for sale in the auction, which most of the time does not. The Gallery feature was a great browsing tool, but ebay has almost fee-hiked it out of existence.

I have many more complaints about ebay and how they have just about ruined the online shopping experience at their site, but I don't have time to list them all, nor the time to care much anymore if ebay is a success or if it flops and dies.

l ricci

May 22, 2005 5:30 PM

Ebay is really going down the drain. Nothing is enforced and it keeps getting worse. It is almost like the bullies are running the playground. People either do not leave feedback or leave incorrect feedback. Non paying bidders are everywhere and have multiple id's. If you get ripped off or scammed ebay does absolutely Nothing about it. I have never ever ever gotten any response from their non existent customer service. It is very hard to find any bargains. Ebay does not regulate anything it seems. A seller can charge .99 for an item and 99.00 for shipping which is a scam that I see very often. Ebay is really lame.

droped by

May 27, 2005 12:32 AM

I have been with ebay for sometime now, and have found out that you cannot buy under the same name as where you sell. As for the bullies you have to use them against themselves( you will know when you have done this correctly, by the amount of spoof emails you get wanting your your personal finnacial information, e.g from paypal, ebay and ebid)
Basically, if people know you buy and sell under the same user name you are screwed. The fees increase under the classification called international destinations, with no bodies of water crossed.
As for fees, you have to take advantage of the
second chance offer. In doing this you sell more and you pay less. So if you have 7 bids there is a good chance that 2 other people will buy and you only pay once instead of twice, unless your greedy.


May 29, 2005 7:41 PM

Here is one man's opinion.
I have also found a new "On line" auction (Coincidentally that is named: that looks like it is really has what it is going to take to blow eBay's doors off!
It is a real David & Goliath story, but I think they really have a shot at this!
You know, as strange as it sounds, there actually may come a day in the not so distant future, when future generations say: What's an "eBay"?
I am SO tired of eBay constantly charging their members more & more. And then they just raised their rates again! From what I have heard, I guess they were upset because they only made like $785 million last year,
(BOO HOO! That must be rough!) So since they fell short of their expectations, they said they now had to raise their rates to make up for it.
After being a loyal eBay Power seller & "Community member" for 5 years who has paid them thousands of dollars in sellers fees per month for years, I have to say: Thanks a LOT guys!!!! Sure nice to know that you can just put the burden on us!!!
When a friend of mine who is an eBay Power Seller & does lots of business with them & has hundreds of positive feedbacks & NO negatives sent eBay a polite message complaining about the fee increases, you know what eBay's response was? "If you can't afford a little rate increase, then maybe you shouldn't be on eBay"!!!!!! WHAT???!!!! I wanted that customer service persons email address badly to give them a piece of my mind, but my friend didn't want to cause "any waves". AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!
That's her business I guess. They sure have her right where they want her!
So anyway....... more about my New Discovery!
In a lot of ways is a lot like eBay. It has a very nice "look" and it is VERY user friendly! In fact, I believe that it is not only as good in a lot of ways, it has a LOT of better features! And although they just launched it & it doesn't have the traffic that eBay does, it is growing VERY quickly!!!
In fact, it is growing WAY faster than even eBay did when they started!
In my opinion, the main thing that makes it better than eBay: The Cost & Fee structure.
In this respect, is structured more like a Costco.
It is like a membership! members can sell all the items they want on their site for only $8 a month!!! That's only $96 a year!
So I thought, well, that's all well & good, but like every other "Big" corporation out there, they are just going to wait until they get everyone over to their site & then do an "eBay" and start gouging us all by getting more and more fees. So before I decided that they were the "next big thing", I decided to contact them and ask them point blank, what's the deal? How can you charge so little & when are the price increases going to set in?
Their response? was started by disgruntled eBay Powersellers who knew exactly what I was talking about & exactly where I was coming from & they vow that for the first One Million customers that sign up, that even if they have a rate increase in the future, that will not raise the rates for those customers for at least 8 years!
They told me that it doesn't cost anymore for an Online Auction like eBay or themselves to host an auction for a 10 cent item than it does for them to host an auction for a $10000 car or a $10 million dollar piece of property & that the only reason that eBay charges more is that they are like every other "Big" company out there & that they are trying to dig further & further into our pockets.
Where is their cut?
That "attitude" is really hurting this country.
Case in point? Walmart.
I know I am undoubtedly the only person saying this, but talk about a "What's in it for me" attitude! Seems the big guys just keep getting bigger & the little guys have a harder & harder time achieving that once hallowed notion of "The American Dream".
It really seems timely on this Memorial Day weekend when we are supposed to be honoring all the soldiers who have not only fought for that philosophy, but many who gave their very lives to protect it & would undoubtedly be rolling over in their graves if they saw the greed that has wound up dividing our country's "classes" now more than ever in our history, or at least since the civil war.
From what I understand, there are more & more people that are slipping from the "middle class" into poverty in our country all the time.
I am sorry, and although some people will disagree with me or be afraid to say this, but in my opinion when the psychopathic religious "zealots" attacked our country on September 11th, & our economy, our country & our citizens attitudes took a turn for the worse, it was not the terrorists that hurt us the most. It was the insurance companies that jacked up their prices to cover their "losses" at the world trade center & the oil companies that jacked up their prices & the energy companies, like Enron" that figured that they could mess with the consumers & turn these difficult times for everyone to their own advantage & raise their prices. Seems like all the companies wanted to know "what was in it for them".
This was a time that we should have all pulled together & made ourselves stronger & more secure! These giants could have tried to make it not only a better place to live & do business with one another, but one where we could all prosper!
Maybe it can be that a big company can actually come along and make it so that all the little Mom & Pop stores out there that were getting crushed by the big "chains" can finally afford to compete with the MallWarts of the World & afford to get World Wide exposure for everything in their store for only $8 a month!!!
Sounds GREAT to me!!!

In the words of some VERY GREAT Americans from times of great stress in America's History:
#1. "Together we stand, divided we fall."
We absolutely have to pull together. If we do this right, we can not only weather these rough times, but truly overcome & grow stronger than ever before in them!
And #2. one of my favorite quotes, seem more powerful now than when it was spoken: "Ask not, what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."
Here is a company built on that philosophy! "Let's all prosper together"!
We really can!!
It is not just a silly dream.
eBay, more than any other website in the history of the internet has shown us what an incredible "force" that the internet can be in our lives, but they turned to the "dark" side.
As Yoda might say: Greed, it consumed them, it did.
(OK fine! I am a Star Wars Nut as well!) =)
But I am really excited about this!
Can you tell!!!
eBay committed the cardinal sin. It got so big, that it forgot who made it big.
It was: "We the people" that did & now it is trying to step on us to get even bigger.
It forgot that "word of mouth" from us "little guys" is where the true power lies.
(The power that flows through all of us.)
I for one am going to do everything I can to spread the word!
If you get a chance, check them out & tell all your friends! They need all the help they can get against that giant!!!
I think, the words of Paul McCartney & Wings say it best, "With a Little Luck".
In these times of having the "Big" corporations running over us little guys like we don't even matter, it is nice to see a company out there that not only has a GREAT product, but also has a GREAT attitude! One who REALLY wants to make this a Win/Win situation for everyone involved!!
And that, in my opinion, is what it should all be about!
I say, it really is time for a change.
And that is my "2 cents worth".

Jamie Curtis

May 29, 2005 8:05 PM

Once upon a time eBay was fun and inexpensive. They've lost their way. The new kid on the block is, where the cost of doing business is $8.00 a month. No listing fee. No final value fee. No forms to fill out to get help or the answer to a question. Check it out.


May 29, 2005 10:43 PM

I agree with the comment about the fees being too high. They are greedy and they don't care about the people. As long as they get their money they don't care who gets scammed. There are tons of fake merchandise that is being passed off as designer brand. Ebay execs are big, fat greedy bastards that don't give a ratsass about anyone but their bottom line.


June 24, 2005 1:10 AM

All I have to say is there are many other places we can go to sell online. Some are free some charge but none the less if we don't like what eBay is doing we can go elsewhere! One of my personal favourites is


August 19, 2005 1:54 PM

Here is my recent Ebay experience: I had a problem with my bank account and when the automatic payment for my seller fees didn't go through they sent me an E-mail asking me to pay my seller fees. No problem. This was 10 day after they originally tried to put through the payment, August 10th. I immediately paid through PayPal everything -- and I mean everything, up to August 10th. They thanked me, sent me a receipt and two hours later suspended me. Shocked? Of course. I have a 100% feedback rating as both a buyer and seller. Luckily at the time of this mess I had no outstanding bids and no sales.

So, wrote to appeal the suspension and sending them a receipt for my PayPal payment and Ebay's acknowledgement of said payment. Got a reinstatement letter with an apology three hours later.

Well, it's now August 18th and I am still suspended and now show up as Not A Registered User. I've sent four e-mails since last Thursday and one to Bill Cobb, one of their upper VP's. Not response, no acknowledgement. Live Help is no help. They keep giving me the same links over and over again to e-mail my problem.

In the end it doesn't matter of this was a mistake, my store and months and hours of hard work is gone. Last month I sold nothing and paid Ebay $111 for the pleasure.

Since then I have found a wonderful community called PowerSellersUnite, an incredible auction site called, which I highly recommend to anybody who is tired of being treated so badly by this corporate raider named Ebay -- or Feebay, we it's now called by many.

