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Android Developer Challenge 2 Winners Announced

On Nov. 30, Google announced winners of its Android Developer Challenge 2, a competition to create the best apps for Android-based phones like the Motorola Droid. The overall winners are ??weetDreams,?a tool that lets you go to sleep without having to tinker with phone settings; multi-player game “What the Doodle!?”; and “WaveSecure,” a tool that protects a mobile user’s data and privacy.

It’s the latter winner that’s perhaps the most surprising: Today, most mobile device makers and carriers still claim that mobile security of mobile devices isn’t a problem. But analysts say it might become a big issue as early as next year, as the number of smartphone users explodes. Clearly, Google agrees with the analysts’ view.

WaveSecure’s software looks to be particularly helpful to users whose phones get lost or stolen. It allows users to track down a phone’s location and who is using it, lock down the phone remotely, back up and remotely wipe out the data. Oh, and the software lets users restore the data, too.

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