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The top 10 US states for cleantech in 2009

Over at, Shawn Lesser of Sustainable World Capital has crunched a variety of green metrics — jobs, VC investment and natural resources — to rank which U.S. states are leading the cleantech race. I’m not giving away too much by writing that California lands in the the No 1 spot. There are some surprises, namely how high Tennessee rises and how poorly Oregon ranks. Here’s how he stacks them up:

1 California

2 Texas

3 Massachusetts

4 Colorado

5 New Jersey

6 Tennessee

7 Pennsylvania

8 New York

9 Ohio

10 Oregon

This list is subjective to be sure. My Oregonian friends, for example, pride themselves on their eco-cred so doubtless will take umbrage at being listed below Ohio. But Lesser has good reasons, for the full tale click over to:

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