The comment about Ebay being like GM is appropriate. As user and an observer I believe Ebay really believes that they have no competition and how they treat people doesn't matter. They don't care about a little guy like me who spend a few thousand on their site getting supplies for my new business -- all from other small businesses -- and who I would continue to buy from, so everybody is losing now.

Thanks for reading this!


August 21, 2005 1:54 PM

The only reason that eBay is still in business right now is because of the buyers! If the buyers understood, though, that when the sellers are charged higher fees the BUYER ends up paying for it in the end, maybe they could think about it a little more. The starting prices have to come up to help cover the higher fees.

I sell on an online auction site that has been there for quite a while and has no listing fees. It's , affectionately called TAM and we have a decent amount of traffic, but we don't have to raise our prices to cover our high fees, so it would actually cost the buyer less. We have all the bells and whistles of the larger sites and a great close-knit community that anyone would be proud to be a part of. Customer service is wonderful and upgrades are just a few days away for some great new ideas of the owners. And yes, most of us can take major credit cards, Paypal, cashier's checks and money orders.

The only difference is the lower prices. The site is actually easier to use than eBay has become.

The buyers need to get out of the eBay trap, too, and start looking around. There are a lot of BETTER things out there!!


September 2, 2005 2:14 PM

So far what I know is that online auction has told me nothing of eight dollars a month. All I was told was that I would be charged thirty dollars a month for the use of surplus alert warehouse.Confussed and dazed and just starting haven't received CD yet, just browsing the sites right now.Maybe you can help me understand whats happening,especially a new person trying to start a new business on the right foot.

Thanks, Kat


September 4, 2005 5:56 PM

I used to do a lot of selling on ebay two three years ago,til I found out its such a scam. Probably 40% or more the buyer are beatdeats,Ebay know this and this is why they do nothing. The deadbeats make ebay millions, since they don't refund the insertion fee and the average peson relist the auction, ebay now make double the money.

Selling can not honor the auctions, all ebay says is to put neg feedback on them, (sure so they turn around and do it to you) No customer service, automated email response, beadbeats playing games, ebay is basically good for thieves, burglars, chop shops, counterfitters of anything, and people that sell crap that is defective. I only go on ebay for stuff I can't find elsewhere. I only recommend them to people I don't like.


September 7, 2005 11:09 AM

I have just been disgusted with ebay - I put up an item for auction - I am an artist, so I don't have a whole lotta money - what I do have is art. I put up a mermaid mirror I had painted and listed in the auction that the money I earned from that mirror would go to my friend Tathy who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina - they yanked the ad.

They also had some technical problems with gallery images WE paid for and kept trying to blame it on US. FINALLLY after three emails they realized they were wrong and that they DID have problems - ones that spread because I noticed a lot of pics were missing.

On top of that, I would like to say that their customer service and technical support emails ARE SO CONDECENDING!!! They talk to me like I'm a poor stupid child and if I just do what they say, I'll see that they are right.

Unfortunatly they ARE the easiest to use. I have lots of good feedback and I know the system very well.

My husband is a database programmer, maybe I should start my own damn ebay. Would anybody come to it?


One Comment Was:

"A seller can charge .99 for an item and 99.00 for shipping which is a scam that I see very often. Ebay is really lame."

-I know that some of the sellers resorted to doing this to avoid the high final cost fees. You pay to insert the auction. You pay for anything else you want to add and you pay at the end of the auction AND you pay PAYPAL too, if you are signed up to take credit cards through them. I think seeing the low cost item with the high shipping fee was somebody's way of giving ebay their own "screw you." I have bid on these sorts of items if the price overall was good because I understood why they did it.


September 7, 2005 11:15 AM

I forgot to say that one of the things people shouldn't be expecting too much from ebay is the problem with non-paying bidders - they can't really help that. They set up the feedback feature to help with that problem. They suspend people's accounts and such - there is only so much you can truly expect - they can't do everything. I liked it when they interfered less and charged less. I'd rather have them do less and charge less and have one or two non-paying bidders now and then. I only would have to deal with a non-paying bidder from time to time, most people want to buy what they bid on - but ebay i have to deal with every time.



October 1, 2005 1:26 PM

People complain about enforcement, but doesnt eBay say that they are only an online venue. Like the classifieds from the newspaper but only online. I'm sure if you guys reported the non paying bidders they would look into. They do have that option dont they? From what I've read on the site, you can have it so you only have people with good reputations bidding. Regarding other online auction sites, they are too young to provide any type of security. At least eBay is big enough where they do have the ability and infrastructure to investigate something if reported. I mean these guys are huge now. If I was a business man I'd rather do business with the local authorized dealerhip than a small shady operation. Regarding fees, give it some time if these other guys get big enough they will most likely be charging the same thing. Think about eBay when it started, wasn't it only a dime to list. Well I gotta be honest I'm not an eBay expert(my feedback is only 9 over 5 years) but they do seem more reputable and safe then most of those other guys out there.


November 27, 2005 5:03 PM

As far as I see, there is no real alternative to ebay as of now. is known mostly by seller, they try to buy here cheap stuff to sell it on ebay. There are no buyers here.
Not sure about the online auction. Anybody has a real experince with them? Anyway, for $8 a month it is worth to try.


December 10, 2005 3:02 AM

I got really disgusted with ebay also! (really?!?! we couldn't tell!!) :-) Anyways, I got challenged by a friend, who is also an ebay user, to put up my own auction site. Welcome to ! I'm going to do a little tweaking to it (but not much) in the next couple months while I work it all out, but it will basically stay the same. I have it set up for 25 cents per listing. When you create your account you will have to go into your control panel and add money to your account. You can add as much or as little as you like. For the first 1000 users to sign up and add $10 ( ten dollars )to their account ( thats 40 listings, no matter what the starting price or how many pictures ), I will match your deposit and add it to your account. 80 listings for $10!! You can't lose! Join today and grow with us. YOU are the future of Disgusted with Ebay! Thank you

paul scholefield

December 17, 2005 7:17 PM

I have been with ebay some years now, and they are now ripping me off. I am upest with them because I changed banks, I owed them £5 because the change in direct debit, this had taken them 7 weeks to sort it out, in the meantime, they sent to me lots of threats, stopped me from bidding and I could not sell too, I have never been late in my payments and when I changed banks I told ebay right away, so now I will finish with ebay, if I can con them I will, I sold a caravan in the caravan parts on ebay, I told the bidder how much I wanted and he paid outside ebay so it cost me 80 pence instead of £25, I use ebid now and I have dedicated my web address to them, there customer service is great and it is free to put items on try it


January 31, 2006 4:34 PM

I closed my ebay account today. ENough is enough. There is some much garbage on there, shipping costs that make no sense, copyright material being sold sellers like automotive-literature, just a very shallow place to be these days.

Mrs. Howe

April 3, 2006 11:33 PM

Is automotive-literature, that crook who made tons of money with selling photocopies of copyright literature of which I receive one? Is he finally gone? And has he paid his taxes to Texas because I sent a note to Texas to complain about him. I hope they finally caught him.

evan rushing

June 7, 2006 3:51 AM

i thought i was the only one that is seeing the greed of ebay. i came across someone who works for ebay, and they are saying they are having many problems with members. they will say an item is inviolation of viro just to have that item removed so ther item will recieve more bids. this has happend to me more then once. how i found out about the tomfoolery. someone was had listed a nice watch the same time i had listed mine, but mine was a rare find. i went to the same person was selling the same watch on ioffer, and stated it was not authentic but on ebay it was authentic. i had the most bids at the time with one day left, and WOW BANG ZOOM i was taken of for VIRO go figure. so the person i was talking to that works for ebay said this happends all the time, and ther is nothing we can do about it. i sale the ferrari pumas, nikes, and other items. on ioffer, and amazon now because ebay has a problem with reinstating me, or they just don't care. i think it's just they are making to much money to care.


June 8, 2006 1:06 PM

eBay was honest a few years ago, but now they are far more worse than the greatest scammers of all. They use everyone either sellers and buyers to their advantages = Makes big bucks, by rip off =. They advertised that it would cost you pennies or FREE LISTING, but this is their scam to put you to list your items on their site and then whoooop, they eat you alive.

Next, when you started to list your item, the listing fee shows $0.02 cents, but watch when the bill come, it costs you $12 or more for the item you've listed and was not even sold. Why? because they collect on any small features such as bold, headlines or gallery and their invoice would need an accountant to figure out.

eBay is SHARK!


August 26, 2006 7:53 PM

I have been a seller on Ebay since 1999. As of July 2006,
I finally closed my store and said, "Good Riddance" to Ebay. I don't see how Ebay can continually treat sellers and buyers the way that they do and get away with it. Ebay has been dictating the rules and changing them and raising fees ,at the drop of a hat, because they can. I think it is time for the people (buyers and sellers) to take back the power. There is strength in numbers and if enough people band together,we can turn an off-ebay site into a successful one thus giving another viable option to those who wish to flee Feebay!


October 21, 2006 7:53 AM

Maybe we call all pray that ebay will go down rapidly in history like all the other companies that finally bit the dust. Instead of a slow death may it just die really quickly!


October 27, 2006 12:21 PM

I recently opened a store on eBay. I put a lot of effort into making it look good and uploading listings both to the store's inventory and eBay proper (fixed price & auction). I was feeling positive about my eBay experience with no major complaints and looking forward to doing some good business.

