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Weekend Links: Mardi Gras Money

Tulane economists estimate that Mardi Gras spending tops $147 million in New Orleans, including $26 million on booze, CNNMoney’s Sonya Stinson reports.

Huntington Bank is expanding its small business lending in the Midwest with 150 new bankers and $4 billion to be loans over the next three years, Patty Tascarella writes in the Pittsburgh Business Times.

The bank’s CEO Stephen Steinour tells Dow Jones “We are going to loosen our underwriting standards.”

The new rules for personal credit cards, which don’t apply to business cards, are making entrepreneurs rethink what plastic they choose, the WSJ’s Emily Maltby reports.

At Harvard Business Review, David Silverman looks at life-changing days in CEOs’ lives.

Cash Is for Losers
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