The Next Ice Age

Given the history of complaints about office refrigerators, it's remarkable how few technological advances there have been—until now. Though nearly all of these models are still in development, they could revolutionize lunch time as we know it

The Stackable Office Fridge

Designer Spencer Schimel has come up with a bowling alley shoelocker-inspired product comprising small, individual fridges that will range in size from 6" x 6" to 12" x 12".

The Window Fridge

This fridge has an opaque glass door that becomes transparent with the push of a button. A rotating shelf allows for easy—and risk-free—inventorying.

The Boxcooler Backpack Fridge

The backpack uses "thermoelectric Peltier elements" to keep your food nice and chilly. Foldable cup and cutlery are molded into the tablet surface.

The Zero Emission Fridge for Rural Africa

This energy efficient fridge, designed by Mozambique farmer Gilberto Tethere, was created from bamboo and clay for rural communities.

The Good Business Issue
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