About one week after opening my store and with no prior warnings, I receive an email telling me I'm suspended (section 9); all my listings cancelled, my store closed etc.,. I have 8 x feedback with a 100% positive rating. I'm given no reason for the suspension. I can't figure what I might have done wrong. I write back politely asking for a reason WHY I have been suspended? Two days later, I get a reply that doesn't tell me WHY I have been suspended but only waves the section 9 eBay policy at me as if to say "...hey go confuse yourself with this spin-doctoring-double-talk, fella and get too tired to bother so we can in effect undermine your democratic right to have any rights...just fall into line boyo!). Their reply stipulated the ordeal of appeal and which involves a lengthy process of identifying documents including personal information on utility bills etc.,. to be faxed or mailed (assured that all personal docs will be destroyed after verification made).

I reply and reiterate that I still want to be informed WHY I have been suspended before I pursue all this. I also tell them that I consider their act of suspending my account without any warning to be reckless and negligent resulting in loss to my business and a violation of my consumer rights; that I intend to lodge a formal complaint with the ACCC (Australian Consumer Affairs) if they don't give me a good reason not to. I'm still waiting on a reply.

Upshot at this point is that I totally agree with Randy's post of May 29 2005. This type of behaviour is an example in action of a monolith corporate entity inadvertantly stealing democracy right out from under our noses. If you can't see this or think it's mere conspiracy, then maybe you need to go get an education. It's as plain as bloody day!

Just like previous posts have said these bastards have lost respect for the little guys; the individuals who made them what they are today. They buy good press at a mass media level to compensate for shitting on individuals because they are much more interested in creating a world regime than a community. I wouldn't go back to these fuckwits if they paid me to!

Hooray for every person who has had the gumption to leave eBay and put the effort into making something more enobling begin to happen. It's called self respect and not accepting being subjugated by a pack of smug C words! It also shows a modicum of respect for what our forebears have supposedly fought and died for; freedom of the individual in the face of what might well be described as a form of imperialism (once we had to fight Jap Imperialism and now it seems we are faced more than ever with Corporate Imperialism). Our 'inalienable' rights will not remain so inalienable if we don't protect them or allow them to be subtly (and not so subtly) eroded by the likes of what eBay most certainly seems to have become!

I hate how eBay now owns PayPal too! It's just wrong that so much of what makes up our online freedom should be put in one basket. What do you Americans call it, ANTI TRUST? Hmm, I wouldn't trust 'em...they closed my shop down!


November 25, 2006 12:20 PM

I was a member of ebay for 5 years. I began selling game console vinyl wraps about 4 months ago, and became a powerseller last month. I was going about my business, increasing my sales almost exponentially, and POW! I was suspended from ebay. They won't tell me anything about why I was suspended. I was NARU'd for no reason, and they won't respond to my emails. I was making good money, selling original designs, and had NO negative feedbacks with nearly 300 feedback received in the four months since I began selling. I can't understand why ebay is so smug, and can just take me down without even explaining themselves. Now I have to start all over again, somewhere else, building a new customer base! I hope that ebay goes down hard and that all of the VP's working for ebay have to live in a cardboard box on the side of the road when ebay does go down. I'm starting over on Hopefully, I will make at least a decent amount of money there.


November 27, 2006 11:53 PM

These are interesting comments that hit home with me. I have been an ebay member, since 2003, in good standing until 2 days ago. I created 2 new seller accounts with the idea of getting my mom involved, who is on a fixed income and terrified of the internet. I had some things laying around the house that could be used on one of the new accounts - so we could start building some feedback history.

The auctions closed with four successful bidders, but being a Friday nite, I would have to wait until Monday to send the items out. On Sunday I woke up to two emails saying that my new accounts were suspended, and that I was not allowed to participate in ebay under any other account - inncluding my established account with has 100% positive feedback since 2003. Needless to say, I got 4 very upset people emailing me asking why ebay sent them an email saying that I was a fraudelent seller and that they should request refunds, and/or refuse the package if I sent it to them. One even threatened to get a lawyer against me. So what did I do to deserve this? They did not give me a reason for the suspension - the items I auctioned were common in the category they were listed in, and were set at a no reserve bid. All of the bidders got these products for about $20 less than if they had bought them from the company. Shipping was for 5.50 per box - which is what it would cost me to send Priority Mail. I even made sure that my listings were just like everybody elses' - no keyword stuffing, no shouting, glaring bells and whistle type advertising - just 2 pictures and details. And they were not high-ticket electronics either - just four kits of skin care stuff that my daughter never opened and didn't want. People sell tons of those same kits every day on ebay.

So there went my dreams of starting a real business on ebay - the proceeds from those auctions were going to be our "seed" money to get going on other things - and those four auctions only came to a total of 157.00 between them all. Give me a break. Meanwhile, there are scammers selling $1,000 -20,000 dollar items with the explicit intent to fraud those who dare bid on those items.

Of the four successful bidders only one ended up asking for a refund, which I promptly gave. I sent out the other 3 boxes today with an apology and some extra goodies for their trouble. And ebay still hasn't replied to my emails with the reasons why they suspended me. I'm just another number to them and I apparently do not warrant any concern or response - even tho I have been a good buyer and seller for almost 4 years. In the meantime, my mom is now totally convinced that the internet has nothing good to offer and has stated that I may as well drop the idea of ever getting her involved with anything online.

So all I can say is - Merry Christmas to you too, Ebay. Thanks for taking an honest persons' dream of pulling together the family and making some extra income online, and instead making us out to look like scuzzbag criminals.

Somebody has got to come along and bump ebay off their pedestal and grind them into obscurity. They've become a burden to the American dream.


December 4, 2006 5:15 PM

I was just talking to my therapist friend in my livingroom and he was informing me of ways to make money. This was not to be because I had just called him and left a message that I had no longer needed his services but appreciated him much as a friend. He called me to see me. He was in the area and wanted to see me. I asked him if he had just received my message I had left him and he said no. anyway it goes on to say that we begin to talk about my customer service job and he asked me if I knew how valuable the job was to me. I said no. He begin to tell me some things to start looking into. I wanted to go into business with him right tinight but he said he was a therapist and he could not do it. I t is strange to, because a prayer last night to god was "Father, I am tired of being broke,etc."
I had brought up the ebay pkg. that Ebay sent me on starting up a business. Now after reading every single opinion here I cancel my plan to sign up with ebay and will regroup my ideal. I am a person that loves to bless others and treat people really good and give them specials and surprises when I can. I want them to be please with my customer service.
I want them to come back and spread the word about what good service I have given them. I never want to become greedy and I try to implement, up front, what is my purpose and design. I am a christian and know that you cannot benifit by being greedy and mistreating others. Of course, you can make money, but your soul will lose in the end and "What profits a man, if he shall gain the whole world, yet lose his soul. There is a price for mistreating people. A price not worthy for me to pay. I like being kind, and good to people. I am a business oriented person yet have no money in my pocket. I have thought of many ways to make money and have not been sucessful to tread through on some of my endeavors. I have not given up and will not. My goal is to leave behind and inheritance for my children when I am dead, to bless others while I live, to pay for my own funeral and to travel a little and help the poor.
I would like help on how to start selling on line or how to star my own website. I am a fast learner and in years I have come to know that I have wasted much precious time. If there is anyone out there who would like to help me out by giving advise, I may already know, or do not know,or who may help stare me in the right direction of a website where I do not need much money to start and the site is very user friendly God will bless you because you have me and others I will come in contact with. I am not concern so much for me as I am with helping my family and other people who need good c. service and a business that really cares about how people feel, what they need, what they want, and what they do not want. I know they want honesty, quality, someone they can trust, aomeone they can talk to.
I am that one. I know it takes time for a business to get off the ground but I have patience and faith that it will happen. Please be patient with me a well.
I do not have much money as of yet, but I do have the drive and the love for people. I have been saying for quite some time my money is in other people pocket's trying to make it into mine. It is comming one day. This internet business is a fragment in my life that I have over looked for a long time for many different reasons.
Anyone out there that would like to help my cell no. is 508-345-6295.

Thank you so much.


December 18, 2006 5:04 PM

eBay is not playing a fare game- I have a LV wallet that is Authentic with original box and papers - as the wallet is little too large to place in my coat pocket I choice to list it - few days later I received a notice stating wallet is a fake and it is a eBay violation and am not to relist it. Same day I looked up L V listing and questioned a few to see if I can get confirmation from seller on autheticity- most said they are not sure and can not guarantee. All these responses were forwaded to eBay with a short note that this is a confirmation on fake items being sold - these sellers are still going strongly and eBay never removed their listing
My wallet as being authentic without any question eBay just took it upon them selfe and removed it and I am not to re list.
If you are not a power seller or sell in larger quantities you are nothing to eBay.
eBay is becoming a bigger joke by each day- Tiffany& Co. has them in court USA and in Europe - I sure hope someone will thighen the robe around eBays neck and wake them up


December 25, 2006 8:13 PM

I just had to throw my 2 cents in, I am also a powerseller on ebay. This week, ebay has removed 30... yes 30 of my auctions because of supposing policy violations. I sell replica coins and in the same email saying the policy I broke, it says that seller CAN sell replica coins. My coins comply with all ebay policies and Federal Law. Oh yeah, they refund your insertion fee, but they get to keep all the extras, like gallery pic fee's, bold listing fees, outlines/border fee's, which make up the bulk of the initial listing charges. It is a scam and we should all ban together and file a class action lawsuit against ebay.

