Gupta's Rolodex

Once one of the world's most connected and trusted corporate insiders, former McKinsey head Rajat Gupta could count these notables among his colleagues

President Clinton

Honorary chair of the American India Foundation, Gupta's pet charity

Alan Lafley

The former CEO of Procter & Gamble once compared Gupta to Thomas Aquinas

Vikram Pandit

On the board of the Gupta-founded Indian School of Business

Bill Gates

Gupta served on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation board

Lloyd Blankfein

The Goldman board was Gupta's most prestigious

Michael Dell

Sits on the board of the Indian School of Business

Frank Wisner

On the council of trustees for the American India Foundation

Vin Gupta

Gave money to Gupta's side "consulting" business, Mindspirit

Andrews is a Bloomberg Businessweek contributor.

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