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Introducing TED Fellow: Anita Doron

Filmmaker Anita Doron (pictured here on the set of one of her films, right) tells her own story rather more lyrically than I could. She was, she says, ??orn in Transcapathia, a little known land of nomadic ghosts, barley mush and apricot brandy. I was one of the youngest published poets in the former U.S.S.R and grew up in a family of high altitude mountaineers. At 12, my film??n environmental protest piece??aised the ire of the Soviet bureaucracy, teaching me the power of visual storytelling.?Anita’s films have played in festivals all over the world, while she was one of three directors of “Late Fragment”, described as North America’s “first interactive feature film.”

?How exactly do you plan to change the world?

Believing in absolute, singular truths generates hatred between families and nations. Through the visual stories I tell, I want to show that living with multiple truths, ambiguities, and mysteries is not only possible, it is necessary and magical.

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