Kevin Yu

December 30, 2006 7:00 PM

This is not really a marketing & advertising problem, and the brand is not in trouble. E-bay still has a great image and universal recognition despite recent stagnation. Maybe it has grown complacent and too large for its own good, but the other good things that it has despite its archaic inner workings are: Skype and Paypal. The investor community considers them pocket aces, while languishes... no longer woos occasional sellers such as myself and has instead cultivated an extensive superstore audience which can absorb much more punishment than the mom-and-pop shop. Among other E-bay woes are online scammers which have driven the prices way up and drive sellers away.

Tim Kern

January 4, 2007 8:17 AM

Dear Mr. Cobb:

Raising motorcycles by 33% and cars by 25%?

Raising everything? That's just plain greedy; it's not as though your costs for recycled electrons has been rising.

If it's not greed, then there's some terrible cost control going on, and you might need a better management team.

You must be big fans of craigslist.

When my earnings catch up, I'll have another look. Meantime, I'll use eBay only when necessary. It's not fun any more.

Tim Kern (214 @ 100%)


January 7, 2007 2:02 AM

That is what ebay wants,is the big guy with all the money.They can't make any real money off of the little guy.Well ebay,remember back when,it was the little guy that made ebay what it is today.
We are the ones that laid the golden egg.Now today ebay has taken that golden egg.
It sure is a shame,how greed is more important,then loyal customers.
So I started up my own Free auction website at hillbilliesauction.c_m
We are new at this,and there is alot to learn,but greed,I will never be.I was not raised that way.But at least one thing,I am will ing to give people an outlet to sell their items.If their item does not sell,they pay no fees...period!


January 10, 2007 7:45 AM

i was on a mission a few days now to have ebay in court for allowing fraudulent sellers to continue selling without any suspension. i came across this website and i feel a tad more relaxed and confident knowing i am not the only one that feels this way.
Ebay credibility has gone down hill, NIL customer service, nil everything!. Computer generated replies, no way of communication. I have had it with them.There has to be something that can be done, they cant be that powerful.
my story is too long and to draining to repeat but i think everyones post explains my experience with ebay. once i sort out my final dilemma with them, im closing my account, but not before i let the public know...its disgusting to think they have become lower than the ground itself


January 16, 2007 4:48 PM


I also was selling on ebay,but no more.Time has come for all of us,to head for the free auction website.All ebay wants is more and more.I think that if your item does not sell,you should not have to pay...period.Until someone comes up with a solution on how to get the buyers off of ebay,ebay is going to stay the way they are.Once the buyers leave and goes elsewhere,ebay will then start to fall.
I found a website,where
I'm satisfied and I'm starting to list all my items with them.The auction website is


January 20, 2007 3:26 PM

Why isn't the brand in trouble? Ebay is becoming a generic bran name, meaning people are starting to say "I ebay'd my item on" Which is completely obtuse. It's not posting items for sell anymore, its Ebaying the item. It is happening mostly from the Y generation, but spreading through out. Eventually ebay will be another Xerox. With people xeroxing there report on a HP all-in-one.

Raising fees is normal for any business as inflation persues. This is to be expected. As my internet provider raised it's fees last month by $3, which in my small server business translated into a $300 a month increas, forced me to raise my Game clients fees by 0.05 per month. They didn't mind and it covered my new costs.

Just consider the new fees as inflation. However, the customer service of Ebay is catching up-to Sony's. Which IMO is why i refuse to buy/use anything SONY related.


February 3, 2007 3:30 PM

I cant belive i have been still charged for ending my item for sale early on ebay as it was no longer for sale as i was selling it for a friend surley i should get my fees for listing it back its not like they have to do anywork you do it all for christ sake .
Also i sold a dvd on ebay for 15p the postage and packing was set for 99p so all in they used pay pal to pay i was charged 25p for the privelidge !!!
so after it all i was left with 70p in paypal and still had to send it so after all of the waste of time i ended up with the great profit of 15p woot i would rather give it to a charity shop than bother anymore with goddam ebay with no customer service i feel like setting one up for them and telling customers not to bother anymore !!!!
One last thing why in the hell can they set up a direct debit from your bank without your knowledge or your aproval out of order !
theres my rant :P
pissed of uk man !


May 29, 2007 9:35 PM

The fact remains that POOR...VERY POOR in their offerings and fact some of them are in decline before they start. already has complaints galore on their own site. EBAY rules the shores right now for online auctions and is owner of lots of other auctions. Ebay has a dictatorial, arbitrary, ingrate and obsoletist attitude towards everyone capriciouly when they feel like it. AND they are so overly automated in that big machine they've become. All but the color of your underwear has to be divulged to sell on ebay.

The second fact is that because ebay still holds number one spot...if nothing else for things you can't get or find elsewhere, is also because as many people leave is as many open to a new account. People who are kicked off, right or wrong, find another way to getback on...because there is NO OTHER PLACE LIKE IT!...for now. Ebay suspends and strikes accounts like crazy no matter if you are a good buyer and/or seller. So, it obvious "they don't need anyone" at this point. Its stinks the crap they do are getting away with...but it will all remain as long as there are tacky cookie cutter online wannabes and a lack of good CHOICES and ALTERNATIVES.


May 30, 2007 9:05 AM

Yes, eBay is indeed in trouble but for more than raising fees...those in heavy business on eBay are growing tired of a feedback system that can allow a falsly disgruntled or insane buyer to ruin the reputation of an honest seller. And to repair this problem? eBay is virtually unreachable and refuses to play a role.


June 11, 2007 8:29 PM

The reason new poeple sign up to Ebay is because this information is not as widely known as it should be. I have been a buyer since Ebay's inception, but I just started selling with them a few months ago. The items I sell are between $25-$30 per item. After I am done paying the inital fees, the final value fees, the paypal fees, (which Ebay owns by the way), freakin' Ebay ends up with more profit on my item than I do!!!! Now you tell me if that is just?! I will no longer sell on Ebay, now that I found this info here, because now I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. And Ebay is so fast to go after you for your fees, but God forbid you need customer support from them, all you hear are the crickets chirping in the night!!!

Thanks for letting me know I am not alone.


September 24, 2007 11:34 PM

Ebay is currently quite the scam site

they earn money, too much money for doing nothing at all. The have a site and servers already operational and functioning and the seller inputs their info into already constructed forms and bam, ebay charges you some stupid insertion fee...then they charge something about %5 for the final value?! what bullshit is that.

Ebay is dead to me now.


November 22, 2007 12:38 AM

I will say I've sold on ebay for about 7 years, They are soo lame at ebay right now, I had about 1.04 in my bank account. My total that week was 19 items none sold , But I had to pay the fee's which was about 25.00 Ebay Goes in my account and withdraws 11.00 Now I'm at negative 41.00 at my bank. I went to the bank and say Whats UP?? They said ebay made a direct payment. of 11.00 I was like HUH!!!!! gReedy EBAY OMG Even though I accepted the YES for authorization . I filed a UN authorized Access , My bank Called me on the phone and told me They retrived my funds back to my account, Awsome The next I canceled my membership of 737 positives. Wut a bunch of wingnuts!!!! Later Ebay


November 22, 2007 1:04 AM

Yeah I was to pay the 25.00 in fee's for nothing that sold OMG . I was going to pay then after I think it was 7 days they just went in my bank and took it. GreEEDy arn't we. I closed my there after getting another fee of 10.00 for my bank redirecting my payment back to my account. soo now instead of 25.00 something now I owed 37.00 dollars i sent a money order. They next day I quit that scam instantly... after about 7 years of this I realized I was there to pay ebay fee's and nothing more. wasn't selling nothing. This is the exact phrase I used. I WANT OUT. It's was like WTF. I said closed my account NOW! they said they have to wait until the fee's are paid. I'm like looking at my PC thinking if ebay hasn't made enough from 7 years of fee's. GREeeeeedy dayum . I quess I was at fault by not paying with in 7 days. Gawd EBAY . I would still be caught up in your act, if only you wern't soooooo greeeeedy GAWD. Thank God I snapped out of your little web. Man I feel good getting up in the morning knowing I don't have to pay ebay nada... 0.07 ebay ha ha. That was the first time they had even went directly into my bank account. Man that was scary...... theifs.....


November 22, 2007 1:08 AM

Yeah I was to pay the 25.00 in fee's for nothing that sold OMG . I was going to pay then after I think it was 7 days they just went in my bank and took it. GreEEDy arn't we. I closed my membership there after getting another fee of 10.00 for my bank redirecting my payment back to my account. soo now instead of 25.00 something now I owed 37.00 dollars i sent a money order. They next day I quit that scam instantly... after about 7 years of this I realized I was there to pay ebay fee's and nothing more. wasn't selling nothing. This is the exact phrase I used. I WANT OUT. It's was like WTF. I said closed my account NOW! they said they have to wait until the fee's are paid. I'm like looking at my PC thinking if ebay hasn't made enough from 7 years of fee's. GREeeeeedy dayum . I quess I was at fault by not paying with in 7 days. Gawd EBAY . I would still be caught up in your act, if only you wern't soooooo greeeeedy GAWD. Thank God I snapped out of your little web. Man I feel good getting up in the morning knowing I don't have to pay ebay nada... 0.07 ebay ha ha. That was the first time they had even went directly into my bank account. Man that was scary...... theifs.....


December 7, 2007 10:24 AM

I'm glad I'm not the only one complaining about the eBay fees. I used to sell a lot of odd-ball type things such as old postcards, travel brochures, knick-knacks and such. Back in the early 2000s I made enough to pay for our family vacations. But then the bottom fell out, and the fees skyrocketed. Buyers have endless questions, I have to package the item before I list it so I know the exact shipping price and the people STILL complain about the price even though I don't make a profit on it. Then I have to pay the listing fee, end fee, Paypal fee, fees, fees, fees! Then you wait in line at the post office. Sheesh, it's easier having a yard sale. I'm cleaning out my dad's house and have a mess of tools and knick-knacks to sell, but when I priced a completed listing for a Craftsman power tool that ought to bring $40-50, I saw it ended at $3.95! Yes, you read it right! For that, I'll store everything in the garage. Ridiculously low prices, and ridiculously high fees.

