Microsoft Moves on Yahoo

  • Yahoo's Tenuous Case for Independence
    To justify repelling Microsoft's bid, the Web portal must show investors it can pump up growth and generate revenue from its search business
  • Yahoo Saga: Microsoft Investors Weigh In
    In the Microsoft-Yahoo minuet, Yahoo investors, including Carl Icahn, have gotten most of the attention. What about Microsoft shareholders?
  • Yahoo's Latest Response to Icahn
    Yahoo' Statement on Carl Icahn's Letter of June 6, 2008
  • Icahn Writes Yahoo Again
    Billionaire investor Carl Icahn continues his dialogue with Yahoo about reconsidering Microsoft's buyout offer
  • Icahn's Letter to Yahoo
    June 4, 2008
  • Yahoo's Response to Icahn
    From Roy Bostock, chairman of Yahoo, June 4
  • Why Yahoo's Yang Is Holding Out
    Though beset by restive shareholders and pressure from Carl Icahn, Yang has his reasons to push for a better deal from Microsoft
  • Google's Yahoo Rebound Play
    With Microsoft out of the picture, Web search king Google strikes a search ad deal with Yahoo. But where does that leave the struggling portal? Plus: Yahoo's Statement Plus: Microsoft's Statement
  • Microsoft-Yahoo: The Lingering Saga
    The tango of the tech giants continues. This time, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer walked away from the table. But is he really done talking?
  • Microsoft-Yahoo: Desperation Sets In
    The latest talks clearly suggest Microsoft lacks a Plan B to compete with Google in search, while Yahoo is feeling the heat from Carl Icahn
  • Microsoft-Yahoo, Version 2.0
    Carl Icahn is leading a charge to replace the board at the Internet icon and push for a deal
  • Marcial: Yahoo's Endgame
    Negotiations with Microsoft and Google are taking place behind the scenes, writes BW's Gene Marcial. A deal of some kind is imminent, according to his sources
  • Yahoo Hits Back at Icahn
    In a May 15 letter to Carl Icahn, Chairman Roy Bostock details negotiations with Microsoft and defends the board's actions
  • Icahn Begins Yahoo Board Battle
    The billionaire investor proposed a slate of directors to replace Yahoo's board, but will Microsoft take the bait? Plus: Icahn's Letter to Yahoo's Chairman
  • Microsoft and Yahoo: Playing Chicken?
    The tech giants appear deadlocked in their takeover tussle, waiting for the other to give in. A look at the strategic picture at this point in the game
  • Microsoft's Takeover Tactics
    A plan to reshape Yahoo's board from the inside may be a shrewder strategy than an all-out assault
  • Yahoo's Mixed Message
    An optimistic announcement is meant to show the Internet portal doesn't need help from Google, News Corp., or AOL. Do shareholders buy it?
  • Is Yahoo Right to Resist Microsoft?
    Delaying a takeover ups regulatory pressure and gives Yahoo's new ad system a chance to boost the stock, forcing a sweetened bid Plus: The Microsoft-Yahoo Privacy Issue
  • Yahoo's New Bedfellows: AOL and Google
    With Microsoft at its neck, Yahoo is exploring tie-ups with the two giants
  • Microsoft-Yahoo: Motivated Buyer Yet?
    With Google and AOL in the picture, Microsoft faces pressure to raise its offer before Yahoo! can seal a deal that spoils Redmond's takeover bid
  • Are Yahoo's Earnings Good Enough?
    Its first-quarter profit and revenue numbers beat Wall Street's estimates, but they may not be sufficient to prompt Microsoft to boost its offer
  • Earnings Show Microsoft Needs Yahoo
    Lackluster quarterly results reinforce the software maker's need for growth through acquisitions and suggest it ought to raise a rebuffed takeover bid
  • Why Ballmer Bailed on Yahoo
    According to consultant Jeffrey F. Rayport, there are five reasons Microsoft's chief gave up on his bid for Yahoo, including its cost and its not making sense
  • Microsoft-Yahoo: The Blogs Weigh In
    There's been no shortage of opinions on the failed takeover as bloggers offer plenty of advice for CEOs Yang and Ballmer—plus a few laughs
  • Why Yahoo Shares Lost Only 15%
    The bottom didn't fall out of the stock after Microsoft yanked its bid. One reason, says CEO Yang: "We have more alternatives" than before the offer
  • Yahoo, Microsoft Left Searching
    Without a merger, the two tech giants are back where they started, floundering behind Google in online search
  • Microsoft Drops Bid for Yahoo
    The sides fail to agree on price. Microsoft says going hostile would take too long and a pending Yahoo-Google deal is an obstacle
  • An Open Letter to Steve Ballmer
    I know you want to make your mark on Microsoft, but you should stop trying to be all things to all people. Take a tip on focus from that other Steve
  • Yahoo's Joyful, Difficult Journey
    The beloved Internet icon's buoyant beginning gave way to missed acquisitions, an inferior understanding of the Web's evolution, and Google's shadow
  • Microsoft and Yahoo!: Happily Ever After?
    If the No. 2 and No. 3 Web search titans tie the knot—via Microsoft's multibillion-dollar bid for Yahoo—they may only just keep up with No. 1, Google
  • Microsoft Swoops In on Yahoo
    The software king, with its $44.6 billion bid for the portal, wants to catch Google in the ballooning online ad market
  • Yahoo's High-Stakes 'No Thanks'
    Whether Yang & Co. want to stay independent or are holding out for a higher bid, their rejection of Microsoft's offer is fraught with risk Plus: Yahoo + AOL: Another Ploy? Plus: Why We Should Mourn Yahoo
  • The Microsoft-Yahoo! Mating Dance
    Understanding the ins and outs of the brewing takeover battle requires parsing what each company said—and what each didn't
  • Yahoo Layoffs in 'Real Time'
    Laid-off employees aren't going quietly. They're using the blogosphere to share their stories and find some sympathy—and job offers
  • Yahoo Plays the Field with News Corp.
    The two companies are mulling a deal that would involve mixing their Internet properties, and could spur a new offer from Microsoft Plus: Jerry Yang's Letter to Stockholders
  • What Can Microsoft Offer Yahoo?
    Sure, the software giant has plenty of cash, but that might not be enough to make a deal between the two companies worthwhile—and workable
  • Microsoft-Yahoo Faces an Approval Gauntlet
    U.S. and EU authorities will inspect the proposed acquisition, but thanks to Google's dominance, the merger should get a green light
  • Microsoft and Yahoo: Bloggers React
    Here's what the voices of the Internet had to say about the possible acquisition, and guess what? They're nowhere close to being of one mind
  • Yahoo! Through the Years
    Yahoo's 14-year run has been marked with more glory than trials and tribulations. Now it faces a potential merger with Microsoft in an effort to keep pace with Google
  • Microsoft's Ballmer on the Yahoo Bid
    The software giant's CEO explains why he's trying to acquire the Internet portal. (Hint: It has a lot to do with Google.)
  • Two Battered Behemoths, One Bold Bid
    Many online pundits see Microsoft's move on a vulnerable Yahoo! as a bloated bungle, but some say the combo would be formidable
  • It's Down to Two: Microsoft and Google
    If it goes through, Redmond's bid for Yahoo! will reshape the battle for online ad market share
  • Will Yahoo! Feel the Love?
    Steve Ballmer's $45 billion marriage proposal is fraught with risk. But Microsoft can't let Google go on unchecked
  • Ballmer's Letter to the Yahoo Board
    Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer outlines his company's $44.6 billion offer to acquire Yahoo

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