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The Onset of Augmented (Hyper) Reality

Keiichi Matsuda is currently finishing up his architecture master?? degree at London?? Bartlett School of Architecture. He created this intriguing, beautiful and somewhat unnerving vision of everyday life in the future, as embellished by augmented reality that, he writes, ??ay recontextualize the functions of consumerism and architecture, and change the way in which we operate within it.?I’m not entirely sure why we’ll need disembodied voices to explain how to make a cup of tea in the future, but I thought the film was pretty nicely done. [Hat tip to CR blog, which also has a pretty good discussion about the film going on in the comments section.]

Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo.

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