The CEO Guide to Sentiment Analysis

  • Sentiment Analysis Gives Companies Insight Into Consumer Opinion
    Kia, Best Buy, and Viacom are using new tools to mine comments on the Web to see what consumers really think of their brands
  • Trading on a World of Sentiment
    Investors are consulting software that analyzes millions of online comments about companies to help them decide when to buy—and sell—stocks
  • Slide Show: Most Loved—and Hated—Tech Companies
    Web users love to talk about tech online. They don't always love the tech companies they talk about. We asked NetBase, a company that measures customer attitudes toward brands, to figure out which providers elicit the strongest feelings
  • Video: Brand Passion
    NetBase can mine social media to find out how consumers are feeling about different brands. The company's BrandPassion Index looks at the intensity of customer passion for products
  • CEO Guide to Technology
    Browse past editions of this special report on emerging tech trends

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