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Skype's Executive Shake-Up Begins

On Nov. 24, Skype?? chief operating officer, Scott Durchslag, announced he??l be leaving the Web-calling company. Chances are, this announcement is just the first of many executive changes to come now that new owners have taken charge of Skype.

The new owners include Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom, who likely has his own ideas about how to run the company and who should do the running, believe analysts. Some industry insiders believe Zennstrom would like to get into the driver seat himself. In the past, other Skype investors have told me they are happy with work current CEO Josh Silverman is doing, however.

But as six-year-old Skype tries to make it on its own again, instead of growing as part of the eBay conglomerate, its staff will inevitably change as will its culture. Its execs have long prided themselves on running the Web-calling enterprise as a start-up; now, however, they will have to live that start-up life for real.

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