The Apple Economy

  • Apple iPhone: Sweet Ring Tone for Hon Hai
    The Taiwanese electronics giant—which already makes the iPod Nano—will get a huge revenue boost if Apple's iPhone connects with consumers
  • Apple's iPhone Rings a Lot of Bells
    The new phone will surely challenge rival handset makers: It also has the potential to change a host of other consumer devices
  • The Real Genius of Apple's iPhone
    Word is the newly announced phone from Steve Jobs will transcend superficial design and deliver user-friendly function and limitless adaptability
  • The Future of Apple
    With the iPhone, Apple TV, and a name change, Jobs & Co. are setting a new course for the outfit once known only for its computers
  • iPhone and Apple TV Unleashed
    With the debut of its latest cutting-edge devices, the computer maker aims to become just as iconic in the consumer electronics market
  • Companies Embrace the Mac—Slowly
    There are more reasons than ever for businesses to choose Apple computers over machines that run Windows. Why aren't more of them doing it?
  • Apple's Wireless Effect
    Even before the computer maker's music-playing phone hits stores, it's influencing handset design, distribution, and pricing
  • Getting to the Core of Apple's Influence
    Slide Show: Sure, it changed the way we process info and listen to music, but Apple's impact is also evident in how others now work to design their own products
  • Apple Sets the Design Standard
    The best companies making the best products still want to mimic the iPod, and they're learning that's more about substance than style
  • Apple's iFuture Depends on Partners
    Against entrenched rivals to its iPhone and iTV offerings, the iconic computer maker will succeed if it nurtures alliances
  • Apple's Cinema HD Display Has Star Power
    You'll be the envy of your colleagues with a dazzling 30-inch screen, and the Web and DVDs have never looked better
  • Apple's Chinese Supply Lines
    The company farms out iPod production to Taiwanese-owned plants on the mainland, and it's a mighty demanding customer

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