Cars, Trains, and Planes

Which nation is best at keeping people and an infinite amount of goods moving smoothly? The U.S.—the world’s biggest gross domestic product producer—tops many categories but overall ranks fourth globally. America lags in some key areas such as the percentage of paved roads and the number of people taking to the rails. See how your country ranks.

Data visualization by David Yanofsky

Methodology: Our ranking was created using the most recent data available from the World Bank. It compares the current state of 50 countries’ basic air, road, and rail infrastructures in terms of quantity, distance of goods transported, and passengers carried. Percentage of roads paved and motor vehicle ownership are also considered. Countries were ranked in each of 10 criteria. Nations missing data for more than two factors were excluded from the final ranking. Blank spaces are due to ties or countries that score well in a few categories but have an overall rank greater than 50. Countries that tie share the same line.

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