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Update: World's Most Intriguing New Companies

On Sept. 1, BusinessWeek put out a call for entries to help us on an exciting new package called ??he World?? Most Intriguing New Companies.?/p>

We were heartened by the strong response to our call. More than 200 companies were submitted over the Web. We also received dozens more entries submitted by several groups we reached out to such as the National Venture Capital Association, the Kauffman Foundation, YouNoodle and Endeavour.

The response was so great that we needed additional time to work through the list. Consequently, we have a new publication date for the project. Instead of closing the project on Oct. 21 as originally planned, we have pushed up the publication date until Nov. 11 to coincide with our Future of Technology report.

So please be a bit more patient. We are excited to share the results and accompanying stories with all of you.

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