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China Has Electric Scooters. America Needs Them

I??e been in China for about two weeks (one in Shanghai, the other in Beijing). I keep seeing totally electric two-wheel scooters everywhere. China has had all-electric scooters for years. You plug them in. Or you pull out the battery and take it inside to juice it up. It?? so obvious a solution, why doesn?? the US and Europe have them?

Yes, of course, China uses soft coal to generate most of its electricity so it?? cleaning up its cities at a cost. But it is also putting big efforts in solar, wind, nuclear and hydro. Combine clean generation of electricity with all-electric vehicles like the scooters and you have??.Yep. the future.

I also see solar water heaters on house roofs??ll over both cities. They are simple??hey heat up enough water for a shower or to wash dishes??ut people are using them. In huge numbers.

I?? impressed. We should all be impressed.

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