I'm going to look into and and see if they are the way to go. eBay has just gotten too expensive and complex.


December 27, 2007 12:58 PM

Hey ThanksalotEbay:
They probably suspended you because you can only have ONE account per person and/or email. And of course people routinely find ways to circumvent that. eBay does that so it isn't so easy for somebody to "up the bids" for their own stuff.
But I totally agree in principal that they SUCK. They hurt a lot more people than they help.

Lori 100% when she said "The only reason that eBay is still in business right now is because of the buyers!" The buyers in general have gotten dumber by the month and this fall, there are more non-payers than I have ever seen. I still have and had some considerate, saavy and just ordinarily intelligent people communicating with me this year, but I often felt like I was running a special ed class with so many bad ones! All you can do to stem the the tide of them is block people with 2 neg feedback, or file a non-payer dispute, holding up your sales for at least a week. Oh yeah, you leave neg feedback for them. ooooooooo! They can leave it for you too and it holds as much weight!

So between the drop in quality of the typical buyer and the fee increases Making any real money on FeeBay does not seem to be very viable anymore.

My biggest issues, though are with the smarmy Paypal. eBay's had to sink so much protection into that satanic baby that they are in trouble too. Poor BidPay was bought by a company that did NOTHING to promote it, and it's out of business again in less than a year. It was the only real alternative to Paypal.

I'm giving a try for cc payments. Will look into some of the other auctions you guys have mentioned, too.

Good luck to all of you!


February 15, 2008 10:35 AM

Basically If your item sells.. and you don't get paid... You should NOT have to pay for the entire listing period. Ebay should eat everyone of those transactions. it's as easy as 123. gawd ebay Basic templets it's not how pretty we can make the webpage!!!! lets jazz up my auction listing. paypal should be bank account oriented... ebay lets start off by having EVERYONE ON THE SAME PAGE HERE!!!

Brian Battler

February 19, 2008 11:38 PM

RIP FeeBay , you have for years treated sellers as second class citizens , just a noisy annoying crew , we have had enough of your gree and total disregard for the hard working folks who have put you in this monopolistic position.

Now that they are down with shrinking profit margins plus continually increased fees , your turning buyer and sellers against each other for your insatiable grab for cash by any means available ,you kick them in the guts even more by favouring buyer over seller , small seller over huge power sellers total discrimination !!

With never ending fee increases AND taking away a basic right of reply (read only positive ratings allowed for buyers from sellers in May)you have destroyed any credibility that greedbay ever had.

Dictatorships ALWAYS come to an end when folks say enough is enough .
Cant happen, ?? It already is , bail out share holders while you can !!

Greed has and will continue with this 800 pound gorilla until there is no one left to extort.
The competetition is gradually waking up to the enormous opportunities that are there , imagine an auction site that treats its customers (buyers and sellers) as humans and not cash cows ready to be milked for every last drop like feebay does , will continue to do so until we say NO MORE !

Sellers , stick to this revolt (if you are not aware of any revolt just google "ebay greed" , or "ebay fee increases" ) to see how many tens of thousands of unhappy sellers and buyers are out there .
Cannot leave a neutral or negative for a feral buyers after May ??? , what 6 or more figure income earning clown(s) at extortionbay came up with this STUPID,crazy, morally bankrupt idea.

We can win this one , there are many other options that need our numerical and physical support in buying and selling give it to them .
Bye feebay , would the last seller please turn off the lights just leave a note for the buyers so they can find you ? .


March 5, 2008 6:56 PM

I,too, have had listings pulled over the past month for no good reason. I emailed customer service twice with two totally different questions and received the exact same canned response for both. It goes to show you someone (or something) is pulling canned responses from a pull-down list.

I am afraid, however, that I messed up by ranting on the ebay discussion boards in early February on several different occasions (regarding higher fees and the new feedback policy). I can't be certain, but strange things have happened since. My sell-through rate dropped dramatically. I could no longer find most of my items when searching for them under my husband's ID. Finally, I have had 12 listings pulled in the month of February when that has never, NEVER happened to me before. These are the same listings that I have been organizing for over five years, but now I am violating some sort of policy with them. It makes no sense to me.

I have been on ioffer for one week now. Not as much success, however, their growth is unbelievable in the last few months, so I am hoping that will change.

The strange thing is my feedback is 100% with over 1000 transactions. I have followed the rules from the beginning but I feel like they WANT me to leave.


andy prigge

March 26, 2008 10:58 PM

Yesterday i cancelled my ebay account because they told me my shipping time was too long. I do not physically cary the item to the buyer so i guess i do take too long. I am in canada and most of the items i shipped were to usa so the item has to go through canada post then customs and then us postal service as if i have a control over the time they take to deliver the item. It is unfair that i should be punished for external entities like usps customs and canada post. Ebay should have a mechanism whereby the seller can leave a tracking number which would indicate the date the item was shipped. Also i had buyers renegging on a sale and fabricating lies that could be confirmed if they just checked my messages and negative feedback is never removed even when the buyer isn't telling the truth. I hope ebay falls and you know what they say the bigger they are the harder they fall. Good riddance EBAY.



April 5, 2008 11:01 AM

wow i thought i was the only one i was suspended from ebay for 7 days for not asking a companies permission to sell a product which beared there logo,so had too follow a few procedures to get back on,went on my holiday with my kids and when i came back i had received a email that i was now suspended for a year because a account was linked to mine,it was my ex partners account which he still had at my address and he was minding my house so used my my computer too buy a few items so i am now booted off and reading all these comments everyone is right iam just a small time seller so ebay not interested at all, GO TO HELL EBAY


April 6, 2008 7:39 AM


if a person did this they would jail them... ebay rides up the ladder of success on the backs of small sellers and when they get there they crap on everyone... if it were a country it would be treason...frame the way ebay acts in any other way and it is a crime.

glad theres a page like this..i will stop back and post from time to time just to keep this page up...even though it's started in 05

Tim Kulig

April 25, 2008 8:24 PM

Ebay has no customer service people, they don't care about the individual buyer or seller. If you get scammed they don't care. The people who run Ebay are crooks, many of the people who sell items on Ebay are crooks, and many of the people who bid on items are crooks. Sounds like they should all go to jail.

Jim Adams

May 17, 2008 8:34 AM

Ebays new policy on insisting on paypal as the only ( pick up aside) payment methods will make me cancel my account - yep its only peanuts at each transaction but as a consumer I want freedom of choice when it come to payment - and as a consumer I vote to boycot Ebay.
Ebay is about to die a quite death - death spiral actually as we the buyers reject paypal - the sellers wont have many buyers - meaning the auction system will fall over because the competition wont be there - outcome is crap prices which means sellers wont bother and the system that has got greedy will become an interesting conversation item - Ebay ? what was that??


May 20, 2008 7:22 AM

i don't like ebay. its fee is really too high. it take seller and buyer's money too much to become rich. i hope ebay die soon.


June 19, 2008 12:46 AM

Comment made by Anne:
"April 5, 2008 11:01 AM

wow i thought i was the only one i was suspended from ebay for 7 days for not asking a companies permission to sell a product which beared there logo,so had too follow a few procedures to get back on,went on my holiday with my kids and when i came back i had received a email that i was now suspended for a year because a account was linked to mine,it was my ex partners account which he still had at my address and he was minding my house so used my my computer too buy a few items so i am now booted off and reading all these comments everyone is right iam just a small time seller so ebay not interested at all, GO TO HELL EBAY"

Wow!! I TOO have had this exact same problem. Nice to know I'm not the only one. I opened an account a few months ago at my workplace (using their internet). My boss, at the time, was starting up an Ebay account to sell True Religion brand jeans. They immediately canceled his account on the 2nd day of listing claiming "fraudalent items". He tried to contact them through paypal's phone #, with no luck, and so he gave up. I had nothing to do with him or his account. I use my account and start becoming really successful. I had 50 feedbacks in a matter of 2 months and was doing enough sales to supplement my bills and income since I have lost my job twice in 6 months. Ebay swoops in and suspends my account and links me to my old boss's ebay account. I wrote them an appeal stating that I had nothing to do with him and I need this ebay account because I have no income at the moment and I am struggling to survive on a day to day basis and not lose my house to foreclosure. Plus, I told them that it does not state anywhere in the Terms and Conditions or Policies and Procedures that I can't use the internet at other locations. My account should not be canceled because I used somebody else's computer/internet connection. After stating all this in my appeal, ebay says they will have a response in 24-48 hours........Well 7 FREAKING DAYS LATER! I hear from Murray, and he gives the same automated response anybody else has received on ebay. I try to reinstate my account by sending them utility bills, drivers license, etc. NO RESPONSE. NOTHING, NADA! They have COMPLETELY ignored me and I've had no income to pay my bills! I had an Ebay store and now it is all gone. All my hard work and staying up til 4am to work on it was for nothing. I do not know what to do. I need Ebay and yet I hate them. Unfortunately, since I'm just small chump change to them. My $175 per month in Ebay fees doesn't mean anything to them. I paid them on time every time and yet I can't even get ahold of them. FUCK YOU EBAY. Screw all you fat bastards at 2145 Hamilton Avenue San Jose, California 95125.


