CEO Guide to the New CIO

Learn how the role of chief information officer is changing, and what that means for companies. See how much CIOs are being paid and who are the top paid executives. Find out the top executive MBA programs where CIOs can get a degree while they are working
  • Intel's Bryant Brings Business to Changing Role of CIO
    As some rush to bury the role of chief information officer, CIOs are innovating, stimulating fresh revenue, and helping companies respond better to customers
  • Slide Show: Top 15 Executive MBA Programs
    Some of the highest-paid CIOs hold advanced degrees. Here are the top 15 executive MBA programs in the U.S. as ranked by Bloomberg Businessweek, and the percentage of students who manage information systems
  • Women Make Up Half of CIOs with Top Paydays
    Aetna's Margaret McCarthy leads the 2010 compensation ranking of chief information executives
  • Video: Do Businesses Really Need CIOs?
    With the easy availability of technology, some businesses are tempted to bypass IT entirely. Forrester says that's not wise. Instead, chief information officers need to become more flexible
  • Podcast: The Strategic CIO
    Not only do chief information officers need to be tech savvy, they increasingly need to be business savvy as well. CIOs are increasingly responsible for helping to drive revenue growth and change in business processes
  • Archive: CEO Guide to Technology
    Browse past editions of this special report on emerging tech trends

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