Stay-At-Home Grandparents

  • Intel Wants You to Age Gracefully, at Home
    It's testing the Intel Health Guide, a device to let doctors monitor seniors remotely. Such systems could save billions in health care
  • Aging-in-Place Made Easy
    Technology from companies including GE, Philips, Intel, and Nintendo helps keep seniors healthy and comfortable at home
  • Philips Takes the Lead in Home Health Care
    The company's $6 billion in acquisitions have given it cutting-edge products such as emergency alert systems and smart beds that monitor vital signs
  • Dakim: Keeping Seniors Mentally Active
    The company's [m]Power was a gaming hit in the nursing-home market. Now it's moving into the crowded home market and developing next-generation systems
  • GE-LIG: A Home-Monitoring Power Pair
    Technology from Living Independently Group coupled with GE's brand strength gives the partners a fast-growing start in helping seniors stay safe at home
  • Video: Keeping Tabs on Grandma
    General Electric's Agnes Berzsenyi on GE's partnership with Living Independently Group and its electronic system for monitoring the movements of senior citizens in their homes

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