June 20, 2008 2:42 AM

I was burned by the no negative feedback for bad buyers policy in June of 08 when I had flawless 100% feedback since 1999.

To mess with them (I was going to close the account anyway) I started selling feedback on ebay in the from of "ebay awards" I would sell in JPEG form emailed to the buyer. The auctions all clearly said "ebay award" and NOT "feedback for sale".

I think I sold at least 50 of them before some underemployed $8 per hour loser at ebay suspended the account. I racked up $45 on my tab when this occured. To make sure they don't get a cent more from me I called my bank and credit card company to have the account numbers changed. I still bother them daily saying I violated no policy and threaten them with a class action lawsuit in a game of email tag.

If I can find a lawyer that will take my case I will sue them for wrongful suspension. I don't care if I collect a penny....the lawyer can have it all...I just want it to cost ebay time and money.

If you are a lawyer reading this post a video on you tube to gather similar plaintiffs; you will have a giant class action case on your hands.

If you are an ebay employee reading this, fuck you buddy. Watcha gonna do? Try collecting your money off of my accounts that no longer exist. You can make my suspension permanent and shove it up your ugly ass because I am finished with you assholes unless I see you in court to make you pay for violating your own policy and restriction of free trade which is illegal in the United States.


June 25, 2008 8:20 AM

i think ebay has had its day with everything slowing down dont be suprized as i have jeard theres another rise in ebay fees on the way such a shame for a rubbish site. with so many defecting away form this piece of rubbish ,there should be more up and coming sites like 300 people are leaving ebay a week hopefully this ebay is gone for good

Fred Dombski

July 3, 2008 7:57 AM

As a small seller and buyer on eBay I feel the new policy for the buyers to NOT receive negative feedback is a kick in the groin to the small seller. The proof is, a person bid and won a laptop. When asking for the invoice, an address in Jamaica New York was stated as "I want you to ship this to;". When he paid, it was an unconfirmed address in Israel. I did not ship and I refunded the entire amount. Guess what? I got a negative because "He's very rude and decided not to send". Ebay says "Oh sorry, yeah, that's kinda bad". I had a 100% rating, now I don't. Mr. Unconfirmed still has his 100% though and spreading his special kind of joy. Let me say that the buyers pay no fees and don't have to relist items and don't suffer bad feedback for their true actions. The seller, however, has to pay fees, relist items, file a fee refund for the selling price, file a non paying bidder form and suffer false feedback from people that "have a problem". Rather than biting the hand I think eBay has severed the hand of the seller making us helpless against unscrupulous people.


July 13, 2008 2:02 AM

I opened my FEEBAY acct in April 08. Got suspended for the first time in June for not knowing my Coach wallet not real. It was a total honest mistake. I got suspended for 7 days, had to do the send your lic/utility thing. After getting back on, I listed 7 items on July 4, took hours. Got back later that night and got suspended for a year!!! ONE WORD on my listing did it. I was extremely careful on my wordings this time around too. It was a Victorias Secret SPEEDY handbag. I guess I couldnt use the word SPEEDY, but a week b4 that, I actually bought a Victorias Secret SPEEDY on ebay. I wrote them a nasty letter that same night and told them I was ASTOUNDED!! Also told them if it wasnt for US, Ebay would not be in business!! Well, that was the morning of July 5, of course I have heard nothing other than that my acct is suspended indefinately. What the hell right do they have to just pull the rug out from honest ebayers and keep the counterfitters going!!! They say they dont, but all I purchase are handbags, and almost everyone I have bought is a fake and then when I go to relist it, I am the one to get in trouble!! This time around, tho, I seriously did NOTHING wrong and if anyone is interested in a lawsuit, I will definately be there too!!! Boycott FEEBAY~~~

chris m

July 13, 2008 3:45 AM

the way that ebay acts, IS THE VERY REASON laws exist. decent people don't need laws, they are decent's people that are not, they are the ones the laws were written for. ebay is just that but on such a larger scale. i agree with most here.
BOYCOTT and they cannot's not possible for them to continue forever...eventually they will have shafted everybody and then they will stop... i only hope and pray that another company or several come along and fill the void, because it was nice when it was not such a rip off


July 14, 2008 11:17 AM

I think perhaps the problem is not e-bay but the utopian mindset people have to think because it's a business on the Internet it has a different philosophy. Companies answer to stock holders and investors. At the end of the day it is about making money for them and more of it. Businesses are not activists with a cause. They are about profits first. Eventually that is what it will come down to or they go out of business. Which do you think they will choose?


July 18, 2008 12:24 PM

Because of eBay's mistakes it has opened the door for many different online marketplace sites. For the sellers and buyers I would suggest looking around and posting on those sites. One that I have found which improves directly on the issues with eBay and Craigslist is

They are new but they are growing and it is FREE!!! Reminds me of eBay in the beginning.


July 24, 2008 11:40 PM

Ebay no longer cares about anything but grabbing more money any way they can. They remind me of a corporate executive who makes 1.5 million a year who picks up beer cans along the highways in the evening just to get that extra bit of money in his pocket. Greed is a sickness that's never been identified or diagnosed properly.


July 31, 2008 10:07 AM

I think eBay will kick the small sellers out of eBay.

Have a look at this:

I sell the vinegar. eBays gift for my 1000. Star. Payed from my money.

Sorry, a german auction. You must translate it.


engl.: gift = german: Geschenk
german: Gift = engl.: poison


August 9, 2008 1:00 PM

I have been a power seller for over 11 years now on ebay and can you believe they suspended my account for good--the best part now sit down for this ok---a buyer bought an item new with tags and then emails me and says its the wrong size for her she wants a refund- hmmm what do I look like WalMart online--so I say no it was listed correctly and the right category--she slaps me with negative and files I did not receive the item thing. ok so ebay gives her the money back and she leaves me negative.. so in turn I leave her positive which is all you as a seller can do now but in the comment I wrote.. scammer tries to get items for free sellers beware... so I get canned nice huh now thats ebay for ya after 11 years and them taking a lot of money from me this is what its coming too--Ive tried finding other auction sites to sell on but not much luck as of yet


August 9, 2008 1:00 PM

I have been a power seller for over 11 years now on ebay and can you believe they suspended my account for good--the best part now sit down for this ok---a buyer bought an item new with tags and then emails me and says its the wrong size for her she wants a refund- hmmm what do I look like WalMart online--so I say no it was listed correctly and the right category--she slaps me with negative and files I did not receive the item thing. ok so ebay gives her the money back and she leaves me negative.. so in turn I leave her positive which is all you as a seller can do now but in the comment I wrote.. scammer tries to get items for free sellers beware... so I get canned nice huh now thats ebay for ya after 11 years and them taking a lot of money from me this is what its coming too--Ive tried finding other auction sites to sell on but not much luck as of yet


September 3, 2008 6:30 AM

If you sell handmade or vintage or supplies for making handmade items, the place to be is


September 13, 2008 7:12 AM

Ebay has devised a way to alienate sellers, AND chase away buyers at the same time. They want sellers to include shipping in their bid price, and accept only paypal.
This obviously results in a fee being paid on shipping AND payment methods. As a buyer, I resent being told that my cash (money order) payments are not acceptable.
So I will take my money where it IS accepted.
So long ebay, another buyer bites the dust.


September 23, 2008 12:14 AM

What killed ebay for me, and many others i have heard selling,Is when they started to tell us Paypal must be needed to sell,Well ill tell you, I did fine for many years buying and selling with just a secure money order from banks.Thanks ebay but i sell my items else where BYE and good luck.


October 4, 2008 7:50 PM

eBAy blames sellers for their mistakes. it is incredulous. I've stopped using them and joined the class action lawsuit (2) against them.

Hobbit UK

October 17, 2008 5:12 AM

StOrMy WaTers in an UpSidE dOWn WorLd

Personally I think that ebay has found the perfect formula to piss off its sellers and buyers with spectacular results. A hearty congratulations to them.

You have to admire them for the sheer tenacity and effort that has gone into this strategy of self destruction and decline.

I can only imagine that ebay got tired of you, the customer. They got bored of your moaning, fed up with the fact that you expected something in return for all the fees you were paying them.

So, they put the fees up. That wasn't enough so they removed some of your listings and changed the rules yet again.

They targeted powersellers by using untrained gibbons to find quirky little niggles in your ebay listings in order that they might smack you with the removal of more listings, at the same time retaining most of your fees.

They allowed 0 feedback bidders to register multiple accounts and scam sellers by purchasing goods that mysteriously disappear in the post for which they make a claim which is backed up by PayPal.

By contrast they clamp down heavily on any power seller or seller who opens a second account. They close accounts without warning. They are trying hard. What more can they do?

They take away the sellers right to leave feedback and expect buyers to act with morals and good principles.

Powersellers observe more and more non paying bidders. They unite and boycot ebay. The ship sails on.

Ebay shares continue to drop in value. More and more people struggled to make any money out of ebay as the fees increased and powersellers have started to decrease their ebay listings and move over to other auction sites. Things are not selling well on ebay and it is starting to bite.

Ebay retaliate by putting on a brave face, telling the world that everything is fine on the happy ship. Rumours appear about impending redundancies at ebay and ebay talk about streamlining the business ( cost cutting to those in the know ) and its workforce.

This concerted effort to provide an even more inferior service should help to annoy more people. Now you will receive even more twatty messages of meaningless drivel and automatic answers written by a drone with the mindest of a clockwork frog.

