Stalking the Future

J&J lost patent protection on epilepsy and schizophrenia drugs worth $7 billion last year. These new drugs, if cleared by the FDA, could help offset the damage:


For ovarian cancer

PROMISE: J&J licensed this anti-tumor agent, derived from the sea squirt, and plans to sell it as a combo with its own drug, Doxil

PITFALL: A request by the FDA for more information about the overall survival of clinical trial patients could delay approval


For preventing blood clots

PROMISE: Developed with Bayer, it could be the first new oral anticoagulant in the U.S. since warfarin hit the market in 1954

PITFALL: The FDA is concerned about side effects such as excessive bleeding and has requested more data


For epilepsy

PROMISE: It could relieve "partial onset" seizures, the most common and difficult-to-treat type

PITFALL: The FDA asked for more data in August, and research setbacks are limiting the drug's usefulness for other diseases

Data: Company reports

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