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Seven Ways to Fix Health Care

Rethink cost containment
The point is not to ration care but to deliver it wisely, based on evidence of what works.

Move care to appropriate setting
Many medical conditions can be handled very effectively in the doctor’s office or even the patient’s home—for example, caring for diabetic foot ulcers, or infusing patients with certain drugs.

Find new capital to fund transformation
Going the for-profit route and doing what’s necessary to attract investors.

Integrate technology platforms
Installing the right IT systems will ensure the timely flow of data so doctors and patients make appropriate decisions.

Make community hospitals competitive
Steward has spent $270 million upgrading equipment and infrastructure so that patients are confident about their decisions to “stay local.”

Establish real networks
Hospitals and independent physicians need to share central strategies and IT platforms, as well as profit-and-loss frameworks.

Move to pay-for-performance model
Teams of doctors and nurses get upfront payments to manage a patient’s health, with bonuses for meeting quality standards. This way, no one “rations” or skimps on necessary care.

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