Twitter, Twitter, Little Stars crunched the numbers and provided Bloomberg Businessweek with the names of its most effective celebrity promoters on Twitter, as measured by clicks on their sponsored tweets. Below, a partial list

Lauren Conrad

Followers: 1,445,149

Sponsors: Sony Pictures, Glee, LivingSocial

Sample tweet: "I wonder if the celebs will dress the part! Check out @BurlesqueMovie the red carpet premier"

Kim Kardashian

Followers: 5,684,204

Sponsors: Rebecca BonBon, Charlotte Russe, Nestlé

Sample tweet: "Cute @iloveRBB Paparazzi shot of ur new line! Luv it, Rebecca Bonbon, U adorable puppy!"

Khloe Kardashian

Followers: 2,174,265

Sponsors: Old Navy, Best Buy, Bing (Microsoft)

Sample tweet: "Want to know how Old Navy makes your butt look scary good? Ask a Kardashian ;)"

Michael Ian Black

Followers: 1,580,065

Sponsors: Sony Pictures, Norton AntiVirus, Arby's

Sample tweet: "They say boys will be boys, some longer than others. This weekend, see Grown Ups, now playing! Get tix here"

Jenny McCarthy

Followers: 229,336

Sponsors: Toyota Sienna, Groupon, Arby's, LivingSocial

Sample tweet: "Hey ladies, who might be PMSing like I am, or just hungry dudes, I heard @Arbys you get a free JR Deluxe TODAY!!!"

Mark Cuban

Followers: 283,359

Sponsors: GE Ecomagination, AT&T, Man v. Food

Sample tweet: "Up and coming filmmakers challenged themselves to lend a creative perspective to Ecomagination. Amazing videos!"

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