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Android: Catching Up to the iPhone

Consumer awareness of Android, an operating system for smartphones pushed by Google, is on a steep climb, which bodes well for vendors like Motorola and HTC. Of consumers expecting to shop for smartphones in the next three months, 17% are considering an Android-based device, according to comScore?? new survey of 2,300 consumers. In fact, devices based on Android aren?? far behind the iPhone. Some 20% of consumers are in the market for the Apple device.

The results represent a stark contrast to consumer sentiment of only a few months ago. In August, 7% of consumers were contemplating buying an Android device, while 21% of them were considering the iPhone.

The splash that Motorola?? Droid phone, based on Android, has made recently is partly responsible for increased attention that Android is getting. ??n August 2009, just 22 percent of mobile users had heard of the Android, while in November 2009 this figure had reached 37 percent, largely prompted by the Verizon Droid advertising campaign launched in the fall,?according to the report. Android may get a further boost next year, when more Android devices should come onto the market. While the Android movement could still get derailed — for instance, if Google decides to release Android phones under its own brand — it certainly appears to be on the right track now, and rolling along with an ever-increasing speed.

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