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Top tales: Universal cell phone chargers, AEP captures carbon & more Americans doubt global warming

As the week closes, three developments of note…

1/ This week a universal cell phone charger was adapted by the International Telecommunication Union, the industry’s standards setting body. Sounds boring? Well imagine how many chargers the world would save if spares could be carried over from an old phone to a new one. GSMA reckons that every year, 51,000 tons of this sort of redundant chargers are made every year. The new standard also promises to cut standby power draw by 50%…

2/ Using technology from France’s Alstom, a 29-year-old power plant operated by American Electric Power in New Haven, W.V. became the first coal-fired power plant in the U.S. to capture a share of its greenhouse gas emissions and store them underground…

3/ And the Pew Research Center released authoritative survey data showing that sharply fewer Americans see solid evidence of global warming. Reasons for the shift remain unclear — especially since other recent polls have found no such change — but could it be that recession has soured voters’ willingness to address uncertainty of any type?

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