CEO Guide to R&D

What do technology companies spend their R&D budgets on, and which companies spend the most? Learn how Autodesk and IBM's Almaden Labs think about R&D spending—and what Barry Jaruzelski, a partner at Booz & Co., says his company's annual R&D report shows.
  • Inventing the Future of Computing
    Inventing the Future of Computing
    As researchers confidently predict a future of faster-than-ever transformations in computing, they are creating chips that learn and respond as they gain experience
  • Slide Show: Tech's Biggest Spenders in R&D
    The technology industry's 10 biggest spenders in research and development have invested a combined $49.4 billion in the past 12 months, according to Bloomberg data. Find out which technology companies are spending the most and what they're spending it on
  • Autodesk Shifts R&D Spending to the Cloud
    A top research and development spender is vowing not to cut back as it focuses on innovative delivery for its software
  • Video: Fighting Cancer and Infection with IBM Inventions
    IBM invented tiny, nanoscale particles to make silicon chips smaller. Those same particles, which are biocompatible, may be used in the human body to fight antibiotic-resistant staph infections and to carry potent cancer meds directly to tumors, bypassing healthy cells
  • Podcast: Why Money Can't Buy Innovation
    Tech companies such as Microsoft, Intel, and IBM spend billions each year on research and development in an effort to achieve a competitive advantage. Is innovation simply a matter of spending the most money on research?
  • Archive: CEO Guide to Technology
    Browse past editions of this special report on emerging tech trends

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