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How a Kansas City columnist failed at PR

There’s a lesson in the flap over the Kansas City columnist who struck out in his bid for a job in PR. Mike Hendricks sent an e-mail to a PR firm saying he’d consider a job, but not “some minor league position with a paltry salary.” And the PR firm released the e-mail, presumably to embarrass him.

The knee-jerk reaction in journalism, of course, would be that Hendricks is getting his due for flirting with PR while working as a journalist, while PR people (I’m guessing here) might be offended by his implicit put-down of their profession.

My view: There’s nothing wrong with a journalist looking for work in PR. They’re related professions and we all understand the value of a job. His mistake was sending an email, and a presumptuous one at that. These things should be handled on the phone.

UPDATE: Thanks to James Tooks in comments for pointing to Mark Cuban’s effusive take on Hendricks’ letter.

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