The Captain smiles and the Titanic ebay steams contentedly towards the iceberg.

Teetering on borrowed time, the great ship ebay is carrying her motley crew of scavengers and vagabonds through turbulent waters.

Now hanging like a drip-dried angel from the bottom branch of the christmas tree, this clumsy vessel wipes saltry tears over the decreasing stock values of the mother ship and its international satelites whose mascara-blackened faces move ebay towards a nothingness that was her yellow brick road to hell. Ebay has farted.

We wait with bated breath. What will they come up with next? How can they capitalise on this folly and what will they be able to do next to truly alienate their customers and further their demise into future oblivion.

Perhaps they need more help from their customers? Possibly it will take more than that. Where are you Google? When will you start your online auction services?

With alternative auctions now growing in strength the ship enters choppy waters. Dissent is growing rapidly. Ebay no longer has the loyalty and respect of its customers.

Time to abandon ship? I think so. I've done myself a favour and taken a lifeboat into calmer waters with pleasing results.

As a power seller for 6 years they have lost a few thousand a year from me. I hear of others leaving and I see some very large power sellers have closed their accounts.

The bulkheads creak. Ebay sticks fingers in the hold to stop the water getting in as best as it can but metal rusts and this one is rusting fast. It's only a matter of time.

Exit tune: "Money for Nothing" Dire Straits


October 19, 2008 9:42 PM

I listed an item on eBay today as $10 less than I bought it for, and it is in the exact same condition which I received it in (GREAT condition).

The listing is a $45 "Fixed Price" listing in "Video Games."

The final value fee is estimated at $6.75! PayPal fees would be $1.61 ( ), for a total price of $8.36 for a $45 item (which I listed with free shipping!).

PLUS, eBay REQUIRES me to use PayPal or merchant credit card as payment for auction listings in the "Video Games" section ( ).

I am a small seller, but I have more than 350 feedbacks since 2001, and no negatives or neutrals ever received. Despite that, since I "have received fewer than 20 Detailed Seller Ratings in the last 12 months," the listing creation page states this for my REQUIRED PayPal payment:

"Some payments may be held in your account to ensure smooth transactions. PayPal will release the hold after 21 days without a buyer dispute, claim, chargeback or other action. The hold may be released earlier if either of the following occurs:

* Buyer leaves positive Feedback.
* 3 days after PayPal confirms item delivery. "

Check it out!

Is eBay, via their PayPal company, not favoring merchants over small sellers?

I thought it was bad when they disallowed negative feedbacks for buyers, but the cumulation of the above, and my reading of parts of this website (after googling "ebay greed"), this has now pushed me over the top, and I am going to leave selling on eBay unless they change their unrighteous ways.

Ken from Ohio

October 30, 2008 5:56 AM

Well, it didn't take too long for someone [MEG] to take something GOOD, and turn it into something NOT SO GOOD. Ebay WAS a place where all us "know nothing about running a business" folk could go and become the CEO of our own company. I for one made GOOD MONEY selling on Ebay. Reaching buyers from ALL OVER the world, which at a local Flea Market you CAN NOT DO. Some of the prices I got for items are what HISTORY is made of. From 1998, when I first started selling, I would average about 100 items a WEEK. This week, the last week of October, I have "9" items listed. "9"!. Why? I can't afford the NICKLE & DIME fees Ebay [MEG] are hitting me with. It has come to the point where Ebay wants the $10,000 sale....NOT the $1.00 sale. Trouble is...NOBODY is buying the $10,000 item these days....and I can't afford to list the $1.00 item anymore. If you ONLY KNOW about Ebay being a site...well...let me walk you through the REAL EBAY. I go buy an item I feel is a 20 dollar item for 5 bucks. No bank will give you interest like laying down a fin [slang for a 5], and getting back 20-25 bucks. Ok, I take the photos of my item...and go in and list it. I need to protect my 5 dollars I have paid, so I put down a $5. 00 Minimum bid. Now I "KNOW" this is going to sell for 20 bucks...NOT EVEN WORRIED! I want LOTS OF PEOPLE to see it, so I add the EBAY "BOLD" feature, so my item stands out. Now, I want to let LOTS AND LOTS of people see my item, so I run the auction for "10" DAYS. instead of the 3-5-7 that are free. I want this auction to end later in the day, than when I am listing it, so I use the Ebay feature to "SCHEDULE THE TIME" for this auction. Ok...lets look here. 35 CENTS TO LIST IT.....$2.00 FOR BOLD.....10 DAY AUCTION 20 CENTS......SCHEDULED START TIME 10 CENTS. I now have spent $2.65 to get it into the auction, so I have a TOTAL of $ 7.65 INVESTED. any point in time there are a BILLION-GAZZILION items listed on Ebay. The auctions runs it's course, and "1" guy from some town in North Dakota wins it.....$5.00 BUCKS. Ok, then Ebay takes their CLOSE AUCTION FEE [running about 10% so lets say 60 cents here]...and the fellow uses PAYPAL to pay for it [Ebay OWNS PAYPAL], so that is another cut of the action, around 60-70 cents. Lets add...I paid 5 bucks for what I thought was a 20 dollar item....I spent $2.65 to list it...and when it sold was charged about $1.20...EBAY GETS 3.85 ...and I am out $1.15. OK...I KNOW...I shouldn't have bought the item. I was wrong. But thats not the point I am trying to get at. Why does Ebay need a LISTING FEE to begin with? I have sent VERY EXPENSIVE items to the MAJOR AUCTION houses, and they DO NOT charge me for selling it....they charge me when it is SOLD! Now, Ebay [MEG], has come up with the brainstorm of NOT ALOWING BUYERS to pay by CASH-CHECK-MONEY ORDER. read it right...ONLY PAYPAL [AHHH...THEY OWN PAYPAL] It's a DAMN SHAME in my eyes. Finally a site that lets ALOT OF US make a living, and in 10 short years...well....I don't see it being around much longer.


November 3, 2008 10:02 PM

It should be clear, I am a wholesaler and not a good writer or a stock expert, but I have a first hand inside look having been a powerseller almost from e bay start, for over 10 years, 1.7 million per year sales and account for $156,000 paid to e bay per year for seller fees, this is the bases in which e bay shows profit or loss in a great way for there core business, this does not account for paypal fees charged, seller manager pro, e bay stores. Buyers and sellers are leaving e bay, this can be proved by
It is interesting how the 1500 employee lay off received so much attention, however, OVER 10% of total powersellers were laid off/suspended because of flawed aggressive policy poorly implemented has not had a placement. This is proved by:

This study shows that between 15k-30K e bay powersellers who account for $3000-$20,000 in seller fees paid to e bay each month from sellers. This is the only company separating itself from its long time customers, many, like myself, who has been with the company fatefully since inception and made it a community before new management. This seems a larger story than a simple layoff of e bay employees. Ebay saves money by laying off paid employees, but e bays profit takes a hit by getting rid of partners who contribute to e bay profit. For example: 20,000 powersellers/partners laid off/suspended that account for an average of $5,000 per month seller fees = $100,000,000 each month in seller fees not received by e bay. That is $1,200,000,000 per year in revenue given up for aggressively flawed policy by current management. Figure that on 20% margin and facing the headwinds of a slowed economy. The idea current ebay management had was by getting rid of 10% of its selling partners was going drive back 32% of its buyers, however, that has clearly not been the case, because the policy change was flawed and implemented with such aggression over a short period of time, 6 months total, 3 months aggressively.

Ebay seems to have driven away buyers by this and the new search method that sellers or buyers don't like with no concern of management. The company has managed to drive its investors away in the same motion as stock prices show a drop since new management put in place 6 months ago, before market crash. Ebay management charged its sellers/partners for decline in its core business and seems not to have taken into account the increased competition of walmart, best buy, circuit city and many others putting marketing dollars into the online sector of business. Ebay pushing away its partners, sellers and buyers, is only going to make profit softer and push away investors. With 70% more competitors in the market e bay only dropped 30% seems a strong market hold for e bay and a reason to support its partners in a currently working policy rather than place blame partners and will prove to decline its future market share as pointed out by many market analysis and Powersellers

Ruth Peck

November 8, 2008 2:44 PM

I have been a seller for 10 1/2 years. Never had a past due account, never had a returned payment. I posted a payment to ebay and used an account I have been using for years. For some reason, ebay did not recongnize it and rejected it. They had done this once before, but I didn't think much of it and paid it out of another account. This time, I did the same thing and paid the current invoice in full and it was paid before it went past due. I got the new invoice and the next day was NARU'd. I received an email stating that my account was suspended due to not having a valid payment method on file. That I had to pay my account in full down to a zero balance and must pay via paypal. Any other avenue of payment would result in a delay of 21-45 days for reinstatement. This is total and complete bull. First, they received payment from a valid payment method as the payment was paid in full and posted to my account 5 days before they suspended me.

Now they want an add'l $155 to zero out my account and reinstate me. I am not rich by any means and don't have the money to pay again this soon. I have tried to explain that I need my account to make money to pay them. Also, I just received in new merchandise that I paid for and now have no way to sell.

During all of this back and forth with ebay, I have had several supervisors admit that I should be reinstated and said they were reinstating me, I even have emails saying the same thing. Then nothing happens I am still NARU'd. I call back and they tell me there is nothing they can do. It looks like one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. I am so sick over this as I need this income and am lost as to how to sell my merchandise. I used to have a store in town, but closed it to do ebay full time as I was making more online than in my store. Now I have nothing...I am sick over this and no one will listen to me as I explain it wasn't my fault, the payment wasn't rejected for non payment, it was never presented to the bank.

I have looked at other auctions,but don't see how I can make money now with this. I am gonna set up a website, but that takes time and I am not gonna make up my losses from ebay.

This has had a devastating affect on me financially and I think the CS at ebay thinks it is amusing.


November 13, 2008 1:39 PM

So THAT's what's going on! I've been wondering! As a VERY small-time buyer, I have never-the-less noticed a difference in service just over the last year or so. I always used USPS money orders to make payment, and suddenly there's "ONLY PAYPAL!", which I am informed was invented by eBay - they DEFINITELY have a vested interest in Pay Pal! As a buyer, I'm pretty much turned off of e-Bay. There is no place to indicate your choice of "other method of payment" - yet no seller that I know of has indicated reluctance in accepting USPS money orders! They cash readily enough. And I can't see anyone in their right mind letting e-Bay or anyone else into their bank account in this day 'n' age of identity theft, I don't care HOW well-meaning or "SECURE!" they purport to be!

What a sad situation - e-Bay had everything going for it, and their "powers that be" are killing it with their greed.


December 27, 2008 8:22 PM

I was a small time Ebay seller dating back to 1998. On my best years, I may have sold 500 items. My feedback for this time was great - 2700 positive transactions and only 3 negatives. Early this year, I had some misfortune and some packages were sent out 2 weeks late. Out of these packages 27 people went ahead and gave me positive feedback, while 4 left negatives for the slow shipping. I could understand their frustration and was really sorry about it.

So, what happens to a 10 year customer who gets a few negatives pretty close together? I get banned from ebay. Nevermind the fact that my all time record stands at 2750 postives - 7 negatives. Is that really horrible enough to ban someone?

I protested, offered to show them the tracking numbers to show that everyone had received their items. What does Ebay say? That will do no good, theres no way to reinstate me.

I ask - in what world is this fair? I since started selling a few items on Amazon, but its not the same. I'm patiently waiting the day when someone arrives to compete with ebay. Ebay will go down pretty quickly IMO.


January 8, 2009 7:14 PM

,.....bottom line = Don't Use's so simple.


February 13, 2009 2:47 PM

It's good to see that this blog is still alive going on 3 years after I posted my comment on October 27, 2006 - if you have an ebay story/experience that has left you incredulous as to how they are allowed to operate the way they do, keep it alive!

In this modern age it is surely important to remind yourself and anyone else of your fundamental democratic rights and to name and shame any entity that would compromise them...otherwise we only winde up having ourselves to blame if our democratic societies are effectively undermined by those rodent imperialists, in their various guises, who would dictate the terms of our livelihoods; our freedom!

Living in a democracy needs to be a real thing, not just in name and that requires making it a real thing by... bothering to post a comment where relevant -

I didn't find another online platform that brought enough buyers to make an online biz sustainable. So now I just don't do it. That's the sacrifice I've made. I could have gone back to eBay all contrite and subjugated - a gymp ready and willing to hop and jump according to their whims - my biz not really my own - it's being open or getting shut down at any time completely dependant upon my being in their favour - but hey, I didn't fight for the Nips or the Nazis either!


March 4, 2009 5:45 PM

So, for those of us that have left or have been suspended unfairly, what do we do? Is there another site? And how may I get involved in the class action suit?

Shirley N

April 28, 2009 12:19 PM

I used to be a ebayer , however i had to give it up. I spent more money on the ebay seller fees to place adds on ebay than i would on people buying my merchandise. it is just to much!!! so i went to and still looking for others

Shirley N

April 28, 2009 12:19 PM

I used to be a ebayer , however i had to give it up. I spent more money on the ebay seller fees to place adds on ebay than i would on people buying my merchandise. it is just to much!!! so i went to and still looking for others


May 1, 2009 3:22 AM

I used to sell on ebay. It was so simple. You could sell almost anything. Then it started to get more and more byzantine. Fee increases. protections for buyers via feedback policies. Etc. ETc.

I tried just recently to sell a digital camera after being away for about a year. I have almost 500 feedback 100% positive. They canceled my auction. I have yet to hear why. I really dont care. I was afraid of getting ripped off anyway.

As a seller you are completely at the mercy of buyers. I sell a digital camrera for $500. The buyer pays via Paypal, the only payment accepted. The buyer then submits a SNAD (sufficiently not as described) with Paypal. The buyer sends back a registered box of rocks. Paypal refunds the buyer his money. They buyer is happy, he got a free camera. Ebay is happy, they got their fees. I am unhappy and leave ebay. The End. (for ebay)


May 27, 2009 5:15 AM

Ebay is working very hard to ensure its own demise. Every stupid decision they make further alienates their customers (let's be clear who Ebay's customers are: SELLERS).
I have done a LOT more Craigslist lately, and recently found that it is possible to search all of Craigslist, rather than just one region at a time. You can do this by going to This should put a real hurting on Ebay, especially Ebay Motors, which charges you $80+ if you sell your car there, and even higher percentages if you sell parts or other goods.

David Cole

June 17, 2009 8:48 PM

Hi everyone, I have been a UK ebay business seller since 2001 and I can sum up my anger about Ebay's decaying ability to 'run their business' in a very simple, short sentance, 'Ebay does not support Sellers' The many comments I have read on this site, and others, all point to this. Everytime Ebay makes a change to their rules, it is to the detriment of the seller. There's also another simple fact that Ebay may have overlooked, which is, on any auction site you can have hundreds of millions of potential buyers looking, but, without sellers supporting the site, you have nothing. SELLERS are at the core of Ebay business, not buyers. Buyers are an unknown quantity. Newly registered buyers have very few restrictions placed upon them, they could be criminals, drug dealers, money launderers, Ebay welcomes them, one and all. They can bid and not pay, leave neg feedback for the seller who can do nothing about it. Taking away the ability for sellers to leave negative feedback was a BIG MISTAKE.
There are thousands of good Ebay sellers in my situation, I have spent 8 years building up a positive feedback of nearly 6000, with 12 negatives ( as usual half of these were unjustified, but that's another story), so, if for example, I showed my bank manager this kind of steady, successful, trading history you would expect his full support, would you not? Well, Ebay just don't want to know about my honest trading history over 8 years. It seems you are only as good as your last sale. Trading history means nothing to Ebay
Every time I meet an Ebay seller they are just negative about the way the site is run and they are treated.
Oh, and just before I go, what happened about the Ebay University meetings in the UK? What a CRAP marketing idea that's just disappeared! 'University' your dreams Ebay! You closed it down because your represenatives at these farces got so much flak from sellers that they would not dare attend again.
Ebay University was a disaster, if it was not then they would have carried on with the successful farce, would you have not, Ebay? I don't expect an answer from them.

Please support my new campaign 'Ebay listen to your Sellers or DIE'...........just respond positively with a funny one-liner or as many lines as you feel like.

Ebay you are on the slipery slope,

Ignor at your peril.


July 31, 2009 6:39 PM

Hello, Same deal here. The new DSR ratings did me in.fired "NARU" After 2 years+ selling with over 2100 positive feedback, 9 total negs. My future plans...well, I dunno? Ebay was my future plans! "Every thing happens for a reason"...huh?
..."Don't put all your eggs in one basket" (words to live by)
Still wish that sellers could put together a "real boycott" and actually get their attention! Then again, Not so sure that would even do it. Seems like the more sellers complain the more malicious ebay becomes toward them.
Good luck to everyone

phil uk

August 3, 2009 5:51 PM

Well it seems we now have to tick a box when listing items on ebay to say it’s free P&P and include the P&P in the listing price.
Now to me claiming something is free when it clearly not is illegal under UK low, if you claim free P&P it must be free not included. Just another way of getting their hand on more money because by putting the P&P costs on the start price means ebay get a cut of the P&P as well.

I think it’s time to find a new auction site and forget ebay altogether it’s just loosing its place in the market now with all these changers. I stop using ebay some time ago for sale because every time I came to list something it was different. I came back to ebay 2 days ago for selling to find it’s no better than before, I don’t understand why ebay keeps changing the basics. I think this one is gong to do a lot of harm to ebay’s standing in the market. But maybe it’s just a site admin err.

Charles H. Thorpe

September 11, 2009 4:49 PM

The whole problem with eBay is that idiot that calls himself the CEO. When Meg Whitman ran the show it was good. She is gone (but not forgotten) and John Donahue, Idiot Company Wrecking CEO, has ran eBay into the ground with his new policies, wrecking things that worked darn good until he got is grubby paws on things. Get rid of the stupid bean counter and get a marketing person with some flair in there who knows how to restore a company and make it grow.
Best of luck to us all who are still eBayers.


October 20, 2009 10:22 PM

As a reluctant ebay seller working on migrating out due to their policy changes & fee hikes, the PayPal & USPS partnerships (who both coincidently raised fees also) I have personally watched how greed has taken ebay down the last 3 years.It is no longer the great AUCTION SITE established which made it successful. After hearing Meg Whitman is running for governor, I want to cast my CALIFORNIA vote to anything or anyone running against her. We have enough problems here already Meg, seen what you can do already. Disney is right there too when it comes to greed & loss of ethical standing. She been there done that too.


October 26, 2009 7:55 AM

The real problem is that eBay has no competition. Sellers are afraid to migrate to other online because they either offer too few features for sellers (Amazon) or have to few buyers. Really, I just searched for "bob dylan" on one of the failed competitors (Ubid) and literally NOTHING came up.

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